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Mary Hughes

2 years ago

Korean K9 are incredibly devoted in their mission to improve the lives of dogs. They're more rigorous in the application procedure than many other rescue organizations and can appear to have a lot of rules when applying but ultimately I think it's because they really want the adopters to be highly prepared and certain in their decision to adopt a dog and give it the best possible life. This is particularly helpful if you're a first time dog owner and having a list of supplies and approved trainers makes the process and transition into your home much smoother (while also making you aware of the commitment you're signing up for by owning a dog). They're very good at matching families with the right kind of dog, and we ended up with the most perfect addition to our family for which we can't thank KK9R enough.

Rami Darwish

2 years ago

Well, I’d say that applying for PHD from Harvard is easier than getting accepted to Adopt a dog from this place, and when you’re declined you’ll get a long standard email of very complicated reasons of why you were not accepted… Like, you did not throughly researched the resources and conditions that the need to be met when adopting an International dog: of course everybody knows how hard can people learn Korean barking vs American barking. Another funny point in the email was: We feel the adopter may be better suited to adopt a domestic dog who may be more socialized and tolerant of the adopter's lifestyle and schedule. Seriously, what ?????!! What is the difference between a rescued Korean dog and another one rescued from the Bahamas which we ended adopting. That’s a reason written just to try to saying how sophisticated they are trying to be. Finally we got: The applicant intends to feed the dog kibble and not the requested raw or fresh food diet after the adoption. Which in various communications we stressed to know exactly what Brand/Type of food is needed for this Breed, so getting such a comment is either: 1- A standard email which is send to every rejected person. Or 2- They lived in an Illusion during conversations and calls. The only true thing they mentioned in the email that there are other wonderful shelters out there. And guess what, other shelters processes are more welcoming, easier and really care about the Dogs as well as the adopters, in addition way cheaper.


2 years ago

We couldn’t be happier! We adopted a dog from Korean K9 Rescue and the whole experience was extremely professional. Unlike some other places, it really felt like the organization had their sh*t together and wasn’t just randomly putting dogs out there for random people to adopt. As with most rescue places in NYC, there was an extensive application and interview process. I respected the fact that they actually called our references. Everyone throughout the process was kind, quick to respond and reasonable. The orientation for new owners was amazing and I really don’t know how we would have gotten along those first few days (months!) without it. They have a lot of rules but they are worth following (because they are right!) and their alumni community is amazing. I was nervous about getting a “shelter/rescue” because of the potential behavioral problems, but KK9 really takes care of their pups and the foster descriptions/videos really help them match them to their homes. Our sweet girl is doing amazing and we really can’t imagine our lives without her.

Soo Park

2 years ago

I watched the YouTube about Korean Jindo dog that LAPD trained it to use it as a mission dog at Police & Army. But it was too smart to obey simply to the trainer. It was using its own will for the situation. And it obey only to its original owner, not the new one ! So when police & Army need dogs who simply perform what they are trained, Jindo dogs are too smart beyond human's expectations ! So I Googled if I can get it in U.S. That's why I found this organization ! I wish I can adopt 2-4 now, but I have a space issue, so I talked to them only. But when I can get them, I will ! I know the story that some Jindo owners who needed to move to far cities, they left their Jindos to their relatives, then taking months, they came back to their original owners !!! IT'S A MIRACLE HOW THEY COULD TRACE THE OWNERS ON THE ROADS AFTER MONTHS !!! SURVIVING COULD BE QUITE DIFFICULT ! MAYBE THE LOYALTY OF THE JINDOs is the BEST among dogs ???

Karina Vasquez

2 years ago

I applied for adoption and never got an answer. And when I called the office many times there was no answer. Not good for business when you wan to adopt a dog and no one can help you. ????

Murali Patel

2 years ago

It looks like these guys are running their own puppy mills in South Korea rather than rescuing the pets. Most of their volunteers are really good, but the interviewers talked to us for 15 minutes and literally showed no interest in several people. We noticed that, people they were interested in and who were "suitable" according to their own maybe "bias" they would sit with them for 30 mins or more but with those who they deemed lesser worthy they would hardly spend 10 minutes or less. Also, we have seen more than once that they are mostly keen on having their puppies adopted rather than other dogs. Some of their dogs have been around for months and months and the still bring them to their meet-and-greet and they are the cutest one's, but only their puppies get adopted. Overall, they are worse than a breeder, they are a puppy mill who use rescuing as a means to charge almost a $1500 for adopting a pup. Their $880 is just an adoption fee, they also force you to only work with about 10 trainers in tristate area when there are hundreds of better trainers you can work with. It's kind of forced labor for the adopter and ironic when they say that they are freeing pups from breeding grounds to have them forced to be trained by only specific trainers. Overall, they are a sham and also advertise on Google and other places when you type in Korean puppies as if they are in the business of selling puppies for cheap

Taylor Craig

3 years ago

Korean K9 Rescue gave me Honey, who I’m so grateful for. At first a little shy of humans, she’s built her confidence tremendously over the past 4 months with me, though there’s still room to grow. She is healthy and happy, and can’t thank this organization enough for caring for her and saving her. Many restrictions, expenses, and steps in the application process to follow, but Honey was worth it all. They just had to make sure she went to a good home because they really care about these animals.

maggie rauch

3 years ago

I was moved from pre-approved adopter to banned from adopting from them with NO EXPLANATION. Incredibly disappointing and unprofessional.

Julie Seyfried

3 years ago

We adopted our sweet Lumi (fka SomYi) in December 2020. For us the process moved very fast, we submitted an adoption form on a Thursday, interviewed on Friday and picked her up on Monday. We were not able to meet her ahead of time due to …

Janese Flecha

3 years ago

I have fostered and adopted with this rescue. The rescue always puts the needs of the dogs first. There is always support for the adopters via an alumni network, instagram/facebook videos, recommended trainers, and latest research on diet/health. When you adopt with this rescue, you and your dog will not walk alone :-)

Gil Gavish

3 years ago

Adopting from Korean k9 is an great experience. First of all the dogs are just adorable! What’s really amazing is the support and guidance kk9 gives you during and after the adoption process. Gina and the staff are always there to answer any questions and help with any problem. Also there is a awesome alumni community that is that is very supportive and friendly. Highly recommend!

Eleanor H. Simpson

3 years ago

We adopted a dog from Korean K9 Rescue in November 2019. We were not successful the first dog we applied for, but that application was a very helpful experience because the volunteers met with us and explained everything about the rescue process, gave us tips on training and explained how different the needs of rescued dogs might be etc. They encouraged us to apply again. Our second application was successful and our little dog is a total joy. She had to be spayed before we could adopt her which was a little nerve-racking for us but Gina was very reassuring through that process. We feel continually supported by the Korean K9 Rescue community who are always available for advice (and sharing adorable pictures).

Elaine Vuong

3 years ago

I first came in contact with KK9R in July 2018 when adopting a dog through them. Their adoption process has likely changed since then, but my experience was positive. Staff was transparent in letting me know what to expect in terms of how fearful or nervous the dogs would be and how to adjust. They also sent documentation on recommended products, food and gear that are healthy and safe choices for the pups which helped narrow shopping options and provided educational resources. The application process involved a few pages of questions, interview and reference checks and staff were transparent in what to expect. One of the great benefits of rescuing from them is their robust alumni community. The community looks out for each other in sharing stories, experiences, reviews etc that can be beneficial to other adopters. Their staff members are also highly responsive and knowledgeable too. The community helps remind you that you're not alone. I wholly believe in KK9R's mission in banning the dog meat trade and educating others about its horrors. I highly recommend this rescue whether you're interested in adopting, fostering, donating or sharing their story.

Amy McCown

3 years ago

A great rescue organization! My adoption experience was streamlined even during COVID.

Alison Kao Le

3 years ago

We adopted our pup from KK9R in May 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic. However, we fostered 6 dogs with them before that and are continuing to foster rescues this year. …

Taylor Hoffmann-Subjack

3 years ago

KoreanK9Rescue is an organization like no other. Not only is their mission amazing but the staff and volunteers truly care about finding the rescue dogs their perfect home which means countless interviews, meetings, adoption events etc. Our rescue, Oliver needed a little extra TLC and KoreanK9Rescue helped every step of the way from helping us find trainers to answering questions after hours around anything dog related. We are so thankful for our dog Oliver and the support of the passionate people at KK9R.

Sonny Song

3 years ago

We adopted Cody from KK9R on 7/9/2020 and were impressed with the organization from the very beginning of the application. You can tell in every step of the process how much they care and focus on the well beings of these rescue dogs. The questions during the interview were thorough and they made sure we knew what we were going into and that we were prepared. It took several weeks for us to be matched with Cody and we much appreciate that the matching process was carefully thought out. Once we were matched we were given a checklist of supplies and a trainer recommendation, which was super helpful for a first time dog owner like ourselves. Not only did we feel prepared, but we also felt well educated to carry on by ourselves. The post adoption support is incredible as well - Gina (director) as well as the entire staff is very knowledgeable and responsive, should you have any questions. Lastly we love the KK9R community, we learn and grow from each other every day!

Shelby Wong

3 years ago

In my search to find the right rescue and the right dog for me to adopt, my mom and I happened upon Korean K9 Rescue back in 2019 after seeing their adoptable dogs through Petfinder. After reading their mission to rescue dogs from dog meat farms, high kill shelters, and other extenuating conditions, I knew this was the organization I wanted to support. Their application process is detail and thorough, making it their top priority that all adoptable dogs are matched with the best humans applying – even more so during the pandemic. Since adopting my first dog from them in 2019, I have adopted another earlier this year (2021) and could not have been happier. I highly encourage all potential dog adopters to take a look at their website and read up on where these dogs are rescued from in South Korea, and KK9R’s mission and goals. This is an organization that I always tell my friends to look into, and I will forever support and promote Korean K9 Rescue and what they continue to do.

kim knapp

3 years ago

I love this organization! KK9R puts effort and care into everything they do and it shows. Each dog has its own difficult backstory and the KK9R team works with them to alleviate their stress and trauma. They work to find the best fit for …

Kiara Anderson

3 years ago

I adopted my dog, Lilo, from here in September 2019. I worked with Korean K9 for a couple months to make sure I found the right fit for me and now couldn’t be happier. They were communicative throughout the process, supportive after adoption, and have a large and active community of alumni adopters. They clearly take great care of their dogs and are very thorough in ensuring the dogs go to great homes.

Jessica McDevitt

3 years ago

Korean K9 is such a one-of-a-kind, incredible rescue, and one that is close to my heart. Gina and the team care so deeply about each pup's individual journey, and the care that goes into the rehabilitation process. Most KK9 dogs arrive from very unique situations, with varying degrees of anxiety, trauma, etc. and KK9 works endlessly to set each dog up for success here in the US as they acclimate and learn how to be a dog, per say. It's been such a blessing to be involved with the organization and see the dogs grow into their own.

Emma Moore

3 years ago

We adopted our dog, Ruby, in July 2020. Anyone knows that rescuing a dog in NYC is a very detailed and long process. We looked at almost every rescue in NYC and knew that Korean K9 Rescue was the one for us. The amount of care and time they put into applications, interviews, making sure that their dogs are matched with the perfect family - it's remarkable. They care SO much about their dogs and the community that follows after adopting from them is so wonderful. Bringing a dog home can be overwhelming, but Korean K9 Rescue has a required "must have" list of things you need to buy before bringing your dog home and it truly puts your mind at ease. You know what food to have (and how to prepare it), what treats, collars, leashes, beds...everything you could think of. It saves you from panic researching/purchasing before the dog's arrival. They even set you up with a trainer to help your dog adjust. They were super fast to respond to all my questions during the adoption process. Because we adopted during the Covid-19 pandemic, we weren't able to meet/see our dog before picking her up, but Korean K9 Rescue did such a great job of taking photos of her and even having her foster family create a long video talking about her and showing a day in the life of our dog that we felt like we knew her without even meeting her. I love Korean K9 Rescue and I'm so happy we adopted from them. I recommend them to everyone.

Ellie Kim

3 years ago

I’ve both fostered and adopted through KK9R and have always had a wonderful experience. They truly care about their pups and put so much effort into their cause. We are so happy to be a part of this amazing community — highly recommend to anyone thinking about adopting, fostering or volunteering through this organization!

Bing Han

3 years ago

We are a big fan of KK9R, we have been fostering with KK9R for over two years now and have also adopted our dog through KK9R. I’m inspired and touched by the love, care, and dedication that the whole KK9R team gives to each and everyone of …

Ashley E

3 years ago

Korean K9 Rescue is wonderful organization! I fostered my first dog with them. The volunteers were so supportive throughout the foster process. They were quick to respond to any questions that I had and offered various training videos. I love the foster community they created. You can definitely tell that all the volunteers truly are dedicated to every dog and the mission of the organization.

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