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Anita Vallee

2 years ago

It is a pleasure bringing my pet to Quarry Ridge Animal Hospital. They have a professional, efficient, compassionate staff of vets, technicians, and office staff. I highly recommend them.

Tom Reynolds

2 years ago

I have been going to Quarry Ridge for roughly 25 years now, and I think they are terrific. The staff is great, very friendly and very efficient. The vets are wonderful and very caring. I highly recommend Quarry Ridge Animal Hospital.

Anna Loeb

2 years ago

From the front desk, to the techs, to the vets at Quarry Ridge, we have nothing but good things to say! Our pets and we are always treated with kindness and compassion whether we are coming in for a simple vaccine or for a bigger procedure like a spaying. They are patient and kind to owners and pets alike, and take time to answer questions thoroughly. Even when our super anxious German shepherd was completely panicking during a treatment for an ear infection, the vet and techs kept their calm and made us feel calm as well as we de-escalated our pup together.

Bill Schwendner

2 years ago

Quarry Ridge is a wonderful Veterinarian hospital/clinic. I have found the Dr's, techs, front desk personnel to always be respectful, welcoming and thorough. They have treated my dog for over 12 years. My dog is lucky to have such caring folks. She especially likes Dr. Cobelli and Hannah.

Elizabeth Manno

2 years ago

Absolutely love Quarry Ridge Animal Hospital!!! Professional, knowledgeable and compassionate veterinarians and staff. Wonderful practice!

Laura Van Valkenburgh

2 years ago

Just picked my dog up from the kennel and unfortunately she has kennel cough. It’s the weekend and our normal vet was closed. Quarry Ridge was open, so we called them and asked if they could help us in a jam. They said they are not taking new patients. I told the woman on the phone our situation and she was unsympathetic. I asked why she would turn away a sick dog and she responded with “Have a good day.” Basically what I’m saying is that these people don’t care about your pet. Go somewhere else. They had the resources to help us and they chose not to. It’s unscrupulous.

Amy Genkins

2 years ago

We are relative newcomers to QRAH but, from the first time we brought our 6 year old maltipoo and her new brother there, we have been incredibly impressed with the professionalism, kindness and thoroughness of the entire staff. Their love for the patients is so evident. What more can you ask for? Thank you QRAH!!!


2 years ago

Dr. Cobelli and the entire staff of Quarry Ridge are EXCEPTIONAL. Throughout our 30+ year relationship she has always been kind, compassionate and professional. We have been been a multiple cat home, and I have always felt that she’s listened to my concerns with our sweet, sometimes anxious or in the case of Miss Eden, sassy and often fiesta tortie. All of our beloved cats have known only Dr. Cobelli, and regardless of their personality or their varied ages, her demeanor with Small Fry, Munchkin, Mickey, Sunshine, Maggie and Eden has always been compassionate, thorough and friendly. Her communications with me during their exams, shots, or end of life care has consistently been thorough and professional. Dr. Cobelli you are a one in a million veterinarian, and we so appreciate you! (Eden, Maggie and Munchkin featured below). Maria Morey

Andrea Romeo

3 years ago

We love Quarry Ridge they are so attentive and good to our dog!

Gabrielle OohLaLa

3 years ago

Quarry Ridge Animal Hospital has helped me for over a decade and a half now, through 2 dogs and a cat... they are so kind and sweet, and compassionate. I can’t recommend them enough.

Lynn Vaughan

3 years ago

We have been bringing our pets to Quarry Ridge for nearly 20 years. The doctors, technicians, and office staff are all top notch. They’ve handled our beloved pets with great care and a loving attitude, and they’ve always treated us with complete professionalism. We see Dr Cobelli, and she is amazing. She is compassionate, practical in her approach to things, and always leaves me with some little piece of advice that makes me want to go home and up my game as a pet owner.

McIntyre Viands

3 years ago

Caring, accommodative, and skilled. Since moving to the area they've provided care for our two elderly cats, which has been very good.

Victor Burgess

3 years ago

Our very first visit to Quarry Ridge with Mikey, our newly adopted rescue dog, was an incredibly great experience. Both Dr Furst & Michelle were extraordinarily helpful in providing lots of valuable education for us as part of Mikey’s wellness visit. In addition, they both did everything they could to ensure Mikey’s first visit was a very positive experience for him - and it really was great with his tail wagging throughout the visit. Quarry Ridge will most definitely be a very important part of Mikey’s health care. Thank You Quarry Ridge !!! We highly recommend Quarry Ridge !!!

Joanne Rowe

3 years ago

We just love how great the staff & level of care is at Quarry Ridge Animal Hospital. Although a sweet boy at home our dog, Jubilee, is skittish & can demonstrate fear aggression around non family members. The Quarry Ridge staff has handled this like pros, getting what needs to be done & not holding his momentary bad behavior against him. Dr. Chang with the help of Becky & Sarah take expert care of him! Emily dog sat for a week winning his affection & taking as good of care of him as we would have! The front desk staff are effecient & helpful. I would recommend them all highly without hesitation!

Jen Merena

3 years ago

Dr. Cobelli and the entire staff at Quarry Ridge are amazing! They are always so caring, compassionate and knowledgeable when treating our dog. I highly recommend them.... they are the best!

Наталья Лунякова

3 years ago

Professional and welcoming staff, really helped my cat

Diane Swertfager

3 years ago

I was so impressed by Dr Cabellie and her staff. Carefully handling my cat who has seizures. Giving us our social distance during these unusual times yet being very thorough! Dr C gave me all the time I needed to discuss our strategy for my cat and gave me many options to consider. Her expertise is fabulous as we travel 30 min for the best care. Her assistants were friendly and came to the car in the rain twice to get Kitty and bring her back. The office staff came out as well with a smile also in the rain. I really am impressed by their genuine care and professionalism. Thank you all. Coach Diane

Tarra Efkarpidis

3 years ago

Great first experience with this vet. Love the staff!

Sean C

3 years ago

Have been working with this hospital since my very first dog, and I understand the times we are in and everything that comes with it. But even before this you want to tell me that I’m wrong with how long my dog has been seizing, only running blood panels no other tests, just a basic physical (can’t even cut the nails since the last time we went in November), and I feel patronized every time I bring my dog here with her epileptic episodes since apparently I’m unable to identify these symptoms. I’ve been working with dogs for about 5 years now, and I have dealt with dogs with severe epilepsy and kennel anxiety triggered seizures. I shouldn’t have to be a Veterinarian at Quarry Ridge or have to be a certified veterinary technician to have the acknowledgment that I am able to identify medical symptoms and issues with my dog. Also typically if your dog has an emergency appointment for bloodwork it would be nice to hear back in less than a week for my results for the test, rather than “when I get back into the office,” otherwise you would “like “only hear from us if it was a serious emergency” Also that a period of 5 months in between to 1 month in between seizures isn’t unsettling Let alone that I am not timining them properly I am being told that the pre and post symptoms aren’t the issue. I’m aware of this, my issue is the fact that she has seized up twice now in the past month for over 6:30 a total of 6 minutes thirty seconds And anything over 5 is concerning (to them it’s definitely “abnormal”) apparently The response I received on the phone: “Oh wow ok mmhmm” o felt insulted and belittled again because I’m not being taken as serious as I should I’m being compared to other people with no experience taking care of the animals that go into the hospital instead just being overly empathetically treated as a customer with no canine medical knowledge. Not appreciative of the last several visits with my fur baby at all. Also regardless if my dog has been vaccinated if she’s gone for bloodwork she should be getting fill screening for anything that is a cause. I.e,turns out never tested for Lyme or for Thyroid issues? Which are both factors that could play a role for younger dogs and epilepsy. So why didn’t my regular veterinarian or any of the on call substitute veterinarians check for these issues prior to this. Every time, oh bloodworms fine physical is fine I don’t know what’s causing it just watch her. I’ve watched her having seizures for several months now with no solution or idea of what’s causing it.

Ryan Latella

3 years ago

The staff and doctors were all very knowledgeable and helpful. This is the best vet office I have been to!

Anna Marie Iannotta

3 years ago

My rescue pup got a thorough, thoughtful examination. I never felt rushed and all my concerns were addressed.

Anne Koproski

3 years ago

We have been with Quarry Ridge for 11+ years. They have always been so responsive and pleasant and caring. If we had any problem, they reached out to us. I remember a very fun Holiday visit with Santa and we got some incredible pictures of our dogs with him. Sadly, both our dogs died recently (within three months) from cancer. QR was so supportive, did all they could to help us and extend quality of life. We received such beautiful, compassionate hand-written notes when the boys passed. They knew how connected we were to our guys. I highly recommend this group. You won't be disappointed.

Bonnie Janson

3 years ago

All of our furred and feathered animal babies have been very happy clients of Quarry Ridge Animal. The doctors are kind, knowledgeable and caring, the staff friendly and helpful, and they are always on top of sending us reminders for well visits and vaccination renewals. I highly recommend Quarry Ridge Animal Hospital without hesitation.

Chuck Hermann

3 years ago

Great service. Very organized getting people in and out while minizing exposure to others during the pandemic.

Deborah Mastromatteo

3 years ago

All of the doctors, techs, and staff at Quarry Ridge Animal Hospital are compassionate, highly skilled, and wonderful to work with. They have treated all three of my cats since I moved to Danbury in 2017, including assisting one of them in his journey over the Rainbow Bridge. I cannot say enough about their incredible knowledge and desire to work with their client's to find the correct solution for the individual under their care. 4 Paws Up for QRAH!

Kristy Jefferson

3 years ago

Everyone at Quarry Ridge (from the people at the desk to the technicians to the doctors) is kind, thoughtful, and professional. They truly love our pets as much as we do, and provide expert care. Definitely recommend!!

Juan Delgado

3 years ago

Great place all ways satisfied my dog always happy A++ recommended

Karen Coblens

3 years ago

I love Dr Furst and the staff at Quarry Ridge. They are always kind, compassionate and professional. They have been taking excellent care of my dog for alnost 14 years!

Kristina Jessup

3 years ago

Dr. Furst is absolutely amazing!! I’ve been hit hard this year with issues with my dogs and she (and the staff of course) have been wonderful. She will tell you how it is but with understanding & compassion. My pug had gotten injured back in April and she was there for us step by step until we decided it was better to end his suffering. She is now treating my lab who is suffering from seizures and if I ever have any questions or concerns (because I’m a worrier), she calls me back and will spend time explaining and calming my fears. I trust her completely.

John Lefebvre

3 years ago

Our dog Luke has become quite immobile over the last year, and unable to get to the vet regularly for his check up. I explained our situation to Dr. Profetta, and she was able to accommodate us. We put luke on his bed in the back of our SUV and brought him in. Upon arrival I went and checked in the Doctor came out to the car, looked luke over, gave us some tips on what signs to look for should he worsen. Deb and I were very grateful for this gesture by the clinic and Dr. Profetta. They have always been there for us in the past, and will be there in the future, I am confident. Thanks again, John and Deborah Lefebvre

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