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Karyn Martins

2 years ago

Store is open till 6pm. It's only 5:30pm and they aren't selling anymore fish. The store is still open. ???? this store is getting ridiculous. I will shop else where.

Marilee Corbitt

2 years ago

Tess did excellent job grooming our Golden Retriever. It was well worth the money. She looks great!

walter upton

2 years ago

A week later my daughter fish died what a waste of my money going somewhere else from now on

Denise Pedroza

2 years ago

Decent price for dog food & their clearance section is good


2 years ago

Reliable knowledgeable associates with a real love for pets. The fish and aquarium section is outstanding

Joseph Ferro

2 years ago

Nice store, great service and coupon

Felisa Selene

2 years ago

It is an ideal store to get all your cat and fish food and supplies from. Nice discounts too.

Paulo Martins

2 years ago

Wanted to buy another oscar to add to my tank, which is big enough for another oscar & they wouldn't sell me one. I have added other cichlids with no issues even if they were smaller than my oscars now.

joel paszko

2 years ago

Good sales people

Lynn Leary

2 years ago

Always have what I need for my 3 Chi's

Michele Alfonso

2 years ago

We purchased a 40 gallon breeder tank in August 5thin the Pittsfield ma location. We waited to set it up because we needed to buy the salt and gravel for the tank before we set it up. The third week of October I noticed the tank was bowing at the top. I was concerned the tank was defective and was going to break loose. I called Petco and spoke with the manager and asked him if it would be possible to exchange the tank because of the defect. He told me no there was nothing he could do because it was past the 60 day return policy. I explained to him it was only like a week week and a half past the 60 days and the tank was defective it's not like I'm asking for my money back I just want to replace the tank so it don't break in my house. He(Cale) told me absolutely not it's against company policy. I then called customer service and somehow I was transferred to another Petco store and the gentleman there told me that he wouldn't have a problem replacing it seeing it was defective he just couldn't give me my money back. But the store was too far away to do that. I then called Petco customer service again to file a complaint with the district manager who was supposed to call me back within three business days it's now been over a week. Petco does not stand behind their product.

EJ Stearns

2 years ago

Animals looked healthy. Great prices. Good place for dog outfits

Susanne Robertson

2 years ago

The customer service person was EXCELLENT in helping me choose supplies for a new pet. Spent a long time helping make choices.

Tania Goodermote

2 years ago

Not many staff and took forever to get assistance

Kathy Burgess

2 years ago

Lots of options but not what I wanted at that moment ☹ I went in to get a snuggle pup (has a heartbeat) that online said they had in stock.

Jeffrey Kemp (Kemper)

2 years ago

At the Pittsfield (MA) store I was greeted when I entered by the same perosn who would eventually ring up my order. If I had required assistance. I would have had no problem asking for her help. When some initiates contact, it is much easier to seek them out should I need some advice; good store policy

Goofy Gumpy

2 years ago

Had a blast looking at all the potential pets. Bought 3 dozen feeder fish. Now I won't be lonely.

Bryan Sawyer

2 years ago

Large clean store. Staff on occasions is limited knowledge about certain products, or even guessing on the info. The prices do seem a bit higher than say at Walmart or Benson. But it's nice to be able to bring your pet in while your shopping for them! They offer pet training classes and growing however there is limited knowledge among the associates making me feel like they might not know what they are doing while preforming these tasks... I almost don't want to do the classes from them due to the cost and limited knowledge among the associates!

Rs Rs

2 years ago

Cant remember his name but one of the worker's there was pretty knowledgeable about bearded dragons and what to feed them

Wayne Scully

2 years ago

Had nothin i wanted .. No mealworms no live mice for feeders no superworms .. Things a lot higher for reptiles cages ..

Emily Johnson

2 years ago

I just left the store on August 5 at 7:45 PM. Adam was super helpful and friendly at the register! The other two employees were clearly slacking off and trying to shirk their responsibilities. Very disappointed. They don’t need a smoke break 15 minutes before close, especially when it means ignoring customers who need crickets.

James Walden

2 years ago

The store is great if you need supplies for your pet(s). However it's often that I go there's not a lot of actual pets to choose from. Usually all times they have reptiles and fish but not often birds or rodents. So I'd still say it's worth a trip to check on luck of them getting stock if animals

McKenzie Turner

2 years ago

Every fish I got from here died(6).Yet every fish(5) I've bought from pet supply plus has lived. Petco fish usually look like they are dying or really sick. Staff has little knowledge of the animals they are supposedly trained to handle and maintain.

Michael Crippa

2 years ago

I just buy cricket for my frog bit if you have a dog and you buy anything that they don't recommend the shame you for it like you should buy the most expensive money hungry

Angel Ponce

2 years ago

Bought 6 bettas and 4 tetras from here in last month and all but one betta has died. I have also bought six bettas from pet supply plus and all are still alive and well. Do not buy bettas from here.


2 years ago

Good in a pinch. Don't expect a welcome, a smile and a thanks for shopping at Petco.

Jim McCarthy

2 years ago

Great selection, great price, pleasant employees.

Alix Yarrow

2 years ago

It is Petco. I was in town for RMV paperwork and since I live in a more rural town, I stopped in to see if I could get frozen feeder mice for my snake. No dice. They have everything from pinkies to large rats, and everything in between -except for adult mice. Which honestly makes sense because more people likely have corn snakes. The employee who helped me was very kind, and looked through the freezer to confirm they were out. They had blue or black hair and piercings, name started with an S maybe. If that rings a bell, tell them they did a stellar job even though we didn't find what I was in for.


2 years ago

Sales aren't clear, prices are outrageous, and one staff member was so rude, I went back in to confront her about it. She hid in the back room while the polite manager handled the problem she created. For me, it just wasn't enough. I won't be returning to this or any Petco ever again! I'll take my business to the pet supply store; where staff is friendly, helpful, and the prices are fair.

Pamela Frieri

2 years ago

Very minimum staff, has no idea on what's going on in the stores services

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