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H. Jules

2 years ago

We literally rather take a 25-35 minute trip here than walk three blocks to the Milo, so that tells you a lot

Victor VonWolfolk 3rd

2 years ago

Professional, Loving, Caring, Informative. Just a few of the many words I could use to describe this Vet Clinic.

Kat M

2 years ago

Dr Stephanie Liff has been so patient and understanding with our dog and is very knowledgeable and generous with her time as well. So glad to have found her!

K Richardson

2 years ago

The staff here is so kind and helpful. This is our regular vet and I feel at ease each time. I trusted them to put down my 13 year old pup and have appreciated the kindness they've shown to me (and my other dog). Absolutely recommend.

Grace Kim

2 years ago

Not to sure where to start. My cat had some issue during pandemic and needed to see a doctor immediately. Doctor never shows up their face at curbside to explain. All conversation through via only PHONE. I don't even know if they really check up my cat for the area that she needs for examination. Because no improvements were showing after few weeks. The only time they show up faces at curbside is when you drop off your pets and when they collect money to release your pet(feels like hostages my pet until payment is cleared up). I even asked to use coupon that I purchase on yelp 50usd for value of $75. But it ends up just deducting same amount of $50 from the invoice.

Peter Gruskin

2 years ago

This place is amazing. I found a stray cat who was super sweet and they took very good care of her. Even gave me a donated cage and food for free and helped me find a new owner for her. I am so grateful to the kind staff there!!!

Keisha Noel

2 years ago

My furbaby loves it here. The staff is absolutely great with him

Maria Soto

2 years ago

I guess you have to be white to go inside the place. It does say 3 people at a time but there's one in there and my brother would be 2 and I be 3rd but no ,again you have to be white in this area in order to go inside and to use the bathroom.

Veronica Foxworth

2 years ago

Pure Paws staff are friendly and professional. During pandemic they took extra precautions wellness for my cat and everyone to be safe. The vet answers all my concerns and gives suggestions keeping my cat healthy. Staff takes great care of my cat while he is there. Thank you Pure Paws!

Caitlin O'Brien

2 years ago

We've recently moved my second cat to Pure Paws (originally with a different vet) because we love the service here and know we can trust the doctors- both in the care they give our pets and their transparency and honesty with cost of care.

Jennifer Bender

2 years ago

Pure Paws has been there for us so many times, including answering questions in between appointments. Dr. Charles is the absolute best!

Belle Hermosa

2 years ago

Pure Paws is absolutely fantastic! I’ve been taking my pets there for years. The doctors and the staff are awesome. They also did a great job during the pandemic by taking many precautions to keep my family and my fur babies safe. I highly recommend them!

Alexandra Kahn

2 years ago

Beware of this place- the staff doesn’t communicate and it has caused me multiple really frustrating and expensive problems.

Nathan Meshberg

2 years ago

Expensive. Would try to go elsewhere if you could. Place smells like pee pee. Not very clean.

Percy Holmes

2 years ago

I love Pure Paws. I've been a customer for several years, and I'm surprised I haven't given a review until now. It's an honor to write a review in favor of this animal friendly veterinary practice. Here is a pic of my happy pooch.

Alice Park

2 years ago

It was a horrible experience. Their office was extremely incompetent, hard to communicate with, and irresponsible. They also overcharge you. If you are considering this vet because you need a USDA-approved vet for travel papers, please beware and try to look for other options. They messed up every single step of ours which caused significant delays, and we almost had to cancel our flight. This will be a long rant, but here is what happened: 1. They first charged us $250 for expedited processing of the rabies titer test (which should be $170 according to the lab), but they DIDN'T ACTUALLY SUBMIT IT, and we only found out after checking directly with the lab ourselves after a long wait. It was a headache to make them understand that they obviously had to give us a refund, too. 2. When the results came out, they wrote in the doctor's note it was lower than 0.5 even though it was 1.15 (!!!!) so we had to make them correct it. How can someone possibly think that 1.15 is lower than 0.5???? It is mind blowing. 3. Finally, when they had to submit the final papers, they said we would get them back in two days. A few days later we heard nothing so we called them and they said it was "being processed". And then again nothing. After much hassle we were finally able to get a hold of the doctor and guess what? THEY HAD FORGOTTEN TO SUBMIT IT (of course they told us it somehow magically disappeared on the USDA system. But the tracking number they had to generate for the application was from the later date). So we made them resubmit it, and we were finally able to get the papers literally the day before our flight. But if we were not as proactive as we were, we would not have gotten the papers on time. They charged us so much for all of their services, but we basically had to do their work for them because they were so unbelievably incompetent. The whole process caused so much anxiety kthat I'm getting emotional just by writing this again. I really hope they improve in the future.

Ivan Baranov

2 years ago

The most incompetent, unorganized vet who will overcharge and lie to you straight in the face without even blinking. We’ve been trying to get papers for overseas travel for our cat and from the very beginning they messed up every single step of the process. We started the process way in advance but finished it 1 day before the flight due to the many many mistakes from the front desk and the vet themselves. -At first they forgot to send a form to expedite the rabies test (STAT), we lost 2 weeks because of that. Their excuse was “we don’t know, it must have been the bug in the program”. Not sure how it’s possible, if you choose STAT there is an additional page for the form and payment -They also charged 250$ for expediting even though KSU only takes 170$ from them. I can probably understand why the test itself costs 371$ vs 140$ they pay to KSU, there’s a vet’s work too, but expediting literally takes no effort from them. Once we got rabies titer result (it was 1.15) they tried to convince us that it’s lower than the allowed minimum (0.5) and suggested to pay for one more test. I’m not sure in which universe 1.15<0.5, but everything is possible with them. But the most stressful part was USDA health certificate. We came to do a final checkup on May 19th and they told us it will be submitted the same day and papers should arrive in 2 days. I called in two days and front desk said “it’s processing, not ready yet”. I called back in 4 days and 5 days and asked them to check the status. They pretended to type something on the keyboard and said “we see that it’s still processing, will be back any day”. Luckily I made them to give me doctor’s email and email her directly. And guess what… doctor has completely forgotten to submit papers to USDA (her excuse was “something happened with the system and the front didn’t go through”). So she finally submitted it a week later! Just 4 days before our scheduled travel day. Luckily USDA were fast enough and returned a certificate to us 24 hours before the travel, but until the very last movement we were not sure if we will be able to fly or not. TLDR: We almost skipped our flight thanks to them. Front desk forgot to expedite rabies test, we lost 2 weeks, vet forgot to submit USDA Heath certificate, we lost one more week. They lied and provided false information on multiple occasions. They presumably overcharged for service which takes zero effort from them.

Julie Dutton

2 years ago

I loved this vet and recommend them to everyone for a couple years. Their service and care for pets has drastically decreased and it’s sad. My dog is having stomach issues they ran one test, vet tech called the next day to say it was negative. I asked what the next step would be because my dog is clearly having an issue, “I’m not sure I’ll have the vet call you”. Okay great... two days go by and I hear nothing. I call back and the response is, “the vets are very busy with the appointments they have, I can add you to the call back list again”. This is so unprofessional and shows how they care for the animals they see.

June Lewis

2 years ago

Lost records, canceled appointment last minute, poor communication


2 years ago

The staff and doctors are so caring and patient with the animals as well as understanding. They work with the owners to make plans of action.

Pamela Gendron

2 years ago

The staff at Pure Paws is lovely, and Dr. T is the best. She obviously cares about the animals which makes it easier to entrust her with their care.

Elise L

3 years ago

I never leave reviews for anything because I’m never want to speak poorly about people working hard, but I’m really disappointed with my experience here. While the doctor was very kind and clear having obviously understood I was distressed when he called to give me the report on my cat (due to covid no contact restrictions), the way staff handled the handing over of my car was highly disappointing and very stressful. After arriving you hand your pet over to staff at the door, I told the staff member there that my cat was very anxious and had just urinated in his carrier so to be gentle, and they proceeded to roughly take the carrier from me & not hold it straight, visibly distressing my cat. The same then happened with a different staff member when bringing my cat back out, where they had his carrier slung over their shoulder, causing him to slide and be shoved to the bottom of the carrier, again visibly distressed. It just seems like something that should be given more thought, when people are paying a lot of their pet’s care and are stressed about not being able to physically go to their appointment. I don’t see why my cat couldn’t haven’t been placed on the floor for me to pick up instead of roughly being handed over. I appreciate the medical services my cat received, but I will most likely be finding a new vet.

Briana Freeman

3 years ago

Came for a general check up and my cats dry heaving. After a rabies shot my cats condition only seemed to worsen with further concerns beyond an allergic reactions. Staff started to sounds like an automation and doctors still has yet to follow up about my concerns or steps to move forward. I strongly dislike this place.

Rose N

3 years ago

I have been their costumer for 7 years & four pets . With an old and sick dogs , I have needed their attention on weekly basic. The vets are great . Super professional and their availability via emails is exceptional and highly appreciated. The team is nice and kind and lately their service has become MUCH better . Not the cheapest but they worth every penny ! Highly recommended

Xiaomin Xue

3 years ago

Took my newly adopted dog here for a check up and the vets and vet techs were super nice and thorough. They would tell you how much everything costs before doing anything to make sure you're good with the costs and understand the costs without pressuring you to do anything and I really appreciated that.

Ben Castaldo

3 years ago

Your clients are adults, so treat them with basic respect. Lying to them that you don't invoice people and clients must pay on the spot is ridiculous and comical. 5 minutes prior to a payment demand, you get a call from the Veterinarian peddling insurance, which requires invoicing. You can always determine the quality of a place of business by the character of its employees in the front. This clown shop fails and should be avoided.

Sara Emily

3 years ago

Pure Paws is an exceptionally kind vet. They are handling the covid situation incredibly well and I'm very grateful to have found them. I've enjoyed working with every vet there, but Dr. Charles & Dr. Reilly have been especially helpful and good to me and my cats and I appreciate the entire practice & staff very, very much.

Kiersten Foster

3 years ago

My first vet visit during covid was SO easy. Starting with using their app to schedule and confirm my appointment, and then their system of calling and seeing your pet. I felt so safe with phone updates as my pup was with the vets. I’m so pleased with Pure Paws!

Jack Z (ZEE)

3 years ago

Although expensive. They treat my cat so well

Storm Walker

3 years ago


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