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franklin l

2 years ago

Horrible place Bad customer service I haven’t been here but I was trying to make an appointment for my puppy and it didn’t work out

Elaine Prentice

2 years ago

Everyone was so nice and took great care of my lab mix Maverick, we moved up here from Brooklyn 5 weeks ago and this place was recommended by a colleague of my husband…I’m so grateful we went there!

Erica Rosenthal

2 years ago

I had an appointment for my dog this afternoon which I had to reschedule because I found out this morning that I was exposed to COVID. I rescheduled as a precaution so not to expose their staff to COVID. They proceeded to charge me a $62 cancellation fee because I didn’t cancel within 24 hours. Even though I rescheduled I was still charged the cancellation fee. I only learned three hours before my appointment that I was exposed. So much for trying to do the right thing. Given the fact we are in a global pandemic, I would think they would have been grateful that I was considerate enough to keep them safe. Needless to say. I will be finding another vet.

nandanee barco

2 years ago

I am finally able to pull myself together after 2 month since I had to put my precious Tiger to sleep to write this review. The staff at this facility had so much compassion when I took in my sick cat, they tried all their best to keep him comfortable until we had no choice to put him to sleep and take him out of his pain and suffering. When I called them several times very frantic they were able to calm my nerves and always made me feel better. The vet and her technicians were awesome and so were the reception staff. They take care of these pets and pet parents with dignity and empathy. I would always be grateful for that. If I ever get another pet in the future that would be where I would take them. Thank you Monroe Animal Hospital staff, keep up the good work you do for the community. Best Nandanee Nandanee.

Helen Gerstenmaier

2 years ago

Excellent Vets and Great staff!. Very caring!

Tessa Blanco

2 years ago

Been bringing my cockatoo Aussie here for about 4 years now, and they’ve always been super kind and accommodating. They treat him very gently and don’t try to push unnecessary treatments onto you. I’m now bringing my new puppy here and his first visit was a blast, the Dr smooshed his face and called him a cutie ????

Angela Reidy

2 years ago

The most caring staff for my 3 babies!

Alex V

2 years ago

Dr. Warziniski was great. She was patient and answered all my questions.

Toxic Fox

2 years ago

Our visit was perfect from start to finish. Everyone was awesome, very friendly, my puppy was super comfortable, and she was treated respectfully and kindly. There was a minor incident with some overly friendly dogs but staff handled it perfectly. So happy to have them as Gaia's vet and friends.

Esteban Munoz

2 years ago

My pupper Tucker had some really bad diarrhea because he gets into everything. Dr. Greenberg fixed him right up within a day or two. I’ve been taking him to Monroe Animal Hospital since I got him at 7 weeks old! He and my cat Peach both love it there as they are treated great by every staff member

B.J. Mendelson

2 years ago

Best Vet, great customer service. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Alejandro M.

2 years ago

Extremely reliable and responsive animal hospital. Dr. Greenberg is the best. Her staff is very kind and efficient as well. A++++

Alan Friedman

2 years ago

Dr. Greenberg took excellent care of my French Bulldog Sadie. I recommend Monroe Animal Hospital very highly to anyone with a pet that wants the best care.

Tara Morris

2 years ago

We are very happy with the care of our dog while being boarded. Everything was explained very well before and afterwards. Customer service is excellent.

Heart Breaker

2 years ago

DON'T DO IT!! Do not bring your beloved pets here...unless you don't care what happens to them!! This happened to me and my cat a while back...but I am emotionally scarred from the experience and definitely feel that people should know what happened. I brought my VERY sick cat to these people. They ran tests etc and promised to call me the next morning with the results. They didn't call. I called several times explaining what bad shape my cat was in...but they just kept telling me that the doctor was busy. I finally received a call at 4:45pm. The doctor told me that my cat was diabetic and needed insulin. At this point my poor baby couldn't even eat, drink or stand for that matter. I told the doctor that I would come right over and get the insulin. He REFUSED to wait for me. I lived in wouldn't have taken me but a few minutes to get there. I begged him....sobbing like a child to please wait for me. I even asked him to please leave the medicine outside for me if he insisted on leaving. They had my credit card # on file so he couldn't have been afraid of not getting paid. Again, he refused. He just said "just come in the morning...I have to go." And that was that. My baby didn't make it until morning. He died in my arms just a little after midnight. It was so heartbreaking. I felt so helpless. You should was horribly obvious to anyone that looked at him that he was in bad shape. How that doctor could have seen my cat in that condition (he was SUFFERING TERRIBLY)and to then deny him/me LIFE SAVING MEDICATION is a complete disgrace. Had I not kept my head screwed on relatively straight I would have gone to that doctor's office and gone through it like a runaway freight train!! I had buried my mother in law 3 months prior...and then watched my mother and die a few weeks after. I was then forced to watch my furbaby needlessly suffer and die in my arms. So you may be able to imagine how I felt. How these people could be so uncaring and unfeeling is beyond me. I wouldn't let them care for a pet rock!! If I had been in better condition I would have sued them, reported them...SOMETHING!! And I wouldn't have stopped until I put them out of business FOREVER!! So consider yourself warned. And yes...I am sure they have helped many animals. Maybe he was just having a bad day....but ask yourself that really a chance you are willing to take?? Do you really want to bring your beloved and helpless pet to them and HOPE that they are feeling like saving its life?

Chris Stoker

2 years ago

Our new pup took a turn pretty fast and crashed into the wall corner. He took all the impact in his front shoulder. He yelped loud a few times and wouldn’t put any weight on the leg. A bit anxious that we broke the poor little guy, we took him to Monroe Animal Hospital and they took GREAT care of him and of us. Every staff member was personable, polite, and professional. It was a great experience all around.

Chris Atkinson

2 years ago

It was quick to receive care for Sasha and the vet and assistant were professional and compassionate. I was very happy with my experience.

Avionne Philyaw

2 years ago

I woke up to a healthy ferret and within an hour my 4.5 yr old ferret was lethargic and barely hanging in. I called my veterinarian of 27 years and the doctor was hours away. I was referred to another vet where no doctors were working. I called an emergency hospital where no one answered. I was frustrated and angry as I watched my 6 yr old daughter holding her dying ferret and watching her suffer. My sister told me that she has seen Monroe Animal Hospital as she drove home and would call them to see if maybe they could fit me in. They graciously fit us in for a quality of life visit. I filled out the paperwork online prior to the visit but had arrived 20 minutes late due to literally force feeding the ferret caro syrup up until her visit. I pretty much knew what was happening (we've had tons of ferrets before). She was hypoglycemic. The entire staff was amazing! I was greeted outside and all the information was taken curbside. When called in, I went into a room where I waited a few minutes. Dr. Greenberg came in and checked Whiskers. She snuggled her and gave her honest opinion and my options. I could do treatment but Whiskers was uncomfortable. Dr. Greenberg made it clear she was there to support whatever decision I made. Ultimately, I decided to put Whiskers to sleep. Dr. Greenberg explained the process of what would happen. She offered me more time to sit with Whiskers. Mind you, I was extremely late to begin with. The tech came in and weighed Whiskey, pet and snuggled her, then gently took my card for payment. Dr. Greenberg then returned and offered me more time to which I declined. She took Whiskers and came back a few minutes later holding a box. She gently handed it to me and told me, I can see Whiskers was very loved. As I walked out the office, every single staff member said they were so sorry for my loss. These were people who I had never met and most of them didn't interact with. I was the late person, who I'm sure put them behind schedule and who they squeezed in. When I got home and opened the box, it was as though Whiskers was gently placed in there sleeping. She looked like she was arranged. She looked peaceful. My sister later told me that when she made the appointment, the staff told her that no one should have to suffer and have their pet suffer. ???? And how extremely sweet they were on the phone. I can't begin to express how amazing this animal hospital is. The care, the staff, the ease of service, the empathy. I hate what happened to Whiskers but I'm glad Monroe Animal Hospital was there to administer what was needed and support me through it. I told my 6 yr old how amazing they were and honestly didn't feel like I was lying. Thank you Monroe Animal Hospital. Rest In Sleep Whiskers ????


2 years ago

Called with concerns about one of our cats. They were kind and gentle with our cat Milkshake. I was kept informed every step of the way. They helped us make him comfortable during his final days. A caring place to take your pet.

Judith Chin

2 years ago

Love them and so do my boys!

Daphne Valleau

2 years ago

Very very nice considerate sweet people

Pablo Cancel

2 years ago

We took Diamond for update shots and to get checked before traveling, we both happy with the services and promt attention to our dog.

dirty dog mobile grooming

3 years ago

i have a 125 lb. great dane who had a difficult experience at a different vet, he now prefers to go for the ride and stay in the car! my first visit to monroe animal hospital and they respected his fears and took their time getting him in the door. dr. greenberg called me after his examination, she could not be any sweeter and explained things in detail in a way i was able to understand, at no point did i feel she was rushing through her explanation and answered all my questions thoroughly . i will absolutely be going back! thank you so much to dr greenberg and her staff, whiskey came out happy as could be.

Jill Weltman

3 years ago

My senior dog has been sick. I brought her to Monroe Animal Hospital and they were wonderful. I was able to get in quickly and the doctor spent a lot of time explaining my dog's options to me. She came up with a great plan for treatment. I highly recommend them.

Sandra Cospel

3 years ago

Dr. Greenberg and her staff are incredible! They handled my big baby with gentle hearts.

Viveka Stromberg

3 years ago

I have brought my cat Lillian here many times, usually for a nail trim and also for a yearly physical. Everyone is very kind and they are also very quick! They take care of my cat. Her least faveorite part is just traveling there and back! But upon being home she seems happy and thankful, and im overly glad to know her health is well supported and followed by Monroe Animal hospital.

Billy McCarthy

3 years ago

No complaints at all. Been going there since Dr. Marion ran it. Dr. Barker and Dr. Greenberg's staff are super accommodating and she has always left me feeling confident in the treatment my dogs get. They love the spray cheez too lol! For the current circumstances I feel they are doing a great job balancing safety and customer service.

Dana Castine

3 years ago

Carding staff. Treats Cooper with love and respect.

Amy Mundy

3 years ago

Monroe Animal hospital is great! Always has been! We have been taking Bella there for about 11 years now. They are quick to return phone calls, especially fast in emergency situations, caring, always there to answer our questions and guide us, and have always handled Bella with care and concern! Thank you for all you do! We appreciate it!

Alicia Bischoff

3 years ago

The service and quality of care at this hospital is like no other vet I’ve taken my German Shepherd to before. Pleasantly welcomed when we walk in and we are seen very promptly. Dr Greenberg is specially kind and always willing to take time to answer all of my questions.

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