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Alexis Barney

2 years ago

The vet here is very cold and rude, and makes you feel stupid for asking questions. Every service to help your animal is behind a huge paywall. I expect to pay for services at the vet but to even consider or look at a problem you bring up, expect to dish out extra hundreds of dollars. The girls that work here are wonderful and patient and try to help but can rarely answer any question you have. I literally dread going here, not knowing how much the cost will be for routine exams and having to speak with the vet.

Melody Mey

2 years ago

Terrible service. They see your pet for less than 10 minutes and barely answer any of your questions or acknowledge your concerns. How is a <10 minute visit sufficient enough for a thorough examination and diagnosis? I’ve had two appointments here and each one left me frustrated and still worried for my pet’s health. Update: 12/6/21 To prefaced I am not one to get angry very easily or leave negative reviews, however the TERRIBLE service at this vet has warranted me to do so. Another vet was kind enough to fit an appointment in to see my cat. Turns out Dewitt Animal Hospital incorrectly diagnosed my cat and prescribed us overcharged medicine (many of which were antibiotics) that made my cat even sicker. As many may know, cats are very good at hiding their illnesses and discomfort. The fact that my cat was visibly exhibiting how terrible he was feeling makes the situation even more infuriating because it could’ve been prevented/lessened if he wasn’t improperly and carelessly diagnosed. One of the overcharged medications was ~$60, but if you look elsewhere it averages ~$30. Between my roommate and I, we wasted hundreds of dollars for only two visits (the second one being a 2 week checkup), each one being about 7 minutes long. If this place is going to see your pet for <10 minutes and overcharge, the very least they can do is diagnose and prescribe the right medication. My question in my original review “How is a <10 minute visit sufficient enough for a thorough examination and diagnosis?” was answered at the cost of my pet’s health. It is far from sufficient, but they’ll go ahead and misdiagnose anyways. It is completely unacceptable and infuriating that Dewitt Animal Hospital is really an establishment that prioritizes money making over an animal’s health.

D Bruno

2 years ago

They want proof of vaccination of you to allow you in with your fur baby and then still DON’T allow you in with your fur baby. Makes me wonder what they’re hiding. The doctor NEVER explains ANYTHING. He has these girls running in and out half a$$ explaining things. Very unprofessional!

CHAKU Streams

2 years ago

honest and to the point.

connie sincebaugh

2 years ago

I adopted ruby red Slippers 6 years ago. She has been a wonderful companion and a very sweet dog. Unfortunately she has cancer and I i have a tough decision to make. I wish people would give Pitbulls a chance because they are truly wonderful and dedicated dogs

Starr Sawkins

2 years ago

Friendly staff great with animals

Elizabeth M Hanson

2 years ago

So far I like the DeWitt Animal Hospital.

Donald Devito

2 years ago

Good Vet and good prices. Ive taken my furry children here for years. The waiting room is a little small so I am enjoying the curbside service. An appointment these days is 3 weeks out. Call early.

paul venditte

2 years ago

Great staff. They were great to my dog

Zane Suttmore

2 years ago

A good vet, what more can you ask for? They do their job and do it well.

James Cutillo

2 years ago

Went there at 3am due to our dog vomitting blood. Dog clearly had pancreatitis after looking at the labs, which the doctor didn't sound confident about. We had to ask that our dog receive fluids. WE HAD TO ASK... and the doc says "if that's what you feel is right". The doctor had no clue or confidence in what they were doing.

Stephanie Wade

2 years ago

Only taking new puppies or kittens?!? Really?!? What exact is the difference between a puppy or kitten or a wellness visit for a healthy 3 yr old dog? VERY disappointed...

Tierney O'Connor

2 years ago

The vet is not a nice person. He is cold and rude. I would avoid going here at all costs.

Chris Pirong

2 years ago

My 2 cats were taken care of extremely well the vet was very informative and professional as was the staff

jason guerdon

3 years ago

Great place was able to work with me getting my kitties fixed!!

Stephanie Pendleton

3 years ago

My experience in Syracuse has been adventure has been good times bad times just been a lot of crime and then there's been a lot of quiet times I will recommend someone to move to Syracuse New York

Margaret Eighmey

3 years ago

Honestly, I'd give them 0 stars if I could. My husband and I just moved into the area and needed a local vet for our cats. We chose DeWitt Animal Hospital because it was close to our home and had good reviews, but our experience made us think twice. One of our cats became ill, obviously we were concerned and brought her to see the vet. At our first appointment, they bring her in and immediately come back out with her. They told us they couldn't even perform an exam because she "was all nails and teeth." My cat is extremely skittish, does not like the crate or cars, and can be very temperamental with new people. But honestly, this is a vet's office, how is it possible that they've never worked with a difficult cat before? They gave us a sedative and told us to give it to her before our next appointment. We gave them a second chance and brought her back in after giving her the sedative. They STILL could not perform the proper tests! My husband was approached by the vet and was told he could only do a physical. The vet rolled his eyes at him and said "if she cooperated, we could do blood work." Apparently, they can not control an 8lb cat even when she's sedated! Needless to say, we will not be returning. They do not have any sense of professionalism and obviously do not have the knowledge to deal with a more complex situation. We would not reccomend this office.

Corene Carter

3 years ago

My dogs have always gotten excellent care, and the girls there are patient and helpful. Since Covid, Dr. Wilcox comes out to the car to make sure you understand what's going on with your pet. It's a little pricey, but I think you get what you pay for. My dogs are happy and healthy.

Leesha Kratz

3 years ago

Great place so far!! Definitely cheapest when it comes to vaccines!!!

Mike R

3 years ago

Too small of a clinic one doctor clinic

Jeremy J. McGriff

3 years ago

Just took one of my cats here and their excellent, extremely friendly. I've never experienced such an amazing and professional vet. Very good at explaining stuff thoroughly, very patient, did not hesitate to answer a long list of questions either. 10/10 service compared to other vets in the area.

Lula Townsend

3 years ago

I had my dog spayed here in 2017 and it was a hack job. Her incision was gruesome, sloppy, and terribly infected by the time I picked her up 24 hours later. I had to bring her to urgent care for antibiotics and pain medication within the week. She was in so much pain. I would never recommend them. The response says I must have them confused with another clinic. I definitely do not. It took me a while to post because I was so upset with how it all went. Unless they no longer employ the vet or any staff involved in her case, my review is still very relevant.

Nadine Deyett

3 years ago

I generally do not write reviews but I feel I need to let people know my experience. I took my dog there to be neutered and was very much surprised of the additional costs that were NEVER discussed with me during my pre-op visit. I ended up leaving with my dog and will go elsewhere for the procedure. The techs couldn't find notes on my dog from his pre-op appointment and I felt very uneasy since I would not be able to prove there was no need for the additional costs. An addition $650 is not something you don't mention to someone. Please review your quotes before having any procedure done on your animals! The staff I spoke to were very nice and understanding

Russell Metzger

3 years ago

100 percent, thank you to the doctor, or doctors and the staff too, awesome care

Miss S

3 years ago

This place has been such an inconvenience. During this very hard time that the whole world is going through, this place just wants to make extra money off people. I do not need to bring my pets in for unnecessary appts and pay $150-$200 each time for each pet. We are out here trying to save and care for these animals but can’t even do it because of people and clinics like these that want to overcharge and take advantage of people. These animals are better off on the streets than to have to go to vets and clinics like these. This place made me feel very uncomfortable and caused a lot of stress to myself and my poor pets that needed help at this time. Animals and pets are going to be dying because this place is refusing to provide medicine unless you pay hundreds of extra dollars and come in for unnecessary appts. I was warned about this place before I brought my pets here but wanted to give them a chance. Now I know better. If you really love your pets, take them to a vet they deserve. Dewitt Animal showed me they do NOT care for the well being of my pets and I will make sure I do NOT let any of my loved ones go here.

Linda Churchill

3 years ago

We've been here with both our dogs. Everyone there is so nice and very professional. I highly recommend them.

Kristen Snyder

3 years ago

Got my dog neutered there and he will NOT be back . Beyond rude staff. I got told when I dropped off my pup that I wouldn't get a call after surgery which stressed me out to the point where I cried. Never got to meet or even speak with the vet that did the surgery. Very unperfessional charged me for charges that were not listed on the sheet I got a pre- surgery appointment. They didn't even bother to put my dogs collar even back on right

Kari Aiduk

3 years ago

Some of the kindest people work here.

Joleen Herman

3 years ago

The staff are professional and extremely nice. I unfortunately came to have my cat put down and they were very considerate. They even sent me a card several days later. Their prices are also reasonable.

Mackenzie R

3 years ago

Took my new cat here as a new adopt. Usually take my other cat to north country vet in Pulaski. The vet seemed nice and willing to answer any of my questions. However I was not notified about the charges of testing beforehand and it was a lot compared to what my other vet charges. In the 4 times calling here twice the receptionist seemed short with me, unsure why. I brought up another condition with the tech to be discussed with the vet when I brought my cat to the appt. Tech asked me if i had told that to the receptionist beforehand but they had never even asked me anything of the sort. Just asked for paperwork and credit card info.

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