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2 years ago

Amazing compassionate staff and Drs. Will definitely bring all the children here.

barbara kassel

2 years ago

We brought our cat in who was seen the same day that I called. The appointment was right on time. Even though we could not come into the appt, Dr P and the vet techs carefully explained to us what tests needed to be done and then called us with the results. So far so good!

Baby Yoda

2 years ago

The only place to take your pet!

Greg Banbury

3 years ago

The staff here are wonderful! Friendly and caring. Don’t think twice about bringing your pet here.


3 years ago

I like many rescued a puppy during covid. For the first 3+ months I was quarantined in the West Coast but had to come to NY indefinitely. My pup started to have constant diarrhea and wasn't feeling well and my partner used to take our other dog to Reade Street 10 years ago. From the get go the staff was amazing - communicative, helpful, and responsive to my questions. The Dr.'s also didn't disappoint - Dr Suarez and Dr Shapiro are fantastic and their love and genuine care for your pet is apparent the moment you talk to them. My pup got stung by a bee in the summer and his face was swelling up (understatement). I called Reade Street the minute they opened and they got me in and were very thorough in a smart way that made me know all bases were covered. I can't say enough good things about the front staff, technicians, and Drs. at Reade Street and highly recommend them.

Kassie Fiumicelli

3 years ago

Dr Sine is THE BEST doctor for my dog-ter. My little cavapoo pulls me to the door every time she realizes where she is and who she's going to visit. Dr Sine treats her with the most loving care. She performed her spay surgery with the utmost attention to a speedy recovery. My dog was back to her silly self in a couple of days, and fully recovered in less than 2 weeks. I couldn't recommend her more.

andrew corrigan

3 years ago

my cavaliers love this place this establishment that. they. wait outside without an appointment.They just jump up on the window to get attention because they know they. get a lot of fuss, even during covid one of their friends to come out to give them a copy

Monika Taylor

3 years ago

Excellent service as always ,Thank you

Susan Fusi

3 years ago

I can't say enough good things about Reade Street Animal Hospital and how they've treated our 16-week old puppy. Everyone - the front desk staff, the vet techs and Dr. Sine herself - is amazing. Dr. Sine takes her time with each visit and gives us a thorough rundown of what she sees during Charlie's wellness checks. Truthfully, I was surprised how much time she was willing to devote to her download afer her visit. I look forward to bringing our pup to Reade Street for many years to come.

Lauren Buys

3 years ago

Dr Sine and the staff at Reade Street Animal Hospital are truly amazing with my pets. They genuinely care about each animal that they tend do. I’ve since moved to Brooklyn and have tried other vets in my new neighborhood but nobody compares to Reade Street. They’re a gem of a veterinary clinic and I trust them completely.

Energy Shield

3 years ago

Reade Street Animal Hospital are very dishonest. They claimed they took care of our dog and charged us for treatment that was never performed on our dog. We only found out about it after $500 was taken from our account. They claimed these services and treatments were provided on a date we were out of town. Beware of future collections from Reade Street Animal Hospital.

Ayush Toolsidass

4 years ago

After trying out several vets I can wholeheartedly say this is the best vet I have come across in NYC. Dr. Abigail Sine is the nicest and one of the most caring and thorough vets I have ever come across. She spent a lot of time carefully examining my dog and patiently discussed his ailments and a treatment plan. I felt like my puppy was in good hands. Highly recommend!

Melanie Pennington

5 years ago

Bruce, the Practice Manager is hella rude.

alla kellerman

5 years ago

So happy with this place! I had an emergency with my dog and they were able to see me without hesitation. I have been coming here ever since. Dr. Xanthos is amazing. She is nice, super knowledgeable and makes me feel like I am always in good hands. Highly recommend!!

Andrew corrigan

5 years ago

the staff and service/treatment is so incredible here my dogs actually want to go in when they do not have an appointment. They are professional, extremely caring and knowledgeable. All treatment is discussed in length, so you have a full understanding. So far I have had no problems with the quadruplet I have now.

Cindy Espinosa

5 years ago

The staff at this location are absolute professionals. Circumstances required that I put down my 18 year old cat 2 months ago. I had been with my cat since she was a baby and she is the only pet I have ever had. Needless to say, I was devasted. The Drs and staff rendered exceptional care and exhibited A+ bedside manner throughout my furry love’s treatment. I cannot express how touched I was by the card I received in the mail that was signed by the staff and included well wishes and personalized messages that were very specific to my cat. Thank you for providing us with exceptional care and for supporting us during this difficult time. I have been to a handful of vets in the past and am only sorry I didn’t discover this office sooner.

Eduardo Tazon Maigre

5 years ago

Will not recommend at all, specially because they might have prevented our puppy from obtaining the analysis and treatment it needed. Although the staff in general is nice and caring (with some exceptions if they are in a rush) after going for several months with our 7 months old puppy we realized that their entire strategy is to only get the most money out of you. They will only recommend in house testing for parasites, very unlikely to offer further analytics as those are not done in the hospital, they will try to make you switch to the products they sponsor, such as the Hills food, even if your own is much better quality, they will always try to get you to go for unnecessary 95 dollar appointments to barely even run a basic check on the dogs health... In general this place doesn't give an impression of professionalism and genuine care for the animals, its just a money making business.

Hank S

5 years ago

I have been taking my cats to see Dr. Xanthos for nine years and she is a remarkable veterinarian. She offers compassionate and highly skilled care even under the most difficult circumstances. I highly recommend her.

Hen C

5 years ago

I know a lot of people like this place and I’m sure the vets at this practice are competent. However. I had two experiences that really rubbed me the wrong way and vowed never to take my pup back after the second time. The first time, the vet was suggesting a blood panel and I asked her some questions about the actual necessity since my dog had just gotten one done less than 12 months before. She then snapped, “What’s wrong, are you worried about the cost?” Of course that wasn’t the reason! So, I just gave in and told her to go ahead with the blood panel. The second visit was just 8 months later, because I was worried about his health. He didn’t seem quite right, had avoided drinking water for a week, was doing a lot of sitting and staring. A different vet checked him, said everything seemed fine, he was just getting older. My gut told me something else was going on, but she was the expert. She did mention that he had a bit of a heart murmur and I could talk to the front desk about scheduling an ekg. On the way out, I mentioned it and they said they would have to give me a call once they confirmed with the person who performed the ekgs what her schedule was. No one ever called me. Four weeks later, I was still worried about him, so I took him to Worth St Vet for a second opinion. They diagnosed low thyroid hormone, then found a tumor on his spleen, and then he was gone. My dog passed away four weeks after the vet at Reade St told me she thought he looked fine. I will say that the place I went to for a second opinion was attentive and forthcoming. And people there seemed genuinely excited to work with animals. At Reade St, the environment was much less warm. I know that ultimately, even if the doctor were to have diagnosed the illness and tumor those four weeks earlier, they still may not have been able to do anything to save or treat him. But I resent that the vet was dismissive of my concerns. (How I wish I had been wrong!) And the lack of follow up for the ekg. And that the first vet I saw was so oddly aggressive in her approach. Those were my experiences and maybe I just caught the vets on their bad days. I know I’ll never bring a pet there again. Three stars because I do think they are generally competent.

Petrina Ryan-Kleid

5 years ago

Mary is the most gentle, smart and caring vet

Stephen G

5 years ago

My dog had a pretty obvious ear infection and the vet wanted to upsell me on a multiple tests that produced the same results. The vet did the same thing last visit and sold me on a full on health check. I inquired into the second round of $400 tests that yielded the same results, and the vet actually refused to take my phone calls anymore!! STAY AWAY from this place.


5 years ago

I think if the doctor is not in the office someone around should know how to do CPR in an emergency. One day my pom was having puppies and I knew there was something wrong with one. I rushed to reade animal hospital where I was told the doctor won’t be in the office for another 30 mins. I asked if she could call the doctor which she said no. So I freaked out more and called a uber to Blue pearl. They tried to bring the angel back but by the time I arrived it was to late. If there is an emergency I would definitely not recommend to bring them here, go straight to blue pearl!

Ann Harrell

6 years ago

Dr. Xanthos is terrific, and has been recommended to me by several others in the neighborhood. She has taken great care of our new pup!

Anette Barnhart

6 years ago

Dr Xanthos and the staff at the Reade Street Animal Hospital are the best!! Always caring, always loving and always willing to listen to concerns. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Cynthia Noe

6 years ago

Dr. Xanthos has a true understanding of French Bulldogs. She empathically and successfully solves the myriad of issues (skin, eyes, upper GI, lower GI, allergies, you-name-it) we've presented for over six years and counting. She also knows all the best specialists in the city. We now commute to the practice from fourteen train stops north because our experiences at Reade Street are so positive and helpful. Thank you, Dr. Xanthos and staff. You guys are the best!

Sage Naka

6 years ago

Best vet in NYC. Does excellent job handling paperworks for dog to travel abroad.

Ronda Xanthos

6 years ago

The best veterinarian I've ever had!


6 years ago

I take my cat to Dr. Xanthos for regular vaccines and checkups, and she is fantastic with her. Highly skilled and professional, and also very gentle. The whole crew is top notch here. Five stars hands down.

Jamstanislaus Rex

6 years ago

i had a really wonderful visit here for the first time yesterday. my cat had suddenly developed unexplained seizures, and after a lifetime of good health i suddenly needed to find him a vet. the first place i called i encountered a dismissive, bored woman with a sarcastic tone, the second, reade st hospital, was warm, friendly, and concerned - a soothing reception to my jangled nerves. in the waiting room there was a very friendly gray cat with pale leaf green eyes and poly toes to keep us company :) we saw dr. amanda oden and she was genuinely caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable as was her assistant. i felt we were in good hands the entire time and though she ended up referring us to a larger animal hospital (my baby needed to see a neurologist) it was such a wonderfully positive visit i can't recommend them enough.

Julie Hylton

6 years ago

Dr. Mary Xanthos is a knowledgeable, caring & compassionate vet. She treats my cat like she were her own. Dr Xanthos takes the time to thoroughly explain what she's doing, talk through her diagnosis, and answer all my questions. I completely trust her and her staff to take the best care of both my cat and me :)

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