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Jenny Girard

2 years ago

I honestly can’t say enough about Cara Mia. I brought my puppy there for daycare and to start he has a broken leg. I was so worried about leaving him at home with the broken leg and he did not do well alone let alone at a daycare. Cara Mia has been amazing!! Cindy spent time talking with me on the phone in person. Her and her staff not only have accommodated all of my concerns and requests they have gone out of their way to make his stay special. Great communication from everyone there and especially these days when we are all short handed. I don’t agree with the bad reviews I’ve see. My Loki is super shy , gets easily nervous which is very visible, but I don’t see it ever when I pick him up. Today my husband told me he was getting excited when they pulled up, if any of what the bad reviews say are true my dog would be shaking when he left and he is not at all and in fact has become more social with new people since going there. I’m so grateful for finding Cindy and her staff!

Samantha Schermerhorn

2 years ago

I recently adopted a senior dog and she needed to be cared for one day a week. I was so nervous to take her because she does require extra patience and empathy. I was blown away. They are so kind to her and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure she feels safe and comfortable. I also appreciate their hours, sometimes I have long hours and they are always willing to accommodate. I am so thankful for how they treat my senior fur baby!

Brett Wymer

2 years ago

Cara Mia treated my dog so terribly. We picked her up and she was covered in diarrhea and the staff had no idea. They clearly left her alone for hours and did not check in on her at all and they didn’t even offer to clean her up. This was the most ridiculously bad experience we’ve ever had and we will be telling everyone we know in the strongest terms to avoid this place at all costs. DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG HERE.

janice Saracen

2 years ago

Cats had a comb out today...great service, reasonably priced...cats looking very handsome!

Michael Robinson

2 years ago

Fantastic experience for our dog,it was our first time boarding our dog and everything was great. Will definitely use again

Debanjan Sarkar

2 years ago

Always great experience, most importantly they accept last minute request for daycare. We are very satisfied.

Mark Ogra

2 years ago

Very nice resort for spoiled pets! Super attentive to each dog’s needs and they are always so nice and honest there. They even gave us treats to take home!


2 years ago

Very good with the dogs and they always look great!

Jackie Lopez

2 years ago

I have no doubt that the owner there loves animals, but what I was most disappointed in is bringing my dog in on time for his appointment and having to wait over 8 hours for him to be ready. First time it happened I excused it because they told me they were very behind but the third time I brought him in and that happened I just didn't feel comfortable leaving my young dog crated for 9 hours. I found a new groomer that had him finished in two hours and I didn't have to pay for an Express groom or anyting. Not sure why Cara Mia takes 9 hours to groom a dog but all I know is since bringing my dog there he definitely has PTSD going to the groomers but thankfully at this new place he's finally starting to relax. I would not recommend Cara Mia for grooming. I also know that you get discounts if you leave a good review so a lot of the good reviews I'm not certain about, but the reviews that I have read where they also experienced an eight-hour maybe more wait time for me was true and happened three times so I caution you for this reason.

Fiona Guichon

2 years ago

I cannot thank them enough for everything "Cara Mia" has done! My cats were traveling from Canada to Las Vegas through a pet transport company and the logistic was disturbed by all the covid restrictions and the weather, both my cats were not able to board for their last 2 flights and ended up stranded in Buffalo and this is when Cindy from "Cara Mia" went above and beyond for my cats, she took my cats last minute in her resort and went 3 times at the airport that same week at 4am to try to have them boarding on their flight. She made sure in the meantime during their stay at "Cara Mia" that they were nursed and comfortable and even took the time to send me pictures and videos to reassure me. I feel lucky that this wonderful person accepted to take care of my cats during these exceptional circumstances and to assist me in this conundrum! My cats are now safe and home and I cannot express how much grateful I am Cindy, Thank YOU!!

Ryan VS

3 years ago

I have been using Cara Mia for 6 years and I can say with extreme confidence, that they take amazing care of my dog. My bulldog has stayed overnight countless times over the years and has received many of their services. The owner is exceptionally nice and makes the experience so great. I would recommend Cara Mia for all your pet needs, whether you need a spa service or an extended stay, don’t hesitate - they are amazing!

Levi Uebelhoer

3 years ago

This place is amazing, they helped me and my family when we had no where else to put our cats after a house fire, the owner is so kind and caring, 10/10 business, one worthy of all the support in the world.

Mary Ann Kiera

3 years ago

He was my new dog that needed grooming badly. I tried giving him a bath myself but he was very reactive. They showed me a video of two staff persons bathing and drying him calmly.Cindy did an amazing grooming. He looks like a different dog. This is Pete's new hangout. Thank you cara mia staff

Marilyn Kleber

3 years ago

I have taken my dogs to other groomers in the past ,but I will only use Cara Mia from now on. My dogs came back looking fantastic and very happy. Other places the dogs were so upset when I picked them up I would like to know what went on while they were there. They are very concerned about your dogs while they are there and treat them with such compassion for the ones that are afraid if it’s their first time. Cindy and her employees are excellent

Ellen Powell

3 years ago

Very friendly service with flexible scheduling options. I appreciate the late hours. Keep up the great work!

Alexandria Lipp

3 years ago

I stopped in today as I have never been there before. I drove from Orchard Park and was inquiring about the "fitness area" for my dogs. I stood up front waiting for someone for 10 minutes. A woman came up to the front and I asked for a tour. She stated she was busy with paying customers, she will not do a tour, and that I can take a brochure as she slammed the door behind her. The entire front smelled like cat urine. There was a kitty in a small glass enclosure pawing at it. My heart broke. I assumed this was an associate who acted so rude to me so I called later in the day to find out that this was in fact the Owner. How very unpleasant and unprofessional. I was going to purchase accessories that were for sale as well and didnt get the chance too because of how rushed and ill mannered she was to me.. AFTER reading the previous reviews which I should have done before driving out there i 100% will never reccomend this place to anyone. How terrible and sick. Any place that cannot give a tour is a HUGE RED FLAG. There is always an excuse on why she cannot give a tour from these reviews. PLEASE beware of this place. I Want to add that Another review also states from an ex employee that she offers reading time with pets. They just snap pictures quick of employees reading them a book send them to the owners and place the pets back in there crates . I was appalled to see on fb that these statements looked true with all of photos. People need to really think twice before using this place. Scary.

Colleen Stephens

3 years ago

Our Clarice is cared for by Cindy and her staff every 6 to 8 weeks. The care to detail, our wishes, and the animals is obvious in the staff's words & actions. We are thankful for their services each time.


3 years ago

My dog is softer than ever after a trip to Cara Mia and she actually enjoys going! They board too so let you drop off your dog whenever convenient and don't seem to charge any extra to keep them there longer so its SUPER convenient to pick and drop off your pet around work schedules and such. They take a little longer than average to groom but do such a thorough job we think its absolutely worth it :)


3 years ago

Cindy it’s the best!! We love to take our puppies there knowing that they are safe!! We are very happy that we found a Cara Mia ????????.

Stephanie Muranyi

3 years ago

Unfortunately this is my first negative review I’ve ever had to post. My first mistake was not reading the reviews to this place. My dogs appointment was at 130. I dropped him off and the worker told me that he would be done by 3-4pm and that the appointment may go “a little longer” due to the virus. I understand the precautions they must take and that it may take some extra time. Around 6pm I was nervous that I did not receive an update about my dog. I tried to contact the store multiple times- nobody answered. Finally around 615 my fiancé got through and talked to one of the workers. The worker seemed very confused and frantic as we asked her questions regarding our dog. She stated that he was just finishing his wash and they were going to begin drying him- then cutting his hair. So, I assumed between 130-6pm my dog was sitting in a cage waiting for his turn? Around 8pm I am again nervous. I have tried calling this store over 5 times now just to get in contact with any worker there. Finally a worker answers and says that my dog will be ready to pick up in another half hour. So my dog stayed there for a “grooming” from 130-830pm without one worker contacting me to let me know that the appointment was taking longer than expected. After the worker told me it would be another half hour before I could see my dog again, I asked to speak to the owner to express my concerns and to figure out what my dog had been doing there all day if it took him 5 hours alone to even get a bath. The owner was extremely rude and snippy. Each concern I expressed she immediately shot down with blaming it on the virus. She used excuse after excuse instead of answering my direct questions. She told me that a dog had an accident in their facility and that each employee had to “evacuate” and it slowed them down. I stated that, if they were running behind I would have just taken my dog in at a later time rather than him sitting in a cage all day with no food or water (my dog has very little experience in cages and panics when he is in them, my dog typically eats dinner at 5pm not 9pm) the owner instantly raised her voice and told me that my dog was “placed in a suite with a chandelier and water.” (I’ve read the reviews and many other customers have pointed out the cages that the dogs are placed in during waiting time or boarding)I pointed out that none of the employees took a minute of their time to call me and give me an update that my dogs 3/4 hour appointment would become a 7/8 hour appointment. The owner again raised her voice and said that her employees simply “did not have the time to pick up a phone and call all of the pet owners to give them updates” which I understand- but if my dogs is at your store for double the amount of time and nobody is working the phones then there is a large cause for concern. I could go on about the ridiculous and unprofessional experience I had at this store. Please save your money and TIME!

Eric Nelson

3 years ago

Have 3 fur babies that have stayed multiple times. Each time we know they are taken care of wonderfully and come home happy puppies.

Greg Cappello

3 years ago

Cindy and her crew are great. Our pups love it there!


3 years ago

This was our first time here my Lady is going in one and never got groomed before!!! I WOUKD DEFINITELY reccomend we loved how she looked and smelt!!! Great Job????

Karen Jones (Km)

3 years ago

Very caring staff,always do a beautiful job

Lisa Panek

3 years ago

This was our second time boarding our Katie here. She's an older rescue, a poodle mix, so I was initially nervous leaving her. She did great going in this time, I think she remembered it was a good experience the first time she went! I truly feel safe leaving her here!

Paul Loveric

3 years ago

Best pet resort in the area. Cindy and staff are excellent. Our pets are always taken care of and with personalized attention. I highly recommend Cara Mia for all your boarding / day care needs.

Rochelle Finkelshtein

3 years ago

I took my puppy to Cara mias to be groomed for the first time, and i will never be going back. I dropped my 5 month old puppy at 1pm. Around 4pm I became worried that I still have not heard from the groomer, so I gave them a call to get an update on my dog. 3 hours after drop off, they inform me that they just bathed her. So at this point it is safe to assume that my puppy sat in a crate for 3 hours straight for no reason at all. The workers reasoning was that my dog was “waiting for the groomer”. Why would she have to wait if her appointment was at 1pm? If this happened at a hair salon any client would walk right out....I asked what time she would be ready and the woman replied back with an attitude that she has no idea and can’t give me an estimate. At 6pm I called back again to find out how she’s doing and now if they have an estimated pick up time because my puppy needed to eat and use the bathroom after spending 5 hours being groomed. She is still young and can’t go that long without water, bathroom breaks, or food. The woman replied back with an attitude again that this isn’t a car wash and takes time and she still cannot provide an estimate because my dog is still waiting for the groomer to begin trimming her. This is 5 hours after dropping her off at her appointment and she hasn’t even begun her trim! I have 2 adult dogs and have been dropping them off at groomers for over a decade and have never had to wait over 3-4 hours for an appointment. At 7pm I called back again and said I will be picking my puppy up no matter what at 8pm please have her ready. The woman had a rude attitude and said she can’t promise she will be done. My puppy has been there for the entire day at this point and she still can’t figure out what time she would be done? When we showed up at 8pm to pick her up, we noticed some things we didn’t like about the haircut and asked why she looked that way. The woman was once again rude during the interaction. This was so frustrating. As soon as we Got home my puppy used the bathroom 4 times in the span of 5 Minutes! That’s how badly she had to go. This place prides themselves on unnecessary fancy things such as chandeliers massages and dog martinis? Don’t waste your time or money because they don’t care about making you happy or giving your dog a safe and welcoming experience. This place is an absolute scam and I would have been better off grooming her myself. If I didn’t push them to have her finished by 8pm I’m not sure what time she would’ve been ready. I was not going to let my puppy sit at the groomers for 8 hours! I highly recommend going anywhere except for here. This place is horrible!

Shelly Seel

3 years ago

Our pets are treated with love and excellent, professional care.

Isaiah Jordan

4 years ago

They are amazing with my Duke

Joe Andrade

4 years ago

Best place to board your dog in WNY... Period!

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