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Annemarie Rosario

2 years ago

Friendly staff. Quality merchandise. Happy healthy animals. Love this place ! I travel across the island and I don't mind at all.

Frank Giunto

2 years ago

Excellent staff. Great quality products, great assortment of fish, puppies and reptiles. You wont find a better pet store anywhere else

Vashti C

2 years ago

Came home to visit from down south and found this gem. Great stop! Friendly staff, they carry almost everything for your animals. Furry or scaly.

Kelli Miller

2 years ago

Stop selling puppies from puppy mills for ridiculous amounts of money. Those puppies are inbred and have congenital diseases. Make sure when you buy that cute puppy you have 10,000 saved up for vet bills that are about to come along with it. Such a shame. Adopt don't shop people. seriously. Just disgusting because its all for the money. They don't care about those animals. Even the reptiles. Horrible horrible husbandry. Should be embarrassed.

Dylan Calvacca

2 years ago

Wish I can give 0 stars ,Terrible place don’t give them your business I got about 4 reptiles from them and many fish and they all died in a short amount of time i did everything they told me to do and I went in with the fish the day after and they did nothing and gave me WRONG info about my fish tank DO NOT SHOP HERE . Fishtopia on midland is 10000x better

Francisco M

2 years ago

Small but well kept. Very knowledgeable staff.

Lexus Lam (Lex)

2 years ago

Tom, the owner, is an awesome dude. The employees there are great! Great quality fish. I've bought some aquatic plants from this shop and they've been doing fantastic in my tanks. This is a local fish shop I would wholeheartedly support! This shop is a must-go if you are on the island for some aquatic life.

michael mason

2 years ago

This store is definitely not your typical puppy mills. They care for their animals and make sure they go Yo good homes. The staff is excellent and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend and buy from Arcadia again. The owner even gave me her personal phone number if I had an emergency with my new puppy. You don’t find that these days. Top notch place!!

Nova NYC

2 years ago

Many thanks to the management and staff of the store! they saved my turtle! they listened attentively to my request, left the turtle under their supervision, found a reason and solutions. Now the turtle is on the mend! Health to all and your pets! Guys, you are the best!!!

Andrew Ray

2 years ago

Horrible husbandry for their reptiles. All of them are kept in improper enclosures, which are also way too small for many species. They also have a macaw there for a very long time, not sure if it's the same one I saw when I was a kid, but it's also in a pretty small cage for that type of bird. It's absolutely ridiculous and I cannot believe this store is still open. I went in to see if they had any reptile supplies, and I left feeling horrified. Please check out the photos below. If you know anything about these animals, then you know how bad this is. It's understandable to have smaller tank sizes for animals that will be sold soon, as long as they are not there for long. But I doubt these animals are moved into larger tanks since they are here for the majority of the day. Look at the bearded dragon for example. This animal needs a MINIMUM of 4 feet in tank length for both movement room and a temperature gradient. This dude has no spot to even bask. Do not shop here. Report them if you can. They should not be allowed to continue business because they do not care about their animals at all.

John Coleman

2 years ago

Good pet store but prices are EXPENSIVE...Only place in town.

Liana Ozuna

2 years ago

Hi, do you guys have Shih Tzu puppies??

samantha alore

2 years ago

Cynthia and her husband are great people .. got two pups from arcadia... great dogs and they are very helpful with info about the puppies ❤️ support small business!

Alyona Marvin

2 years ago

Arcadia pets is amazing. We have gotten a little teacup Yorkie, and Cynthia has been amazing all the way, answering any questions, concerns and resolving issues. The service is immaculate, she goes above and beyond for her clients which I appreciate very much, it is hard to find people like he nowadays. When we will be getting our second puppy we will definitely be going back to Arcadia. Thank you Arcadia!

Eileen Iocolano Pacheco

2 years ago

Absolutely disappointe Sadly a horrible experience

Joey Sala

2 years ago

I had saw a red tail catfish in a holding container usually where you put the fish before they go into the bag to be sold, the catfish was living in this container. I had asked why and I was told that the fish was being picked on and that it was barely being fed. I felt bad and decided to purchase the fish. the catfish had no fins and no whiskers so this fish was getting attacked none stop. I didn't realize that until I left the store. after the fish acclimated for 20min I released him into the tank. he passed away one hour later. I told the store what happened and they gave me a hard time over the phone. I paid 15 dollars for the fish which is another reason I got him. it was a good deal but the fish was not in good condition. I took the dead catfish in so they were able see and they told me that I had pretty much got a great deal and since I did they were not going to do anything about it. They had this fish marked down for 15 dollars so maybe It was a good deal but thats what they decided to sell it for. The employee refused to give me my money back and told me that they only have a fish policy on certain fish.He also asked me why I purchased the fish if it was not in good condition I told him that I felt bad but the real question is why did they sell a fish that was messed up to begin with. It was not the owner or his son that gave me a hard time and and on the bright side they themselves are always nice to speak with and are always friendly.

Patrick Riccardi

2 years ago

It was a little disappointing. The variety of puppies was very limited, and the prices were RIDICULOUS !

Stephen Liotta

3 years ago

Worse pet store on Staten Island.. Dead fish in every tank. All the tanks have green algea on the glass. Just disgusting. Seen crickets on the floor. The store stinks Cute puppies but they all dont look healthy. And good luck trying to find someone to help you... I someone to assist with something i could tell he got annoyed and felt bothered. I guess thats what happens when you have young teens dealing with the customers.. And not for nothing they are very very expensive.. If you are lookkng for a nice variety of fish id recommend Fishatopia on Mindland Ave..

Thomas Hare

3 years ago

Average small, local pet store. Selection is non existent but they have some fish and puppies. The puppies are adorable. A friend of mine got a puppy there about 10 years ago and the little guy is a great dog. Healthy etc. They are a bit pricey though. I'd definitely take a peek at the dogs though!!


3 years ago

cute puppies worker was eating while walking around the store with everyone with no mask

Val N

3 years ago

Support small business, they got what u need.

Eileen Hall

3 years ago

I am so grateful at Arcadia Pets. They have come to the rescue for me so many times over the years. They have ordered special birds and fish for me and we also got our beautiful family dogs here. I have always been very happy with the health of and the price of our pets as well as the customer sercice and specialized support they are always happy to provide. Most recently Arcadia Pets helped my family find a new home for two birds. These birds belonged to our beloved Mother who loved them very much but who so sadly just passed away. The time, effort and care they took to ensure that these two birds could stay together was something I will never forget and I will always be so grateful to them for. To know that our pets went free to a family who really wanted them makes our whole family feel so much better about having to part with my Moms sweet birds, Rainbow and Sky. We never could have that piece of mind without their help. It's not easy to find a family owned business that has so much to be proud of, now moving on to the next generation. I have been a customer for years and will be delighted to continue to be one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know you made our Mom happy. God Bless and be well.

Michael Bedford

3 years ago

Wow...employees not wearing mask during pandemic...when I asked the kid behind the counter why he and the other employees are not wearing masks he stated " We no longer have to wear masks" this place kidding me?..sad I bought all my dogs there and shop there for all my dog treats etc...time to find a new pet store they do not care about thr safety of others...Trump Memorabelia Cup seen on shelf...need I say more?

Lisa Struthers

3 years ago

Arcadia Pets did such a great job with finding my family’s puppy. We truly could not have found more of a perfect fit for us and we thank Cynthia for everything. We’ve only had our puppy for 2 days but we already fell in love with her. So, a few weeks ago, we put our name on her list but it wasn’t until we went to the store that the process started. When we went to see if they had any available puppies on their Wednesday arrivals, we were put on the phone with the store owner, Cynthia. We told her we wanted a small hypoallergenic puppy and she let us know she had one available. We stayed in touch that week and let her know we wanted that puppy and that was that! We went to visit the puppy at her store a few days before getting her and she was so so perfect and still is. She has everything you need for the puppies in her store and takes such great care of them before going in to your hands. She really does care about her puppies and makes sure they are going to a great family. She has stayed in touch since we got her to make sure everything was going well as it really was! The puppy is breathtakingly adorable and so sweet! She has barely barked and she is just perfect. Thank you so much Cynthia and the Arcadia Pets crew!


3 years ago

I have had nothing but exceptional experiences with Arcadia Pets. My family has been doing business with them for 20+ years and we have had ten dogs from them between myself, my parents, and my siblings. They have always been there for us to make sure that our dogs are doing well and living their best lives. Tommy and Cynthia are such warm and wonderful people who care about their customers and have always been there to answer any questions or concerns. I read a few other reviews and can say with 110% confidence that their puppies are from breeders who provide the utmost care to their animals. I am a big supporter of small businesses and this mom & pop shop has everything you could need for your pets - from food to supplies - and they even offer grooming services. I truly wouldn't trust anyone else to help me with my pet needs and to help me when it comes to bringing home a furry friend. The shop is small, but their animals are happy and well taken care of. Highly recommend Arcadia to all of my friends and family!

Martin Finkelstein

3 years ago

Friendly service, quality fish, reptiles, good aquarium & animal supplies selection.

Matty Demarino

3 years ago

Great places, good parking, good selection of fish, mostly freshwater, some live plants, also have reptiles, dogs, cats and a very friendly parrot that always says hello when you walk by

Max Levanda

3 years ago

I got my miniature schnauzer at Arcadia and cannot thank them enough for giving me my best friend. Cynthia was amazing with answering any questions I had and to this day still keeps in touch to see how Homer is doing. I recently had someone stop me on the street during our walk and ask about my dog and sent him to Arcadia where he ended up getting one of his own. Can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me and highly recommend them!

Megan Depalma

3 years ago

Cynthia is extremely helpful. We bought a beautiful toy yorkie from here and she walked us through everything perfectly. She is dedicated and shows that she cares. I highly recommend Arcadia if you are looking for a puppy to add to your family.

Salvatore Sacco

3 years ago

Place has EVERYTHING but their dogs are way overpriced

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