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Andy Kalmanash

2 years ago

As usual, generic high priced care, from a disorganized staff and a Vet who didn't listen

Kristen Labatt-Simon

3 years ago

Simply the best. Excellent care, thorough. Dr Ware really takes the time to answer all of your questions and explains every procedure and all options thoroughly. We drive 2.5 hours for each visit and it's well worth it! Most high recommendations!

Jeannette Pursell

3 years ago

Never again. Would have been nice to have the dr. look at me, take their hand off the door knob and tell me the truth.

Susan Corvo Redesign

3 years ago

After a 6 month treatment of chemo for small cell lymphoma, my cat relapsed and they could not offer any other protocols or clinical advice. My cat was vomiting and not eating and they did not respond with treatment other than to seek care from my primary vet. Not impressed.


3 years ago

Dr.Jackson was treating my dog for cancer with chemo for 6 months. I had no problems with Dr.Jackson, she was very professional, kind and helpful whenever we talked to her. I am grateful that the treatment she gave our dog made her last few months significantly better. HOWEVER, when we had to rush our dog to another emergency vet because she was having trouble breathing, I tried several times to reach Dr.Jackson on the phone to consult with her as she was the most familiar with our dogs condition. The receptionists I spoke with was impatient and insensitive with me on the phone. I was told several times that Dr.Jackson was unable to get to the phone (even for 5 minutes) because she was seeing other patients. I tried desperately to get her on the phone for HOURS. This was traumatic and the receptionists were EXTREMELY outwardly rude and insensitive. When I said that my dog was in critical condition, the receptionist had the nerve to tell me that “all of Dr.Jackson’s patients are in critical condition”. When I finally spoke to Dr.Jackson, she said none of the receptionist had told her that we had been trying desperately to get in touch with her all morning and afternoon. Our dog was a beloved member of our family and in our time of most need the VCC really let us down.


3 years ago

The customer service and bedside manner at this facility is abysmal at best.  If you are bringing your pet here, he or she likely has cancer, and the first thing a facility like this should be trained on is compassion for its customers.  My cat was treating at this facility for 6 months for cancer.  She passed, and I have not gotten a single phone call from the treating oncologist or any vet at this facility, regarding her passing. When my cat was recently in critical condition, and I had to take her to an emergency vet since VCC "did not have an oncologist on call," the emergency vet was somehow able to get in touch with my treating oncologist (Dr. Jackson), who indeed told the emergency vet that my cat was at critical mass and likely would not make it through the weekend. Even though my cat was in an emergency situation, I was told: "the oncologist won't be back in until Monday.  And she is all booked through next week. So maybe we can squeeze you in. but either the oncologist OR her technician will give you a call on Monday."  Got no phone call from either my oncologist or a technician.  Also, was never put through to an actual veterinarian that day -- only a technician. Do not come here if you are a cat owner.  The entire staff goes crazy the second a dog walks in, and they simply care less for cats here.  They also do physical examinations of your pet behind closed doors - I have never been to another vet who did that.  I had to legitimately request that my cat's examination be done in front of me. More often than not, when my cat's examination and blood work was done, she would be brought out to me in her carrier by a technician.  When I would tell them I had follow up questions, I was told the oncologist was already in other appointments and that I would need to wait for her to finish those before she could come speak to me.  Again, never been to a vet who doesn't come out and tell you what they found on physical examination. I.e., if the animal gained or lost weight, how their muscles are, if they felt any lumps/bumps, etc. And one more pretty major issue -- one occasion when I was at this facility they had "no running water."  This was a day that my cat was there for a CT Scan and she was behind closed doors for over 1.5 hours for the simple test because the facility was also "having an issue with the CT machine."  That day, I was at VCC from around 10am until 4:30pm because of their "technical difficulties."  How a vet facility can be sanitary and clean with no running water is beyond my comprehension. When I called the facility a couple of weeks ago, they had a power outage.  When I spoke with the vet on call, she started the call with "who are you calling about, is this a cat or a dog?  I just don't know because I am unable to open the system right now."  Pretty sure this place doesn't pay their bills.  Which is incredible, given that each 5-10 minute consult with the oncologist cost me around $370. I do not recommend this facility at all. While my cat was beating cancer for 6 months on the medication prescribed by her oncologist here, I have absolutely no doubt that had I gone to CUVS or another cancer specialist, she would have done just as well -- and I could have done without the headaches, stress and complete lack of bedside manner/compassion from a single employee at this facility.

Mike Shuster

3 years ago

This place is the best. They are called MedVet now FYI. But they have treated my four year old dog for a nasal tumor. We have done through radiation and Chemo and my pup is still doing great. They have such great bedside mannor that my dog went in there for a month every single day with his tail wagging, knowing be was going to get knock out. He loved everyone there so much that he still looks forward to going even after months of treatment. I can not thank these people enough!

Lynne Raymond

3 years ago

Expert medical care, loving support for both patient and owner. Outstanding organization!

Lorraine Harrison

3 years ago

I want to praise their Oncologist, Dr. Jackson... She goes beyond knowledgable and competent. Dr Jackson is avaliable , responsive and works with me to help my dog in the ways that I value. She is right up there with Dr.Ware, my favorite Vet of all times...

Jean Hebert

3 years ago

Amazing! Dr. Jessica Baron at the VCC has saved the life of my beloved cat on 2 occasions. She is the best surgeon and the best all-round vet I've come across over 3 decades of pet ownership. Other vet centers told me there was nothing that they could do to save my cat's life. But Dr. Baron is a cut above. Despite the urgency of my 18-year-old's needs (she was dying from internal bleeding from a tennis ball-sized abdominal tumor), Dr. Baron carefully, thoughtfully, and creatively considered all options before making suggestions on how to proceed. She is literally a life saver and because of her I have had the gift of my pet's company for a lot longer than I or anyone else expected. "Thank you" doesn't come close to expressing my profound gratitude.

Chris Labatt-Simon

3 years ago

Our seven year old Jack Russell, who is probably more important to my wife than I am, was diagnosed by another vet with an advanced nasal tumor and given 4-6 weeks to live. They said that radiation and chemo would probably have no affect. But he was full of life and we couldn't put him down when he was still running 7-10 miles every other day. VCC in Norwalk is a good 2 hour drive for us, but we found them and went there. Dr. Ware examined Sampson, did an MRI, and recommended radiation. For weeks we did the two hours down and two hours back during the pandemic. The staff at VCC were wonderful in scheduling around our travel and getting Sampson in and out quickly for our return trip. Dr. Ware NEVER rushed us and always took time to come out and give us the rundown of how Sampson was progressing and what his thoughts were (Dr. Ware's thoughts, not Sampson's - that would be an amazing service). They ensured that they kept our costs absolutely within our budget. And they continue, seven months after his original diagnosis, to take great care of us. Because of VCC we've had so much extra time with Sampson and continue to enjoy his company. We'd definitely recommend VCC and Dr. Ware to anyone looking for cancer treatment for their pet.

Cassandra Keeney

3 years ago

For the past few weeks, my dog Drake has been seeing Dr Ware for daily treatments of radiation. He and the staff at VCC have been amazing! Even though we are unable to go inside with him because of Covid, they have been able to maintain a personable experience. Drake's last appointment is today and I know he is going to be disappointed when it is done. He gets so excited to see everyone there. You can tell how well they treat him by the way he is when he gets there. Everytime he leaves he has a huge smile on his face. I can't thank them enough for giving me more time with my dog!! ????

anna m

3 years ago

Went in the middle of the night as my dog was having an allergic reaction & they took wonderful care of him. These people know what they are doing and took their time to figure out what was wrong with him. I usually don't write reviews but my experience with them was amazing as it put me at ease throughout the process and especially when they gave us a plan for after care. Plus a bonus was that this place was completely affordable. Compared to the other place I went to previously. So if you are skeptical don't be when it comes to this place they have experience and the knowledge to care for your dogs with amazing customer service. (If I could give this place more stars I would.)

Charles Feigl

4 years ago

Staff friendly, up front, and treated our dog like a family member of theirs

tom meany

4 years ago

Expansion of services, VCC will soon be a full service medical hospital. State of the art radiation treatment proton therapy.

T.R. Hummer

4 years ago

It's a grocery store. They have food.

Debra Manuel

4 years ago

Well friends, I just made a reply to someone else who had brought their beloved pet there. Unfortunately, she had a terrible experience and I believe her. I requested that she make a " complaint". And came back on and what do you know, they took her review completely off and my response to it. So what kind of a place is this if they are going to be dishonest ? I will not recommend this place !

Guido Sarnachiaro

4 years ago

The Veterinary Cancer Center is by far the most incredible vet facility I have ever visited. Dr. Gerald Post and his team are professional, knowledgeable, thorough, candid and warm. It goes without saying that taking one of your pups to the center is something you would never want to have to do, but if you find yourself with that unfortunate situation, do not hesitate. This is the place that your pet should be cared for.

Jason Witkowsky

4 years ago

Great place for Everything cancer related. Explained the process. Only drawback is its super expensive, make sure to have insurance.

Kate Pfahl

4 years ago

I had to say goodbye to my best buddy here. As hard as the experience can be the team was very knowledgeable and supportive. Very professional yet personal - afterwards, we received a handful of documentations as well as hand written letters from the staff. ❤️ Thank you to the staff that helped us find comfort during a difficult time.

Kelsey Martinez

4 years ago

The dr asked me 2/3 questions, took my dog to the back and while I waited for him in the waiting room to come back out and tell me more about what he found .. instead a tech brought out my dog to me, gave me a paper and said I’m all set to go. I have never been more aggravated. Extremely unprofessional and rude. All I had was the paper to look at with unanswered questions which he certainly did not care for. Even my dogs regular vet was confused as to why he didn’t sit down and talk about the results with me.

kimberly knapp

4 years ago

Amazing staff and doctors at VCC! They treated my pet like one of their own. My dog Luke loved the technicians and doctors!


4 years ago

A very dog friendly facility, but unfortunately, we have a cat and can only make a review based on that (even the free treats are all for dogs). We were charged $230 for our visit to let us know what we already knew from our veterinarian. We choose not to return and seek care elsewhere.

Laura VanFleet

4 years ago

I brought my golden retriever here about a year ago after he underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. I was given devastating news that he only had 3-6 months left to live if he did not undergo chemotherapy, and 6-12 months if he did. He also had another “cancerous” mass on his chest that would need to be removed for chemo to be “successful”. Well, here we are over a year later, and he is the happiest, healthiest, symptom-free dog ever. I was also told that where the mass was removed on his groin would almost immediately grow back because it was not removed with clear margins...WRONG. There is nothing there. My dog is the happiest dog. Yes, he still has the mass on his chest, but it has not grown. He has zero cancer symptoms; has not lost any weight, is not lethargic...just a downright happy dog. Doctors aren’t always right!

LeeLee Zuni

4 years ago

Super nice staff. Dr Post is wonderful. Our pup loves him.

Linda Stone

4 years ago

Great. They are truly caring people and animals are not intimidated by the staff.

Sajid Hodzic

4 years ago

My dog died!! RIP my Buddy!!

Teela Sammons

4 years ago

The staff is amazing and Haley loves going here to be adored by everyone!

Sergei Golos

4 years ago

Freyja is cancer free thanks to these guys .. they are amazing...

Sal Cataldo

5 years ago

The most incredibly cutting edge and terrific vet Ive been to. You hope to never have to visit, but if your pet gets a bad diagnosis, you wont find yourself in better hands than the VCC. They will fill you with hope, joy, and expertise, and carry you through a difficult time with your pet. Dr Post and his team will give your loved one the best chance at beating cancer.

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