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Kourtnii K

2 years ago

This was my first “in-person” visit and it was just as good if not better than our initial drop off/ virtual visits the year prior. (Only because I was able to come inside vs. outside braving the winter elements like the previous year:) #COVIDProtocols) Dr. Kahn and the staff were all pleasant and professional. I felt my furbaby was better taken care of in her annual visit than I have been in my personal appointments! Detail oriented, patient, friendly, knowledgeable.

Eva-Lynn Podietz

2 years ago

I was referred to Hudson Animal Hospital by another wonderful veterinarian whose practice focuses on cats. Benji's medical condition had become too complex for them to deal with. Dr. Angiello and his team quickly came to the rescue and have helped us for the last couple of years. Benji has a bunch of medical issues, and he requires a lot of specialists' input, in addition to needing a primary veterinarian. Dr. Angiello, and Drs. Kahn and Yoshida have been amazing, as has the entire staff at Hudson Animal Hospital. It was hard during the worst of the COVID pandemic, as we just started going to this practice, and Benji was terrified to go into a building without his Mama. His fears have subsided a little, over the past 2 years. He has had surgery (dental and a mass removal) several echocardiograms, as well as "routine" visits for vaccines, check-ups, bloodwork and urinalysis. Dr. Angiello is kind, thoughtful, and thorough. He and the staff have been so incredibly supportive when I have awaited test results, etc. Dr. Angliello has worked as a team with the veterinary dermatologist that Benji sees, and I am so incredibly indebted to everyone at this veterinary hospital for making our lives whole.

Nelly Bloise

2 years ago

Amazed at how exceptional the staff is and the Dr. very clean and neatly organized place. Loved our experience at this office

Palavina Beebee

2 years ago

They are the best! They are honest, reliable and really great vets. I am so glad I found this place and I will keep bringing my dog here.

Steph Mueller

2 years ago

I have a rescued kitten (currently fostering her) with a concerning medical condition. I took her to Animal Medical Center ($200) and followed up after that with a vet I go to often. Not much was offered in the way of solutions at either previous office visit. Dr. Khan, however, at Hudson Animal Hospital put a lot of thought and effort in trying to find a solution. She gave me several ways to try to resolve the problem and followed up via email with more specific information. I think the kitten is improving. The staff at the practice was friendly and professional. Overall, I'm so pleased with the experience and hope to use this practice going forward for my own two cats. Based on this visit, I would certainly recommend Dr. Khan. I'm grateful for the attention this kitten received.


2 years ago

As a professional practitioner in the medical field, it’s truly my obligation to finally post this. Nobody should experience this in their lifetime. Certainly not vulnerable animals. My dog Teddy was treated with great negligence and apathy. I’m lucky he’s alive. A year ago I made the mistake of having Dr. Yoshida perform dental surgery on my 11 year old shitzu. Knowing my dog has stage B2 degenerative mitral valve disease from an echo, additionally a heart murmur. Dr Yoshida kept my dog under general anesthesia for nearly four hours. During this time his heart slowed down to the point he had to be injected with atropine. Dr. yoshida unbeknownst to me actually made phone calls to me and others while my dog was in another room under general anesthesia. When I convey this to other veterinarians, they are shocked at this negligence. When they were finally finished with him, a tech handed me him outside. Once we were in a car I noticed blood all over his foot. Apparently when she cut his nails, without a care in the world cut past the quick right into his blood vessels. This causes great pain for a dog and can lead to severe bleeding. My dog was under general anesthesia and there was absolutely no reason why Dr Yoshida was careless and negligent that she did not inspect the underside of the nail, the difference between the tip of the nail and the quick is evident. The only times this happens is when a dog moves around and is accidental. However when I brought this up to Dr. yoshida after I received no apology, no accountability, no responsibility or care. Her response was “it’s a common occurrence and happens all the time”. Sadly, I noticed multiple reviews with previous clients stating the same thing of her doing this to their loved ones. No it’s not acceptable after having my dog with a compromised heartbundergo hours of having a tube breathe for him while she conducted phone calls, additional extractions with him experiencing bradycardia, heartbnearly stopped requiring medication to stabilize it, then handing me my dog back all bloody. I was told after she removed six teeth and that was much more than she stated during her several conversations while my dog had a tube breathing for him. Her reply was with a signed document she can remove teeth if she feels it’s necessary. There are other reviews here again offer yoshida committing this same unethical behavior. The saddest most unbelievable aspect of all this was Dr Yoshidas complete denial of all these incidents she was negligent, apathetic, and conduct unheard of in medicine. She took no responsibility nor remorse in fact there was an excuse for ever issue. An ethical medical doctor with any conscience does not treat live beings this way with a blatant disregard for both humans and animals. To make matters worse, she left the roots of teddy’s removed teeth which is done if the doctor lacks the expertise to remove. Since she lacked this knowledge she should not be performing dental as it has serious ramifications. Dr. Yoshida additionally refused to compile a letter of medical necessity for my insurance until I sent 6 emails, 13 phone calls and contacted my attorney. When she finally sent it to me, there was every excuse in the book why it isn’t needed, or that she was “always planning to write it but was not in”. After I notified them teddy would obviously not be returning, this “veterinarian” till this day has taken no responsibility, accountability or remorse and in fact verbalized to other practices that she had to “fire client from her practice”. When someone has such a large ego they cannot see any error of their ways, no integrity, no ethics and utter negligence. This is the truth about Dr. Yoshida. I felt obligated recently to post this since Teddy not only suffered post op but throughout the year from the retained roots. Since others have experienced the similar negligence, they should come forward as well and not be intimidated by the practices constant denial of wrongdoing and neglect. We have a right to express the truth.

Reinaldo Figueroa

2 years ago

I am a first time dog owner and I knew right away he’d receive his medical care from Hudson Animal Hospital. I travel from Jersey because I saw first hand how well they cared for a dear family friend Osito and how caring and compassionate they are. They were very thorough during our first visit. Made Otis feel comfortable. I like the patient portal. I definitely recommend H.A.H.

Hadi N

2 years ago

July 2021- very appreciative of the response and attention given to me by the doctor below. Will continue to bring my pet here. Thank you! June 2021 -would like to update this review. It has nothing to do with the care received by Dr. Kahn. I called this morning because my pet is sick and exhibiting very worrisome signs. After sharing my concerns the gentleman who picked up the phone simply said “I cannot guarantee you that the doctor will call you back, her schedule is full for the day.” This after I had just told him she was extremely lethargic and had been vomiting for two days. I asked if I should just take her to Bond Urgent Care and he said that I was free to do that if I wished, but only a doctor could tell me if my pet should come in to their office and he would leave a message for her and that’s all he could do. This is extremely upsetting. A pet is like someone’s child- no one calls a pediatrician and is told - oh sorry he’s too busy and we can’t guarantee he’ll be able to call you back regarding your feverish sick child. I’m sure Hudson gets a lot of people calling about their pets, but have some empathy - at least reassure me that you’ll do your best to have a doctor call me. So frustrating and upsetting, I’m just sitting here hoping someone will call soon or I’ll make the decision to take my pet to Bond. May 2021 - Can’t thank the staff and Dr. Kahn enough for going above and beyond for my little one. This is hands down the best vet in the New York City area, they’re friendly, attentive and listen to your concerns. Dr. Kahn is exceptionally thorough and trustworthy. Most importantly the staff treats your pet with love and while my kitty still hates the trip to the vet, she comes home calmer than when she leaves. Thank you all!

Pejana Dacaj

2 years ago

We are so thankful for this wonderful team of doctors! We've had the pleasure to interact with every doctor in this clinic and each one of them goes above and beyond to hear your concern, educate you, and offer the best care for your pet. Our golden doodle girl does not mind her vet trips at all because she receives the best care here at Hudson Animal Hospital.


2 years ago

I am so grateful to have found such excellent veterinary care with Dr. Khan at Hudson Animal Hospital. I brought both of my cats here about a month ago, one of them with a chronic eye condition that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars trying to address since adopting him. She was so kind and took a lot of time talking to me about treatment options. We decided to start with a conservative approach, with supplements in his food twice a day and eyedrops for a week. A month later and I’ve never seen his right eye as open and clear as it is now! She also helped address his issues with vomiting after eating and after following Dr. Khan’s advice, he hasn’t vomited since. I highly recommend Dr. Khan for all your veterinary needs!

Vincent Guida

2 years ago

Hudson animal hospital came highly recommended from our neighbors. Staff and Dr. Kahn were accommodating, courteous, knowledgeable and timely. Our pup seemed to have a pleasant time during his visit as well.

Alicia Algeo

2 years ago

Dr Angiello is genuinely one of the nicest, kindest, truly caring MDs I’ve ever met. The entire practice displays empathy and they’re so responsive to everything which is key. Also it’s a great value for the city. I wouldn’t trust my dog anywhere else.

Fiona Lu

3 years ago

The doctor here recommended a dog food of which the first ingredient is a by-product, following fat, corn, wheat...and her theory was that dogs eat everything including trash so they’re fine eating those ingredients. And raw feeding was not recommended because of the possible contamination and false marketing. But isn’t there more false marketing around kibbles? more contamination in kibble manufacturing? The doctor basically ignored twenty potential risks of kibbles and only focused on one downside of raw feeding. And according to her theory dogs don’t need to eat biologically appropriate because they are able to eat trash. Well I think no dog chooses to eat trash while being provided with fresh meat right? Anyway I left in shock.

Gary Villani

3 years ago

Dr. Yoshida did a very fine job of providing information about our new puppy's healthcare, as well as useful tips on training a puppy. We felt that our little Frankie is in very capable and knowledgeable hands. Thank you Hudson Animal Hospital!

Taylor Irwin

3 years ago

I couldn’t have asked for a better vet experience. My husband and I are new to the area so when we had a scare with our pup, we didn’t know where to go. I called a vet prior who wouldn’t see us without filling out paperwork and waiting 48 hours...then I called Hudson Animal Hospital and they right away put me in touch with a vet tech and fit me in the first available appt. All of my info was given via email which made the process super easy when I got there, I didn’t have to wait or fill out a bunch of paperwork. When we were brought into the examining room, Flo and Dr. Angiello were GREAT. Our dog is a bit anxious and barks when she feels threatened - vets usually make her wear a muzzle but the two of them took their time to help her warm up to them and made her feel comfortable. Dr. Angiello was super helpful in explaining everything he talked about and I never felt like he was rushing us out of there. We are super happy with the whole experience and we highly recommend them!!

Elizabeth Casey

3 years ago

I have seen Dr. Angiello, Dr. Yoshida, Dr. Ritter, and most often, Dr. Kahn. Every one of them is excellent. My favorite thing about Hudson is that they never make you feel like you're asking too many questions or taking up too much of their time. They are always extremely generous with their time and answers, genuinely care about your pet, are extremely knowledgable, and have great bedside manner. The rest of the staff at Hudson (including those at the desk) are wonderful, friendly, and helpful too and always take special care to make your pet comfortable at the office. So thankful to have found Hudson Animal Hospital for my sweet baby Stella!

Sophia Takashima

3 years ago

From making the appointment, things were very efficient and smooth. The receptionist was accommodating and responsive, and on the day of the appointment, the doctor made sure to thoroughly explain everything I needed to know for my pup, and he was happy with his appointment, although he's usually a nervous wreck!

ariana silvestro

3 years ago

I am honestly so upset and distraught over my experience here. We are new pet owners and recently moved into the area, we came here because of the proximity to our apartment and great reviews! Everything started off great, but then not so much. We had to have multiple follow up visits due to things not being handled/addressed in our initial visit. After going through my rescue pet’s medical history again I noticed that many problems she’s having seem to be issues she has had in the past with solutions that seem to have worked but when having a conversations with the vet they didn’t have any knowledge of the medical history it seemed. We also had the worst experience with a nurse who was incredibly rude and condescending. We are new pet owners who is looking for this team for guidance rather than an attitude. Lastly, we had put our pup on a medicine that was recommended by the vet and after everything I did a bit more research finding that there are serious warnings and statements put out by the drug company themselves NOT to give this medicine to dogs under 12 months. In fact the trail for puppies was ended short due to the complications and serious effects it caused. My puppy is 6 months old taking the same dosage recommended for 12 months old. The vet never mentioned this at all to us which makes me wonder did they even realize her age? From the unprofessional experience with the nurse to the lack of information & communication it’s fair to say I will never be returning again! This all took an already stressful situation and made it way worse. BEWARE of this clinic and make sure you do all your research prior to going.

Camile Persaud

3 years ago

Hudson Animal Hospital came highly recommended by a family member. We also had such a positive experience here. Dr Angiello and his staff are truly one of a kind. Dr Angiello is thorough and explained everything to us on our puppy’s surgery day. During the surgery, we were kept updated and felt very comfortable. We knew she was in great hands. Our puppy has anxiety issues but we were confident in the care she received. Thank you.

sharedvisions Jefferson

3 years ago

Thank you so much for taking an emergency appointment with a new patient at the very last minute. All of the support people as well as the Vet. were pleasant and very efficient without making their customers feel rushed. My dog who has a touch of separation anxiety seemed relatively calm when i handed her over to them as well as when she was returned to me. The best recommendation a Vet can get!

Rob Motto

3 years ago

Dr. Angiello & staff saw our puppy for her initial check-up. They were very professional and treated her with comfort keeping it a very positive and happy experience. We are so lucky to have Hudson Animal hospital for our new puppy and us as new dog owners.

Camilla Opperman

3 years ago

Dr. Kahn and the rest of the team were absolutely wonderful! Highly recommend.

Chris Turner

3 years ago

Friendly, professional and thorough. Great experience

Resham Ramchandani

3 years ago

We rescued a dog last week and took him to Dr Angiello for his first vet visit. We could not have been happier. After our dog’s physical, he spent an hour with us very patiently going through the 20+ question I had. He was also genuine in his recommendations and did not try to sell us on any services or products. Would highly recommend him.

Meghan Morris

3 years ago

Dr. Kahn and her colleagues have taken phenomenal care of our nervous rescue dog since we adopted him six months ago. He's as anxious as it gets around vets and groomers, and when it came time for scary shots, they did a great job adapting to help him feel comfortable. We've never had long waits or scheduling issues, and their covid precautions have made us feel very comfortable. Can't recommend enough!

Denise Liddiard

3 years ago

I just moved to NYC and my dog needed dental cleaning and extractions. I hate to put my little dog under anesthesia but I read up on the doctor who was to perform the procedure and I was very confident in her! They told me they would take good care of him and that I could call as many times as I needed to check on him. So nice. Georgie is healthy and recovering and I am very happy with the treatment today. A+! Thank you SO much!

Kurt Maddern

3 years ago

Great all around experience and service with our first few vet visits. Dr Ritter has great bedside manner and was very helpful answering all our questions and informing us about everything we needed health wise for our new puppy.

Jordan B

3 years ago

Dr. Angiello took the time to explain and answer questions that I had with my pup. Since this is my first dog, I had a lot of questions and he couldn’t have been more caring and engaging. I can’t thank him enough! His office staff is great too and they are always friendly and helpful!

Karen Evans

3 years ago

A couple of years ago, I was looking for a new vet for my cats because my old one was closing and I wanted some place closer to my neighborhood. I happened upon Hudson Animal Hospital and I feel so lucky to have found them. Drs. Angiello and Ritter are great. They really care about my cats' health and genuinely seem to love animals. They spend a lot of time thoroughly examining them and getting to know their full health history. The doctors as well as the staff are gentle and accommodating with my cats. I like the fact that they have a designated cat exam room where my cats can roam freely and look out the window because it eases the stress on them. Both doctors are quick to return my calls and follow up with test results and recommendations. The place is always immaculately clean and is well-run. The staff is friendly, efficient and helpful, and appointments run on schedule. I really trust them with my cats' health care.

Jor-El Caraballo

3 years ago

Accessing vet care, even routine care, hasn't been the easiest during this pandemic. As such, I needed a new vet for my pup for some routine care (thankfully). We both run a little anxious and I was really happy to meet with Dr. Angiello who is as thoughtful, kind and knowledgable as the other reviewers suggest. Even though I had minimal interaction with the staff overall (due to pandemic restrictions), the conversation I did have was very kind, professional and thorough. And the pup seemed to mind her vet visit a little less and that makes this dog dad happy.

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