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Vicky Guarnieri

2 years ago

I brought my dog for training. I recommend trainer Tom highly.

N. Z

2 years ago

Pretty dirty. My son enjoyed looking at the hamsters and snakes. Not much to buy.

Leah Hizami

2 years ago

Rude aquarium staff lectured me about fish care without just telling me it's their policy (don't know if this is true) to not sell fish unless aquarium is fully set up and conditioned. They should start the conversation with their list of requirements and save the customer time and frustration

Carly Schweizer

2 years ago

Jen is a nasty women and should have never been hired to work retail


2 years ago

Teddy had a blast !

Fotini Lampsa

2 years ago

Grooming staff doesn’t treat the dogs very well in front of customers. I can only imagine how the dogs are treated when no one is watching them. They had bad attitudes and most of them are just standing around doing nothing. My dog is not a fan of the crate after the cut as most dogs aren’t and I heard his whining when I walked in along with a few other dogs barking and howling. The staff couldn’t wait for me to get out of there. I gave tip money to the girl at the desk to pass to the groomer and then she went to get my dog. The groomer expressed how much of a “drama queen” he was and “mellow dramatic” when they locked him up. As they were bringing him out she said “good riddens” and I stood there shocked. I said thank you and bye and heard nothing back. He wasn’t excessively howling or going wild. He is a dog and like any creature if he doesn’t like something he’ll express it. If you don’t like animals I think you’re in the wrong business. I will not trust them to take him back! Spoke to manager to inform them of the situation he seemed sincerely apologetic but I will not risk my dogs health and safety to bring him back.

Jean Fenelon

2 years ago

Took my dog to the Animal hospital. They also have a training center for pets. Great customer service.

Kara O

2 years ago

Place is classic animal supplies. Can’t go wrong

Myra Washington

2 years ago

My dog was in need of grooming really bad. I think it was over a year since he was last professionally groomed. Dropped him off today , and he came back looking like a new breed of dog. They provided the service even quicker than they had said it would be. Very professional and friendly. Its my 2nd time taking him here and I will definitely be returning when the time arrives for grooming again.

Wilma Morales

2 years ago

The vet service is very organized

Efraim mueller

2 years ago

The staff was honest and helpful


2 years ago

Love it always kind n helpful


2 years ago

Welcome to NY! Where gas and everything else is more expensive then NJ.

Jet Villarta

2 years ago

The lady at the cash register was very helpful. I just adopted my cat today and asked about the welcome home guide. The manager was very friendly and handed me the discount book. I saved a lot today and I’m so happy I went to PetSmart!

Charles Ippolito

2 years ago

Generally, good store. Have most stuff in stock. Can price match to their online store, which is usually cheaper. Customer service has been good. And, everyone I have ever dealt with there has treated me with the utmost respect.

J & T Ruballos

2 years ago

Had a wonderful experience at the petsmart in Nanuet, ny .. Their employee Mike D. was patient with answering all my questions & extremely helpful.

Melinda Garcia-Rivera

2 years ago

First time visiting Banfield Pet Hospital. Have to say I was pleasantly please with the service. Will definitely be back.

Eric Steiner (ShadowDad84)

2 years ago

Super courteous and friendly manager and the staff took time to show my young son all the animals. On top of that they price match, it's a win, win.

Stacey Minervini

2 years ago

Just picked my dog up from the Pet Smart in Nanuet. Apparently my groomer went home sick and after keeping my dog for 5 hours they still did not groom him. I went in very upset and when they brought him out there was no apology. In fact the the woman who brought him out was eating and got food in his fur. I don't believe they gave him water because when he came home he drank a full bowl. When he went to the bathroom he was bleeding from his rectum.this was such a horrible experience. I do NOT recommend this grooming facility.

James Fogarty

2 years ago

Have what I needed. Fair price

Maria Cordova

2 years ago

I recently went to this location to get my dog up to date on his shots, and had a horrible experience. While one of the techs brought in my dog Titan (who gets anxious around new people), she showed a lack of patience and compassion and yanked his leash to have him go through the door. In doing so, Titan hit his head against the door, loud enough for it to be heard by everyone in the waiting area. Instead of apologizing for her actions or even acknowledging what she did, she proceeded to try and bring him inside. While the manager did come out and offer some sort of sympathy, the tech herself would not try and apologize for her actions. My friend Olga (one of titans owners) and Titan left after the appointment was finished, I went back inside to express my concerns and explained my 11-year-old dog needed some compassion, not aggressive behavior. Those who work in this field should have the patience it takes to work with timid animals, if not, find another job! Even while going back in the second time, the tech still never tried to apologize or check in on Titan. Instead, she had an attitude like she didn’t want to be there working, and ldid nothing wrong. I would not recommend this location to anyone who doesn’t want their fur baby coming back out scared and anxious from the techs treatment!!

Cecilia Orzo

2 years ago

Very clean organized and workers are helpful. Never go anywhere else

Rich Herman

2 years ago

It's a Pet Smart.. That's it lol

Michel morgel

2 years ago

I went to buy a aquarium for my home, and had a great experience with the employees. Definitely recommended!!

Angy carabajo

2 years ago

Really nice very organized and clean with very nice and helpful staff

jon arras

2 years ago

Clean store and friendly staff

Julia McIntyre

2 years ago

In the past I haven’t liked petsmart. I found the people that worked there unfriendly. But I went today (twice actually) and both times I had really great cashiers. Megan especially was really friendly and I enjoyed talking to her. She seemed to really like her job and that always makes me feel like shopping isn’t such a chore.

Marisa Belle

2 years ago

We’ve been going here with my dog for the last year. Slowly but surely my dog has been hating to go more and more. She gets very stressed and cries a lot (harmless behavior), and with that the grooming staff immediately turns rude and cold with whoever comes to bring her. While grooming, she is okay and behaves more normally (still obviously stressed). Communication with the workers consist of them rolling eyes, short responses, barely any information told on their part, etc. You would think that signing up to work with dogs would bring a more patient, understanding response to these situations, but no. Don’t bring your dog here if he/she is stressed easily or if you want a welcoming environment with animal-loving workers. Won’t be coming here to groom my dog again.

Stuart Diamond

2 years ago

Service and courteous but items are a bit pricey. Dog Food and actually Grooming/Services less at PETCO.

jeanRichard Therasse

2 years ago

It’s a really great store and the people are very nice and helpful

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