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Sheila McCulley

2 years ago

What a find! I just wish I had found this clinic sooner. Unfortunately, I spent too long with an uncaring vet, who was rough, did unnecessary tests, failed to provide the necessities of palliative care, and charged an arm and leg! When my 19-year-old cat, Missy, had reached the point where her quality of life was no longer good, I brought her here after being recommended by Felinus, and I had read all the glowing reviews. I brought the results of Missy's last blood tests to the appointment, and together with a brief examination that confirmed her kidney failure had advanced and produced thyroid and heart complications, we decided to do the difficult, yet compassionate, thing and put my sweet baby girl down. The vet made is so easy, and gentle, almost beauty. We were put in a room softly lit with candles, a comfortable pillow for Missy, and a handy box of Kleenex. I held Missy in my arms as she softly drifted off to eternal rest. I am picking up her ashes today. I can't say enough about the care & service received. It was compassionate, efficient and inexpensive compared to many vets. They really care about the animal and owners more than making big bucks from everyone who walks through the door. I will most certainly be back should I adopt another fur baby ????

Marco Stacey

2 years ago

Best vet in the city. Iive in St. Henri and have my pick of vets but got fed up of drop/pick up at the door of miserable people as if the cat were a kilo of cocain. Great customer service, friendly. The Doc and (pet nurse?) Will talk to you without trying to sell you the massage and foot rub. Prices were good and worth going out of the way for. HIGHLY RECCOMEND! 2 paws up. Even took a nap when she got home.

Jeannine Betts

2 years ago

Very empathetic staff and considerate of my situation with my 15 year old cat. They were able to accommodate a same day appointment and were very considerate during the whole process. Highly recommend for their professionalism

Roger Plourde

2 years ago

Amazing professionals who have you and your animal at heart!! Thank you!

Danae Nika

2 years ago

They go above and beyond to provide excellent service at all times. The technicians and the vets are knowledgeable, trustworthy and caring. If you think that your dog deserves the very best, consider this clinic. :)

Darrell Holmes

2 years ago

Really great service. Very calm place to bring your animal's. Would recommend ????

Jessie-may Hoyte

2 years ago

I recently had to put my sweet senior cat to rest and they made the whole experience tolerable and were just so patient with me. Like they actually care! I can’t recommend this place more. I live in Villeray now and I still go here.

Ricardo A

2 years ago

I think they're great but my cat doesn't share the same opinion.


2 years ago

I've been going to this clinic for a few years and Dr. Drooker is one of the best vets I've met. He's friendly, patient, dedicated and you can see that he truly cares about your pets (unlike other vets who just wanna bill you large sums and push unnecessary treatments). He's a great surgeon too! I also appreciate the vet techs there, they are very kind and take the time to answer your questions. The reason I gave them a 4 star instead of 5 star is because since the beginning of this pandemic, they NEVER answer the phone. I literally called 3-4 times a day for 2 days straight and no one answers the phone!! I understand that they are busy, but you can always pick up and ask the person to wait. I've never met a clinic (for animals or humans) that doesn't answer the phone!!! Yes you can email or leave a message, but I hope they understand that it's a LOT easier and straight forward to simply talk on the phone... ** update: I agree with one of the comment here saying they are not what they used to be before they moved. If you have emergencies or elderly pets, please don't wait for them to contact you. They seem way too busy to handle every pet properly. I filled a form for emergency and had to call them to get the appointment cuz otherwise they probably won't call you. The vet who saw my cat (not Dr. Drooker) was inexperienced enough to give a wrong diagnosis and meds and didn't act fast enough. My beloved cat passed away a few days later. I euthanized her at another clinic and got told everything that shouldn't have been done by the vet at Pointe St-Charles. I know it's useless now but I still have this feeling that my cat would be alive today if I didn't bring her there. She could be saved if she got the proper treatment :(

Augusto Chiaravalloti

2 years ago

Always brought my cats here! The staff is loving and caring. Couldn't ask for a better vet!

Lilian Toledo

2 years ago

Since day one the Vet technicians and the Vets are being so easy to talk to, they take their time to listen my puppy (Tequila) related questions, they called back when we sent emails asking questions, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! Thank you for your hard work!!!

Linda B

2 years ago

I am so glad I found this clinic. They were so nice; my pet was so stressed and they were so professional, kind and reassuring. Prices are fair.

monique kotar

2 years ago

Called for an appointment sept 6. I was told to fill out a form online with the details, to get an appointment, which I did carefully and clearly detailing the problem. I was called while I was shopping and the first question asked was 'what's wrong with your cat'. I told the person that it was all on the form. I think she did not like the answer. And I didn't like repeating answers I so carefully crafted on a form required to just get an appointment. All this to say that even though my file was with them and there was urgency in my case, I was told that the next available appointment would be in (3) weeks and strongly suggested to look to other vets. I sensed her lack of empathy and a brush off. She didn't care and it was obvious. Other clinics prioritize clients who have a file open with them and many do not take on new clients. So this pretty much left me in a bad situation. Maybe my cat is not sick often enough, and I don't use their services often enough to warrant their full regard for me as a client. This has been my own experience, and my perception of what actually happened.

ronald whitaker

2 years ago

It was good but move and not so good Change there ways

Marla Ayotte

2 years ago

Great vets,they always talk about treatment options and really care about your pets and understand financial constraints by owners

Amy MacWhirter

2 years ago

Great experience! Friendly staff & good service

Patrick Adams

2 years ago

Very professional and friendly. they took very good care of my cat missy. I give them 10 out of 10.

Lybelle R.

2 years ago

Such nice people. Honest also. Great with the dog also.

Jessica Amelia

2 years ago

Absolutely love this vet. Professional, kind, great with my anxious dog, super helpful

Brigham Stitt

2 years ago

Staff were kind and helpful on the phone and got us an appointment quickly. Vet was very kind, very willing to answer questions and took the time to make sure we had a good understanding our cat's issue and treatment.

Brianne Stephenson

2 years ago

All staff care so much for your pets and go the extra mile. Really the best vet clinic and I feel so lucky that I stumbled upon them when moving to Montreal originally. The veterinarians here fully explain and take their time to help you with your pets visit and they really prioritize the health of your pet. Amazing experiences every time I've gone and I 100% trust them with my cats care.

Marianne Lau

2 years ago

As a cat owner, I can't imagine a more perfect vet clinic. Having a sick pet is incredibly stressful and knowing that I have this clinic to support me has been reassuring beyond words. Everyone who works there is kind and helpful, and they make efforts to make sure to assist you as soon as they can. They clearly love animals, but also have enormous empathy towards owners. At every point, they have transparently discussed multiple options with me, and helped me avoid unnecessary procedures that would be expensive for me and stressful for my cat. They truly seem to do this work for all the right reasons, and I trust them so so much.

Vic Warren

2 years ago

The technicians and Dr Prigent are amazing. My dog feels safe and cared for when we visit. They always give detailed explanations and they're patient. Best vet in the area.

Kelsea K

2 years ago

Quick, efficient, genuine care. Been going for years and even though I moved off island I will do thr extra drive to have my pets seen by this wonderful team!

Liz Imperiale

2 years ago

I’ve gone to pointe vet since it opened at the old location 6+ years ago. I swore by this place ever since. Sadly, this place has gone downhill since they moved. My cat developed a weird skin condition on his leg and Pointe Vet took him right away which was awesome. Dr Adner’s reaction was, “I’ve never seen anything like this before, let’s see if antibiotics will resolve it and if not, come back for further testing.” The antibiotics didn’t work. I called with an update to which a second antibiotic was prescribed. I asked about the “further testing” and should have pushed that more, but she still wanted to try more meds. Those didn’t work. She then suggested I go to a specialist because she was completely lost as to what this was but first we did a culture. Culture came out negative. I found a specialist at the DMV. The specialist said they weren’t sure what this was and a biopsy was needed and I could go back to Pointe for that. After doing the biopsy, we finally found that my cat developed a very rare vascular skin disease with no treatment or cure. The only solution was amputation. After getting the devastating news, we booked the surgery out for 2 weeks. Adner was so sweet and empathetic every time we spoke. She’s a good vet, however I do wish veterinarians in general would jump to a biopsy when they are not sure of a skin issue rather than trying different meds that can potentially lead to long term problems. I actually asked about this and her response was “we prefer not to be invasive so quickly and USUALLY these meds work.” Now in between all this, I’ve communicated via email, and phone many times with techs, and the secretary for follow ups, to which there was a lack of empathy, totally disregarding the stress Ive been enduring and at times they wouldn’t even answer their emails or the phones for days. I got a call telling me my cats surgery had to be canceled due to a covid outbreak and to "find another vet." At this point, having gone through the disorganization, poor communication amongst the staff for months, trying to get through to people etc I emailed Dr. Drooker directly with all my feedback on my experience and asked he find a clinic for me because I felt that based under these circumstances, it was their duty to help me with this. I get a very friendly call back from him, explaining that they can’t control what happens during the pandemic (fully understandably, with that, most clinics are slammed right now) and he will definitely try his best to keep me in the loop and make sure he’s got our best interest in mind. I asked about sending me to another clinic to proceed with this and his response was “it isn’t that simple. In the animal health business it’s competitive so we can’t just send clients to other clinics." This was an odd response to me, because I thought the well being of animals was what mattered, not competition. 2 days before the surgery, I got a call from Drooker telling me he had to be off a month due to family catching covid, so my cats surgery needed to be pushed a month. I asked why Adner wasn’t doing the surgery, and he said she wasn’t experienced enough (she told me she’s done many amputation surgeries so that confused me). I understand this wasn't his fault. He also promised me he would check in with me regularly throughout the month to make sure my cat is okay. Didn’t check in with me once. Surgery happened - according to Drooker he did an awesome job, according to second opinion, now, the incision was poorly done and the stitches were too tight. It took my cat 2 months to heal. I asked on FB if anyone knew a good vet mentioning I wasn't happy with my current one (no names dropped). Someone from the clinic saw (no idea who), told Drooker. and he called me to let me know someone showed him my post, was confused, and ended the call with "good luck finding something better." without even hearing me out. I’ll say that overall, the staff are knowledgeable to a degree but if they ever deal with something more complex, they struggle on decision making and professionalism.

Madden Watts

2 years ago

The best staff a vet could have! Very helpful and friendly. They all know what they're doing and are great with communicating. My cats have bad teeth but they're the first vet not to into surgery and helps us with foods and how to take care of their teeth. Thank you for being kind.

patrick doheney

2 years ago

Very professional and very nice

Ricky Royce

3 years ago

Very nice service. Friendy staff and helpful.

Anne Almey

3 years ago

I started bringing my cats here a couple months ago. They have been very attentive and kind to the cats and me, and are competent in their ability to manage issues ranging from arthritis to kidney disease. Their treatments are comparatively quite affordable compared to other vets, highly recommended!

Mat Barbeau

3 years ago

Excellent service, terrific atmosphere, I highly recommend!

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