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A. Bear

2 years ago

Nothing about this place or that vet should be labeled as professional. The man is a scam artist, a liar and his absolutely no idea what he's doing. The fact he has a veterinary license is a disgrace and down right terrifying. These Google reviews go on for years and all about the same subject. This guy needs to brought down and exposed for the evil man he really is. How do you sleep at night?

Ben & Christina Thomson

2 years ago

OBAH has looked after my cat for 4 years. They consistently communicate my pet's issues with clarity and compassion. It always feels like the staff care about my cat's welfare personally and professionally. I highly reccomend OBAH for routine checkups and complex or chronic health issues.

Madison Payer

2 years ago

My elderly cat went to this vet for a few years. Was okay until COVID started and they would not allow us to be there during the process of euthanizing our cat. We got a second opinion where they told us how weird it is to not allow you to be there for your pets last moments. Overall, any other vet in Ottawa will most likely allow you to be there for even routine appointments. but I cannot understand why this one won't.

Sawyer Chamaillard

2 years ago

They helped setup a speedy appointment to help my cat, and gave her a full check up. I'm extremely satisfied with their service.

Dyllan Porter

2 years ago

Shoved a bill down our throats with what seemingly seems like an excessive amount of drugs for our dog and gave little explanation to why it is needed and advice going forward. The interaction felt as though our pet was not the priority.

Adrian Calestani-Winacott

2 years ago

The Veterinarian is very pushy, and honestly condescending, in selling unneeded services. They charge a consultation fee ($68) dollars, every time you bring your animal in. When I inquired about the multiple consultation fees, the veterinarian just said that was normal. I have never heard of this and believe it to be fraudulent behaviour. I would strongly advise against bringing your animals here.

May Sizer

2 years ago

I would give zero stars if I could. Vet was unclear with the explanation of our dog's dental surgery. He should have explained the surgery in detail after it was completed on that day. 7 months later the site is healed and I am able to touch it without causing pain to my dog I notice there is still a piece of tooth left. A google search led me to believe the extraction was not done properly and that my dog is at risk of infection. Her mouth smelt worse than normal so I was worried. I called the vet and explained my concern, the receptionist booked me in for 2 weeks later. On the day of the appointment I get a call from them canceling saying an emergency has come up and we have to rebook. The next appointment was a week later. I understand emergencies happen in the industry but they were not apologetic to us and had no regard for the concern I have for my pet. When we finally see the Dr he then explains the different types of extractions. 1. Takes the entire tooth and , 2. Takes a portion of the tooth. That took less than 5 minutes. He charged full price for a consultation along with a "biohazard fee" that was not discussed before hand and has not been charged on previous visits. He is not in this job for the love of animals. He gouges owners and provides awful service. Please do not take your pets there.

Erika Brisson

2 years ago

It was my first time at this vet for my puppy. Dr. Kamat was very personable on the phone and explained everything very well. He broke down cost for me and what everything meant. I am very happy that I chose this animal hospital as an extension of my puppy’s care :)

John Gordon

2 years ago

The entire staff is so kind, and helpful! They took great care of our puppy (Potato), and answered all of our questions.

Diệu Anh Trần

2 years ago

I got my pup there for the vaccine. Everything was “ok”, at least my pup got what he needed. But they did not let us go inside because of “Covid”, we have to do everything through the phone and it is frustrating, even payment is through phone? Also, everything was really expensive, a chewable tablet cost 46 dollars, and its monthly med. Overall, its ok, just wont go there again.

Lin Nash

2 years ago

I highly adoubt the reviews are fake. while other animal hospitals are fully booked till months after but this one has spots. as a new pet owner. i fully trusted the rating on google. but when i get there i feel bad already but i have no choice since the little one need the vaccine. first the adminstration was not professional. closes are full of fur and looks dirty. warning: you can't go inside the clinic becuase of "COVID" . after couple second my pet went in, i heard he was barking sadly. plus don't try to save 20 dollars service fees here because the doctor have more ways to charge more money from anywehre else. very pushy sales and don't give you chance to rethink about it since your dog is in the clinic already. the vaccine card information is showing wrong birthday. wrong name. and nobody going to show you when and how to feed the med.

Shane Fletcher

2 years ago

Always there when I need them pricing is good vet and staff very friendly. after last visit won't be back time to find new vet to long to explain

Karen Nguyen

2 years ago

I'm only giving a 3 star because of the poor receptionist who works there. The doctor is great but not so much his staff. He should definitely hire better staffs. They lack professionalism. There were several incidents that happened like losing my puppy record, but I let them all slide until now. 1/ Called in to book a follow up appointment for my new puppy to get shot and she tells me my puppy is overdue for shot but they don't have anything for like 3 weeks. Fine, I'll take it since I need the vaccine for my puppy. 2/ Called in for UTI for my other dog, and she tells me there is no appointments available for 2 weeks. How does that help my dog's UTI? 3/ Called in today, August 16, 2021, for an appointment for my puppy, who has what it looks like hemorrhage in one of her eye. She told me again there is no appointment until next week? Again, how does this help my dog? I don't understand what kind of animal hospital is this if there is no appointment availability in the next few days...1 or 2 weeks for an appointment isn't going to help my dog. My dog's UTI isn't considered an emergency so I wouldn't go to the 24 hour emergency hospital for that. My puppy's eye hemorrhage is now being looked at by Alta Vista Animal Hospital, who the receptionist there was happy to fit her in. Anyways, if you can ever get your dogs in to see the vet, it's great because he's a great doctor. I will not be returning here for my dog's future spay appointment or anything else as I can't deal with the receptionist and their lack of appointments. And don't blame this on COVID or anything along that line as it's getting old. I came from Toronto who has 10x the animals & pets, and yet I am always able to get an appointment within the day or two of calling.

Sydney Hart

2 years ago

My dog recently had surgery here and while the care was great, the cost was significantly more than I was quoted. We were told it would cost between $650 and $850 depending on complications but when I dropped my dog off, they charged me $1050- even though the surgery hadn't yet taken place (and therefore they couldn't have known if there were complications). We ended up spending over $1800 on the appointment, medication and tests. Further, we were told that we had to come back to have his stitches removed- which costs another $100. My dog has had no problems from the surgery- but we chose to get the surgery here because of the lower quote and then we ended up spending almost twice the amount of money as we anticipated.

cicia shi

2 years ago

I just know that is my friend’s dog died at this Hospital,when dog after tooth Surgery, Be careful this Hospital so bad

dave mckay

2 years ago

The care that my English bully has recieved has been great. The pandemic has made it tough but the vet and his staff are excellent. Highly recommended.

Huahui Qi

2 years ago

Can you imagine what you will feel, when you sent your 4 year old healthy dog to this clinic for a tooth surgery then got a sick dog home then have to get an euthanasia on him after 3 days? My four year old dog who is completely healthy when tested right before a tooth removing surgery. Then right after we took him home, we realized that he isn’t able to eat anything or even move. At first we thought it was because of the anesthetic that caused the problem but it lasted for days. So we took him back to the client and three days later the vet told us he died because of kidney failure. The vet explained the reason he died was he ate some poison somewhere some time. I totally disagree. Because before the surgery, the vet did thoroughly exam on him including blood test. If he was poisoned, it should reflect on the blood test. After surgery, he was very uncomfortable, even didn't eat any his favorite food. Would he be curious to any poison? I will never recommend this hospital to anyone. All of our family is extremely sad and angry about this unfortunate fact.

Matt Heffernan

2 years ago

Great Staff! Super helpful and informative about your pets health

Nan Chen

2 years ago

My dog's younger brother was just 4 years old. He was healthy and happy until he took a dental surgery at this clinic. It's so hard to believe he passed away because of kidney failure after the surgery. And the explanation from the vet was unbelievable! I will never take my dog to this clinic!

Smash Car

2 years ago

I have had nothing but awful vet experiences in the past few years. I was scared to even attempt but had not choice my dog needed medical attention and my expectations were surpassed . Not only was the service amazing and all the staff so polite and helpful but there was one vet technician who took my dog and made sure he was comfortable the entire time and returned him to me and he was as happy as can be. I would like to thank dr. Kamat and Mikaela( technician) from the bottom of my heart.I recommend anyone and everyone to switch over to this clinic. Thank you again .

Ali Al-Athari

2 years ago

I visited the clinic with my cat Walter. He has a scratch on his paw that turned into a very painful abscess. Dr. Nasir took such goo care of my cat. He cleaned the wound and put a little cone on his head and provided all the medicine we needed. He also personally called a few hours later just to check up on Walter and ask how he was doing. We were so impressed with everyone in this clinic from the person who did our intake over the phone to the doctor. We will always bring our cat here for care. By far the best experience. Thank you guys

irene a

2 years ago

he doctor at this clinic was outstanding! he very recognized the problem immediately with my cat and remedied it right away. No extra tests or costs. He only charged me for services my cat needed. He addressed the problem and solved it. My cat was feeling a bit sick from the antibiotics. The doctor quickly provided a prescription for his upset tummy the same day, then called me later in the day to check up on him. My cat is feeling so much better. He has 2 feline care takers at home to help with his healing ( pic below). Thank you Dr. Nasir for your help. We are lucky to have found you.

sabrina masood

2 years ago

The vet was very open to all my questions and staff are kind and friendly. The prices are a little more reasonable than other vetranarians in the area.

Jay F

3 years ago

Bad info, incorrect diagnosis. Non responsive. Very disappointed.

Lisi Rabazzi

3 years ago

Amazing place, the doctor is very kind and professional.

Taylor Smrczek

3 years ago

From Rabies to amputation. I brought my 2 cats here for the 12:30 appointment, agreed for them to be sedated for rabies (and it turned out to be another booster too, and I said no to the fecal matter test) because they were feral cats prior to us. It took 2 hrs for them to do the vaccines and the ‘30-40 minutes’ sedation, and we paid 800$. I picked them up at 2:40. Once we got the the cats home, I opened the carriers, our smaller cat was limping! We thought it was maybe the sedation because she was VERY high, so we let her hide. The next day comes and shes still limping since its sunday they were closed. I called Monday and talked to him. He prescribed pain meds and told me to call back after a week if shes still limping. I called on Saturday morning, she was still limping and it was a week since she started. An xray was booked for tuesday. ** Repy to OBAH As stated above, I called the next day your office was open. She ran out of her carrier limping and was scared of everyone.


3 years ago

Dr Kamat is very knowledgeable and will give you a break down of each required vaccination, and tests that are needed. He told me the prices and reasons for each required dosage.

Barbara Leigh Golden

3 years ago

As a new puppy owner the staff were very helpful. Very patient, kind and responsive. The vet was very thorough and took the time to explain things . All staff were amazing. we have made this our primary pet care provider and I would highly recommend others doing the same. Thank you for being so committed to ensuring quality care of my fur baby!!!!!

Laura M.

3 years ago

The vet techs and vet always do such a good job, even if you’re calling them bawling— they understand!! Treat them right and they will go above and beyond for you. Would definitely recommend!

Dom Ladelpha

3 years ago

Hey Dr.Kamat & Team! You guys did a great job treating all our dogs when they got kennel cough. My wife and I are blessed to have you guys as vet. Thank you guys for all your hard work keeping our animals happy & healthy!

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