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2 years ago

We have used them for 20 years and have always been happy with their care and attention to our fur babies. Highly recommended.

Heidi Imbriglio

2 years ago

Dr Redden and his staff are phenomenal!!!

Ruth B. Garcia

2 years ago

My precious Twinkie has a mass that’s been progressive. I’m in NY visiting with my mom; I live in SC. I called Arlington animal Hospital and they were wonderful. They were able to get me an immediate appointment and Dr. Reddin saw Twinkie. He tested her and informed me that she has cancer. Of course I was devastated, but I somehow knew something was very wrong. My Twinkie is 13 years old and has CHF. I am grateful to Arlington animal Hospital being so responsive and caring. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

Tasha Benbow

2 years ago

Clean, inviting, friendly staff and great Pet Doctors! My sleepy Cooper after his well visit! ????

Stacie Vargas

2 years ago

You can delete comments on FB, but it won’t be the end of this. My best friend’s dog was hit by a car while under your “care” and your establishment has done nothing to rectify this situation. It’s absolutely disgusting how you are handling this. Ginsburg would still be alive had your staff followed instructions and kept a better eye on him. I hope no one comes to your establishment ever again

Schilling Landsman

2 years ago

I heard that you’ve let two dogs escape under your care and both were killed by getting hit by cars. I will never bring my pets to you. You should train your staff better, get better fencing and make a huge donation to a pet shelter in their names. I would never be able to live with myself after that kind of negligence.

Sandi Landau

2 years ago

What a reprehensible practice this is! While caring for a 1yr old puppy, they couldn't manage to figure out how to properly use the harness. The puppy got away from them and was killed by a car. When the puppy's parents came to the practice to get their belongings, they were confronted by police and told all the belongings had been thrown away. People - when considering a vet office for any service, if you can't trust them to handle a harness, could you really trust them to operate on your pet or administer meds to your pet? The level of irresponsibility in caring for this puppy and lack of sympathy towards the parents is truly abhorrent. Please keep your pets safe by not using this practice!


2 years ago

My friend took her 1 year old puppy here for boarding before she went on vacation. She felt confident in her decision knowing her dog would get the best care available and had instant access to medical attention if needed. What she didn't expect, is that her dog would escape the facility and get hit by a car and die. They didn't properly secure the dog in the harness she provided and they said he ran underneath the fence on their property into traffic. Why would you have a fence that a dog could easily maneuver under if you are in the business of boarding? The worst part is the complete lack of any empathy from the staff. Not only were they cold and aloof, they were borderline cruel. Horrific accidents happen but this was avoidable and completely negligent on behalf of this facility.

Michaela Schmidt

2 years ago

Place is awful! I know first hand now a dog gets killed and no one takes responsibility you people are disgusting and should be ashamed! Worst vet clinic I’ve ever walked into.

Lynne Nunez

2 years ago

This animal hospital was boarding my friend's dog. Somehow, this tiny dog got loose and ended up being hit and killed by a car. The driver of the car is the one who brought him in to the hospital, not the person in charge of taking care of him. They are not taking responsibility for their actions and people need to know that their animals are NOT SAFE in their care! I would give them zero stars if that was an option. We are heartbroken for our friends who have a lost a loved and cherished member of their family.

Kristy Parker

2 years ago

My friend left their one year old puppy in their care. The staff were incapable of making sure the harness was on right. Unfortunately he got loose and under a a fence that obviously was not appropriate for what was needed, he was hit by a car and killed. The poor person who was driving had to bring him into the clinic so obviously staff members weren't trying to retrieve him. Since my friend got that horrible call the hospital has taken no responsibility or shown any empathy. When they went to collect their dog's items and ask for an explanation they had her escorted out. Don't leave your animals here for their own safety.

Julie Hamedl

2 years ago

While my cousin was on vacation, she got a call that her dog had died. No apology, they claimed no responsibility. They stated he got out of his harness (double lock with clasp and velcro) and under their fence. Where he was hit by a car. No one was running out to find him. The person that hit him had to bring him into their office. This is shameful! Horribly shameful! Don’t trust your beloved family pets to this business.

Jolynn Dove

2 years ago

My friend had this happen. Unbelievable! We got a call from Arlington Animal Hospital PC stating that Ginsburg had gotten loose from his harness and hit by a car. 1- It was a double lock fitted harness. It had Velcro and a snap clip at the top. There were instructions in his notes how to use it. It it the same harness he had when he stayed there last time for a week. There is no getting loose unless it was put on upside down, or his paw wasn’t put in the two holes correctly. 2- He got out under THIER fence. Shouldn’t that fence be safe for dogs of all sizes?!? 3- I was told that the woman who hit him carried him in. The person who let him loose didn’t even go after him. 4- Dr Quattro is accepting no responsibility for this. She feels they did not kill a one year old puppy due to their own negligent staff, unsafe fencing, and their staff not immediately chasing him to keep him from getting in the road. Please do not trust your pets at this place. The baby that was supposed to heal my heart from years of senior and special needs pups has been taken from me. I am so completely lost right now and we still have to fly home and face the horrible reality again that Ginsburg is gone.


2 years ago

Would give a - rating if I could. Multiple people's beloved pets have lost their lives to to the wildly unprofessional, inconsiderate and negligent staff...including a very dear friend who 1 y.o puppy was struck by a car while she was on vacation just a few days ago after the staff failed to protect him from that busy road it sits on. PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE BRINGING YOUR FURBABY HERE IT IS HORRIBLE!!!! PS. they are refusing to take responsibility, saying the pup slipped out of his harness...when in fact the harness not only had clips but velcro as well.

Christi Marsh

2 years ago

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Personal responsibility and integrity are a skill your entire staff needs a class on. Professional reputation down the toilet now and GOOD! You don't deserve to work in the animal field if this is how you treat your clients and patients!????


2 years ago

UPDATE : As you can see in several of the owner's responses, there is a clear lack of professionalism. Threatening people who are spreading the word of a close friend's horrendous experience at your practice isn't a good look. Do not bring your animals here! They will allow your pet to escape, run into the street, and then they'll refuse to take responsibility for their negligence that resulted in the death of a puppy. They'll laugh in your face, have you escorted off the property when you attempt to pick up your deceased pet's belongings (which they just threw away), and then they whine to the police, as if you are the one in the wrong. This place needs to be shut down and Dr. Quattro needs to reevaluate her choice of profession since she clearly doesn't care about the well-being of animals. The reason for their awful reputation is on full display when they respond to a negative review. Anytime I see a "business owner" respond to criticism by arguing and denying experiences that clearly happened, I know to run the other one way.


2 years ago

Heartless and irresponsible. An ower took her 1year old puppy to this bo boarding facility. The dog escaped the fenced area and was struck and killed- and the woman driving the car had to bring the poor dead animal into the clinic. The level of callous disregard for this situation and the clinics complete refusal to take any responsibility for this situation means they are completely unreliable to care for any living things. The owns of this dead puppy was given no explanation for the situation and shown to the door. Please do not ever ever bring your pets here or they may end up dead in the street as well. Despicable. This clinic should be shut down.

Bo Lo

2 years ago

I always try to find the good in people even when they are at their nastiest but some of the staff at this place are just way too consistent. It seems as if they are very easily annoyed even when it comes to scheduling an appointment. I’m a people person and love great interaction so this place just isn’t for me.


2 years ago

The have been very nice to my dog. Are responsive. Easy to make appointments.

Gene Ski

2 years ago

The folks here are AWESOME GOD BLESS THEM

Kathrin Muller

2 years ago

All our dogs as well as some of our foster dogs have been seen at Arlington Animal Hospital for many years. It is hands down the best vet office I have ever been to. From the friendly and professional front desk staff to the kind veterinary techs and of course all the knowledgeable and experienced vets, we couldn’t ask for more! We love Dr. Redden, but really all of the vets there are fantastic.

Patty Speed

2 years ago

Great with our anti social Dog.

Pat Frank

2 years ago

We have been taking our golden retrievers to Arlington Animal Hospital for about 8 years and have never been disappointed in their level of care, professionalism and cleanliness. I should note we are tough customers, we ask a lot of questions and we have high expectation. The front staff is pleasant and patient and always follows through. Our primary vet is Dr Redden and he has repeatedly been there for us, calling us personally after procedures, returning calls promptly when we have questions. Arlington team has earned our confidence.

Katrina Tocci

2 years ago

I took my dads dog here to examine his leg. He kept limping after playtime so we were nervous he tore something. Doctor barely looked at him and said he was fine just to rest it. The visit cost was more than I’ve ever paid. Definitely care more about money than your pet. Nicole the office manager was the rudest most unprofessional person I have ever encountered.I highly suggest Valley Vet in pleasant valley. It’s just up the road and the staff is much nicer and they truly care about your pet and don’t over charge. Revising this to add I think it’s hilarious that the office manager comments back on negative reviews to basically call you a liar. So I wish I could change my review to 0 Stars for the unprofessional and purely childish behavior for someone I presume is a grown adult.


2 years ago

Dr. Standnes and his team are Amazing. Exceptional care, clean, well stocked facility. Everyone was professional and friendly. Highly recommended!

Domenica Haines

2 years ago

Dr Standes is the best! He has taken care of all of my animals and has been with us through all stages of life. I cant say enough good things about Dr Standes. Thank you!

Bernadette Dangelo

2 years ago

The vets at Arlington Animal Hospital are top rate. No need to take our cat Smorefield to NYC to have an ultrasound done on his heart. Dr Redden can do it locally. A special shout out to Dr. Quatro she has been involved in all of our pets care since the 1980's. The entire staff is professional, responsive, and reliable. It is the only facility where my cats have been boarded. Well done.

Hazel Charland

2 years ago

Been going there forever hadn't gone in 2 years and they wouldn't see my dog because they said since it hab been so long ii was considered a new client and they are not excepting new clients totally ridiculous would never recommend

Ms Babs

2 years ago

My dog had not been to see this hospital in a few years because he was healthy and now refused to see him now when he is in pain with a bad infection - they do not consider him to be an active client! These people are not caring and the woman on the phone could not be any more cold . This is a heartless organization and I will spread the news to all that will hear. It seams as though I haven’t spent enough money with them to make my suffering dog matter to them.

Irina Demmel

2 years ago

Best Vet place, Doctors are great, especially Dr. Standnes!!!

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