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James Blanding

2 years ago

Took good care of hobbs and cali

Diane Caston

2 years ago

Have taken my cats here since it opened. Staff is caring and friendly. They listen to your problems and work to solve them.


2 years ago

Super patient, super kind and knowledgeable.

Ed Daly

2 years ago

The medical service is good quality...but they still force you to wear a mask and drop off your cat...even though both I and the Cats place person picking up the cat have been fully vaccinated... What about the science folks?

Anthony Pavia

2 years ago

Great staff. Clean facility. Very responsive.

Marcella Wilson

2 years ago

Great! Staff and docs are friendly and efficient.

Bryce Thompson

3 years ago

Lovely staff and very communicative. They have been very accommodating during covid and often take last minute appointments, just because I am often concerned for my furry little guy.

Jessica and Ian Gelman

3 years ago

Super friendly. We take our elder cat there the vetanarians are super friendly knowledgeable and caring.

Brenna S.

3 years ago

This is my favorite clinic I've ever used. They're so gentle with my senior kitty, and the dietary recommendations we received fixed a longstanding gut issue that several other vets hadn't managed to solve. I just moved out of Norwalk, and I'm struggling to find a clinic half as good as A Cat's Place. I would highly recommend them for your feline friend.

Virgil Naveda

3 years ago

Because I haven't been there in two years they wouldn't let me in with my cat and I'm considered a new customer which is absurd!

Sleepy Daimyo

3 years ago

I trust these vets, even though my primary transferred to a be a rescue vet a while back, I stayed with them. I'll be honest though if you can get the prescription for your cat at Walmart or another pharmacy or specialty food/additive at Chewy I recommend doing so because it's often way cheaper! (I know they are a business and gotta make money but long term pet care can be pricey too so do your research! Chewy does do prescription food! They will contact your vet for the script!) Overall I am thankful for their help and expertise!

Nataliya Romano

3 years ago

I would like to thank A Cats Place veterenary clinic, and especially Dr. Katherine Shores, for the great service we have received for my kitten Visconti.  I know the staff truly cares about my kitten and me.   I highly recommend this team of experts for all of your pet’s needs from immunizations to serious health issues. Thank you again for all your support and help with Visconti. Sadly my kitten had a very short life deu to uncurable and deadly disease, but I m very grateful to have such wonderful doctors who guided me through this tough time and giving me professional support. Animal Clinic A ???? Cats Place is the BEST!!!

Kimberly bria

3 years ago

Very friendly and knowledge staff.

Karen Anderson

3 years ago

Friendly and lovable with their four legged patients.

Clarence Broadway

3 years ago

Cats only! Less stress for our kitties!

Christine B

3 years ago

I have used this place and gained trust quickly for my four year old kitty. Though yesterday I was a little disappointed. We brought him in for an eye issue and nail trimming. I sat outside while on the phone with the Vet, telling me about my cat’s eye, but he wasn’t told that he needed his nails trimmed so they had to take my cat back out of the carrier to do it. As I’m still on the phone with the vet, someone starts to do his nails (wish it was the Vet doing it) and I hear my cat scream bloody murder through the phone. I wanted to hang up my boyfriend and I couldn’t bare to hear it. The vet tried to lighten things and said my cat was angry, but that sounded like screaming in pain. They were closing and they thought they were done with him and I’m almost certain they may have cut too close considering his sad scream and he’s been sensitive with one paw. That was extremely sad for me to hear him and when my boyfriend heard it he wanted our kitty out of there so fast.

Ashley Joseph

4 years ago

If you do end up at A Cats Place, please make sure you are discussing pricing up front. When it comes to money, DO NOT trust this facility to think of whats in the best interest of you, your cat or your family. Push for realistic answers and estimates before you commit to treatments. They will bill you as much and as often as they are able to. I can’t tell you how many times we were nickeled, dimed and mislead - - not to mention our poor cat, misdiagnosed. Please don’t end up like we did... We no longer have our cat, but thanks to A Cats Place, we do have a bill that’s arrived for $945 along with an inexplicable late fee of $15? How does that happen when this was the very first invoice we received? We did try to cut our losses and pay over the phone today. And just to give you an idea of how caring and family-oriented this facility actually is, they couldn’t even give us the curtesy of waiving the late fee of $15. That’s right, the customer experience isn’t worth $15 at A Cats Place. And this is all despite getting almost $1000 from our family and our cat being euthanized. Heartbroken. Please consider going elsewhere for your cat.

Brian Gaudreault

4 years ago

Nice Dr.'s that help you understand more about your cat and they seem to know cats well. They even work well with frady cats!

Carol B

4 years ago

Excellent. Caring and professional. I have been bringing my cats there for years. Vets are very kind and explain everything to you. It is stressful to bring your cat to vet for whatever reason and all the employees there, present a calming environment

Christine Parker

4 years ago

The staff is amazing! From receptionist to Drs.

Gary Rosen

4 years ago

Excellent boarding for our feline family.

Ian Gelman

4 years ago

They took great care off our sick cat.

Kristone condone

4 years ago

I went to get a second opinion on a growth in my cat’s mouth. I truly feel confident in this place after bringing my cat (Egon) here. Dr. Weaver was very friendly and compassionate. I’m beyond satisfied in the advice and opinion she gave me as I felt her intentions were truly to help myself and my pet instead of looking to make money off of us, as it feels so many places tend to do. I did not feel that was the case here and am truly happy that Dr. Weaver was able to provide such helpful insight as well as comfort in such a friendly way. Overall Dr. Weaver and the facility were amazing. Thank you!

micki tiffen

4 years ago

My cat came in to be evaluated and had some bloodwork done. I wish that someone would have pointed out that he was due for rabies in a few days but unfortunately no one did and we had to drag him back there the next week.


4 years ago

The staff was very nice but some of them are irresponsible. I dropped off my cat this morning to get a bath and asked before I left that they PLEASE make sure that my cat was completely dry before I picked him up as it was only 2 degrees this morning. I wasn't expecting to pick him up until around 3pm because that's when the receptionist told me he should be ready. I received a call at 11:12 informing me that my cat was already dry and ready to be picked up. I went straight there as I was on my way home anyways. I was very upset that when I took my cat out of his carrier, he was still pretty damp. He was damp enough that his hair was still clumping together and I could see his skin underneath. It is only 9 degrees when I picked my cat up this afternoon. I called and spoke to the receptionist and explained the situation and that I was very upset especially since I specifically asked that he be completely dry due the very low temperatures today. The receptionist spoke to the employees that washed my cat and they said they thought he was dry enough to go home. It's a bit upsetting that I specifically asked that he be COMPLETELY DRY and given that fact it was 9 DEGREES OUTSIDE it is completely irresponsible. Even if is was a little warmer, being damp makes you much colder at those temperatures. Based on this experience I don't know if I will be returning there any time soon. I'm not sure if this was just negligence due to them wanting rush through their work, if the staff was just in a rush trying to make room for other clients animals, or the staff was just being lazy. Either way I can't help but wonder about the quality care of my cat received while in their custody.

Christina Emma

5 years ago

A Cat’s Place has the friendliest staff. The veterinarians are knowledgeable and you can tell that they and the vet techs love cats. My two cats always get some cuddle time in during their visits.

alexa daquesian

5 years ago

A Cat's Place is a place a would highly recommend people bringing their cats if they need medical help for their cats. Dr. Weaver is a wonderful, caring veterinarian! Dr. Weaver is excellent at following up, constantly keeping in touch and checking in to make sure your cat is doing well. She will always return a call if you leave a message. Staff is always nice and friendly and everyone is very caring there!

Bernie Jimenez (ChappaEye)

5 years ago

Loving place. Great care for my animals awesome parkng

Catherine Devald

5 years ago

I've been going to A Cats Place for years. They are always very caring and seem to be genuinely concerned about my cats welfare. During my last few visits in the past couple of days, it seems that they have lowered their pricing a bit. And rather than forcing testing, they actually asked if that was a something that I wanted to do and explained why it would be helpful. I will continue to be a client for as long as I live in the area. By the way, I live in Bridgeport so this isn't super convenient but the trade off of excellence makes it worth while.

Evan Williams

5 years ago

I have been taking my cats here for many years, at least since 2010 if not earlier. They are absolutely the best vet as far as I'm concerned - and as far as my cats are concerned! I think a big thing that helps my cats not be stressed out is that they aren't smelling other types of animals when they're at A Cat's Place. That seems obvious to state, but it made a huge difference in how they behaved both during their visits to A Cat's Place as well as when we got home. My first experience with them was bringing my older cat to see them when he has having some health issues. He was 11 or 12 years old and they were fantastic with him. He ended up needing to see a specialist and have surgery, but everything worked out and he lived a good number of years after that first visit with regular checkups. When my then-girlfriend, now-wife and I adopted two cats I took them straight here and they got the same wonderful treatment and care that my old cat received. As an added bonus, they had a free initial checkup for new adoptions so you really can't go wrong there. I really can't say enough good things about them but I may end up repeating myself so I'll just end with this - if you have a cat (or more than one!) this is the vet to see!

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