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Wesley Jones

2 years ago

I took my new puppy to Heart of Chelsea for her new puppy check-up. Staff were professional and prompt, and communicated well with me at all steps in the process, which was very welcome because vet visits are new to me. Dr. Fontana saw my pup and was kind to her and also thorough in his exam. I plan to continue working with Heart of Chelsea for the foreseeable future and would happily recommend them to fellow pet owners.

Kyle Paxman

2 years ago

I have had pets my entire life and have many experiences with vets. Heart of Chelsea is the best vet office I have ever visited. Every member of the staff is so friendly and helpful and really make going to the vet a great experience. We have seen a handful of the doctors at this office and have never had a negative experience (but have landed on Dr. Lang as our regular doctor for our pet cats). The doctors and staff are all so responsive, they take the time to get you the correct answer, and are super responsive via email or over the phone for questions between visits. The first piece of advice I give all of my friends that have gotten pets during this past year is to get them into Heart of Chelsea!

Brian Fithian

3 years ago

Heart of Chelsea Veterinary has absolutely extended our cat's life and improved his quality of life. Our cat, Hob, suffered from kidney problems early in his life, and we actually switched from another veterinary group to Heart of Chelsea because we were confused by their instructions/plan of action. Once we switched to Heart of Chelsea, our Veterinarian, Dr. Love (now no longer in the city) was extremely helpful, both in dealing with all of our endless questions and, much more importantly, in figuring out the right diet and medication to manage the situation. Hob is almost 10 and absolutely thriving. He is a picture of health thanks to their help. We were sad to see Dr. Love leave the city, but we continue to be extremely happy with the care Hob gets there.

Keryn Lundgren

3 years ago

They've been really lovely, treating my little dog Darwin quickly and efficiently every time he gets into something (I've had to lock down everything in my house.) They are exceedingly patient and kind with Darwin's overly anxious mommy, which I really appreciate. Yes, treatment has sometimes been a shock to the wallet but they do have care credit terms, are extremely flexible with late minute appt cancellations or changes, will take care of insurance claims, and Dr. Torschia (I know I'm not spelling his last name correctly :() saved Darwin's life soooo.... worth it. I would totally recommend!

Diana Na

3 years ago

453W 46th Street (Heart of Chelsea) I don't recommend here I will do my best to let my people know here is horrible. If you are cat mom, I don't really recommend here. They put DOG and CAT IN THE SAME AREA and try to do blood test(which is already scared test). And my cat got sacred and then they asked me "is it okay to give a calm down SHOT" which is CHEMICAL. They don't care about the animal at all. They don't know about the cat personality at all. And they don't recommend honest suggestion that means they just want to charge as much as they can do. Keep recommending something and the reason is *Just in Case*. It is not totally reasonable. And want me to charge more. Hey! HEART OF CHEALSE all of the people even they are not a doctor, they already have the information or people can get information from other hospital doctor. PLEASE GIVE HONEST SUGGESTION Please don't suggest because you guys want to make money.

Alyssa Hartmann

3 years ago

I can't say enough about how wonderful Heart of Chelsea is! Everyone there truly goes above and beyond in caring for your pet. Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Higgins are both incredibly knowledgable, and the entire staff is kind and compassionate. Everyone I've ever interacted with, whether it was in the office or over the phone, has been friendly and upbeat. They will answer any and all of your questions, and walk you through everything with such patience. They also follow up the day after your appointment to check up on your pet. I have had such great experiences with Heart of Chelsea, and highly recommend them! Looking forward to many more years of appointments there!

Ksenia Knyazkina

3 years ago

horrible experience. bunch of butchers trying to sell you more things. horrible attitude, mistakes. Never going there again.

Grant Brenner

3 years ago

Dr. Fracapane has been veterinarian to our two older cats for a couple of years. She is super-smart, professional, caring and spends time to make sure everything is addressed properly.

Douglas Klassen

3 years ago

Our two Ocicats, Bibi and Sabi, have been cared for at HOC 18th Street for 7 years now, and we are extremely pleased with the care they receive - currently from Dr. Bassman and her very competent and friendly colleagues. Bibi has diabetes which has been difficult to manage, but Dr. Bassman (and prior colleagues) have been absolutely responsive between visits via texts and e-mails, recommending insulin dosage adjustments and helping to monitor his condition. The entire staff, from vets to technicians to front desk, are always professional and immediately responsive. The facility is spotless, well-equipped and welcoming. It was also important to us that our veterinary clinic (especially when choosing a new one as we did in 2014) be AAHA certified, which assures us of at least a baseline level of proper veterinary practices and procedures. They are not cheap but, as with much in life, you get what you pay for. Highly recommended!

Kelly Vigneron

3 years ago

I have been taking my dog to this vet for 3 years and am so happy with their service. They are extremely thorough, very responsive when I call or send an email with a request, and I trust my dog is in wonderful hands. I would recommend this place to ALL dog owners.

Charles Ginsberg

3 years ago

Our cat Carlton was diagnosed with the lethal FIP disease and we chose Heart of Chelsea after our original vet couldn't offer much help (typical since FIP has a high fatality rate and no official approved cure). Heart of Chelsea Vet Group first helped us by getting us in touch with another cat owner who's cat had survived FIP with experimental injections. With the other owner's help we got in touch with the FIP Warriors (FIP advocacy group) and we were able to get Carlton the experimental FIP treatment as a last resort. Because the FIP injection treatment wasn't approved by FDA (still experimental), my girlfriend and I had to inject our cat on daily basis at home. I had never injected my cat (let alone anyone or myself) before, but I had to step up to the task to save my cat. Heart of Chelsea Vet group's vets showed us their professional techniques in restraining our cat and properly injecting the cat. They demystified all the care techniques so that we would be able perform the injections and all the after care in our home. They were very engaged with Carlton (even though they were not allowed to administer him the experimental therapy) --- they were always there providing Carlton care and monitoring his vitals regularly. Every followup visit started to give us more and more hope as we saw signs of improvement within the 1st month. What started off as a scary and tragic case became a manageable case with Heart of Chelsea's involvement. In the end (after about 6 months), Carlton our cat survived and we are truly grateful for all the care and advice from Heart of Chelsea. They are now are primary vets going forward for both our cats.

Dalton Flan

3 years ago

Try them out. My dog got tested here

Steve S.

3 years ago

Having come from another vet in the neighborhood who was a bit too disorganized, it was a relief to come to Heart of Chelsea. For one, the online process of booking an appointment was a plus. It also made communicating the nature of the appointment easy. My previous vet relied on a very absent minded receptionist who on my last appointment didn't even communicate the reason why I was bringing my dog. Regardless of Covid restrictions, (which was my former vet's excuse), if you communicate something over the phone while making an appointment, it should be explained to the vet if you are not allowed into the facility. Bonus however, Heart of Chelsea does have a big socially distance exam room. So I was able to enter in with my dog. Dr. Nguyen was friendly, knowledgeable and the visit was productive. My dog will be going to HoC from now on.

Mary Lynn Cristiano

3 years ago

Everyone at Heart of Chelsea is absolutely amazing, I could not recommend them more. Every time I have called they have been incredibly kind, receptive, and patient with me. I live fairly far (in New Jersey) and I've been taking my puppy, Biagio, to them for a little over a month. Both Dr. McNulty and Dr. Summers are a joy to speak to. I enjoyed my experience with them so much that I switched my other dog, Sasha, to them after she was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor. I felt her original vet was a tad cold, uncaring and negative when we spoke about results and treatment options whereas Dr. Summers had a positive and upbeat attitude about everything. I feel the entire team at Heart of Chelsea is that way as well. Their prices are also fantastic. It's totally worth the $16 Lincoln Tunnel toll to pay half what I would pay at any vet in New Jersey. They have always worked with my insurance and my own money, they understand that times are tough due to corona. I recommend them to ANYONE who is looking for quality animal care. Sasha and Biagio absolutely adore the entire team and I do as well ❤️

gissell malfitano

3 years ago

Incredible team that runs, manages and hires the doctors here! Ive never been more impressed on all level including the follow up which is exceptional. I trust the team and highly recommend Dr. McNulty and his staff. Our dog actually loves to visit even when he's not feeling well. Highly recommend this location and this team for a cared pet.


3 years ago

I would definitely recommend this clinic. Also Dr. Nguyen is the best. He took care of my best friend and he is very trustworthy. When came the time to say goodbye to my dog, Dr. Nguyen and his team not only took great care of my dog, but they also supported me emotionally thru the process. They are the best!!!

Rahil Shaikh

4 years ago

This is a very good place I like it

Denise Arias

4 years ago

Very good take care of my Cat!! I love the Dr. Love and the Hospital with all the crew there working on.

Aaron Dodd

4 years ago

This place rocks. My dogs never liked going to the vet until now. They're always excited to see their vet friends.

Allison Palmer

4 years ago

I have been taking my cat to Heart of Chelsea for five years and have extremely positive experiences consistently, with everyone I have encountered there. Very highly recommend!

Doa Jafri

4 years ago

Don't go to this location! We normally go to LES, but came to Chelsea for an emergency and had an unfortunate experience. We suspected our puppy had Lyme disease, as we had found a tick on him 6 months earlier and knew symptoms were often delayed. Dr. McNulty insisted that symptoms did not show up six months later and that we must have fed our dog marijuana. We were insulted, but politely asked for a lyme disease test. Sure enough, the test came back positive. Dr. McNulty was still skeptical, insisting that our pup should have had tender joints. He asked us to bring him in again to have his joints squeezed (still no response). We were charged $200 for that "visit". Subsequent billing was an absolute nightmare, and to this day, I don't trust that this doctor treated our pup properly. We're happy to pay premium for peace of mind, and that is not what we got here-- how can you, when your google search is more accurate than your vet?

Mia Kreindler

4 years ago

What an amazing place!!! So accommodating and quick with replies. The personal follow up after the appointment is so incredibly amazing and it is so heartwarming to see that they genuinely care about each and every patient!

Samantha Welsh

4 years ago

Amazing people! Thank you for always caring for my pup. My dog is always so excited to go to the vet! 10/10

wen wenden

4 years ago

i wanted my 2 yr old dog to get his nails trimmed...They wouldnt do it because it had been more than 6 months since he had seen the vet. They said it would cost $506 for his annual visit plus protective prophylactic bloodwork to make sure he was fine, plus lots of other unnecessary vaccines and tests plus 27.22 to get his nails trimmed.... They are ridiculously cash oriented and should be embarrassed.

Melissa Hirsch

5 years ago

Dr. Nguyen was wonderful. He was very warm and personable. He answered all our questions thoroughly and did not rush through the appointment.

R Q.

5 years ago

The doctor is very friendly and professional, my dog get the best treatment and medication, if your pet has insurance, the staff will help you to complete your claim files, perfect service!

Steve Karas (Steve)

5 years ago

What a nice teamwork is there. Always smiling always nice and it always accommodate for appointments. The doctors are very knowledgeable and will answer any questions even by phone. Really really good service. I have been going there for years and I even buy my food there. Supporting the local shops.

Zach Clemente

5 years ago

This hospital, along with their sister location Lower East Side Animal Hospital, takes great care of their clients and patients. Highly Recommend.

amanda graham

5 years ago

Wouldn’t want to take my puppy anywhere else in New York especially with big things like a spay. Took my dog here and they took great care of her and were very patient with all my questions and concerns. The surgeon made a house call post surgery to ask how my dog was doing. They are very busy but always manage their facility well and if I come early for an appointment they make time. Very happy with my experience here and would recommend it to anyone that’s willing to spend the extra money for great service and responsible vets.

Vanessa Santana

5 years ago

Very nice animal hospital. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I give it four stars because the price is a little bit high for the services.

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