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Miriam Velez

2 years ago

Doctor Hanna has been Larry, my cat’s vet for 8 yrs and my dog Rocco for two. These animals are my babies and I adore them. To date Dr. Hanna is the only vet that I trust with them. He is gentle and caring and is reasonably priced. It’s easy to tell that he truly loves what he does. I like the way he explains things about his patients to be sure we understand clearly. Although he is always busy I have spoken to him via phone several times when my babies were sick. He understands that we worry about them and he tries to reassure us. I wish Dr Hanna a life-time of health so he can continue to take care of all of his babies in our neighborhood.

Liz Castellano

2 years ago

They're ok to far from my home is my biggest complain.

Anthony H

2 years ago

So many vets over pricing us all for having animals; wish I could say; NOT HERE. BUT, I CAN'T. Service rated: 70%, reasonable handling of animals: unknown due to corona conditions, place altogether rating: C +. Due to. The following factors/reasons... If; 1) Prices was more reasonable. (Expected to pay extra but felt like I was being taken advantage because I love my pet. 2) Wasn't really able/allowed to visually walkthrough pet area to see and smell the kennel area where my pet would be before or after his surgery. 3) Had some questions for vet but only receptionist was available. 4) Hold time after procedure was too Darn long. (Brought in animal 10:45am had to pic up 05:15. And, yes I expected 2-4 hours after a surgical procedure. But, WOW. Now, unlike some pet owners. I've evaluated other veterinarian clinics, hospitals, etc. And, throughout my experience. I can only advise is do whatever research you can do because whatever animal you own.... THAT PET/ANIMAL/CRITTER; MAY/MAY-NOT Trust you. IT'S UP TO YOU TO BE YOUR ANIMAL ADVOCATE. DON'T LET YOURSELF OR THE ANIMAL DOWN. REMEMBER SOMETIMES YOU DON'T GET A CHANCE TO DO IT RIGHT!!!

Amanda Ramos

2 years ago

I love this place! I love how transparent they are about absolutely everything! I refer y’all to everyone! After having been ripped off at so many other places, for me its about the little things e.g. not charging me extra for medication, giving us a soft cone as opposed to a plastic generic cone and trying to charge for the cone. They take such good care of your pets and the staff are all amazing and super sweet. 10/10

Rich Luis Cruz

2 years ago

Good service and quick very professional and very respectful and lots of care

Peter Mele

2 years ago

This place will try to add on to your bill. I see reviews here mentioning poor communication- i think it is not just poor- it is shady. I found a cat in the highway- I called- set up an appointment- I wanted to confirm the cat was Ok and get a bill of health certificate so we could turn the cat over to a rescue place. 3 phone calls later- I have been told explicitly- 55$ for the visit- if anything else is needed the cost will be more. I get asked if I want to do shots- no I don’t have $250. I get asked if I will pay to get his ears cleaned- they show me an itemized cost- $210 including the $55 for the visit. I say no- and get handed a bill for $100. The certificate was $45. Even though they handed me the health certificate without me asking, They said they didn’t know I wanted a health certificate- even after 3 calls- so it wasn’t on the invoice. I paid the $100 went home and called a friend who is a vet up north- the kitten obviously has worms and needs to be dewormed ASAP. Naturally there was no discussion of worms here. I think you are better off going somewhere else.

Kali Aguilar

2 years ago

Always amazing care with my baby

Miguel Caamano

2 years ago

I took my husky to this location with a deep laceration to her paw. Dr. Youseff did an excellent job in stitching her up while also dealing with a very difficult pup. I have trust in this location, many reviews aren’t new so I hope that the next customer who finds this post will know that they can expect 10/10 on service at this location. You may have to wait, timing is not the best at this location but that is the same elsewhere, just come early or be on time

Icytower JZ

3 years ago

I can see why there are mixed reviews for this place. I have been here before and had positive experiences, however i have to say this. Communication is very important when people are entrusting their pet to your care. Even though they’re animals, they feel more like part of the family. That being said, this is not the best place to go to for a pet to get neutered or spayed. The lack of information when the pet is going through the process will make you worried sick. I was told i could pick my pet up in the afternoons after getting neutered, but ended up being in the evening because the lack of communication!


3 years ago

EDIT (full summary): I took my furbaby, Shadow, here for a few years and everything was fine; however, my last two visits at this clinic made me realize they may not be reliable for more pressing matters with your pet. Back in late October 2020, I noticed my dog was limping and decided to take him in on October 26th. The vet checked him over and told me that it was just arthritis and prescribed some medication. I thought that was the end of it and trusted the vet's diagnosis since Shadow WAS 10-years-old at the time and that was normally when the first signs of arthritis began developing. About a week and a half goes by and my dog's limping doesn't seem to improve with the medication, in fact it seemed to be getting WORSE. I took Shadow back in on November 9th and requested for an x-ray to be done this time to ensure there wasn't some hairline fracture or something. The vet again came back to me, without showing me the scans, and reiterated he just sees signs of arthritis, suggesting that I could get a second opinion but he was sure there was nothing to worry about as he gave me stronger arthritis medication but also one that didn't upset Shadow's tummy like the first did. Once again, I trusted his diagnosis and stupidly ignored my gut feeling that there was something more to this. Sure enough, ignoring my gut comes back to bite me in the butt: about a week or so after his second visit, Shadow abruptly yelped loudly and began hobbling, lifting his right front leg in the air. Now at around this time, it was when the holiday season has officially started, so the soonest I could set an appointment at the second vet clinic for that second opinion was December 13th. After checking over Shadow and the forwarded x-ray scans, this second vet came back to me and told me that he, and two other colleagues, noticed abnormalities in the scans in Shadow's affected leg. Unlike the vet here at AEVC, this vet gave me a complete run down of potential diagnoses, telling me, yes, best case the first vet was right and it is just arthritis but worse case it could be bone cancer. I was given a referral for a specialist in East Meadow, but, once again due to the holiday rush, the soonest I could set the consultation date was January 6th. For the next two and a half weeks before the appointment, I had to watch my dog limp and cry from pain, staying up all hours of the night to comfort him as I reassured him mommy will get this all sorted out. Finally January 6th comes and the specialist informed me he does feel some kind of lump in Shadow's leg, saying the word I was hoping to not hear in the same sentence as my dog's name: tumor. We set up the CT scan appointment for January 12th so it can be determined for sure what it was and, when the day finally came, it was confirmed: Shadow had bone cancer. The specialist gave me strong painkillers for him and informed me that, at best, Shadow has 4 - 5 months left. Since I couldn't afford the amputation surgery (which of course didn't guarantee anything either way), Shadow unfortunately had to keep his cancer-racked leg and developed a massive lump on his right shoulder as well as signs that the cancer may have spreaded due to the development of some breathing problems. After getting my wish of spending one more birthday (April 11th) with him, my little fighter was euthanized on Friday, April 23rd, 2021. Bottom line here is, if you just have a sick pet, cyst or minor injury (Shadow never had worms or fleas while I did business with AEVC so I couldn't tell you the specifics of those procedures) on your hands, AEVC is a relatively decent priced clinic you can go to to get the job done. For more major cases, I'd suggest not being stupid like I was: trust your gut if you strongly believe something is wrong and take your pet to a different clinic, or an animal hospital if it's an emergency, because you'd get more expensive but RELIABLE care for your pet than you would at this place. All that being said, if I ever get another pet in the near future, I'm no longer doing business with AEVC.

isabel fernandez

3 years ago

The veterinarians here are so caring and thoughtful, they try and help anyway they can. Even their receptionists are exceptional!

Dori Wolt

3 years ago

Dr. Hanna is the best Vet you will ever find. He is so caring and has been treating my Angelina, an old mini dachshund age 16 for many years now. I wouldn’t trust any other Vet with her. The Best????

Diana Garcia

3 years ago

The best vet, they actually care about your pet and do not try and price gouge. Dr. Hanna is the best, I have been going to him for years and is the only vet I trust in New York.

Karen Delligatti

3 years ago

This vet clinic is the best. The staff is amazing they always squeeze my cats in for emergency appointments. Dr. Hanna is an amazing Veterinarian I ever brought any of my pets to in my whole life. He’s very understanding, treats my cat squeaks in the best possible way but he has an overactive thyroid and congestive heart failure...he told me the truth he doesn’t have much long to live. He’s very gentle with my cat squeaks and my cat Don who is diabetic. The whole entire staff and Dr. Hanna truly cares for all his animals. The staff also works with you on the price ranges. A+ Gold star ⭐️????

Joe Kolon

3 years ago

Nice understanding people to to deal with my dogs

Gizelle Toribio

3 years ago

Would not take my dog back to this place. I was taking my dog to this place for 6yrs and they never told me that my dog had a heart murmur. I had to find out by taking him to another Vet after he almost died. My dog now has congestive heart failure that could have been prevented if this doctor did his job. Not to mention, one of the vet techs had dropped my dog and now my dog has been suffering from a leg pain and limping ever since DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG THERE, THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY!!!!!

Jennifer Jaramillo Saez

3 years ago

I took my cat to this vet because he couldn’t breathe. He told me my cat was fine & I told him something is wrong. He told me to take a video if it continues so he can see his breathing. I took a video & he assured me that my cat was fine. By the end of the night I had to rush my baby to the Animal ER & he passed away. This vet is not reliable & only cares about money.

Aliza Hobish

3 years ago

There is not other vet in the world like Dr. Youssef. Truly. He is so careing and patient, answers any and all questions, and speaks to you human to human which, can be hard to find. My husband and I are preparing to say goodbye to one of our boys and we find so much comfort knowing that dr. Youssef is available to walk us through this tough time. THANK YOU. Dr. Youssef. There are not enough words to express how lucky we feel to have found you.

Lilibeth Toribio

3 years ago

Called them for an emergency and the receptionist couldn’t provide any information. Terrible customer service!!!

Linda Carrasco

3 years ago

I really was concerned about my cats since they are not used to strangers, but this place did a great job providing a good service and getting things done. It was recommended by a friend not only cuz the prices were affordable but that they are caring and patient, no matter how difficult a pet may be. Regular check up was discounted it was $55 but got discounted to $35. Shots for rabies were $35 each and FVRCP $25. For 2 cats it was $196 in total. I honestly expected the price to be higher, but it was affordable and naturally my cats were afraid but they no longer hate me now lol they are healthy. Had a good experience overall and this will be my girls primary vet from now on ❤️


3 years ago

The best place for my puppy

Mariana Popoviciu

3 years ago

Nice and big place now.

Michael K

3 years ago

Very good vet. Took very good care of all my fur babies including my dogs broken paw when she got stepped on.

Michelle Espinoza

3 years ago

Dr. Hanna is God sent. As many have stated he is one of those people that do not seek your pocket but your pet's best interest. My dog Roger has a genetic degenerative condition in his spine which he was not diagnosed until a few months ago. He told me the risk of putting him under anesthesia something someone else would probably make me sign and god knows what would have happened. Instead he provided an alternative treatment and I think my dog loves to show off to him because when he is not well as soon as he arrives (aside from marking) he shows off how kinda good he can walk which makes it hard to explain. However Dr. Hanna knows Roger and Roger knows him already he immediately knows what Roger is being looked at for. And it makes me feel amazing because he has love for what he does. Not only that but ALL of my 3 pugs have come here, my brother's (Fiora) who he also helped when she was pregnant show us the puppies and took 3 xrays of her and only charged me for 2. Then her pup (Spud), what I am trying to say after this long comment is.... He is an amazing human being and I do not know what my dog would be like without him. I am so indebted to him because elsewhere and people I know had told me to put my dog to sleep. But he saw his urge to live and that he was not ready nor is it the end. We are forever thankful

Patricia Nappi

3 years ago

Dr Hanna has been our vet for over 5 years. We moved here from Upstate NY & were very reluctant about using a City vet. Dr Hanna did not disappoint. He cared for our 2 senior soft coated wheaton terriers as if they were his own. Dr Hanna listened to all our questions & concerns & made us feel like we were his only clients. Never rushing an appointment. Dr Hanna was with us till the end of their lives & now is taking care of our new puppy. We can tell he just loves him! We highly recommend Dr Hanna. His staff & their scheduling is amazing too, Thank you Dr Hanna for your knowledge, expertise & caring.

Sanja Mehremic

3 years ago

First time bringing my 4 month old kitten to Dr. Hanna and it was absolutely a great experience! She was given her final vaccine and dewormed. There were other animals in the office being seen but the wait was short and the staff was very friendly! There is plenty of metered parking in front of the clinic as well as side street parking for those of you traveling by car such as myself. I highly reccomend Dr. Hanna as your pet’s vet! Trust worthy and efficient.

Stephanie D.

3 years ago

tell me how are we harassing you by asking questions and we paid for the service? that make no sense. take your business somewhere else because their staff are not specialized or trained for the job they are in for. please look at this facility reviews before even giving them business. they don't know how to provide customer service. their's no professionalism in this place. i rather go and spend my money somewhere else. all their staff are extremely rude and not helpful. all i hear from them is telling me that it's better to purchase the packages they have because i am saving money but in reality you are not. they just want to make more money of you for no reason and telling you false informations. they refused to sell me a medication i needed for my dog because they want to perform a surgery and i have explained to them i am not comfortable performing any surgery on my adult dog. all they want to do is take your money and not giving you any options. i also brought in my new puppy and they couldn't tell the difference of 7weeks to 13 weeks and they have given her a vaccine shot that she's not supposed to get when she's closer to 4 months. i don't like leaving reviews on businesses but i strongly believe that this place should not even be open for business. there is so many vet clinic that is way better and does not treat their customer with no respect. don't be fooled. beware!


3 years ago

Did not help at all

Yenifer Abreu

3 years ago

I really liked this clinic! First time coming here and the staff was very friendly and kind. Service was quick & efficient.

Andrea Arce

3 years ago

I usually never leave reviews, but I took my Maltese boy to Animal Empire Clinic, he had one eye he could barely open. They were able to schedule him for an emergency appointment, he saw DR. Youseff, who was extremely knowledgeable, professional and super sweet to my pup! He gave my dog a prescription which worked great, a couple of days later his eye was back to normal! Would definitely recommend Animal Empire Clinic and DR. Youseff to any of my fellow fur moms! Thank you for taking great care of my boy!!

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