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Joe M

2 years ago

Great employee and Amazing fish

Milly Suarez

2 years ago

i love this place. always so helpful and knowledgeable. literally best store around. great service wont go anywhere else.

Prija Hathie

2 years ago

Amazing & knowledgeable staff, prefer them over any other pet store ❤️

Mark Zepeda

2 years ago

The best place in NYC for your things reptile. I went to them for my day gecko and I received everything I need to know about raising one!

Jose Ortiz

2 years ago

Great staff, lovely set up of exotic reptiles. Amazing chameleons and geckos. All bioactive set up for the real look.

William Alderman

2 years ago

Good place for some basic reptile needs not that big of a collection in snakes but they do have some very nice chameleons

David Mohammed

2 years ago

A nice selection of fish, snakes and Lizards, for a small store

Jose Arvelo

2 years ago

It's a small spot I do like it I went to buy a snake the other day. And I really like it only problem is there's only one person working so I had to wait a while before I got some help I already knew what I wanted.

Luis Gomez

2 years ago

The care for the pets is great, very exciting to see the wide variety of pets they carry. Definitely will be frequent customer.

Maria Grancaric

2 years ago

Very friendly and knew a lot about gosh


2 years ago


Sertified SG

2 years ago

Literally drove a hour to get to there shop... an they was closed a hour earlier then supposed to they closed at 8... I was there 7:09 doors locked an closed


2 years ago

Matthew was very helpful answering many questions that I had regarding my gecko. I will definitely continue to patronize this place 5/5

Karathy Bean

2 years ago

The guys that I talked to were very nice. They also have the chunky coconut bedding I needed for my leopard tortoise! I will definitely be coming back if I am still in this area!

Ceasar George

2 years ago

Great variety. Store is clean and inviting. Two gentlemen helped us with many questions we had regarding Geckos. Prices are a bit higher than average Petsmart and Petco. Realize this is a mom/pop operation so pricing needs to be higher to make ends meet. Help your local businesses .

Sipote X3

2 years ago

The best in NYC They know what they do, they know their reptiles They will take care of you and your pet ! Ravy and Brandon are the best!! Super happy with my Kingsnake

Jacob Deleonard

2 years ago

Honestly amazing experience. Staffs nice and helpful and they have a huge variety of different reptiles..


3 years ago

TL, DR: this store sold me a sick snake that died within a week despite following all their guidelines and would offer no exchanges and instead blamed me. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS In preparation for my first snake I came in to this store after having read the rave reviews. After doing much research I showed staff the photos of my enclosure and purchased a few items. After ensuring my enclosure was the right temperatures and humidity, I returned to the store to purchase a corn snake hatchling I had viewed the week prior. I was enormously excited to bring home my first corn snake. The staff there even dissuaded me from buying unnecessary things so I felt they were trustworthy. I purchased a lavender corn snake from them and noticed when I brought her home that she had a dark spot on her underbelly. Considering I live in Brooklyn, I figured I would keep an eye on it as perhaps it was feces or a recent meal. I sparsely handled her or bothered the enclosure, except to change her filtered water to allow her to adjust. I gave her her first feeding of the thawed out mice i had purchased at the store on their Sunday schedule. I fed her midday to insure she would have enough heat left to digest. She regurgitated the mouse about 12 hours later. I cleaned it up and disposed of it and figured she must still be adjusting to her new space. She was not underweight decided to continue to leave her alone for the next few days and attempted to feed her again on Thursday. When I went to feed her Thursday she was dead. In shock and despair, I immediately reached out to the store for some reprieve - thinking of course they would apologize and tell me to come in to exchange her. Instead, the staff member on the phone relayed between me and the owner who asked detailed questions about every aspect of my set up. He stopped to question the type of bulb I had, which was sold to me by their employee and recommended by them for my enclosure. In addition, he said it was because I did not have a heat mat the snake was unable to digest the food properly. I did have one, even though I was actually dissuaded by their employees from purchasing one! (My friend had given me one.) I explained this was a splurge gift from a friend, as I have wanted a snake my whole life and am currently undergoing treatment for brain cancer. I even explained the dark spot on the underbelly of the snake that postmortem looks like it has eaten her from the inside out. He told me this is how dead snakes always look. The reality is snakes can go much longer than a week without eating and considering how quickly she died she was definitely ill when I got her a week prior, its just hard to tell in snakes as they do a lot of laying about. The owner blamed me despite having been under their guidance and her enclosures being in optimal conditions, I check the temperature on both sides of the enclosure and the humidity multiple times a day. The owner said the best he could do was offer a FIFTEEN percent discount on another snake (HA!) as if I would give them any more money - after buying all my supplies from them and spending over $200 on a snake!!! Management trying to shirk accountability and blame me when I'm already devastated is nothing other than cruel and reckless. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS CORRUPT BUSINESS!!!!

Jaime Yodice

3 years ago

This is my favorite place to go ! We purchased a bearded dragon from them , they are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and caring . They have helped me so much. I will continue to support this business as well as there other location on Atlantic Avenue.

Sparky Ny

3 years ago

Visited once so far, impeccable customer service in such a way that I trust them having the best interests of my fish in mind, not just to "sell me things". Well kept tanks and selection.


3 years ago

Very helpful genuine and they are never annoyed when I call to ask questions about my bearded dragon. They are best especially the two "brothers" even though they're not related lol

jeannelle navas

3 years ago

Its very nice inside. The staff is very educated about fish. I would recommend making this your fish food shop after you buy fish.

alexis w

3 years ago

People are so nice in there, the guy that helped us was so patient, he explained everything so clearly

Matthew Jagmohan

3 years ago

Great and friendly costumer service, very knowledgeable about all your needs and questions. They have a great rare selection of fish and reptiles ! Would highly recommend !

Juan Ruiz

3 years ago

Friendly staff, willing to help. Just not as many options for salt water, especially with name "reef" in the title. Surely I'll stop by in the near future to see if there inventory has grown.

Roman A

3 years ago

Horrible experience. Overpriced. Bought a lizard from them and turns out it was 1/5th the price of it at PetCo. What makes it worse the lizard wasn’t eating for 3 weeks, regardless of what I did, then the tail started turning black. Ended up just giving them back the lizard, so the kids don’t watch it die. Will never use this place again!!

Shayla carrion

3 years ago

Love it!!, I love the experience. It was my first time getting a bearded dragon and Brandon was able to educate me more about how to care for one! Love it very friendly, definitely would recommend someone to get their reptiles there!

Nataly Diaz

3 years ago

Went for a Black Friday special and came out with a wonderful baby crested gecko and a great tank. The employees welcomed me from the moment I walked in and asked if I needed help right away. Since I knew exactly what I came for, they assisted me immediately and let me pick my gecko. They also reviewed some key do’s and donts which was super helpful. To top it off, I underestimated the size of the tank and they even offered to drop it off for me (I live a few blocks away). The type of wonderful service they provided is impossible to receive at one of those chain pet stores. I will be coming here for all my gecko needs. So grateful for all their help!

Melinda Varricchio

3 years ago

The owner was very nice and respectful. Also, very resourceful.

Miriam Vicioso

3 years ago

This was my first time in the store, went there for some answers about my fish tank. Naz took care of me and explained how to fix it. Really good experience there.

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