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Keith Walker

2 years ago

Stay away. This place changed dramatically during covid. Was a client for years and years. They took on way to many patients and the quality of care they offer is atrocious. Misdiagnosis is inexcusable but just as bad was the simple ability to return a phone call or taking days and days to get back to you on a simple blood test. Run this test and if we can’t figure that out run this test. Six drawn out months of tests, no diagnosis and thousands of dollars. if you want quality veterinary care then stay away! As a follow up, we have tried numerous times to be taken off their check up list and they can’t even do that. Our dog has now passed away, mostly because of their sheer incompetence and we are still getting notices to bring him in for care. Just called and of course got an answering service in the middle of the day.

Andy Kalmanash

2 years ago

Stepped up to support our girl post surgery. Happy Dog, Happy Life. Thanks for what you do.

Judy Jackson

2 years ago

Fantastic staff and Dr Soe is the most educated vet I have ever encountered!

Glenn Schietinger

2 years ago

Will never go anywhere else. We drive 45 minutes to get here. Dr. Seo is phenomenal!! He treats every animal as if it's his own. He remembers every animal and always asks how they are doing when he sees you. He always offers both a holistic treatment and explains conventional western treatments and gives you the option of how you want to proceed. He has not failed me and any of my fur babies yet! He ALWAYS takes the pets best interest into consideration when offering treatment options. I trust him 150%. He always tells it as is and there is no sugar coating it. No misleading or giving false hopes. My 2 dogs Micah and Bear adore him! As do my 5 cats Squirt, Abigail, Butters, Sheldon and Bean! All my babies go with him willingly without hesitation or fear being away from us. You will not be sorry if take your pets here to see him!!

Me Me

3 years ago

Very thorough. Explained everything. Was allowed in at a 6 foot distance.

Nick Petrone

3 years ago

You took great care of Vinnie as well as many of my other 13 pets. I love you guys so much and am so appreciative of your expertise and kindness. I feel safe in your hands.

Frank Bartolomeo

3 years ago

This veterinarian facility is terrible and a waste of money I’ve spent over $1,500 on one visit for my dogs allergies I can’t even get a call back about his ear prescription refill. When I finally got in contact they told me to bring my dog another vet.

Catherine O

3 years ago

I've been taking my disabled dog here for years. Drs. Jenna and Seo are the best. This is a busy practice and the staff are awesome.

Catherine Gleason

4 years ago

When I first met Dr. Jenna, I was thrilled to find a holistic vet who seemed to take the time to get to know my dogs and willing to find options that didn’t include unnecessary drugs and surgery – I sung her praises to anyone and everyone who would listen! I initially brought one of my dogs in because she was limping and Dr. Jenna diagnosed her with a partially torn ACL and recommended we buy her an $800 brace rather than getting her surgery. Perfect! Bought the brace and used it diligently, but after 5 weeks of use my dog was getting worse. I brought her back in to Dr. Jenna to discuss options for moving forward. Dr. Jenna had one look at my dog and agreed she had gotten noticeably worse since her last visit and promised me she would consult the brace manufacturer and an orthopedic surgeon and come back to me with other options. That was Friday, November 29th and she promised to call me by Tuesday, December 3rd -- in the meantime I was to keep my dog confined until we had a new plan. Tuesday came and went with no call. Wednesday I waited until mid-afternoon to call – no one picked up at the front desk so I left a message. By 5pm I still hadn’t heard from anyone so I called back. When I asked what the update was, I was advised that Dr. Jenna had been “too busy” to follow-up. When I asked what their follow-up plan was, I was told they would continue to call the brace manufacturer until there was a resolution. When I called on Friday to follow-up again, I was told they still hadn’t even sent (!!!) my dogs information to the manufacturer…in other words NO ACTION HAD BEEN TAKEN FOR A WEEK while my dog was left confined. Today is December 24th, almost one month to the date of the last time I heard from Dr. Jenna at that last appointment. Neither her nor her staff ever followed up with me on a plan for my injured dog. That information they were missing from the manufacturer? I got it in 30 seconds myself. The funny thing is, I wasn’t even mad when the brace didn’t work – I just wanted another option to help my dog. Instead Dr. Jenna disappeared and her staff made me feel pushy for following up on the care of my dog. Luckily for my dog and me this was not a life-threatening situation and we are now until the care of a fantastic vet and surgeon. I am posting this because this might not be the case for the next dog (and family) that is treated this way. In making a decision, just ask yourself if this is how you want to be treated by your vet when and if something goes wrong with your pet….

Joseph McKeon

4 years ago

Staff is loving and caring. No better place to take your beloved pet.

Entrepreneur Monsters

4 years ago

I like Dr Ruskin ... She takes great care of The Boys and stays to the natural side and away from as many drugs as possible. Only thing is you are going to usually wait a bit ...

Heidi Yeranossian

4 years ago

Dr. Shane succeeded where so many vets failed to diagnose and treat our dog's allergies. Love Smith Ridge!

Jeffrey Mastropetre

4 years ago

I am very happy with the level of compassion and care Dr. Jenna have my German Shepherd....

Joan Gilmour

4 years ago

Dr. Ruskin has added years of quality life for my 21 year old kitty Ming Mao in spite of kidney disease diagnosis early 2018 by changing diet to high quality protein source and restoring immune health with supplements and glandulars. There IS an alternative to the traditionally prescribed low protein corn based kibble and bleak prognosis and miserable quality of life. If you don't live in NY (as I don't) you can do a phone consult based on lab work done where you live.

Patricia Novak

4 years ago

Wonderful holistic veterinary care. I will not go anywhere else! I had been to two other vets that missed my dog had a tick born illness. (There are three others that can be tested for in addition to lime and it's the same test!) I will never recommend anyone other than smithridge!

Michelle Abbruzzese

4 years ago

If you want the best for your family members, then this is where you need to bring them. These are the most caring doctors on the face of the Earth. They go above and beyond to make sure they are giving your animal top of the line care. They treat every animal as if they were their own. I travel out of state to get here and I wouldn't go anywhere else.

vadim fidel

5 years ago

receptionist has bad attitude, i had an important question for the doctor regarding the health of my cat, wanted to charge me for the phone call consultation. the article, and video about how caring dr goldstein is and the food he produces is a big scam...beware

Tiffany R

5 years ago

We are so fortunate to have found such a wonderful group of doctors and techs. These lovely people have treated my huskies for pancreatitis, pulled ligaments, ear infections, allergies, and epilepsy with everything from prescriptions to high-dose Vitamin C treatments, and acupuncture. They have helped my dogs feel and look better in every way. This place is smart, holistic, progressive, compassionate, and intuitive. True inspiration to the entire field of medicine.

Natalie Kovach-Anta

5 years ago

Dr. Jenna is an angel!

lynn marie

5 years ago

The Veternarian Drs are awesome, learned more about why I don't want to take my animals to banfield...all was great but the two girls at the sign in guest counter, took forever for either to look up and ask my name, were making calls to clients for upcoming appts and on cell phones!!

Louis Doto

5 years ago

Best veterinary. Makes your pet fell confotable.

Deborah Katchko Gray

5 years ago

Very caring and compassionate. Great snacks and treats to purchase Dr Jenna is wonderful!!

Craig Frank

5 years ago

I've known Dr Goldstein for quite a while. He would do ANYTHING to be able to be be a hero for you and your pet. I'm presently working with Dr Jacqueline doing acupuncture with my angel girl and she is a queen amongst vets. The comfort zone of what she says and how she says it makes her second to none. NUFF SAID!!

christine Monterosso

6 years ago

We just started bringing our nine year old pembroke welsh corgi, Barclay there for holistic treatments and integrative medicine at the recommendation of some close friends. I wish I had learned of this veterinary practice sooner! We plan to start bringing our 10 year old Bengal Tiger/Maine Coone cat mix, Orin here too. It is located in Westchester and we live in Manhattan, but it is worth the long drive. Last week we first came to them at a very critical point in our pup's health. They were very instrumental and most effective at stabilizing Barclay with vitamin c intravenous fluid drips, ozone therapy, acupuncture, herbal shots and supplements. I must give Dr Jenna Lenarz credit for mitigating a precarious prognosis that was given to us by an emergency animal hospital in NYC. Dr Jenna is knowledgeable as she is compassionate, and we just adore her! Dr Rushkin is also wonderful. While Dr Rushkin wasn’t our attending physician she made it a point to check in with us and offer advice and support for Barclay. Smith Ridge Veterinary Center is a treasure and a Godsend. The doctors, technicians and staff have such a wonderful rapport with the animals. Unlike some veterinary practices, they do NOT rush through appointments at all. Quality time is spent gaining the trust of the animals, evaluating records & animal health and vitality, and answering your questions... To my surprise, Barclay did not need to be muzzled while getting catheters installed, temperature checks via hind quarters etc and other uncomfortable procedures. Dr. Jenna, and the wonderful team of technicians talk to Barclay and communicate with him throughout every procedure thus allowing him to gain their trust and also feel dignified. In return, he is amicable and cooperative. I also do not have to fight to get Barclay through the door whenever we come here. He enters willingly and he is also very happy to do some shopping for treats in their little “general store” while I check him in at the front desk.

Connie Hildebrand

6 years ago

My dog would have died at age 2 if not for Smith Ridge. She will be 9 this year. They are the smartest and most health-conscientious vets I have ever dealt with (and I have taken dogs to PA, NJ & NY).

Laurie Quinn

6 years ago

Thoughtful. Forward-thinking. Analytical scientific minded vets who love pets. With integrated care, your pet is afforded the best of all care available including the best nutritional guidance, Chinese medicine, traditional Western medicines, that suit your pet and your goals for your pet's best life.

Leslie B

8 years ago

As a veterinary student, I have seen numerous veterinary offices. From the first visit at Smith Ridge, I was immediately impressed by the dedicated, thoughtful, and caring staff and fabulous facilities. Above all, their holistic approach is phenomenal! I will be taking all of my animals here!!

Gerry Kraszewski

11 years ago

Our dog Onyx was diagnosed with cancer in his mouth in June 2011. Dr.Marty and Dr. Mike performed cryosurgery on him. They told us it would give him a few months of good quality life. Onyx lived happily for 161/2 months. He was his old self walking , swimming and playing. The cancer reoccurred but we had 161/2 wonderful months with him. If we had not had the surgery when we did , he would have died within a week. We cannot thank Smith Ridge and Dr Marty and Dr Mike for giving us so much more quality time with Onyx. You are the best!!! Gerry and Paul Kraszewski

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