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Amanda Piero

2 years ago

Came here a few times with my 2 cats. very expensive for mediocre care. Spoke to a male doctor over the phone during there “Covid protocol” & he sounded condescending, very pushy. Found another local animal that is lovely.

Gee Wisner

2 years ago

Staff has always been good to my Midnight - they enabled me to have another 6 years with him. I’m in the process of getting another baby: Cheeks - and will be happy to introduce both Cheeks and SAH to one another! I trust SAH with all my beloved babies See you soon everyone!

Lauren Nicole

2 years ago

Phenomenal care and service. I can tell they love and care for my pup.

Steven Drexler

2 years ago

Wouldn't see my dog in an emergency because it was too close to closing.

William Suarez

2 years ago

We travel all the way from Brooklyn to this vet. That's how good it is and that's how much we love our dog.

Stacy Kaplan

2 years ago

We love Dr Gothelf & Dr Silverstein and feel very confident that our dog Chewie is receiving great care. The staff at Syosset Animal Hospital are all so friendly and helpful.

Maggie Najera

2 years ago

We always feel that our dog Gidget is getting the very best care and that everyone truly cares about her. I think they love their patients as much as we pet parents do, and no one could ask for more whether it is an office visit, boarding, or emergency . We know that she is always receiving guidance and treatment that is in her best interest. They are super great working with the insurance and it is always done immediately so the out- of- pocket costs are minimized for us reducing any possible financial hardship. During the pandemic, and even now, they have made getting food and supplies seamless. We are retired but won't relocate anywhere because we never want to have to change her caregivers!

iri K

2 years ago

Do not accept emergency treatment when you go.

Mary Ayers

2 years ago

Went here by chance a little over a year ago when I had an emergency regarding one of my pets. They fit me in right away that same day, did tests to identify the issue and after all was resolved, and even did a call to check in on how my dog was doing when he was better! After that, I ended up transferring all of my family’s dogs to Syosset. In the past year, especially given the unusual circumstances we have all been through, our experiences with the entire wonderful vet team and the incredible women behind the front desk have been amazing! All of the staff has been welcoming, friendly, and genuine in their interactions and care for our dogs. They take the time to speak with us concerning any questions about our dogs, remain thorough in their examinations, and always have our dogs best interests at heart. In February, one of my dogs was diagnosed with diabetes. Everyone has been incredible in helping my family through this major life adjust from day one, being informative with care, offering advice, and reminding us that they are always available to answer any questions or concerns (and they have been anytime I needed to reach out, still always so kind!). Knowing that some of the vet team and staff understand exactly what we were going through was such a great support through all of this. We cannot say enough good things about Syosset Animal Hospital. Truly the best experience with vet care we’ve had and we’re so grateful to have them looking over our pets health!

Tiffany VanWyck

2 years ago

We are new to the area and brought our dogs in. The staff was wonderful. They found a heart murmur in one of our babies and I am so glad they caught it early. I am glad that we found such a caring place to take our fur babies.

Hilly J

3 years ago

We haven't been back in two years. All our family's dogs have gone to Syosset Animal Hospital under various Vet owners. A few years ago when we rescued our current dogs, even though it was far from our home, after trying two other vets (who were ok but one was hard to get appointments with, the other didn't have evenings or weekends) we went back to Syosset. Every time we went in, we received a sales pitch for something (upsell or cross-sell of a vaccine, test, food, service/care plan....). Maybe they are/were worthwhile, but my vet visits have NEVER cost this much. When my dog went for her teeth to be cleaned (she had a wonderful smile. :) ) she had many teeth that had to come out. Cha Ching. Maybe she needed them out? But maybe she didn't? I have no idea. Worse than the cost, my dog who was a tortured rescue never smiled again after that. She still does not smile. I felt like I needed to turn my wallet over when I walked in and no longer trusted them after the teeth cleaning incident and have gone elsewhere, after 50 years with Syosset Animal Hospital (Hartenstein's for the really old timers) and Dr. Greenfield who was another vet.

Thatguyoverthere !!

3 years ago

The staff and doctor care for their animal patients and human owners questions.

Erica Doran

3 years ago

Loving, caring, and friendly staff and top-notch veterinarians. I trust them completely to provide the best care for my furry family members!

Melissa R

3 years ago

I brought in my two new brittany spaniel puppies for an evaluation and the service was impeccable. Very kind receptionists and assistants. Dr. Gothelf was patient, informative, and well mannered. All questions were answered and extra information was given for the care of the puppies. I will definitely continue to bring my puppies here to ensure that they stay healthy and safe! Thank you

Samantha W

3 years ago

Be cautious when bringing a cat that goes outside into this clinic! I brought my purebred cat in for an exam and beforehand when I called to book an appointment they asked if the cat goes outside so they knew what to test for and get a background on my cat. Upon taking my cat out of the carrier the vet immediately called for backup and the vet tech held my cat down and put a muzzle on! I promptly asked why and to take it off, and the vet refused saying it’s precautions because my cat goes outside and my neighbor feeds feral cats and so my cat may have diseases! ???? Its true my cat does go outside but it is neither feral nor “diseased” and the attitude I got about it was unacceptable. My cat is so sweet and wouldn’t hurt anyone, and past vets never put a muzzle on my cat for any reason! This bothered me a lot and it upset my cat to be muzzled when it showed no signs of aggression whatsoever after taken out of the carrier. A good vet should know the difference between a pet cat and a feral cat! I was appalled at the bad treatment my cat got just because it goes outside, and they acted like it’s some diseased feral cat the way they handled it. If you are afraid of animals you shouldn’t be working at a vet clinic!!! I’m writing this to advocate for cat owners that have outdoor cats or feed ferals, don’t let anyone treat them any less than an indoor cat, they all deserve love and to be handled humanely. I have long since switched to a vet that won’t muzzle my cat.

Randy Rosner

3 years ago

Great doctors and staff give your pet excellent care

Debra Sellitti

3 years ago


Elena Andrusezko

3 years ago

I have been taking my dogs to Syosset Animal Hospital for many years. The people there are trained professionals who will take excellent care of pet and owner. They are always willing to go the extra mile and are sensitive to the needs of those they care for, both human and animal. I would not take my dogs anywhere else.

Elizabeth Fay

3 years ago

There has never been one time that I have been unhappy with the care my dog gets at Syosset Animal Hospital. Each and every person there treats her as if she was their own dog, making the whole experience that much better.

Pamela Pugliesi

3 years ago

Syosset animal hospital is wonderful!! Everyone is so kind and compassionate! They take such great care of my little dog, Minnie. I couldn’t ask for a better experience! I highly recommend them!

Gail Kramer

3 years ago

Very pleased with the Doctors and staff. Friendly, professional and helpful

Guqelo Guilemo

3 years ago

Went in for a $50 shot and was up charged for things I didn’t ask for. My bill was over $265! Never again! Crooks!

Jess R

3 years ago

My cat was a former patient at Syosset Animal Hospital and of Dr. Silverstein. At first this animal hospital seemed great; the office is very clean, ladies at front desk are friendly, they have great hours, try to get you into an appointment, and have a variety of updated medicine and testing for your pets. Sadly all of this meant nothing after my negative experiences. My cat had been having a lot of health issues and her health declining fast. I had bought her in and she was seen by Dr. Silverstein. Right away I had noticed the Dr seemed very nervous and showing little emotion around my cat, which in turn made me feel very uneasy. I had noticed her acting the same way to another owners cat while waiting, but surprisingly someone bought a large dog in and Dr. Silverstein was a totally different person to the dog and was smiling and acting friendly petting the dog, the opposite how my cat was treated. After explaining all the issues my cat was having the Dr suggested various testing to do which was quite expensive! To make matters worse she told me for basic testing she must bring my cat into the back room and I could not see, basic things like bloodwork and ear cleaning. I have never had a vet have to hide this testing from me, I am the kind of person that wants to see what they do in front of me or I have to assume they didn’t do the testing. This was a red flag. Dr. Silverstein didn’t seem too concerned about my cats health downplaying anything was actually wrong, and after the testing she found nothing wrong, but still suggested more expensive tests. I was fed up and upset, so I found another vet for a second opinion and talked to my friends who run an animal rescue showing the test results and what I was charged. My new vet had found from same testing as Syosset animal hospital (but free of charge) after I showed the insane amount I paid earlier my cat indeed had serious health issues that If they had been dealt with earlier my cat would not have gotten this ill, but now had a terminal illness and there wasn’t much I could do as it has progressed beyond being treatable. I had to euthanize my cat so she was no longer suffering. To say the least I was livid at the runaround I had gotten from Syosset Animal Hospital and that the testing was only to get money from me, not to help my pet in any way. If I get another pet I will never be going back to them ever again! I also made sure my friends in rescue spread the word warning about this places malpractice, they had even heard about Syosset Animal Hospital holding peoples pets hostage if they couldn’t pay the bill, you can’t be any more heartless than that shame on you!

Jo Ellen Cadman

3 years ago

Caring and compassionate towards both Critters and Critter Owners. Very kind and professional. Your pets' health matters to them.....

Katie D'Ambrosia

3 years ago

Very friendly and caring staff & doctors!

kristi santoli

3 years ago

I’m a little upset. I feel like there prices are very high for a vet but I took my kitten for what I thought was a second distemper shot. They came out and got the kitten from the car and no one ever called me until it was time to pay. Astonished by the price of 1 shot, when I saw the receipt, they actually charged me for a vet visit which if my kitten saw the vet, why didn’t anyone call me and go over the visit? And aside from that, they gave my kitten a rabies vaccine without my permission or knowledge. When I called after the visit to express my concerned the vet told me that the shot was already in my cat and they couldn’t take it back. I will be searching for a new vet.

Lynda Goldman

3 years ago

The hospital was easy to get to. I was pleased that they could take my rabbit Benjamin. I understand the limitations that covid has put on us but we need to be able to see our pets while they are being examined (Skye/zoom) because they can't talk to us and tell us how it went.

Matthew So

3 years ago

the staff here is excellent.

melissa silverstein

3 years ago

It just so happens I too am Melissa Silverstein and Dr Melissa Silverstein DVM is excellent with Scarlett

Joanne T.

4 years ago

Located in Syosset NY, they are a great place to take your pets weather it be for check ups or illness. Friendly and compassionate staff that will explain everything to you. Had my Siamese cat neutered here and was very happy. I had called around to several vets and found there pricing to be very fair. Nice waiting room with a cool fish tank kept my kids entertained too. I would definitely recommend this vet office. *****My cat recently (Feb 15th 2019) had a big issue. Not eating and vomiting for 2 days. I brought him right in and Dr. Gothelf suggested a quick x ray that revield a blockage in my cats stomach. It was a foreign object and he needed to be treated immediately and have it removed. Dr Gothelf is so skilled that he was able to remove 9 thick hair ties and clumps of hair via scope, not having to cut open his stomach. My baby is now doing just fine!!! I am forever grateful to this vetrinarian hospital. Everyone who works there is just amazing!! ***

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