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Saint Saens

2 years ago

They're amazing, see for yourself. Friendly, staff, friendly everything.

cathy iannetta

2 years ago

Been bringing my dogs there since 1985. Lately I've returned with my golden doodle not only service was lousy but the prices have skyrocketed. To pay 99$ for a consultation where not even the dogs temperature was taken. Sorry to say never going back.

Mélanie Martel

2 years ago

Top service for my little furry baby, highly recommended!


3 years ago

I am so pleased with my experience at this clinic. The clinic is clean and bright with cute pet supplies in the lobby, which are fun to browse while you're waiting. The staff and vets are very friendly, and you can tell they care about your pet(s). The vet gave so much helpful knowledge. It never felt like she was in a rush. She even started to do bird calls to calm/engage my cat which blew me away! That's certainly going the extra mile to make sure your pet feels comfortable. I even received a welcome card in the mail after my first visit. I was not expecting this at all and it made me super happy! I attached photos of it with my cat. :) I'm super grateful that my 16 year old kitty has a wonderful new clinic. I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic. UPDATE: 16 year old kitty is no longer with us, and this clinic made this difficult experience easier, they were gentle and made the environment comfortable. They were patient and sensitive. This goes a long way. Thank you for all you've helped with, Hôpital Vétérinaire du Nord!

judy kordahi

3 years ago

A big thanks to all the team! You really feel that they love animals and want to do anything they can to help the pets and their owners feel comfortable! I love the service and the way the listen to all the questions you have and take the time to answer every last question you have! The best vet clinic I found by far!! Thanks again!!

veronica quintanilla

3 years ago

It's an amazing yet loving place and they truly take care of your four legged friend!


3 years ago

Dr. Nunez was not attentive during a dentistry resulting in a complication requiring an emergency endoscopy at the DMV. He also did not notify me of the situation and gave my dog medication to induce vomiting several times without my consent. He also wanted to remove my dog's canine as he "claims" the pulp was exposed. I brought my dog to the DMV to have it looked at by the dental specialist and it turns out he misdiagnosed the situation and would have therefore removed a healthy tooth. In addition, the blood test and x-rays that were completed at the clinic were both incomplete.

Moh Azab

3 years ago

Super friendly and they take great care of both my cats. Nothing rough or rushed about them ❤️

Katherine Sigouin

3 years ago

Very professional and sweet staff! For some reason my dog loves going to the vet! Highly recommend

K'anchay fe

3 years ago

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the staff at Hôpital vétérinaire du nord. They are friendly and always take the time to answer my questions. Thank you for being there for my pet. You seem to have the touch to help animals. I appreciate your gentle and kind support. When it comes to keeping our furry friends healthy and adding precious years to the time we have them in our lives, there’s no one who does more for me than your veterinary team.

Felix Cartier

3 years ago

They really care about our animals

barbara chasiotis

4 years ago

Very friendly and clean. Affordable prices

Dave Murrin

4 years ago

Amazing customer care. A bit expensive but they wont pressure you if you ask them to explain the bill

Emilia Pereira

4 years ago

My cat got operated there. She was young, healthy and full of energy. A week after surgery, she stopped eating and drinking for 3 days. I took her in and she stayed overnight. I pulled her out when I realized it was going to cost me an arm and a leg! Minus the surgery, it cost me over $1000 for the one night stay and there is no one to supervise your pets overnight. They were going to keep her another night and My husband refused. Thankfully, I lustened to him. They told me I had to get an additional scan at an emergency hospital for $500 dollars to see what she had: :something about her kidneys. Instead I cancelled that appointment and nursed her back to health myself with apetite inducing medication and lots of love and attention. She's back to her old self. I'm not going back there. It's very unsettling to know that some vets seem to care more about profit and then our pets.


4 years ago

The clinic is very clean and updated. The service was great except that we had to wait for an hour to see the doctor even with an appointment. It could've been a rare occurrence but yet. Hence 3 stars.

Megan Hoareau

4 years ago

Took an appointment yesterday and got it for this morning without any problems, I was 20min late due to personal reasons and they did not mind at all. Very understanding and kind people! The vet was very gentle with both my cats and handled the whole thing quite well. She gave me an estimation before doing anything which was greatly appreciated! They explainrd everything very well to me. I am for sure coming back to this clinic for both my cats! Great team!

Nick Delnero

4 years ago

Great vet friendly staff easy to access plenty of parking.

Soylent Nigma

4 years ago

Great quality care, even better staff.

Ralitsa Mincheva

4 years ago

Dedicated and super knowledgeable staff! One of the best

Claude Trottier

5 years ago

Very good staff. But always too expensive like all other vets.

Sadiq Wahidi

5 years ago

March 13th 2018 I brought my healthy 2 year old husky to receive a routine spay surgery. They completely botched the surgery and tried to pass the blame on my dogs health. I had to spend another 1000$ at another veterinary hospital to keep my dog under observation for their mistakes. Please do not subject your animals to this clinic. I suggest the surgeon should change career and become a butcher. My dog may never fully recover because of their mistakes.

Ikhlas Abou monzer

5 years ago

Good place for your pet , they do toilettage also. I

Husky Lover

5 years ago

It’s upsetting when you can clearly see where the attention is going too especially when they charge for over night stays and no one is there watching your pet can you imagine all the other random charges they make? And what about when your pet goes in for a spay and comes out bleeding to death bruised up and now you have more to pay for at the dmv because they aren’t sure what’s wrong with your pet? Then if that’s not bad enough from the beginning they only tell you the positive and that nothing will go wrong and they run tests before your animal is ready for surgery! Plus they then tell you that you can’t pick up your animal because it’s closing hours so now your bleeding dog stays unsupervised over night and don’t forget they charge you for over night stays! I wish i could share photos of before and after what they did to my brothers dog! These are disgusting people next time you plan on having a newbie do some botched job give us the choice! Our family went rushing to pick up our pet because we were afraid they’d leave! How about this for an idea? test on your own damn animals so maybe only then hopefully you have a heart and real love for animals you’ll know how it feels to see your brothers heart break when he looks into his dogs eyes! Shame on you! And may the lord forgive you for your sins

Derick Johnson

5 years ago

Very friendly and shown most care for my Animals

claudia C

5 years ago

My kitten was not well when I took my first appointment with them. I was on the defensive at first, having shared bad experiences with Vets that clearly were only doing their jobs for money. However, the doctors at this clinic were genuinely concerned with my kitten's health, heard my concerns and demands, and took the time to talk through it with me. They were honest and I felt their sympathy when they shared the bad news with me. We tried a medication that had very few chances of saving my kitten, and after a week we saw some very positive changes. I felt that the doctor was as happy as I was about the good news. I don't want to get into details about how they accommodated me financially, but as a student with low income, I can tell you that if you are looking for a caring Vet that isn't after your money, that is transparent and professional with you, Veterinaire du Nord is that place.

Cheekytorre Da The Cartt

5 years ago

My cat needed stiches and I was able to take an appointment the same day. The doctor was very courteous and my cat did not mind her even though he is usually quite shy with strangers. The clinic was closing at 8 but the surgery took until 8:30 and I was not charged any extra fee for that. The exam, surgery and medecine altogether cost me 341,68 before taxes for stiches to the tail. I was not explicitly suggested any product or service other than what I came for. The clinic does not look that great from the outside but the inside is very neat and clean. I would go there again.

Anthony Zavaglia

6 years ago

Best Vet I have ever been to. Place is recently renovated and super clean. Staff is SUPER nice, caring, efficient, knowledgeable and above all they are passionate about animals. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

eli s

6 years ago

Vary clean and helpful very understanding reasonably priced and extremely friendly

Sarah Bullock

6 years ago

Came for a problem with my dog; he's always had fragile intestines, and would always have difficulty doing his business, which often ended up in diarrhea. Been to other vets, and they couldn't fix the problem, but it's been two weeks since coming here, got some meds and so far so good!

Stephanie Surveyer

6 years ago

Amazing staff, they have tons of empathy and take the time with patients and clients.

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