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Wendy Lutz

2 years ago

Staff went above and beyond to make sure my fur- babies were happy and well taken care of.

Char Alriche

2 years ago

Took great care of my goldendoodle for 5 days!!! Will return!!

claudia robinson

2 years ago

I was miles away from my pup and really enjoyed checking in on her through the online cam. It is a little pricey but we’ll worth it. Lucy got a lot of rest on her adorable bed and had a great bath before I picked her up. She is going there again during Thanksgiving. I highly recommend this doggie hotel.

Frank Jark

2 years ago

Our Baby has been there several times with no issue, this time the service was very poor! At time of pick up we were told she had diarrhea for two to three days, her bedding was given to us wet and diarrhea on the bed. Pick up time was 10am a bath was to be given. She was wet when we got there. A follow up call came explaining diarrhea was the night before and her bath was at 9! Throw the staff under the bus! The manager or owner accepted no responsibility just back peddling! We will never take our pet there again.

Robert Brammer

2 years ago

A copy of my original one-star review is included via photo with this updated review: #1- i asked for the owner, the receptionist said owner was not available. So you either hire liars or are a liar yourself. #2- I never said it was an unsatisfactory resolution- I said you would never see another penny from me. #3- if you didn't reach out after my first email, or respond to a review for a week, I highly doubt you'll actually reach out. Please don't waste your time, it's not like you're getting us back as customers. You really should be letting customers know that you flout health regulations and didn't/don't care about possibly exposing your staff or animals in your care. My review had nothing to do with losing $50, I made it clear I was happy to lose that for the trouble. But I'm also happy to expose shady business practices and you have made them abundantly clear for me with your business. Editing to add that the owner has never reached out in the 3 weeks since it was claimed they would. Take your money elsewhere is my suggestion, considering I don't see anything but negative reviews since Septembet 2021.

Sarah R

2 years ago

This was the email sent to them in regards to a cancellation. "I am absolutely appalled at how this was handled today. I would have used that deposit for a future visit. I feel the lack of empathy that came from your establishment was a reason to really never come back. I apologize that the death of my family member could not have been better timed for you and if ever decide to come back for future visits I will let my family members know they need to die or have their funerals within 48 hour notice of my pets drop off

Peter Johnson

2 years ago

Everything seemed great after I filled out the mountain of paperwork. Scheduled a daycare and grooming. Super expensive grooming, but that was a choice. Booked 3 days of boarding- 46 a day… but “hey if you want your dog to play with other dogs- it’s 14 more a day.” . this was at drop off… Here’s the icing on the cake- I held the door for a couple with 2 dogs…. On the way out - one of the dogs bit me. I was fine…. Bruised and scratched….Incident observed by staff… BUT… NEVER received a call from the owner!!!! Done with this place

Barbara Walters

2 years ago

Poor customer service. Called for boarding for my pooch. Took my info and cc number. Then asked me if he had been vaccinated for kennel cough. I couldn’t remember when he had it last. I said I will check with my vet and call them back. My dog was due for it. So I called right back back and said I will have my vet board him because they will administer the kennel cough. Then they ended up charging me the 50.00 deposit fee. I called to ask for a credit but was told I reserved the spot. I did not reserve anything. I told them the days I would need. I asked to speak to the owner and was told she would contact me. She never did. It’s a shame because I liked taking my dog there.

Vita Parker

2 years ago

My dog died that nite after picking him up from boarding..he could barely walk....He walked into boarding for a week..had to be carried out...when I picked him up...

Deborah Hansen

2 years ago

Amos and I love this place.

Alexandre Garcia

2 years ago

My boxer came back home extremely nervous. It's clear they didn't give the attention she needed

Lyn Cook

2 years ago

I left my two dogs there for one week and the staff was wonderful. The rooms are very nice and clean and clean and they take great care of pets. It's also very nice that there is a camera in the room and you are able to see your pet at any time. Also, there is someone there 24 hours a day with the animals so that they are not alone. The only thing that I can say that I did not like was that someone does not answer the phone 24 hours. Other than that, my babies were very, very well cared for. I highly recommend Creature Comforts!

Adam Bonk

2 years ago

Been going there almost 3 years.Last couple visits have not been good.Hope they can turn it around

David Jenkins

2 years ago

My dog stayed for 5 days and enjoyed herself.

Jacquelyn DiFrancesco

2 years ago

I had recently brought in my senior pet Bella to this boarding facility for some overnight stays. I would have to say I am very pleased with how the management and owner Emily operate their facility. Bella had some medical issues while she was there given her age, and the way the management and the owner Emily conducted things regarding Bella's medical issues was very professional. Also, the facility is BEAUTIFUL and the video cameras are a major plus! Their prices too are extremely reasonable compared to other boarding facilities! I was also pleased with how attentive they were with my pet.

Leonora Steigauf

2 years ago

My dog is very nervous and the staff was very attentive to both my dog and me. Making sure I felt comfortable with him there as well as him getting relaxed. They did everything they could to make sure he ate. I felt like family was taking care of my dog. The staff is all so very nice ..

susan brown

2 years ago

I have been taking my 3 beagles to Creature Comforts for approximately 5 years. I have never had a problem, staff always professional and no problems with my dogs. I recently had to cancel a reservation for a two day stay this week and another 5 day stay in July. We had a death in the family canceling a family reunion and a camping trip. When I asked to be refunded my 2 50.00 deposits because we could use the money due to having to go to Florida for family death. This company refused to refund my money saying they don't refund they hold for future credit I begged and pleaded to have my refund given back and owner just refused. Even after I told them I'll never use their service again, they won't give me back my money.


2 years ago

We are trying them out for the first time and are satisfied with their service, so far. They are not cheap but but for the friendly staff, pet accommodation & various services it seems worth it.

Linda Gossett

2 years ago

Amazing stay for our 2 pit mixes that had never boarded before. Suite had plenty of space. Loved using web cam. We will definitely use this wonderful place again!

stan hollander

2 years ago

Clean, convenient and love their dogs

Sharada Crumpler

2 years ago

My fur pup Jack is always in the best hands here! I never have to worry as I know they are giving everything he needs and then some!!!

dayna Murchison

2 years ago

Sadly I cant give this establishment more than one star after my recent 9 day stay for my sweet dog. They didn’t read the paperwork or my hand written note as many things went wrong from them over feeding her and having her mess her suite four times in one day, twice I had to call and tell them she messed as they didn’t notice. The cameras were key but getting a hold of someone at night took many tries, maybe they should carry a portable phone with them on their rounds. Cameras mysteriously went out for a day and a half during which time they sent me photos of her in daycare. If they had taken the time to read the paperwork they would have been able to accommodate her so much better. Nails weren’t cut even though The paperwork simply requested that and I had To take her elsewhere when we got home Got home to realize they overcharged me. Never did Emily the owner call me to go over all that went wrong . Danielle handled everything but I truly feel it should have been handled by the actual owner that gave me the tour in the first place. The sweet girl that answered the phone and addressed everything I asked at night was a blessing. Wish I knew her name. Aside from an expensive daily rate everything is an upcharge and I feel that daycare should be included for boarding dogs. I’m sorry I put my poor rescue pup through all the unnecessary anxiety Leaving her here literally wrecked my vacation as I was a mess Never again

Don Warmington

2 years ago

So far so good. Nothing negative to report. Seems like a well run business

Kristin Keller

2 years ago

PLEASE Never Use This Resort! Very Disappointing with the Owner Emily and the staff!!! It was my first time leaving my dog at a pet resort which I was already hesitant about, but I gave it a chance. They knew that it was my dogs first time being in a kennel and away from us. They didn't try in any way to make him feel comfortable. There was a camera in the room that we could watch. He doesn't ever have accidents, but he peed in his kennel twice and pooped in his kennel. Granted he was nervous and it was his first time being in a kennel. The second time he peed on the floor a man came in to clean it up. My dog got up when the man came in, because he got excited and thought he was going out. He had his tail wagging when the man came into the room. As the camera does not have sound so I don't know exactly what the man said to my dog, but my dog got really scared and jumped on his bed and laid down in the corner. He just laid there and didn't move. The man threw a rope like he was lassoing a horse around his neck. At this point my dog was terrified. At no point did the man try and talk to him or try to calm him down. When I asked the owner about this she said that they do this type of thing for aggressive dogs. My dog was in no way aggressive and she even said that he wasn't. Obviously her staff doesn't know how to make a dog feel comfortable. I still gave it another day, because the next day he would be there to do the day care and go out with the other dogs. I thought maybe it's just the first day and things will get better when he knows he can go out and play in the yard with the other dogs. I had him signed up for full day care everyday, which was going out to play from 9-12 and 1:30-4:30. The next morning he did go out at 9 to play with the other dogs and came back into his kennel around noon. I kept checking back and it was 3:00 and he was still in his kennel. We called to see if something had happened as to why he couldn't go out and play with the other dogs. They said he was sniffing the other dogs butts, but was in no way at all aggressive. So because he was being a dog and sniffing the other dogs butts my options were to not do day care and do a one on one with a person for 20 minutes a day instead of being out for hours at a time, but was still the same price. The owner was very unprofessional. She said every staff member was certified with handling animals, but obviously that not what we seen on the camera. When I made my complaint and tried talking to her she also hung up on me. So not only did I have to pay for my dogs entire 9 day stay, even though he was only there for 2 days, they also had some other dogs staying in his room after he left. So they got paid for that room twice. Please don't bring your animals here.

Jade Kirkland (Jkland)

3 years ago

Our experience was wonderful! As new pet parents the team at creature comforts allowed us to have a pleasant weekend free of worry. We were called regarding a minor concern that was addressed, still feeling confident with the teams ability.

Matthew Widdekind

3 years ago

Great facility, friendly staff. Very pandemic conscious. My dog is always happy to come here.

rocco S

3 years ago

Unless they like your dog, they will just throw your baby in a cage with no play time and the only contact will be feedings. The ly want extra for everything. Horrible

Bill Cline

3 years ago

They take very good care of the pets alot of options for pet care

Dom Lovings

3 years ago

They are great with my dog. She was able to play with other dogs no problem at daycare. They answered my questions when I called with no issues. The grooming service was exceptional after her stay. She came back smelling great and looking great.

I Weber

3 years ago

Great care of our fur babies !

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