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Laura Fidget

2 years ago

Extremely disappointed with the service at the Clinic. I brought my animals here when they were younger and it was wonderful, however the current staff is very unpleasant. Very rude, and completely unaccommodating to their clients. When making an appointment, the women was extremely rude while I was trying to explain to her what was happening. I understand a cancellation fee, however my sister was meant to bring the pet, she lost track of them time with work, and received a call that he appointment had been cancelled, which granted she was late but now has has no appointment and has to pay a 75$ fee even though she could have been there in 5 minutes had the woman asked or bother to care at all. It is a scam, she didn't offer anything to make it for it, or try to make another appointment or try to have her come in. Completely unaccommodating. Life happens, and this doesn't feel like a vet that is willing to help the community at all. They speak money and that is it. It's not even like you are talking to someone who is friendly, and understanding. Just rude and condescending.


2 years ago

If you expect them to be on time, forget about it. It’s the 4th time that I get there at 9.30am and even tho they’re supposed to open at 9am, they’re actually closed. I don’t care if they open at 9am or at 11am, but please update the opening hours accordingly. There were other 2 costumers with me, waiting for the shop to open, they told that they’ve experienced the same issue several times. And if a costumer points out that it’s not the first time that this happens... please have the decency to simply apologize instead of starting an argument. What happened to the good old costumer service? Funniest thing of all, if costumers are late for an appointment, they must pay the price of 2 visits (late appointment fee).

Kyle Diamond

3 years ago

To begin, there should be a way to give 0 stars. The owner of this vet is a real crook and seems to think that they can get away with charging $64 to cut our 2 dogs nails (might I add, small dogs) without telling us the price. When I called and asked for the owner to call me back (my fiancé was the one who took them and was floored after the nails had been cut and was given the total), obviously he/she never did. The woman I even spoke to admitted that we should have been told before hand. To make things worse, we had this done no more than 2 months ago there where we paid $25 for both dogs! They seem to use a common excuse across the board with other reviews that they can't find us in their system. Sorry, this is BS! I expect a response by Monday as to how you think you can get away with charging $64 for 5 minutes of work... this wasn't surgery here!

Lola Garant

3 years ago

At first I liked the place but went in at the end of November 2018 for a routine exam where they almost killed my cat and I’m left 14 months later still waiting for them to pay me back 375$ worth of emergency bills. The technician asked me if I wanted extra vaccines for my cat, I was interested at first but after speaking with him I decided not to take it and told him “you know what, my cat doesn’t go outside during the winter time so I’m NOT going to get it”. The vet came in, didn’t tell me what they were injecting my cat with and it’s only when I saw her check the other vaccine in my cats health book that I knew he just received the unwanted vaccine. I told the vet, they accepted their mistake and didn’t charge me for the vaccine. My cat had a HUGE allergic reaction to it. I took him back there but the treatment they gave him didn’t fully work. They are closed at night so I had to take a cab all the way to the DMV clinic. I walked of there a day later with a 375$ bill. I brought that bill to the vet, since they injected an unwanted vaccine that caused all of this. They sent it to the vaccine company to reimburse me. I called back 8 months later, the vet forgot to do follow ups and the file was still pending. I called 13 months after the incident, the secretary told we they were waiting on “the last 50$” but doesn’t know how or when they can give me the first 325$. She told be she wrote to their accountant to know the how. It’s been over 2 weeks and every time I call they just tell we they are waiting for the accountant that works one day a week to come back to them. They still owe me 375$ to this day for almost killing my cat I’m November 2018 with a vaccine that I told them I didn’t want and gave to my cat anyway.

Martin Juneau

3 years ago

Excellent service! When they didn't have my cat food in stock, they reserved it for me at their Verdun clinic.

Sarah Zollo

3 years ago

I’ve been going there for 8 years and am very happy with their service. Dr Cloutier is an amazing vet and really sympathetic. When I went to see him during the BSL law period in Montreal, he was kind and understanding to both my pitbulls. That meant a lot and I haven’t forgotten the treatment during that time. Flashforward to the present and my Nala was diagnosed with cancer. Dr Cloutier suggested we see an oncologist and called us afterwards to find out what the diagnosis was, and has been very proactive in general as a vet. To those comments about pricing, their prices are normal if you shop around. When your dog is presenting symptoms that could show bigger problems, suggesting testing is not to scam you. You diagnose by elimination. Just like in humans. When you go to the ER with a problem, they do a battery of tests you might second guess if you had to pay for. Keep that in mind when going to a vet.

Andrew Sikora

4 years ago

This place is the definition of a scam vet clinic. Do not take your pet here. They will quote you a price before your pets exam but constantly insist on doing test during the exam that can triple the price without notifying you first. They tested my 2 month old kitten for feline leukemia (costly). After the test came back positive we were told to start considering putting her down (upwards of $800). After getting a second and third opinion we learned that any reasonable vet would never test a kitten under 6 months due to a high false positive rate. This place does not hesitate to put down healthy animals to make a profit. Do not go here.

Nico C

4 years ago

I have been here multiple times with my cat and the staff has been incredible everytime. The technician Matthew Ouimet and Dr Gosselin are extremely nice and helpful. They seem to genuinely care about your pets well being and I would recommend anyone to visit this Clinique for your animals.

Jérémie Gabourg

5 years ago

So far so good! The staff was pleasant and VERY patient with my extremely hyper dog. I'm sure other people have their reasons for the bad reviews but I haven't experienced any pushy sales pitches, careless treatments, etc.

Karolina Strychaluk

5 years ago

To the Doctor and the Staff at Clinique Vétérinaire Ville -Emard We'd like to thank Dr. Cloutier and the Staff for your care of Mimi on that difficult day. Thank you for your professionalism, dedication and above all for your kindness and understanding. We contacted the the clinic many times before we finally decided that it's time for Her to go. And you always answered all of our questions with patience and compassion. We really appreciate your support and the comfort you provided. It made our loss easier and that difficult day bearable. We were happy to have 17 and a half wonderful years with the most spoiled cat in the universe. Mimi 21.01.2001-13.06.2018 Warmest regards, Elisabeth and Karolina Strychaluk Ps. If I had another cat he/she would definitely be lucky to be your patient/friend ...also your card was greatly appreciated, Again, thank you All so much.

George Pagakis

6 years ago

I have been to this clinic for my cat and they are very professional and compassionate people. Excellent care and friendly staff. Dr. Cloutier in my opinion is one of the best doctors I have met. He has taken amazing care of my 3 cats and dog. I find it very alarming when I see reviews about price being expensive. All I can say is medical facilities don't come cheap, there is a huge investment in equipment and staff, and maintenance. Try going to a clinic for humans and see it's double the price. We love our animals and one should think before adopting one as animal Care doesn't come cheap and they do their best to save them from harm's way. I really recommend this place to anyone who wants proper care for their pets. One should ask how much before they give a bad review because they feel this place is overpriced. I read some reviews that where plain mean and I am sure if they spoke with Dr Cloutier he would have easily resolved any issues. Thanks for taking care of my pets ????

M Marte

7 years ago

WOW how Honest is this Place....They took down my bad review.... This Vet Death Shop Almost killed my Shitzu and where clueless on what they where doing. My Dog has a small meat ball on his tail from maybe from him getting bit by something and picking at it with his teeth so it healed weirdly and cause it to grow with a small meat ball(NON MALIGNANT) and we wanted to see if we can get something to burn it like a mole or cut it off(The Lump of Meat) But my 2 year old stepped on his tail and dead on the lump so it was hurting him this is why i took him there,But before it did not bother him in anyway... They started pocking it with a needle trying to get some blood out and Never gave my dog anything for the pain and charged us 70$ and send us on our way,My dog was in noticeable pain so we took care of him and got some natural ointment to put on the Needle stab wounds from the needle....And now is fine and his Old self again :D Conclusion:This place is a Death shop and I do not recommend it to anyone and to be dishonest and remove bad reviews to hide the just scary....Just imagine the other things they have removed...... If i could i wouldn't even give them one star,They deserve NONE.

Michel KM

7 years ago

Clinic is neat and tidy, staff is knowledgeable, prices are a touch hefty but your experience may vary.

Teodora Pecingina

7 years ago

All the techs, receptionists and vets are absolutely amazing, both with us and our pets. They explain everything they do and why, allowing you to understand and partake in the decision making. We have been with them for 2 years and will definitely keep with them for a long time.

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