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Julia Ivanishchak

2 years ago

This place is great. They were closed over the weekend due to Covid so I’m not sure why people are mad, this place is always open to help and are extremely helpful and nice. Do better people. I always bring my cats here and they’re super attentive!

Stephanie Eng

2 years ago

Advertisement state’s in big neon lights: Emergency Services 24/7-365, meanwhile they close from new years at 5pm and don’t open back up till January 3rd. Biggest inconvenience if you have an emergency on new years!! DO NOT advertise 365 if you close for New Years!! Unbelievable!!

tanya holway

2 years ago

Unfortunately I met the lovely staff of this hospital the day we had to put down our 14-year-old Rottweiler. I can’t say enough great things about all the people that we met in this facility. From the moment me and my family walked in they were caring, understanding and graceful with our precious pup. From the receptionist and everyone in between to Dr. Alyson Szarejko. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone.

Anastasiya Reyderman

2 years ago

I have 2 dogs and I have visited this locations several times. Yes As any emergency hospital you do have to wait! Front door girls are nice. The doctors are amazing! They are knowledgeable and this is the most important!!!! Because your doggy and kitty is very very special !!! I will be back ( if I will have to of cause lol )

Danielle Fiore

2 years ago

I am so grateful for GSIVS who saved my 4 year old dogs life over the weekend. On Friday evening she was throwing up, and by Saturday morning she couldn’t eat or drink and continued to throw up. My dog declined so fast we decided to bring her to our primary vet and she was sent home. Within a few hours she couldn’t walk and had bloody diarrhea. By the time we got to GSIVS they told us our dog was literally passing away from what they suspected was HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis). We began treatment right away and she spent two nights in their care (unsure if she would actually make it through since she was in such bad shape). She was discharged on Monday and since it was such a traumatic experience on her she still has a few more days to make a full recovery, but she is so much better. I am so happy we decided to bring her and highly recommended them.

Inna LM

2 years ago

Very disappointed! They provide first aid however they do SO MANY unnecessary tests without following up with you! They make you believe that there is something really serious going on with your pet but in the end all your pet needed is a simple ointment! ???? Once again, medicine is ALL ABOUT $$$

Patrick Donofrio

2 years ago

I took my 2 year old lab to see Dr. Newgent for a consult regarding a potential torn acl, and was fully expecting a quick diagnosis and call for surgery, as that seems to be what everyone encounters in these situations. Despite my being 50 minutes late, they still saw me. Dr. Newgent performed a thorough hands on exam, and allowed me to be present for it, as my dog has very severe separation anxiety. So much so that our primary vet could not complete a physical exam because she was under so much distress. Dr. Newgent has a fantastic demeanor and explained in detail that she didn’t believe we need to rush into surgery, and that upon her exam, thought that a more conservative approach to rest and rehab may do well. For those who don’t know, the acl surgery is a cash cow for these places, running 5-6 thousand dollars, and requiring plenty of follow up visits. I was thankful for such a realistic and honest diagnosis and can’t say enough how important that level of transparency is when it comes to choosing future care providers for my animal. They earned a return visit in the event that we ever need anything again. Thank you, Dr. Newgent. You’re great at what you do, and it shows. As for the facility itself, it was tidy, and organized, and I was taken in and discharged promptly. The negative reviews must be the type of people who seem to have issues everywhere they go. As I always say, if you always seem to have problems wherever you go—you may be the problem.

Tasia S

2 years ago

Thank you, Dr. Susan Meeking. Grateful, Anastasia.

Selena Ruiz

2 years ago

All I have to say is thank you for the nurses and doctors that took amazing care of Bella. She had to be in the hospital two days she was diagnosed with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. It was so scary because I thought she will be gone forever. She is a happy and playful dog and to see her extremely sick broke me in pieces. They took her immediately I didn’t have to wait. The staff was really nice and the place is clean.I am grateful to have her back to normal again. Once again thank you.

Katherine Caoimhe

2 years ago

This place is horrible. I arrived at 7:50 pm, and they didn't call me till 10:47 pm to bring my cat in.I still haven't seen any vet. Stay away from here. When the vet finally saw me. She reported that she didn't know what was wrong and sent him home with eye drops. I took my cat to see his veterinarian he told that my cat had an abscess, and he didn't understand why the vet didn't tell. Sadly I had to put my cat to sleep. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.

John Parker

2 years ago

The vet did a wonderful job taking care of my sick cat. I would give this place 5 stars but as I waited for my cat , the front desk staff was seemingly inconsiderate of those within the building. The vulgar and repulsive language they used was so unprofessional.

Aneudy Joel Pagan

2 years ago

Unfortunately my puppy got sick a few times and we had to take her to GSiVS. They are the best around! Always so patient, helpful and caring to our Benny Girl. Highly recommend!


2 years ago

STAY AWAY please. I am begging you from personal experience!!!!!*** Please read all of the negative reviews and take them to heart!!!!**. STAY AWAY!!!!This place is a HORRIBLE!!!!!! They have NO idea what they are doing!!!! They saw my dog and told us how terribly sick he was - ran some tests and couldn’t tell us why. Told us we had to admit him for 6k and they might not even be able to help him!!!! Was making like my dog was not not able to treat that there was basically no hope for him and if we wanted to try then we had to admit him and then she can try. Had me and my husband hysterical crying and thinking the worst. She was also the most DISGUSTING nasty person I have ever met in general . Let alone dealing with pets and their owners. She spoke to us with the absolute worst bed side manner. Gave every single morbid outcome when she didn’t even test him and then basically yelled at me for crying. I wiped my tears and said this lady is clueless and the devil. I will not leave a bug in this place let alone my baby! I told them to go to h&ll and I called pleasant plains hospital and they got him in within an hour. He was very sick but they figured out right away and started a plan of care immediately!!!!!! I know they saved his life!!My boy is there not even two days and not only do we know the problem but he is being treated and doing well!!!!!! It makes me sick to think of the way we were treated and if I were to leave him there and listen to these vile people what would have happened!! Which I’m a lot smarter than that. I saw the rudeness. The coldness and the incompetence immediately. I only went there because I could not get in touch with my vet and I know he’s affiliated! I am appalled. I can’t imagine what their negligence could do to other animals!!!!! The bed side manner of the doctor there was a disgrace. Please take your pet to pleasant plains animal hospital. STAY AWAY. This place should be closed down immediately!!!!! I am sickened by the whole situation. Close this place down!!!!!


2 years ago

The staff is great and although they are more expensive than a regular vet, the vets I have encountered were very fair and did not run unneeded tests. Both my cats had emergencies within the last couple of months and they were seen right away. Although they have bad reviews I have never had a bad experience here.

Karina Lapyko

2 years ago

Wasted a day here as they performed various tests on my cat to end up not giving me a diagnosis of what was wrong with her. Waited at least two hours to be admitted, and then when I asked for an update, none could be given and I was told I could go wait at home. As soon as we got home, we got a call to come back and were told by someone else we weren’t supposed to leave so I let them know somebody said otherwise. We had to come rushing back since the vet “had to see us right away” and then when we got there she couldn’t tell us anything other than she was stable, and told us they needed to perform more tests including X-rays and bloodwork. Could this not have been said over the phone? The testing took another 1.5 hours and we had to wait outside. In the end, they couldn’t determine what was wrong and said “it could be anything”. Left with a $900 bill and heard my cat screaming as they tried to put her back in the carrier. She was still sick for a few days after this visit. Took her to another vet after who diagnosed her in less than an hour and provided treatment, and she is instantly doing better the same day. I do NOT recommend this place.

Joe Dimino

2 years ago

I mean it is an emergency room setting, so you're only going there if your animal is in considerable distress, which I have 3 times now. Is it cheap, no - but they were on point with all my animals diagnoses and treatment plans, and I felt nothing was gratuitous. Plus they only proceeded with a full explanation and my consent. And yes, the doctors and ancillary staff were completely compassionate and professional at all times. Overall a very well run facility, I have no complaints.

Emma Crumpton

2 years ago

If you love your pet, I employee you to search for another veterinary facility. Not only will they overcharge you and give you no accurate diagnosis, they will torture your pet. The doctors will brush off your concerns, as if they know what they’re doing, then leave your poor pet disheveled/in pain and you broke! Truly the worst experience and I would never recommend this facility to anyone.

Donna Testaverde

2 years ago

What a wonderful place! It was one of the hardest times for me and my family; we had to put our 18 yr old cat to sleep and everyone from the front desk to the doctor was so kind and compassionate. The doctor explained everything and gave us all the time we needed to get through this rough experience . Thank you to everyone at Greater Staten Island Veterinary Services!!


2 years ago

If I can give this place a big ZERO stars I would've. This is the most unprofessional and inconsiderate place. The staff is rude and nasty. The front desk girls were only discussing their personal life and talking about the girls in the back personal life's. They told me to have a seat and someone will be with me in a little. Every time someone rang the bell they had instant attitudes, which was the most unbelievable thing I witness in my life, especially being a healthcare worker myself. I had went with my 11 week old puppy which was bleeding out of her private area and they left me sitting there for over 4 hours no one came to check on my puppy which was sitting in my lap shaking and crying for hours. Granted I'm well aware some animals have more severe issues but I personally felt if my 11 week puppy is crying, shaking and bleeding out of her private area something is not right. when I spoke to someone over 4 hours later I asked when will my dog be seen more or less, she was annoyed I even asked and told me she doesn't know. I asked her in her professional medical opinion since they don't see my dog as an emergency clearly, should I bring her to her regular vet the girl literally said "financially that would be a good idea" I was so disgusted I took my dog and left because my vet was opening in 2 hours. I personally do not care about money or prices whatever is going to help my dog is what I'm going to do or pay! This place is truly garbage due to the way they operate the business. So if you have time to make it elsewhere STAY FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!


2 years ago

deserves 0 stars. brought my dog for an emergency and have been waiting for an hour. going to leave and bring him to another vet because they aren’t even trying

Carmen Pino

2 years ago

This place is THE WORST vet you could ever take your pet to. THEY WILL LET YOUR PET DIE WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD AND THEN BE RUDE TO YOU ON TOP OF THAT. They have absolutely no regard for animals or even people for that matter and will keep you running around in circles doing unnecessary testing so that they can take your money. This vet should not be able to practice or have the lives of anyone’s beloved animals in their hands. They deserve to be shut down immediately and this vet should lose their license for being such a low life.

Early Childhood Adventures

2 years ago

HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!! Rude and nasty and NOT accommodating to emergencies. DO NOT go here! They are rude and nasty and do NOT care for your pets.

Erika Means

2 years ago

If I can give this establishment ZERO STARS I would!! Never Bring your pet here they are a bunch of money hungry people!! They don't even care about your pet all they see is money signs. The receptionist are soo blatantly rude which is odd when we are the reason why they have a job!!!! They shouldn't even be called a Veterinary they should be called 100 ways I can steal their money without helping your pet.

James Jones

2 years ago

I think this place is great, they really helped my dog Belle out, long wait times but they are a 24/7 emergency vet and most people I seen come in for minor stuff not real emergencies they are as well always veryy busy, so expect to wait. I’m actually shocked at how gross people treat the receptionists and staff there when all theyre trying to do is help, it is out of their control how busy they get. I see many reviews how the employees are rude but they are very nice just treat them how you would like to be treated!


2 years ago

DO not go here. The people are nasty, the management is a joke, they have zero compassion for pet owners. I'm sure the doctors do care about the animals, but they need to work on their bedside manner. An utter mess of a place. I've heard through the grapevines that even the people who work there hate it there. If you're unemployed, don't apply here. Your better off jobless than working for these money hungry, compassionless people.

Marshmallow Willy

2 years ago

I’m from out of town and we forgot our U40 needles for our diabetic dog. Our vet was willing to send a copy of the prescription to them and they refused. Saying they are a private veterinarian group and do not accept outside vets prescription. I would not recommend this place since they do not care about helping your dog. It’s just about making as much money as they can off you.

William Caldwell

2 years ago

We waited 2 hours and called them from our car to keep checking in for an update when we could be seen. The receptionist could care less - no compassion. Zero answers only saying we had emergency’s more important .. well I was parked directly out front and no one walked into that place. After we checked in she said there are 4 people ahead of you so it will be approximate 45 mins. I decided to wait since my vet was out of town and my 23 month old couldn’t walk suddenly after no injury. That I’m sorry was an emergency - I took her to Red Bank and was admitted immediately. I would never trust them again with any of me pets. If the vets are good it really doesn’t matter if you can’t get pass the unprofessional heartless reception desk! Hire some people that actually care about animals and have enough knowledge to triage what constitutes an emergency.

Larisa Vitovska

2 years ago

Ridiculous ... Living directly across the street, walked in enquiring if i can bring a cat in who is distress. I was answered “yes, but at least an hour and a half wait”. I asked if we can get signed in and walk back home to wait. “Absolutely not! We don’t di that” No logic, no explanation, no reasoning. It’s literally a minute walk. Its a “no”... In addition to already bad bad reviews, this place is apparently a bad experience from front desc ... can only imagine what is inside...


2 years ago

Took my Bullmastiff about a year ago to this facility, for an ear infection - left paying $500

Tom S

2 years ago

Do not, I repeat do not bring your animal to this place. They charged me $1000 to bring my dog in for a checkup. He kept throwing up and couldn't keep food down. $1000 for a couple of x rays and to give him some fluids. More the double what that should of cost. My grandpa also took his dog here. $900 to check his dog AND THEY DIAGNOSED HER WRONG. They sent her home with diarrhea medicine and she ended up have 104 fever! If we didn't take her somewhere else she would of died. Go to pleasant plains animal hospital. 1,000x better vets and fair pricing. This place is absolutely horrible.

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