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Teyonna Aiken

2 years ago

Imagine waiting outside in the cold for 5 hours so that you can adopt a cat for Christmas. Then, imagine being told that the specific cat you emailed about is not at that location. Then, imagine being told that they have no kittens at all and then leaving. Then, imagine receiving a phone call to come all the way back for a different kitten just to watch in horror as that same kitten is adopted right in front of your face! I am devastated, hurt, and completely turned off from adopting after this experience. What a disgusting situation to process the day before the holiday. No valid explanation, no apology, just excuses. The manager shrugged her shoulders with indifference and I left in tears. Literally, my exact experience. Wow.

Alexandra Shi

2 years ago

Adopted our Lou from Best Friends back in march! Best decision we’ve ever made. Lou was a very traumatized and scared cat but they could tell that he was a sweetheart who just needed time, and they were completely right. During the adoption process, they were so on top of things despite operating during the pandemic, and the entire process was seamless and stress-free. They made sure we were well-informed and provided care guides, and they obviously care so much about animals and finding them caring, loving homes (shoutout to Kristen!!)

Aaron Dames

2 years ago

Proud new foster parent. My dog Jamal is the perfect companion and family pet. It's an honor to have this opportunity, to save lives and end no-kill. I'll continue my help in any way I can.

Joanne Mackie

2 years ago

Such a beautiful welcoming space. I'm delighted to have brought a few new family members home today.

Melissa Jones

2 years ago

Such a nice facility with lots of cute animals and friendly staff.

Kasi “Angel Rider” Pelligra

2 years ago

A little expensive for adoptions... but staff were all very friendly!!!!


2 years ago

The women at entrance didnt let me see any animal to they only had one cat when I ask to see her to see if i adopt her she said no you can't . It seems that they jaill that one cat and not letting people adopt because they properly get donation $ from people at same time keeping that only one cat they have jailed to make money out of it . She was also rude

Rory Wing

2 years ago

The staffs are very friendly and response via email, phone or text very fast. Most importantly, they really really care about the animals. Highly recommend! And thank you for trusting us with Joumou!

Evelyn Gonzalez

2 years ago

Hopefully its open during the Summer to adopt.

Emily Amanda

2 years ago

I scheduled a viewing appointment online and it was quick and easy. When I got there I was the only visitor and the place was nice and clean and inviting and the staff were so friendly. After going through the two rooms I fell in love with a sweet orange boy who had just arrived there the night before and I got to take him home right away. Adoption was sweet and simple and straight forward and I couldn't be happier with my decision to adopt from them. I've had this little guy for two months now and I absolutely adore him. I plan to return soon to get him a companion <3 I highly recommend!

Yukie Nammori

2 years ago

Best Animal shelter in NYC,I found the cutest sister kittens and they are well behave,snuggle and sweet,they have been bringing happinss everyday,very greatful.

Betty Chen

2 years ago

First time fostering puppies and I loved the experience. Great followups reminders and overall service from the team. Loved my puppies and happy they got adopted to good homes in three weeks. Thank you to Emily, Lauren, Matt and Timothy!!

Abbie Richards

3 years ago

Highly recommend. Due to Covid, there was a long waitlist and we were unable to meet our cat in person once we got an appointment. Thankfully, the team was extremely thorough and I must say the process to find the right fit for us was effortless! We love our little guy.

Tracey Seekins

3 years ago

Anyone helping or rescuing animals is excellent in my book!! Keep up the amazing work!!

Xiao Mei

3 years ago

Updated: still so happy to have him in my life, having a cat is awesome ❤️ Just adopted a cat today. This animal shelter is by far is most clean shelter in NYC. The staff knows their cats and dogs very well and they feed the cat nice brand(nature valley’s instant) and mostly wet food which is surprising. I am very happy with the cat I adopted today!

Sharon Tunstall

3 years ago

Bought a wonderful cat name Usher. And we love him so much❤

Roderick Best

3 years ago

Went to dropoff some dog food as a donation. They are doing a fantastic job.

Nicholas Castilho

3 years ago

my girlfriend and I adopted a puppy. we loved the place and love him! he’s doing great and the staff at this location were great and helpful

Lindsey Todorinova

3 years ago

Very bad people... Ugly and too expensive everything is ???? ???? ????. Never ever... My dog look sol ugly after hearcut with this lady

Leo Suarez

3 years ago

Still closed to the public

Jonathan Salas

3 years ago

Super clean and we'll organized

Jay Blue

3 years ago

So I remember my first experience with this place was when I was a senior in highschool and I had made a 2 hour trip to view the selection. The second I stepped in I was promptly told to leave as I looked too young to be able to adopt. I assured them I was 18 and they told me they don't want their time wasted and I was free to come back with my parents some other day. I was so upset the whole way home, I never forgot the name of the place because from that day on I stopped my search for a cat, I was that discouraged. Years later, I decide to try again and I purposefully avoided this place up until I found a number of kittens I was really interested in. I applied, thinking perhaps the place had changed, I had been applying every now and then before and during quarantine but haven't been getting any responses. I call one day wondering if they were open to the public to try and increase my chances of getting a cat but when the lady had picked up and was answering my questions she seemed so confused and unable to answer most of them. She had even let it slip that cats are placed on a first come first serve basis, so I would have to put in multiple applications to increase my chances since alot of applications are not even opened. This really made me question the way things are run at this place. Would not recommend.


3 years ago

They are really hardworking and really kind and respectful. I got my pet kitten from here and the volunteers told me what to do for him and how to properly take care of him. They spent 2 hours explaining everything to me but that shows me they care and want to do their job!!

Esteban Medina

3 years ago

Was looking to adopt a dog. And was treated horribly by a male supervisor. Who told me that the price advertise was incorrect and that the price was $250. .. Never again will visit this adoption center.

Erica Dingler

3 years ago

I had visited Friday and I attended Small Dog Saturday at this shelter yesterday and enjoyed my experience so much I had to review here. Even though I didn't find the right pup for me yesterday they made the process/event seamless and welcoming. Their facility is very clean, staff is friendly and able to answer all of your questions if not by one volunteer, but as a whole team. I will definitely be back again! I hope all the small dogs that were there Saturday did find happy homes!

Alyssa Jones

3 years ago

Best Friends is a fantastic organization with a great mission, and the NYC lifesaving center is a truly special place. One of my kitties was adopted from the lifesaving center, and the other also through best friends, albeit through foster winning. :) The staff here truly loves and cares for all the animals and if you choose to foster, the staff will offer plenty of support to help your animal get off to a great new start. I absolutely recommend best friends whether you are looking to adopt, foster, or even volunteer (once it’s safe again, of course).

Hardwrick Johnson

4 years ago

How much is it to Adopt little dog

Joanna Mei

4 years ago

I adopted my cat here. They are way too clean and upscale to even be called an animal shelter. But that’s what they essentially are. Adoption fee is the same as anywhere else. They really take care of their animals, shots and check ups are all up to date. I have recommended this place to everyone who wanted to adopt.

jahaira garcia

4 years ago

The best place I volunteered at hands down. I enjoyed every minute of it giving people tours and talking to them about the kittens, dogs and cats. The people were always friendly and you can touch the cats and play with them.

Johnny Rivera

4 years ago

They had a special during 4th of July weekend which I adopted my cat boxley

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