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2 years ago

They took my cat, he is on fluids for renal disease, on the spot, because the vet we usually go to nearer to us, was closed due to a covid outbreak. Very understanding, kind, professional, and compassionate. And, no charge. We had our own bag. Daphne, the Tech, was so sweet and took care of my baby. The front desk, Mure, spelled her name wrong probably, sorry... was so kind too. Thank you and Happy New Year to All!!

Tygr Tat

2 years ago

If you're looking for a cold, unsympathetic, or uncaring experience with the vets (not the techs or reception), then this is the number one place to get it.

Michelle Rizzi

2 years ago

This is a lengthy post but please read. It started when our fur baby was lethargic and sleepy in April 2021, this vet could not and would not take us despite being regular clients for many years. They suggested taking her to the animal hospital on Victory, which we did. The Victory hospital wrongfully diagnosed her with dry eyes. We sought a second opinion at Pleasant Plains. Our poor pup was diagnosed with an Adrenal tumor. About a week after this, South Shore was finally able to see her. She was started on 2 different blood pressure meds for hypertension caused by her tumor without addressing her actual tumor. Fast forward to last month November 2021, we took her back for an appointment because she had a fainting episode at home. They continued her BP meds. We took her back yet again sometime after that because she was having issues breathing through her nose. They diagnosed her with a sinus infection and put her on antibiotics. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving we bought her back again because she seemed to have increased trouble breathing. The vet stated her heart and lungs were clear and changed her to another antibiotic and suggested she may need a sinus cleanse. The day after Thanksgiving, our dogs breathing was worse and she became very lethargic and stopped eating. We once again called this place, and they would not take her. We took her back to Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital where she was diagnosed with severe crackling in her lungs with pneumonia, pancreatitis, a heart murmur, and sepsis with a low temperature of 98.0 (regular dog temp is 101-102.5 as per South Shore's site). South Shore never took her temp on any of the visits. She was aggressively treated at Pleasant Plains from 11/26-11/30. $3800 dollars later, we had to put our poor dog down due to her failing health and her Adrenal tumor that had grown significantly larger and was pressing on her heart. South Shore never followed up or monitored her tumor between April 2021 and November 2021, as well as misdiagnosed her with a sinus infection. We are very distraught over the loss of our dog. Please do not take your Animals here.

Edward Yavno

2 years ago

New dog owner here - we've been very happy with this vet hospital - staff is carrying and the Dr takes the time to explain everything and answer any questions with have. We got a puppy plan, which I think most vets offer, and found that it's worth it. 24x7 messaging support through the app is great and the app is very helpful as well with all the history, shots and appointments.

Marietta Scaltrito

2 years ago

I have been bringing my pets (dogs and cats) to South Shore for about 20 years. When something needs extra care/test, the doctor was quick to recommend a speciality. They care about the welfare of my pets and the techs - Muge, Samatha, Dana - are great with nervous pets. Stephanie at the front desk is always ready to help. The atmosphere is friendly, facility clean and the concern for the welfare of animals is evident!

Marta Jagodzinski

2 years ago

Been a patient here forever! Theyre super sweet and amazing with animals! My dog Rosie LOVES the staff (the techs are my favorite! super helpful & kind)!

Susan McNeil

2 years ago

Years ago they were good, not very ucaring, unno one returned calls

Nicky Legakis

2 years ago

Dr. Jenkins , Nurse AnnMarie are top shelf. Quality service and a real pleasure. Unfortunately the rest spoils it rancid. We met this group with our new pup. They were quick to con us into a yearly agreement of about $1000. The problem. Almost nothing is covered or included. It’s all about the money. Each checkup visit is included but they try and pitch on you exorbitant and egregiously prices foods Medicines etc where they charge hundreds while costing them dollars every visit. Today was the last straw for me. Some people said some things that were quite inappropriate and only because I refused to buy today’s 99 cent items for hundreds of dollars. Because we love out pets they dare to price gouge us for no reason but greed in my opinion. Stay away. Never again will I go there. I hope to see the few great ones there again somewhere else when enough people open their eyes to their “business model” and join together elsewhere. Caveat Emptor.

Anthony Colacino

2 years ago

I took my dog in on 4 19 2021. Paid 650 dollars for testing. Was given a clean bill of health. Returned on 4 21 2021 and doctor recommended to go to the hospital for chest x-rays because he heard a crackling in his lungs. Took him to victory Blvd and richmond ave hospital. X-rays confirmed lung cancer. Had to put my dog out of misery on Monday April 26th. They are incompetent and liars. They took $1200 dollars from me, and never got a proper diagnosis from them. My suggestion is to stay away from the money hungry incompetent dog veterinarians. They have no clue and lie about diagnosis!!!!

Susan Oliva

3 years ago

They sent me home with the wrong dosages of medicine for my dog!!!!

P C (PC)

3 years ago

My dog was at South Shore for an appointment today. The quality of this animal hospital has always been unsatisfactory but today was the worst. I arrived early for my appointment. Due to necessary COVID restrictions, I waited in my car for a call from the technician. The vet tech started the call with asking me for my dog’s history. My dog has been a patient there for 12 years. I didn’t know history meant eating and drinking in the past few weeks. I told them why I was there since I was not going to go into the past 12 years. My dog was only at the vet in November, she was also there May and July of 2020. My dog is required to go see a doctors more than my 9 year old. Prescriptions are not refilled after one yearly visit. My dog has seen a doctor for no other reason that the vet will not give her a yearly prescription.Even twice a year would be fair, but my dog has seen the vet 4 times in less than a year. It’s a minimum of $87 each visit. Today’s appointment was an unnecessary waste of my time and money Stephanie,was rude and nasty to me when I was trying to get my dog seen and leave. Constantly calling me or coming out to my car because instead of the tech asking is the dog eating and drinking okay, she said I need a history. 12 years is too long of a history to give. I would not recommend this vet to anyone. Save your money and find an animal hospital that is not motivated by money.

Thomas Dahlke

3 years ago

Had a great experience with the staff: Stephanie, Samantha with a K, Garret, and Dr. Burger. They were cautious with COVID. Our cat was well-cared for and they gave me a lot of free stuff!!

Linda Aspromonte

3 years ago

The staff who work here are absolutely wonderful. I had the heartbreaking experience of trying to save my five-year-old cats life but to no avail I had to go to red Bank veterinary Hospital by the time that it was done it cost more than I am even willing to put on a public site but The hospital is top notch. As for South shore vets as I said the staff was wonderful professional and kind but the prices were so outrageous it was like going to the mob And being charged Usery fees. To euthanize my little cat cost just under $400. Can you believe it? I feel like a fool When I learned that most vets on Staten Island charge $100 or less I was so angry with myself but the bottom line is whatever the price my little angel is out of pain. Thank you to all the wonderful staff there. The corporation they have to work for is ready to gouge you in your most desperate hours

c b

3 years ago

I took my pet there, the employees were very nice and helpful. The vet was excellent.


3 years ago

Every neighborhood deserves a place like this to take their beloved pets! Everybody that works there loves animals! Dr. Clemente and Sam S. Are absolutely wonderful and I couldn't be more grateful for them. My small boston/chi mix had really bad cherry eye in both eyes. He looked great after surgery and looks even better now, no cherry eyes! His eyes and neuter has healed up so well! Sam S has checked in on us a few times which is much appreciated. Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff!

Apoling Solutions Natalie Gorlenko

3 years ago

I like this hospital very much. They are always there for my little Pekingese and a year old Frenchie. Yes, they are not cheap. But vet care in the entire USA is quite expensive. They recommend treatments, vaccines etc - but they never force you to purchase them. When it comes to diagnosing, in 99% diagnoses are correct. I must confess that reading other negative reviews on this hospital, I have doubted their knowledge and professionalism few times. But... at the end - they were right. Whenever you call them because of emergency, they are ALWAYS ALWAYS THERE for you. They’ll never send you away saying that they are booked. They try to accommodate every single pet parent and meet your need. P.S. Thank you for my Bayley! His severe skin infection a doctor gave me a treatment for cleared after one week! Boris’ parasites you’ve treated a year ago never come back. Thank you once again! Natalie

Cheryl Lim

4 years ago

I really like the staff here because they are very friendly even when my dog keeps barking at them for no reason. I like how they have free treats for the dogs (but my dog refuses to eat it). We have their pet insurance so the consultations are free, but obviously the vet bills are still pretty pricey.

Maryellen Pianelli

4 years ago

The best Veterinarian is Dr.Clemente. I think she knows exactly what she is taking about, has the best diagnostic explanation of what seems to be the problem with your pet. She is the most caring Vet. I have ever dealt with and she has been a doctor for over 20 years experience. I will always appreciate her professionism and her caring personality. Thank you doctor Clemente for everything youve done for all my cats, past and present.

Trish Santanelli

5 years ago

Our little beauty Kittie passed away on Christmas Eve morning, We took her to South Shore Animal Hospital for cremation. The staff with their care, professionalism and compassion eased the pain through this most difficult time. They handled her with so much care. When Kittie's ashes were returned to us, the sympathy card that they put with the urn box made us feel not alone. We will be forever grateful to you all, including the cremation service that you use.

Paul Kaplan

6 years ago

Been working with Dr. Payne. The most companionate veterinarian I ever had the pleasure of working with. He truly cares about the animals. Would not go anywhere else.

Anna Papadopoulos

6 years ago

The doctors seem fine, but the administration is very disorganized. We had the pet care plan and still got charged for visits. They're not very clear on what is included within the plan and the incremental charges are significant. We've decided to go to elsewhere where there's more transparency.

Candy Reyes

6 years ago

Horrible ,unorganized, place!!!! My dog has a herniated disc. I've been calling since yesterday (9/23/17) to have his prescriptions filled b/c he is in pain. Receptionist Samantha said she will put the request in and call me back by …

Catherine Buzzetta

6 years ago

I called this place yesterday since my cat was bleeding from her nose and had puss coming out, the receptionist told me I can fill out a free pet visit on their website which will cover the visit. When I arrived 30 minutes later the male vet came in the office like he was on drugs, my significant other asked how his day was and he didn't even care he just said just another day at work. I should have left right than and there he didn't shake our hands or even introduce himself. When it came down to checking out my cat he didn't even look like he liked animals to begin with and didn't have an assistant to help him. I had to ASK him to clean her bloody nose. I left with antibiotics and still no explanation as to why she was not feeling well. When I left the receptionist called me saying the visit was only free for a wellness visit BUT she knew why I went there and wanted me to come back and pay. Thankfully I had an appointment today at Richmond Valley Vet and the experience was absolutely amazing the Vet introduced himself and CHECKED MY CATS TEETH SOMETHING THAT NEW DORP VET DID NOT DO. Comes to find out the problem is related to her teeth! And once I told him the experience with new dorp vet an her medication and dose I was told new dorp vet gave me a high dose and to lower it. ATLEAST I CAME OUT OF RICHMOND VALLEY VET KNOWING WHY MY CAT WASNT FEELING WELL AND A PEACE OF MIND ON WHAT TO DO NEXT AND MY VISIT WAS FREE. NOT ONLY THAT BUT THE DOCTOR EVEN TOLD ME TO LET HIM KNOW THURSDAY OR FRIDAY HOW SHES FEELING, NOT THAT NEW DORP CARED !

Jaqueline Grazzolo

6 years ago

**** IF YOU WANT YOUR PET TO DIE, BRING THEM HERE**** this place is focused on profit only and they don't care about your pet. They are focused on money and don't even give you a chance to pay your bill back. They want the money upfront and fast. They DO NOT care about your pet. The staff is miserable and unfriendly. They don't let you know what's going on with your pet. My dog came back from his physical shaking and growling at the veterinarian as if she hurt him. Never Again. Please if you care about your pet go somewhere else.

Mariana Howard

6 years ago

Our dog has been a patient here for many years. It's where we take her to get all of her checkups, booster shots, dental cleanings, etc. On the plus side, I think the staff is compassionate and loves animals. The doctors all seem to be well-trained in their profession and highly capable. However, I have noticed it is more "corporate" now than it used to be. I definitely get the sense that certain meds are prioritized based on pharma relationships and that bottom-line revenue drives the suggestions for treatment/care. I understand that it is not generated from the good people that work there, but from their higher-ups; they are only following direction. It is disappointing to witness, though. I am considering switching, but have not yet decided on whether or not I will do so.

Michelle Chiaracane

6 years ago

I am so dissatisfied with the experience I had visiting this animal hospital. If I could give no stars at all, I would. My husband and I recently rescued a Staffordshire terrier who was unfortunately abused before coming to us. Because of this, he is extremely anxious. When we arrived to the office there was one other person waiting before us and the receptionist told us it would be a quick visit. We waited over an hour before being seen, 45 minutes in the waiting room and 30 minutes in exam room. When we entered the exam room the woman wrote down our concerns and reason for the visit. During that time, our dog was jumping around on us because he was nervous. Not once did he approach her aggressively or act aggressive in any way. When the vet finally decided to come to the room she entered with a vet tech and a muzzle and stood in the corner of the room. She did not introduce herself, but instead said "you need to put this muzzle on him" I questioned why, knowing my dog would become even more apprehensive for this visit. She said "for some reason the other vet tech seems to think he needs it" in return my husband responded with "he's just excited, his tail is wagging". They then pushed themselves into the far corner, and the vet tech said "I have two pits and they don't act like this" with a condescending tone and her hands up by her chest like he was going to attack her. If I felt in any way, shape, or form, my dog was going to attack someone I would never question their requests, however my dog never  displayed any negative behavior. He is 3 years old, excited because he has been waiting over an hour and anxious because he is in a new environment. The vet was nothing but disrespectful, had a distasteful attitude, and obviously no passion for her job. We put the muzzle on him and he tried to take it off, as a result of this they put a comforter over his head, not allowing him to see what was going on. Unfortunately, because of this approach, my dog began panicking. My husband tried taking him for a walk around the block to calm him. A different vet tech approached us and saw the concern on my face. She said "Dont worry, we've had Rottweilers jumping at grown mens faces here. It's just hard because Sunday we're not well staffed" implying the vet was incompetent. When we tried to reschedule the appointment, because I had already paid for the service, the vet came out with a nasty attitude stating "I don't understand why you're trying to reschedule the appointment. Why wouldn't you just take him somewhere else? He doesn't need to relax, he needs training" I replied with "well when you have a dog waiting 2 hours in an animal hospital that has been abused and is naturally anxious obviously hes going to be noncompliant" she huffed with an attitude and said "well if you must make another appointment make it the first appointment of the day and not on a surgery day" she didn't even state this to me, she stated it to the receptionist and walked away. I am beyond embarrassed for the owners of this facility. How they can allow a person this unprofessional, disrespectful, and condescending to be a part of their company is dumbfounding.

Alessandra Fauci-DeGrazia

7 years ago

Dr Panarello is amazing and so are all the vet techs. This is the sole reason I put up with the horrible attitude from the ladies at the front desk. One in particular, middle aged women dark brown hard, usually in a ponytail - might just be the nastiest person I've ever encountered, not sure if this is just a personality trait of hers and she doesn't even know she's being so rude and quite frankly just plain mean. I have never had even close to a pleasant experience with her or all of them for that matter and I consider myself a nice person, I am respectful of every one. God forbid you should ask what you're being charged for.. they get even nastier than usual. Not to mention the only reason I ask now is because they over-charged 2 other times.

vinny Mickey

7 years ago

My first visit was last year for a UTI of one of our Campers. We noticed her UTI within the first hour of her visit. I called SSAH and explained my situation and they told me to come right in (owners/parents where on vacation). When I arrived everyone was friendly and doing there daily task. When I went into the room the vet tech and Dr. took extra time with my camper because I told them she was fearful. They all where very professional, caring and worked with my camper with gentle caring body language and vocals. I am a trainer and behavior consultant that actually promotes education for the various canine professionals. We promote education using positive reinforcement and also changing emotional responses for safer interactions and experiences for all. Therefore being around animals myself and understand the importance of safe handling and helping an animal cope with changing environments (definition of stress) I was very happy with my first visit to this establishment. I am writing this review little over a year after my visit because I am actually reviewing our emergency protocols for our camp and we are still going to use SSAH in case of an emergency. This was our only visit but as many humans don't take the time to write good reviews but are always quick to write about any negative experiences ( normal behvaior) I figured I'll leave my review for my good experience :) Vinny Olito CPDT-KA, CCDT

TeeAli Ortiz

7 years ago

Unfortunately this is a corporation and this hospital doesn't make the prices. Working in this field for many years I would have to say this hospital has very dedicated veterinarians and vet technicians. They provide the best care they can offer and try to do what they can to meet the clients financial needs while still providing the best treatment for their patient.

Deena Ann

7 years ago

I am giving 5 stars for saving my cat's life. Here is my story. My Archie boy 1 year old DSH I thought was coughing up a hairball for 2 days, but noting was expelled. At 11pm yesterday , his breathing started to look labored . Went to Bay Street animal hospital where I am very comfortable, and have been going for years. The doctor there gave him some steroids and some inhaler because it was NOT a hairball, she was thinking it was an asthma attack! BSAM wanted to do chest xray but their machine was down, so they sent me to South Shore Animal Hospital. As soon as I walked in the door the staff alerted medical staff that the cat with respiratory failure was here. The tech grabbed my cat in seriously less then 10 seconds and put my fur baby in the oxygen tank. Archie stayed there for a good 3 hours and they then took chest Xray and basically confirmed it was asthma. The quick intake of Archie into the oxygen tank really saved his life. So I rate 5 stars because of these reasons: 1) Took my cat in STAT! 2) Left him in oxygen to relax from car ride a while BEFORE getting him in chest xray. Rather then rush the xray, and stress him more 3)Tabitha* I think thats her name, was very compassionate as well as the lady at desk who helped me fill out paperwork b/ I was so upset. 4) The Doctor (nice lady) was very thorough 5) After his treatment his breathing was almost perfect . The only cons I had were I feel the the Xrays didnt need to be reviewed further by radiologist at an addition $85, they were pretty clear and plain to see.... In an emergency, I feel they did exactly what they are there to do, Save my pets life, and then follow up with regular vet for next course of treatment. Are they expensive, Yeah it was 1 Am and it was an emergency...I dint expect to walk out paying $200....I knew it would be closer to $500-$1000. Overall, In an emergency I trust them to keep pet alive.

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