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Jeanne “Jeannee”

2 years ago

Since Covid and turnover in their staff, NVH for 15 years, 4 dogs, many serious operations. BEWARE, because until your pet has a critical health problem, possibly dying, then that is when you will find out if their outsourced surgeon ( not part of NVH staff ) really cared at all. All these years I never met, talked to, heard from, NOTHING, after many surgeries from this outsourced surgeon for 2 dogs. No longer use NVH because incase of emergency surgery your baby may be in jeopardy like mine is. I hope NVH no longer uses this outsourced surgery. Charley, 2021 had surgery and my NVH was supposed to be there for surgery. As my NVH veterinarian was pulling into the parking lot, this outsourced surgeon was already done and leaving. I was told this by NVH veterinarian. Post-op surgery, 7 days later, I had to rush Charley to a Critical Care Hospital, had to say goodbye to him as they felt he would not survive but the Surgeon performed a life saving 2nd operation. Charley was in ICU for 5 days and this new hospitals treats him with so much love & care. So very disappointed that there was not enough concern about Charley that we were never even called at our home from the owners. Michael at the front desk was the only one whom took the time to care and contact us. Some of the NEW staff were so rude and uncaring when I did call. Very rude & not helpful. ADVICE: Have a surgeon already chosen by you incase of emergency surgery needed.

Enid Lukacik

2 years ago

They took my cat on an emergency when my original vet could not. They were informative and caring. They addressed any concerns I had and gave me other options when I needed them. It is evident they really care about our pets and will do what they can to treat them.

Stacey Ross

2 years ago

We have the greatest confidence in the doctors at the Newburgh Vet Hospital. They have treated our dogs and also our African Grey parrot for decades. We have always had pleasant visits and conversations with their doctors and they have been extremely compassionate when “the time came” to say goodbye to beloved family members. The doctors are so very knowledgeable and go the extra mile to diagnose and treat our pets. Thank you for all you do!

Trisha R

2 years ago

There’s no else I trust to take care of my fur baby than Newburgh Veterinary Hosp. They’re attentive, caring, and very knowledgeable. I know my pet is in the best care

Susan F

2 years ago

Very caring for our elderly dalmatian who has chronic conditions. Very professional and straight forward.

Olivia Mackrell

2 years ago

We have been taking our pets here for years! We love Newburgh Veterinary Hospital. Additionally we board our dog here when we are out of town. The staff always take great care of him. So much compassion and care!

M Owens

2 years ago

When I managed one of the local animal shelters, Newburgh Vet always squeezed us in for emergencies when others would not. I always appreciated the care they gave to animals without families. It’s the same level of care they give to animals with families. I have and will continue to bring my own fur family to them.

Lane De Muro

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about Newburgh Veterinary Hospital. Everything you want and everything you expect for the health and well being of your pet. The staff is great, the care level is top notch, Dr. Harlec is genuinely concerned with your dog or cat. I have recommended them to my friends and family, and so far all of them are bringing their family pets to Newburgh Veterinary. To sum it up in three words; they are fantastic!

Kristin Brunni

2 years ago

Looking for a Veterinarian that will love your pet as much as you do? Look no further, just book an appointment with Newburgh Veterinary. The staff are kind, compassionate and go out of their way to make your visit outstanding each and every time. I would never go anywhere else.

Helen Oleary

2 years ago

Caring knowledgable veterinary clinic, I would totally bring my dog back here- great care.

Frank Ruggiero

2 years ago

Caring, Responsive, Experienced With each pet we've had, dogs, rabbit, cats, this great group of people have always been excellent in all they do. They've treated my pets as if they were their own. Vet care is spot on. Dietary assistance has also been right on target. I recommend this veterinary group to anyone for emergencies, for regular care and for their Pet Hotel.

Ashlee Scotto

2 years ago

I had to visit this Veterinary Clinic over this past weekend, to have my cat Opehlia checked out. Turns out we had to put her down due to multiple illnesses, and the vet and staff were so kind and made the experience of losing a pet very personal. They even taped a flower to my precious baby’s coffin and sent me a condolence letter in the mail. I highly recommend this facility for your pet’s care.

Domenica Coutant

2 years ago

If you are looking for a Veterinarian, this is your place. They are very nice, compassionate and knowledgeable. Ive never had an issue.

Caitlin O'Connor

2 years ago

Thank HEAVENS for NVH. I had been sick all week and unable to take my guinea pig to the vet, which was already stressful as I watched his symptoms get worse. I took him to an emergency vet in Westchester where we live and after telling me they’d see him and taking his vitals and making us wait another half hour, the vet at the emergency hospital refused to see us. I had just moved from Newburgh so I was familiar with the area but never visited NVH as long as I’ve had Pumpkin. (We used West End, another phenomenal local vet in the Newburgh area). But NVH had Sunday hours that really helped with getting him the care he needed. I called and they had an appointment the same day. They saw us, gave him X-rays and meds for a UTI, and careful instructions. The vet techs came out with a printed care plan and price sheet to show exactly what they would do for us and how much it would cost. The transparency was so appreciated and helpful in case I would need to budget. This was after waking up at 7am to take him to a local vet that ultimately rejected us. I felt hopeless and alone and so, so scared and NVH helped us right away. Pumpkin took a turn for the worse and it was time that wasn’t on our side despite treatment. Piggies hide their illnesses well and he passed two days after our visit, but NVH sent a lovely card and made a donation to Jake’s Fund in my boy’s honor. I’m so grateful for Dr. Toso and for everyone who did all they could to help. Thank you, NVH. I am eternally grateful ❤️

Lori Bowman

2 years ago

Newburgh Veterinary Hospital takes care of my exotics and they are amazing. Their staff and veterinarians are compassionate. Domino and Atticus approve of their care! Thank you NVH!!!

Mallory Cash

2 years ago

Great experience here! I was able to get a day-of appointment to have my dog's ear infection taken care of. Everyone I interacted with was kind and helpful. Will be happy to go back!

Margaret Collins

2 years ago

Our cat has been a patient of Newburgh Veterinary since he was given to us in the spring of 2009. The care he gets here from the Veterinarians and technical staff is excellent. Even our cat, who can be very cantankerous at times, is accepting of all people and care. They are terrific.

Michelle Bilancione

2 years ago

I have NEVER felt so comfortable my entire life. We had no where to go and this facility took us in immediately. Unfortunately we had to put our dog down, but they gave us as much time as we needed until we were ready. We were able to ask all the questions. Everyone was super kind and generous. Even when we went to pick up her ashes the staff was extremely sensitive to our hurt. We traveled over an hour and it was worth every second.

Sabrina Campfield

2 years ago

They are not clear about the services that would be provided/ tests that need to be performed. I consistently either did not receive an invoice when promised or received an invoice belonging to another person and pet. I still cannot get the correct full paperwork from them a year after switching vet clinics. There is one polite person working there. Otherwise, staff is not friendly or helpful.

Shannon Doyle

2 years ago

This has been the only vet I have been to that I LOVE! The staff is amazing, they treat my dog great and their boarding is top notch. I have never had an issue and I only wish I found them sooner!

Sarah Hennessey

2 years ago

I would recommend Newburgh Veterinary Hospital to anyone who has a pet very near and dear to them. They are amazing, so kind and loving to your animals. They treat them as if they were their own. My experience with them has been nothing less than extraordinary. <3

barb reich

2 years ago

The staff is always kind and willing to answer all of my questions. Very professional but very good to animals and owners.

Sponge Bob

2 years ago

I used them years ago with my dog. They were very expensive but the dog had been there most of her life. In 2009, She had a cancer that required some kind of mouth surgery to correct. So they soaked me for over a $1,000 for this surgery. But only after the surgery did they inform us that the cancer was malignant . We had to put her down a weeks later. Had they informed us before, we would not have put her through the trauma of the surgery and recovery. Not to mention the money they charged us for the surgery. After the shenanigans with our dog. We used another vet when we got a cat. All was good until recently when the pandemic made it almost impossible to get an appointment at our vet. So reluctantly we went back to Newburgh Veterinary. Our cat was not eating and it was getting concerning. So they hit us with a bill over $500 for a a treatment package (as they called it). Well that did nothing. So the wife took her back. Another approximately $500 for other tests. we were giving her medicine that wasn't working. So we took her to a third Vet recommended by a neighbor. We asked Newburgh for her records and visited another vet.The new vet informed us that Newburgh charged us for tests they did not perform . We called Newburgh and they informed us, they charge treatment as a package and may not perform some tests they're charging us for. They would not refund for the services not rendered. But we could bring her back in and they would do the tests. I feel like they stole money from me. Anyway, the new vet ( not Newburgh) found she just had a bladder infection. The medicine they prescribed ,healed her quickly. I would recommend the third vet since the were extremely less money than Newburgh for similar services. And actually diagnosed the cats problem and corrected the issue. I should have known better than to give Newburgh Veterinary a second chance. But you feel for your pet. So I tried to help her. Ripped off for a second $1,000 from Newburgh for the second animal. Shame on me. It will not happen a third time.

Tav Jinivizian

2 years ago

The doctors at NVH are super perceptive at identifying difficult diagnoses, and they’re very good at explaining it. The course of treatments are superb, and my pooch is making a quick recovery. I don’t think another vet would have been able to ID Bruno’s issues - especially as his symptoms mimicked another issue altogether. VERY happy with NVH :)

Elizabeth Clarke

2 years ago

I recently had a minor emergency with my dog while driving on I-87, in the middle of a 6-hour trip - he got into some serious burrs and ingested several of them and was incessantly gagging and throwing up and in considerable distress. As soon as possible I exited the interstate and looked for a vet on Google. The first two vets I contacted told me they were booked and that I should return home (3 hours away) to see my regular vet. Newburgh Veterinary Hospital was the third vet I tried. They said to come to their office right away, and a vet would see me as soon as possible. Once I arrived, it took only 10 minutes before I was in an exam room...with a vet and a technician. I was very impressed with the service and felt comfortable leaving my dog for two nights while I completed my trip (which could not be delayed). He recovered with no issues.

Terry Tauffner

2 years ago

Dr. Flanagan is the best! All the assistants as well - they all take great care of our two Rottweilers!!

Laura Godoy

2 years ago

My cat had a radical mastectomy here. The doctor told me to give her a dose of gabapentin for pain and anxiety before bringing her in to get the metal staples removed that lined her entire belly. I got home from the staples appointment to find they left two staples in and they gave her more gabapentin. The person that handed my cat back over to me said they had given her more medicine. When I called to let them know they left two staples in and that I was coming back today they gave me a hard time about bringing her back in the same day. Saying that she would be too stressed out. But because they gave her so much more gabapentin she was very out of it. They lied about giving her more gabapentin on top of failing to take out two staples. When I brought her back they seemingly ripped them out without any regard. On a different not last week they didn’t properly schedule the appointment for my dog so we got there, waited for 30 minutes for them to tell me they never scheduled my appointment. The rudest woman I have ever felt with, Melissa who is their coordinator was very nasty to me and kept on talking over me then accused me of talking over her. Absolutely disgusting behavior. I don’t know how she is still working there as I see other reviews of how she has been nasty in the past. DO NOT BRING YOUR PET HERE!!!!! They are very very incompetent on so many different levels and did not apologize once. Go to Flannery. I have had so much better luck there and if they had later hours that weren’t emergency for visits I would have just gotten the surgery there.

Sav Starkings

2 years ago

pretty slow, but expected that to wait for a reptile specialist. love how much the vet makes sure the reptiles are getting proper care, and the staff is super friendly and caring!

Caity Diaz

2 years ago

The best! They were extremely accommodating and helpful. I called multiple veterinary offices, none of them were able to see our rabbit within the next few weeks. Newburgh veterinary hospital was initially able to make an appointment for a few days later. However, they called me back and were able to squeeze our rabbit in for an appointment the following day due to the urgency of the situation. They took good care of her and everyone I spoke to was very kind and caring. They all seem like true animal lovers ????I highly recommend them.

Tina Roa

2 years ago

The team at Newburgh Veterinary were very helpful and sensitive during the passing of my dog. It’s was a rough moment in time and they were there to help and guide.

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