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Francis Kotarski

2 years ago

Our previous vet diagnosed our senior cat with mid-to-late stage CKD and delivered us a somber prognosis that he was going to kick the bucket very soon without a constant, relentless supply of low-protein prescription Hills food, which they conveniently sold on the premises. Just a remark on feeding our cat home-made food was met with borderline derision. Also got a vibe that the alternative to a prescription diet was to put him down then and there, because without the prescription food he was toast. And the front desk was like a mini-Petsmart, with bags and cans up and down the walls. After that experience I ran out the door intent on finding a new vet. I complained during the drive to The Cat Doctor that it wouldn't be much better and would ultimately be a waste of time. How wrong I was. Dr. Penyy set the record straight (senior kitty's CKD was in fact early-stage), recommended over the counter medication to make him more comfortable and improve his QOL, and finally referred us to Cornell for a tailored home-made diet, after we broached the subject. No ridicule, no lecture on the endless danger of feeding animals human food - just some tips and a referral. Needless to say she knocked it out of the park and our cat has been doing fairly well since then. That was three years ago. The pragmatism and realistic assessments that we have gotten from Dr. Penyy over the years have kept me comfortable coming back. She has since been our go-to for keeping the old kitty's hyperthyroidism in check, and the pragmatism and actionable advice never ceases to impress us. These folks care about animals, have the necessary expertise and above all are not running a commercialized pump-and-dump operation like my last vet (and so many others). Recommendations for brand names are provided sparingly and usually if asked - never pushed - and upselling is kept to a minimum. The walls of the front desk aren't lined with product, and what's there is not relentlessly pushed. Pricing feels above average but the quality of care IMO makes it worth the cost. Front desk is always friendly and accommodating, although scheduling can be difficult because of how busy the place is, but they do their best to get everyone's cat seen and it shows. The lobby and rooms are kept clean. I have nothing but praise and I tend to think that The Cat Doctor saved my cat, because if I listened to my last vet he probably wouldn't be around now.

Raphael Landes

2 years ago

Thank you for this review. I will share it with the staff they love seeing such positive reviews!

Eddie W

2 years ago

I brought my cat Meeshu to the clinic for the first time. The reception staff is very friendly and Dr. Penyy is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. Highly recommend this clinic.

Sabrina Novick

3 years ago

The staff are lovely, personable, professional, caring and always on point. Dr. Penyy, although obviously very busy, always takes the time to answer any and all questions and is very responsive by phone as well. She also is very caring, reassuring, professional, and informative. I finally found a Vet for my cat who I feel I can trust. Also, I don't agree with the reviews that say this office is overpriced - I have found them to be reasonable and also that they don't push unnecessary treatment or visits. They seem to me to be primarily motivated by caring for the pet and the pet owner. Thank you all at the Cat Doctor!

wendy bonczek

3 years ago

anytime I bring 1 of my 5 cats to "The Cat Doctor, they consistently get ""10-STAR"" treatment. All cat/pet owners can be assured that their pet will get the ultimate in veterinary treatment. My big male cat "Gray Cloud" had his tail amputated after getting into a horrible situation. "Gray Cloud" is as healthy as he could ever be. Totally rehabilitated!!!!! Get Your Cat to ""THE CAT DOCTOR'''. Wendy E. Bonczek

Todd Drummer

3 years ago

Dr. Penyy and the whole staff at The Cat Doctor were extremely warm, caring, knowledgeable and professional - not something you expect or often find at other vets. It was truly a pleasant and refreshing surprise. They went out of their way to see us on short notice and took genuine concern in the well-being of our cat. Laura was incredibly kind, compassionate and empathetic - the pride she takes in her work and genuine love of cats is apparent the second you speak with her. Dr. Penyy and Christine were amazingly patient, thourough and meticulous. I highly recommend The Cat Hospital - you won't find a better team of dedicated professionals to entrust your cat with. Thank you a 1000 meows!!!


3 years ago

What does a “comprehensive” exam include? Please be aware we spent more than $200 at this office. Why is blood work an excessive fee of more than $200? Why was I not allowed in the exam room with my ill cat? If public schools are open in the midst of COVID-19 then I should be allowed in the exam room with my ill cat. Advertising is very vague, key word “comprehensive” - this word equates to “all inclusive” therefore, blood work should not have been a separate fee.

Daniel Ritson

3 years ago

Dr. Penyy is, without question, the best veterinarian with whom my wife and I ever had the pleasure of dealing. We now live an hour away and, if we had an issue with our cat, would drive down to Long Island to see Dr. Penyy without a second thought.

Jason Kozlowski

4 years ago

I took my cat Hakuna to The Cat Doctor for boarding, referred to by another veterinarian who only boarded dogs. I was very thankful that I did, for their care, attention to detail, and quality of staff and facilities were outstanding. The veterinarian and her assistant were dutiful and detailed in her screening exam, pinpointing areas to ensure Hakuna's long-term health. The desk staff were friendly and patient, and provided me with digital and paper copies of my receipts and Hakuna's medical records. The care attendant for Hakuna was excellent, sending me emails and photos with updates every other day. I was highly impressed with The Cat Doctor and the overall facility. The staff were very professional and put me at ease over Hakuna's care. The rates are very affordable, the two-story kitty condo was spacious and clean for Hakuna, and the location is good providing access to a car. I was so impressed with The Cat Doctor that I am transferring my veterinary care needs to them from my neighborhood vet, who is not bad but not nearly as thorough and professional. Excellent choice for our family, including our feline family member.

Bas Pugs

4 years ago

Terrible first impression, called was told Groupon was ok for two new kittens, then was called back told not good to use except a specific day (which it said in groupon but phone tech said it was ok) then told they will not honor two despite the fact that it says limit 2 in the offer. The handling of this clearly established there us some type of scam they trying to pull or are very disorganized.

Jose Defrank

4 years ago

Great to have a place specifically for cats; no dogs so less stressful for felines. And the doctors are very caring.

Julie Curtis

4 years ago

Dr Penyy cured my cats skin issue who was being treated unsuccessfully for over a year elsewhere. Thankfully and happily she is shedding and needs to be brushed (about 50-60% of her body was bald). Doctor Penyy is taking care of my other two cats also and I happy with the results. The staff is amazing each and every one. When you arrive the staff is so accommodating you feel like they just rolled out the red carpet. I am so happy my babies skin is better and she obviously feels so much better - happy tail 24 x 7. I highly recommend The Cat Doctor

Michael Demcio

4 years ago

The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to answer a question.

sherrie aguillon

4 years ago

Best place ever!!! Great and kind staff and Dr thank you all so much for taking such good care of my cat! Highly recommend!!!!!!

Nat Ar

5 years ago

Overpriced and wasting money. My pet didn't get better after this doctor.

Camille Saldana

5 years ago

Best vet I’ve been to, hands down!

Xalimar Arendt

5 years ago

The staff and the Vets are so kind and I felt so comfortable with my cat!

Richard Stevens

5 years ago

In my 45 years of sharing my life with cats I've never found a better or more caring Vet and staff than the wonderful people at the Cat Doctor.

Scott Makosiej

6 years ago

I usually am a review lurker and not a writer. There is a reason this place has PERFECT reviews. My cat was diagnosed with bad stomatitis (periodontal disease brought on by an immune deficiency disorder) about a year ago by my regular vet …

Michele Manheimer

6 years ago

The Cat Doctor is the best! Staff including front desk and vet techs are warm, caring and so helpful. Dr Penyy is amazing and saved our Stanley’s life and has kept him healthy (he is now almost 20 years old)!

M. Cristina Zaccarini

6 years ago

This vet is absolutely fabulous: Positive, knowledgeable, professional and so sweet. She has helped my cat, Precious, through tooth and gum issues related to herpes, (acquired in a feral colony) with so much expertise and kindness! She will not suggest anything for the sole purpose of financial gain: It is all about the needs of the cat. Dr. Penny is very skilled and her confidence makes me feel like we can get through anything. I can't say enough wonderful things about the staff too: Christina, Shawn, Tim...all are fantastic, courteous and caring. They understand the unique needs of every cat and provide care based on these needs during visits and boarding. The facilities, lovely condos, are second to none. I would not bring my cat, Precious, anywhere else!


6 years ago

If you love your cat this is the place for you! They are so understanding and accommodating.......if you have any questions just ask and they will be honest with you and help any way they can. I'm so happy I found them on groupon......their prices are very very reasonable on 80% of their services..... On the other 20% it's just the normal cost at a vet office......

Grace Figueroa

6 years ago

Dr. Penyy is a wonderful doctor. She is sincere and thoughtful. I will continue to bring my cats to her. Dr. Penyy and her staff are outstanding.

Brian Widman

6 years ago

Staff are some of the nicest and caring professionals I've met.

Ali A

6 years ago

Dr. Penny and her staff took such WONDERFUL care of my himalayan for a neuter and post op care- will definitely be coming back for year round care for both my cats. Super friendly, caring and GENUINE. No frills/scams, just upfront and efficient care. The team called me multiple times before and after the appointments to check on my little baby and totally understand both owners and the animals concerns. Come by for grooming as well!

Ana Ramirez

7 years ago

Staff were very kind, courteous and helpful. Omg!!! They really provided wonderful care for my cat and were very patient. They were all super friendly. Will come back!

Cyn Thia

7 years ago

I recently starting taking my old girl here and Dr. Penyy has been giving her the very best care.

Mildred M. Tassone

7 years ago

The staff at The Cat Doctor is terrific, the care of our Kitties is the best. They work with you on how to best treat you cat and are always helpful with advice.

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