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2 years ago

They feel like family, all the staff is very friendly and always excited to see our pup. They remember you and your dog as if it were one of their own. I trust their judgment and care. They always recommend holistic and healthy approaches that are in the best interest for your dog.

Sean Torres

2 years ago

I have been a client of the practice for over 25 years. 5 dogs, 3 birds, rabbits & a Guinea Pig. All the staff has always been helpful, caring and provided the best care. The treatment I received when saying goodbye to a pet was outstanding. Throughout Hurricane Sandy & Covid they were ALWAYS available. I strongly recommend.

Kaitlyn Hepworth

2 years ago

I would give -5 if I could. How could you make someone wait 3 hours to call back and say they can’t be seen today. Hours show 9am and no one called back until 12pm when the drs decided to stroll in. Horrible, just horrible. Such a shame they clearly do not care about animals. I’m beyond livid with this trash establishment.

Kim Mershon

2 years ago

They were highly recommended to me, but have apparently gone downhill since Dr. Carreras retired. They saw my new puppy for a well visit and we went back two more times for vaccinations. They require a $50 credit card deposit for every appointment. My puppy got very sick, very quickly with diarrhea and vomiting. I had an appointment for that day in the afternoon, but called in the morning because his condition worsened and I wanted to come in earlier. I was told Dr. Brown would see him, but we would have to wait and be charged an emergency fee. This was during regular office hours, and we waited over an hour to be seen as an emergency, yet charged an additional $105 on top of the regular fee! We were sent home with antibiotics. We were home less than an hour and he had five more bouts of diarrhea and vomited several times. I called and went right back. Dr. Brown came out and said she gave him a shot of Pepcid and had him on IV fluids, and I should bring him back the next day for the same treatment. I said no, he is only 4 months old and needs to stay in the hospital! What if he gets sick again during the night?! He spent two nights in the hospital. I was given discharge instructions to call immediately if he vomited, had diarrhea or “inappropriate urinating”. He peed in his crate and threw up as soon as we got home. I called them, he threw up again on Saturday, I called them. Dr. Brown called after several hours on Saturday and sound distracted and bored. She told me to give him a 1/4 Pepcid and follow up during the week. He threw up on Sunday and Monday, and I called again and left messages. It’s Wednesday evening, and still no call back! Appointment with a new vet tomorrow morning! SMH

Jacqueline Perrotta

2 years ago

I went once and never went back. "Dr." Jerger, was recommended to me because "he's cheap." Well.... you get what you pay for. First off, I was given the exact cost of the visit on the phone. After the appointment, they tried to charge me more money for "additional xyz" which was never agreed to or discussed prior. They mail me letter after letter and I just throw them out. They call constantly and I don't answer. They started calling from a restricted number and I hang up. It's the principle. They take advantage of people and try to fraud them. So, sorry. Send collections, lawyers and whoever you want. Secondly, this "Dr." Was so rough with my cat it brought tears to my eyes. Squeezing him, crushing his neck. My cat was screaming. Third... they took him downstairs to take blood...where I couldn't see him. Owners should be able to be present for everything. Fourth... they made me pay for antibiotics for a UTI when there was no bacteria in the blood according to the bloodwork. I was an Investigator for the NYS Education Department Office of Professional Discipline for years. I double check everything local veterinarians do with the Vet Board. I was told "I'm very skeptical of this as he made you pay for antibiotics for an infection when no bacteria is present." Fifth, he was diagnosed with CKD. I asked how long the life expectancy was and what to do. I got "I don't know. Switch him to a kidney diet" as he walked out of the room. I had to go to a friend on the Vet board for that too who prescribed the right food, taught me about Sub Q fluids, medication and supplements. Lastly, I rushed my cat to the ER last week. They asked for veterinarians my cat has been to previously and he was on the list. I was told that he wouldn't send the bloodwork over because he couldn't worm me out of the extra money he wanted years ago. He held my cat's bloodwork, and instead mailed out a letter and made a call asking me again for money I don't owe. My cat unfortunately passed, as it was his time, as he was over 16 years old. But this showed that this guy only cares about money and not animals. I never reported him to OPD, because generally, I'm not about taking people's licenses or tarnishing their record. Since I worked there, I have that ability. This man isn't a doctor by any means. As a PhD, from one doctor to another.... go back to school, and take some classes on moral ethics for CE credits thru SED, you need it. One more harassing phone call or letter, I am going to the office and the board. Everyone.... go to AQL or St. Francis.


2 years ago

My prior Vet retired so I was in a pinch and was referred to this practice. All I can say is Dr.Rodney is great all the staff are courteous, kind and efficient, they handled my daughters kitten "Lucky" like it was their own,, love this place and the people. Keep up good work.

Regina Khor

2 years ago

The doctors are probably very knowledgeable. That’s if they actually see you or your pet. The seen sweet, until you call them with an emergency. In that case, no one will get back to you or even see your pup. The first visit went very well and everyone will compliment how cute your puppy is. Then my puppy threw up and I freaked out. Called the office for help and attention. No one is there willing to see nor even respond to me. The vet didn’t even have the audacity to call me themselves. It’s a money grab. Go somewhere else, if I knew, I wouldn’t have even wasted my time coming here.

Antoinette Volpe

2 years ago

Brought my dog Max to Dr Jaeger and he was very helpful with dealing with Max’s diabetes Max had a good night bc of Dr Jaeger. Thank you!!

Kate Ernst

2 years ago

Dr. Jerger is amazing. we started using him about 2 years ago and we recently had to bring our Douglas in to find out he was in kidney failure and he wound up having to stay there for the last 9 days. I really dont know where to begin, this whole practice took amazing care of our boy. they went above and beyond in the care they gave him. Dr. Jerger clearly loves his patients and gives them the best care. he provided us with meds to go home with along with teaching on how to further care for our boy. Dr. Jerger really cares about his patients in a way I've never seen before. he is always available to speak whether it's to give emotional support or just a status update. I wouldn't bring my babies anywhere but to him. Douglas is now home with us and that's all thanks to Dr. Jerger. From the doctors and techs to the front desk staff at Dongan Hills Veterinary every single person in that office are all just amazing and we couldn't be more thankful.

Marcus Hronek

3 years ago

Highly Recommend. They have been great to our two pugs and will keep taking them back!


3 years ago

I had to have my 13 year old Dachshund put down in my home two days ago. It was one of the most gut-wrenching days of my life. Dr. Jerger, however, helped me get through it. He was kind, understanding, and walked us through every step of the process. There's really not much else I can say other than what was one of the worst days of my life was made bearable by the fact that Dr. Jerger was so professional and so caring. Will be my vet from now on.

Nevein Gad

3 years ago

Dr. Jerger is an amazing doctor. He is very helpful and friendly doctor and helped me with my dog even on Sun which his day off. I don’t know how to thank him enough for all his help and patience with me and my dog. I would definitely recommend him to everyone who needs a veterinarian. Thank you doctor J ????????

Raina Pagan

3 years ago

Went here for the 1st time this month with my 6-month old pup. Absolutely LOVED Dr. Jerger. He was friendly, knowledgable, and loving to my pet. He gave his honest opinion, which you don't get with many other Vets. So happy i was recommended Dongan Hills Veterinary practice!

Zulima Martinez

3 years ago

Dr. J is absolutely amazing, he’s very detailed and gentle with my Leland. I’m glad we picked him to be our family Vet.

Tracy Green

3 years ago

We came to meet Dr Jerger, and his friendly staff, when my son and I had to put our dog to sleep :( Dr. Jerger's professional and so warm and friendly. He let us know thru our grief we had come to the right decision for our situation. He knew we needed to know that. We actually left Dongan Hills Animal Hospital happy that they were the ones to have helped us to get our Rocco over the rainbow bridge

Kristine Seth

3 years ago

Just brought my cat Maxx there for the first time. Dr Jerger took so much time with us explaining how to properly care for him and test his blood sugar. Switched his insulin to a better and more affordable brand, switched the needles to a smaller gauge that would be more comfortable for Maxx and explained everything in such detail. He treated us like we were his only patients and his new friends.... the staff is so nice and the whole office has a great vibe! We’re so happy to find that real, small-town, local vet’s office instead of feeling like we’re in a big sterile office that’s just seeing a “patient”.... Recommending him to everyone!

John Thomas

3 years ago

Dr brown and her staff are the best thank you guys for all you do

Fiona Elliott

3 years ago

Took my baby here to get euthanized because he was very old and sick. Seven months later my dad tried to adopt another dog and the adoption center called this practice for reference. The office told the center they never heard of us and they don't know who we are. Ridiculous.

Ellen Jantz

3 years ago

The best vets. I wouldn’t take my babies to anyone else.

Crista Ceribello

3 years ago

Dr. Jerger and the staff at DHVP are amazing! I have a 15 year old Chihuahua and they take such great care of him. Lots of attention is given to detail, and everything is explained to me. Highly recommended!

Anne D

3 years ago

Dongan Hills Vet Clinic is not my regular clinic but I can not thank them enough for assisting me in a pinch. Very professional, responsive, and helpful. If I wasn't relocating, I may have considered switching my vet based on location. You can tell they really care about the community but also helping animals. Thank you Taylor!

Catherine Lawson

4 years ago

From these reviews I happy to see Dr. J. has learned to listen to what the owners are telling him what is going on with their pet.


4 years ago

Dr. Brown is a very caring and thorough vet. She's taking good care of my two cats.

Danny Diner

4 years ago

Amazing service and the most important is that they really care about my dog!

Sandra Fioravante

4 years ago

My cat Tiger had 2 Siezures. At Dongan Hills Vet. they also use a Holistic approach which makes such a difference. Dr. Brown gave Tiger Lixotinic (& Mineral Oil drops in my cats ears) he is doing so much better now!

Suzanne Santiago

4 years ago

My daughter took our dog Champ on Wednesday, 1/30/19 because he wasn’t eating or drinking his water & he had no energy. Dr. Brown did all sorts of blood work & DX him with auto immune disease. His red blood cells were attacking each other. Dr. Jeger drove to NJ to get him blood because he needed a blood transfusion. He ended up needing 3 of them. Plus his bilirubin was very high wish didn’t help matters. They didn’t think he would make it through the the night. But with the love & care of both Drs & there terrific staff our baby boy is home. He is slowly getting back to himself. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for doing everything humanly possible to same Champ!

V Bertone

4 years ago

Absolutely LOVE this veterinary place! Dr Brown was beyond patient with our dog (German Shepard mix). She was honest, informative and super professional. The staff was so nice and just as patient. The office is small but clean and organized. We’re thrilled we found “our vet”’for our girl and would recommend this place to everyone who has a pet.

Paul Gitlin

5 years ago

Very nice and professional people

Cheryleann Perham

5 years ago

Love the people and so does Sophie

Chris N

5 years ago

Very good vets, they know there stuff. Groomer is also good.

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