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Darren Webster

2 years ago

Happy to have a Dr. that has continuously loved my pet from day one. Not hugely impressed with the business machinery of VCA. Overly commercial and less personal.

Agnes G

2 years ago

I have tried several vets in the city and since I’m very picky most of them didn’t meet my expectations. I’m very happy to have found Pretoria. First and very important is that the staff at reception are ALWAYS friendly and very helpful. The waiting room is clean and never smelly. My favourite vets are Dr. Young and Dr. Peckham - they never “catastrophise” or jump to the worst possible conclusion (a trait I’ve found common in vets which makes me super anxious). They both usually have me laughing for much of the visit despite stressful health conditions. And they’re both willing to answer my endless questions and explain things in detail. I’ve even had staff chat with me on the phone about coping with a new pet illness and her tips and tricks she’ll learned over the years, really calming me down. Something she didn’t need to do and I wasn’t paying for. They’re just good people. Of course, like any vet … it’s expensive, prescription drugs are priced at shocking rates, and the prescription food is sold earnestly, but to me that’s the industry and not an issue specific to any location. It’s also just part of the privilege of owning a pet. This is the place in the city I feel most comfortable bringing my furry family.

Don Angelico

2 years ago

Always very helpful. Excellent staff.

Leo Lee

2 years ago

Seems well staffed and professional; very nice waiting area.

Glen Morrisey

2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful staff.

Kellan Hannah

2 years ago

Incredible team. Caring. Transparent and straightforward. Quick appointments. Clean environment.

Marjory Bonyun

2 years ago

Good place for run-of-the-mill complaints but often don't answer the phone or respond to messages even when urgent. My dog was ill and I finally drove over after several hours (and messages) later and told that Piper needed to be seen but they were too busy. The local emergency pet hospital was full, I called Pretoria back - no answer. It was a different local vet who put me in contact with an emergency vet service where Piper was diagnosed and treated. Icing-on-the cake - Pretoria called the next day concerned about Piper...

Peter Bomberg

2 years ago

They love the animals and provide great care

Lyson Rivest

2 years ago

Always a good service there. The gets and techs are warm and take the time to make nervous pets comfortable before any exam or procedure. Definitely recommend.

Seji Park

2 years ago

Super friendly staff. The vet and the assistant were very nice and explained everything i needed to know. Also they follow up to make sure your pet is getting better. Highly recommended!

Hussein elsayed

2 years ago

Amazing and super friendly and caring team A bit expensive tho

Kevin Leckett

2 years ago

Great staff working here! Always very helpful and nice!

Lucille Perreault

2 years ago

Pretoria hospital always treats Mr. Stevens professionally. He is always in great hands with the technician and vets there.

Ryan Causton

2 years ago

The staff are incredible. My dog gets great care and enjoys her visits. The staff go above and beyond expectations to make sure your pet is happy and healthy!

Brittany Provost

3 years ago

The staff is very knowledgeable, flexible and friendly. There have been a few instances where they have worked around my schedule in order to assist with my cat's particular requirements - it's always appreciated. Unfortunately, it is pricey...but it's worth it in the end due to their professionalism. The animal hospital is also very well-kept.

Sylvie Lamarre

3 years ago

Always a positive experience. Annual vet check. Nice that Dr. Neilson has returned even if for a few days a week.

Vanessa Zhang

3 years ago

I went to there for my kitten's first exam and vaccines. But the doctor didn't take him any body temperature check before his FIRST vaccines, Also, the doctor gave us the prescription medications. which is the brand MILBEMAX tablets for small cats, and told me to give my kitten 1 tablet on Feb18 and second tablet on March 3rd. when i back home and check out the medicine description online, the kitten only can take 1 TABLET for his weight by monthly. i don't know why the doctor told me the kitten should taken 2 tablets in one month. Especially, my kitten weight only 1.3kg. Even the kitten weight is 2kg, for use the medicines 1 tablets is enough by take every month.

Mackenzie Ostler

3 years ago

I've never felt so cared about! I have a very anxious dog, and they're so patient and supportive of us and of him ♥️

Ted Gzebb

3 years ago

I am flabbergasted that with the number of vets on staff at Pretoria, that when I called to ask about seeing a vet about an injury to my cat, that I wasinjitally told that they didn't have any appointments for that day and when asked when they could see him, I was told that they were booking appointments for November and that if it got worse to go to one of the emergency vets in the city. I understand the constraints of Covid but based on my experiences over the past decades with vets in Toronto, that there would have been an effort to fit me in for a short examination for an injured animal. While the injury was not yet infected as far as I could tell, I am not a vet. I was terribly disappointed as all the reviews and descriptions on the website leave the i impression that they truly care about animals. With the 7 or 8 vets on staff I cannot believe that there would not have been a slot available in the next day or so.

Sarah Newell

3 years ago

I just visited this hospital to purchase $50 worth of cat food. You can’t grab your own bag so they grab it for you. Savanah gave me dog food and I noticed when I got home that the kernels were too big for my cat. So I call expecting them to take some responsibility and she says “we start taking returns August 10” what an unprofessional response. This is why I’m a walk-in and not a client and I won’t even be a walk-in anymore.

Sarah Herceg

3 years ago

Hands down the best vet experience I've had. We've been long time clients and always overjoyed with the level of care.

rega jihad

3 years ago

All they care about is your money! Will charge you for anything possible. Had been going here for 2 years and made the switch to Glebe Pet Hospital. Should have went there from the beginning. My pet had a noticeable ear infection and they didn’t give me an appointment. It was for 2 months out..... my dog needed medication ASAP. They suggested that I bring him in and hope that they can fit him in. Have heard from other people they will do this so they can make money off your pet just staying there and not treat me and force you to bring him back again. They acted as though they cared about the well being of my pet but I knew they just wanted money. Glebe Pet Hospital took me the next day and they are way cheaper, family run and genuinely care about me and my pet! Would not recommend this place at all! Save your money!

nat swain

3 years ago

Pretoria Animal Hospital is amazing and I cannot recommend them enough. The entire team is caring, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. We are very thankful for the wonderful staff and the amazing care they provide for our dog.

Mx. Lucchetti

3 years ago

Super friendly and competent staff, they don't blindside you with fees and aren't pushy about them either. Dr. Peckham is wonderful and has been amazing helping my kitty with her many issues.


3 years ago

My husband and I have been taking his dog here for almost a year now. They are so caring for their animals, and they're understanding if you dont have loads of money to spend (as nice as that would be). They even allow you to bring in your pets just to visit and get a treat so that you can help teach your pets that the vet doesnt have to be a scary experience. They've always been so patient with all of our questions as well. Love this place.

Maureen Boyd

3 years ago

Thanks to Dr. Peckham and, at the end, Dr. Amy Brown who helped us say goodbye with compassion, dignity and love to our 15 year old poodle. Dr. Brown send us a sympathy note afterwards and there was a donation in Jack's name to the Humane Society. A class act that comforted us.

Marley Pickles White

3 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about this clinic! The staff are so friendly and helpful and are always happy to answer any questions we have. They are attentive and caring towards our pup. Their Covid protocols feel very safe.

Josee Laframboise

3 years ago

They care and service provided by Pretoria Animal Hospital is amazing.


3 years ago

I've been taking my guys to Pretoria Pet Hospital since 2002. I really can't say enough good things about this place. Everyone there, the doctors, the techs and front desk staff are terrific. Dr. Young is amazing and has given excellent care to my guys for the past 17 years. She's caring and compassionate and tells it like it is. I've always felt well informed about any decisions I had to make for my guys and I was never pressured into choosing any unnecessary treatments. I'm thankful that I have Dr. Young, Emma, Josee, Morna, Liz and all the other wonderful people at Pretoria looking out for my guys.

Jonathan Morrissey

3 years ago

It honestly pains me to write this but after 3 years with these folks enough is enough. I understand vets are expensive in Canada but wow these folks charge you for even breathing the air inside the clinic. We brought our cat in to get spayed and on separate 4 occasions it was cancelled due to something they thought might be an issue. This is fine and I appreciate the attention to being safe but I have some issues with this: - Each time we came back it was more money. Our spay ballooned from $500 to almost $1500. We were also trying to fix our cats issue of peeing outside the box and so they kept stalling. - Secondly each time we went back in we had to explain the entire situation from scratch. Every single time. We always met a different technician or vet and many times we could have just done things over the phone. This caused us to get completely different bits of advice from different vets. Some said to make sure the cat wears a cone at all times, some said only if it’s an actual issue. Zero consistency. - they provided us with a cone that was way too big for our cat as it was the only one they had. So she couldn’t eat or drink. - we were told to email photos of our cats wound to ensure they could track it. They told us to come in and that they needed to redo the stitches. When I got there I asked about the photos, no one had even reviewed them. So disappointing. We ended putting our hands in our pockets again. I was warned 3 years ago by work colleagues to avoid this clinic and I should have listened. They have a poor reputation in the city. It’s fine if you have the money which most of these reviewers do but if you’re not wealthy and don’t live in an affluent neighbourhood in Ottawa, head elsewhere. Edited to 3 stars as 1 star in retrospect was harsh. They do care for the animals.

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