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Mary C

2 years ago

Need to be clear/ on the same page and a little more communication would be lovely. The volunteers/staff though have been nice in person.

Ariel A

2 years ago

I fostered two young kittens with Bideawee and ended up adopting one! Their foster program is phenomenal -- they really care about their animals, providing medical care as soon as something comes up. They're also amazing when it comes to supporting foster volunteers and set you and your foster up for success. My kitten was a foster fail! She's incredibly sweet, and the adoption process was very easy. The shelter let me know that her sister had been adopted that morning (to my great joy and relief!), and gave me everything I needed to set my kitten up for success in the first week. The cherry on top — about 10 days after I brought her home, the shelter called to make sure she was healthy, happy, and settling in well. They asked specific health questions, too! That they called to check in on her, gave her most of her kitten shots + spayed her (saving me lots of money!), and went above and beyond to make sure she and her sister were happy and healthy shows that they put animals first. I would absolutely recommend adopting from Bideawee. Any animal that has passed through this organization has been loved and pampered so they can be their best self in their forever home!

Avi Glozman

2 years ago

Walk-in adoption went really seamlessly! Everyone was great and very helpful/informative, and overall it was an astounding experience. Now we've got an adorable kitten! Not sure what all the bad reviews are about. They've made changes, I guess. Highly recommended!

Salome Maldonado

2 years ago

This is where I found something so sweet and full of love. My baby girl Jade. I love her. She's my angel. The only place to get a beautiful and healty dog in Manhattan

Jan Gar

2 years ago

I don't have words to express how grateful I am for finding this place! The process is simple. Bring documents required and you can leave, the same day, with your new baby. Filled an application on a Thursday and on Saturday I left with my puppy.

Cynthia Kienzle

2 years ago

DON'T LIKE BEING YELLED AT, ESP. AFTER I JUST MADE A DONATION I have been living a block from Bideawee Manhattan for many years. And for many years, I have brought in donations -- blankets, towels, tennis balls, miscellaneous. Yesterday, I brought in a load of donations for the front baskets which are available for the public to take. Then I walked into the main room to see if there were any dogs behind the glass to look at. There was one. A large dog. It barked. And in turn, one of the gaggle of girls in blue all huddled around the front desk yelled at me to step away. Yelled? Is that necessary? Why put the dog up front if you're going to have to yell at innocent people to not look. Especially after this person just made a donation. Is there no grownup in the office? I walked in feeling happy about making the donation and I left feeling so deflated.

Semih Us

2 years ago

Terrible communication. If you feel the paperwork online there is no guarantee that you will even see the dog. They just try to get your money. I had to take rabies shot from one of their dogs. When we had to return the dog, there were 3 other families returning their dogs because they became aggressive.

Hailey Bernhard

2 years ago

I had the most amazing experience! From the minute we walked in the front desk attendants were extremely nice, friendly and welcoming. Abby helped us with everything. She guided us though the whole process and answered every question we had. She made the whole thing so easy!! We brought home the sweetest puppy and we feel so grateful we went to Bideawee!

Rod Thomas

2 years ago

I just adopted a cat from this wonderful place. They have done such miracle work nursing him from being found in a bucket to coming home with me and being so at peace straight away. The whole team were so kind and so loving to him and the other animals, I’m so grateful to them. They really invest in their little creatures it shows so much. They were kind enough to let me take his bed that was donated to him so he felt at home and that has made such a difference. I’m so grateful for everything they did for little Sunny.

Diamond Loran

2 years ago

personally I don’t believe they spend enough time socializing their kittens.

Ghazal Mehrvarz

2 years ago

Filled out an application for two kittens last night; received an email from Maylee this morning. She asked me for documents and then we had a phone call. Next 2 hours I’m home with my cats! The process was quick. Follow ups where friendly and professional. They knew what they were doing and it was awesome to adopt from them! I’ve been looking for adoption about 6 months now and I’ve been frustrated by the slow process or no answer from other shelters. This place is great I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Thank you guys


2 years ago

Similar to what another reviewer stated, they never disclosed to me that the kitten had worms. They stated they gave him a full work up and he was fine. He later on started to bite/scratch excessively and it wasn't until my vet explained to me that the behavioral problems were caused by the worms and the all the meds we had to try. My emails/phone calls to them went unanswered until I said I had someone watching the kitten for me for a few days while I was at work due to his behavior and then I received a hostile email back saying "I should have reached out to them" before doing that (which I had) and they very conveniently still ignored the parts of my email asking them why they never disclosed the fact that the kitten had worms... not to mention the fact that there was NEVER any follow up after I adopted him, not a call, email, nothing.


2 years ago

I love Bideawee. I got all my cats from them. I am looking forward the opening of the new location and the Veterinarians services to start again.

Carolina Dilone

2 years ago

I had an awesome experience .... I honestly have no complaints ! I adopted our baby, Kane, and the staff at Bideawee Manhattan were so supportive and helpful and patient ..... Hilary would reply to my emails as soon as she could and I couldn’t be more grateful for that ! The staff there is very sweet and accommodating! I will always be grateful to them and recommend them highly ...... thanks again ! ♥️

Karl Dessenne

3 years ago

Best place to adopt! Crew is patient and attentive, process is straightforward, and you can tell that they care about the animals.

Julia Meyer

3 years ago

Kind staff, quick to respond to emails, and great with my newly adopted pup. They handled the cost of his ringworm treatment as he had it when I got him and I really appreciated that! The downside is they are a shelter/adoption agency, and so they can’t do everything in terms of extra vaccines or issues you may come across. The upside is they will give you great advice and lead you in the right direction.

Bram van den Heuvel

3 years ago

Extremely unprofessional and passive aggressive communication. They have a giant stick up their behind and are not at all friendly or accommodating.

A Google User

3 years ago

Unprofessional and lack of communication

Kaiya Baronberg

3 years ago

The staff were very friendly, and gave us a bed and a supply of food for our new cats, plus a quick adoption prosses with not much paperwork. We had originally picked different cats online, but they said they thought our cats would be better for us (since we have 2 kids in the family.) They sounded like they really cared about us and what cats we got.

Ms. M. Lalli

3 years ago

Amazing staff and facility. Highly recommend!

AJ InBrooklyn

3 years ago

Told us the bonded pair of dogs we adopted were good with cats. Further from the truth. After a week we had to bring them back. Even after telling them the dogs were super aggressive towards our cat and we had to bring them back they refused to refund our adoption fee of $500. They lie to people and collect multiple adoption fees for the same animals.

Jean Johnson

3 years ago

They helped me find the perfect pet for me. She's just a wonderful little cat!

T Flo

3 years ago

We adopted a very sweet, female lab mix puppy from the Westhampton site after seeing the dog on their webpage. I filled out the application online, and the next day took the two hour trip out to Long Island to meet the puppy. Thankfully she was still available. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. We brought our two year old lab with us, and the staff had the puppy and our dog interact in an outdoor pen to make sure they were good with each other. The actual adoption process & paperwork etc, was very smooth. Everything was explained, and we were given a supply of the puppy’s current kibble & canned food. The facilities are clean and the dogs are well cared for. Our puppy is a delight! We were very lucky to adopt her. She was spayed, chipped, wormed, and vaccinated by Bideawee. They also explained when the next round of vaccinations by our vet was due. I would definitely recommend Bideawee Westhampton.

Alexandra Levinson

3 years ago

I rescued my dog from Bidawee Westhampton in December 2018. The place was so clean, dogs taken care of there, on a good diet and my dog was healthy and has been a blessing for the last two years I've had him! I recently wanted to get him a sister and went to Sportsmans Kennel who took my deposit then gave the dog to someone else. It was a horrible experience so I decided to adopt again and plan to (if my dog likes her) get another puppy from Bidawee Wantagh within the next few days! Highly recommend them due to professionalism, cleanliness, organization, care for the animals and simple process in adopting.

Haleigh Ciel

3 years ago

What a wonderful adoption experience! I had been following Bidawee and when little Flint (now Louis) popped up I immediately applied. The next day I got a phone call and email asking if I wanted to come into meet him! I went in the next day and they were so helpful. They first introduced me to Flint and we got to go to a room to connect and play. Of course, I fell in love and then we started the paperwork adoption process. The harness I brought didn't fit him so they gave me an extra they had that was small enough. They also gave me a big folder with all of his medical history, ample information on how to be a puppy parent, and a bag and can of food to start him off - it is a process to switch puppies food. I love that Louis was neutered, microchipped, registered with NY State license, and up to date as possible with his shots. Both of the employees were so helpful, supportive, and kind. They also empowered me to keep in touch if I need help or had any questions. I am so blessed to have Louis in my life and eternally grateful for Bidawee for helping him to find a furever home!


3 years ago

Just walked out of this place for the second time today. Absolute waste of time. Sent us back this morning because we need proof that we live in a home even though we called earlier before coming. By the time we got back the dog was already adopted and they didn’t even want to look at our ID. Absolute worst service. Would not come back to adopt from there and would certainly not recommend this place to anyone. Wasted half my day with their none sense.

Endazsia Peters

3 years ago

The facility was very clean. Staff was super friendly! The process was quick and easy.

Nora Laine Herzog

3 years ago

My fiancé and I adopted our second cat (named Fish at the shelter, my fiancé renamed him Xerxes) from Bideawee at the end of February. We came intending on getting a kitten to keep our older cat company, but Fish/Xerxes surprised us. The shelter was incredibly friendly, introduced us to all of the cats, told us about unique quirks and potential issues, as well as their stories and what kinds of environments they were thought to do best in. We fell in love with Fish/Xerxes and we took him home. They gave us full medical records and a number to call if there were any issues. Xerxes is now a very happy member of our family, and I appreciate so much the team at Bideawee for taking care of him until we adopted him.

sanjay ramanathan

3 years ago

The caretakers were very affectionate and very kind. It made or visit pleasant. 100% would visit again.

Sushi Sue

3 years ago

I had been trying to adopt a cat for weeks and had applied to multiple shelters in NYC, Long Island, and NJ but the matches always fell through. I realize that it’s hard for shelters to operate in the current pandemic-induced, WFH conditions but after dozens of applications submitted only to be told that the cat no longer was available or to be put on hold for days and THEN told that the cat was no longer available, I was definitely frustrated. Bideawee was different. Literally the day after submitting an application, one of their adoption counselors - Kerrie - contacted me. She was extremely receptive in discussing what I was looking for, and also very helpful when suggesting possible matches and each candidate cat’s personality. You can tell that they really know their animals. I was scheduled for an appointment the next day, went in and fell in love with my first choice, and took him home that very same day. If I had known adopting could be this efficient, I would’ve come here first. The appointment with the cat is laid back, really giving you time to interact with them, the application process is straightforward, and they provided me with an abundant amount of food to start. All of the staff were extremely friendly as well, not just Kerrie. Overall, a great experience and I cannot recommend Kerrie and this place enough. I got exactly what I was looking for, and the entire process from start to finish took less than 3 days.

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