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Trish Kelly

2 years ago

Very kind and compassionate staff here. I have two senior dogs and they are very kind and good with them. Dr Z is great. He know exactly what is going on with them. The receptionist is so professional and kind. The rest of the staff is also great. They listen to my questions and provide answers. I highly recommend Hollis Hills Animal Hospital. They have great flexible hours for those of us who work

Basma Copeland

2 years ago

My experience was great and they were very informative and patient with my dog Ajax even though he had a problem calming down thank you so much

Cristy Mangano

2 years ago

A friend went to this clinic and was told she would have to pay $25. The vet barely examined her cat and did not explain anything that she was concerned about. Very bad communication skills and didnt address the problem. The bill after leaving was over $135 with unnecessary vaccines administered and still no answers. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!! RUN!

brenda cortez

2 years ago

Wael Zahran botched my dogs surgery and killed her. IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR ANIMALS DO NOT BRING THEM HERE!! I've taken my dog here for yearly check ups and have always had issues with them. Doctor and staff are unprofessional and have made multiple mistakes leading up to the death of my dog from surgery. In a matter of about 2 or so weeks Zahran had us spend thousands on blood work, X-rays, ultrasounds, and surgery while we had to continuously question him for information because him and his office have a habit of not calling you to keep you informed. He preys on people's emotions for their animals to milk as much money from them as possible without really prioritizing the well being of the animals. Wael Zahran told us our dog needed surgery to remove a tumor and lymph node. He ran tests on her and assured us he would be able to do the surgery. Afterwards, As he told us how her surgery went he was very inconsiderate and showed no empathy, he found it comical that i was getting emotional about my dog and his main concern was asking for a Yelp review several times while telling us he's raising the price of our surgery from the estimate by $1,000. When they brought my dog out her face was dirty and she had dried up blood around her incision and fur. They didn't even bother cleaning her up after her operation, she was heavily sedated and in pain. We took her home and followed the aftercare instructions, we then called the clinic to ask if it was normal that she was drinking an excessive amount of water which they said was normal. Shortly after my dog started crying out in pain, was unable to stand on her back legs, and her gums turned pale. We frantically rushed her to an animal ER and she passed away immediately as we got there. Taking my dog to this clinic has done nothing but traumatize my family and I, as well as have us spend thousands of dollars just to still lose our dog anyway. We're devastated, at all costs do not bring your animal here.

Alex L

2 years ago

I find that most reviews are generally to complain about something and not enough people take the time to do a review when things go well. I don't do too many reviews but I felt the need to do this one. So that you can understand why I am so excited about this Vet (Animal Clinic of Hollis Court), you need to know the background story. I have a 7-year-old Basset Hound mix who thinks he is a lap dog @ 45lbs (Chico). He is the sweetest thing there is with his floppy ears and all. Problem is that he suffers from severe allergies and thereby has a tendency to develop recurring ear infections. I've treated him for his infections as they occur and life goes on-until it didn't :( Animal Clinic of Hollis Court is very far from me and as such, I reluctantly sought nearby vet care for my furry babies. That was my biggest mistake. On April 26th I noticed a small "blister" in Chico's left ear flap. I monitored the blister and in just a few days, the blister had grown to about the size of half a tennis ball, engulfing his whole ear. It was as if he had an inflated balloon instead of an ear. I've had many pets before and I had never encountered this issue, albeit this is my first floppy ear baby. If you are a pet parent, you know how stressful it is to know that your baby is not feeling well and you can't do much about it. I took Chico to my local/nearby Vet, to which he had been going for years and the Vet performed an ear flap surgery in which the blister is sliced opened and the inside of the ear flap is scraped so that it can promote healing of the flap and "seal" the wound from the inside out. I researched the Aural Hematoma and this seemed to be the recommended procedure. We went home and started the healing process. Fast forward to August 7th (a WHOOPING 103 DAYS LATER) and my poor Chico had not yet healed completely and at this point has had 4 separate ear surgeries on his left ear flap. The trauma that he and I have gone thru is beyond words. On August 23rd, I decided to take Chico to the Animal Clinic of Hollis Court which is a 90-minute commute from where I live. Dr. Wael performed another aural hematoma surgery, stitched Chico up, and sent us home with a handful of medicine bottles. I cannot begin to express the joy it was to see, just a week after surgery, the major improvement in Chico's ear wounds. Another week passed and we visited Dr. Wael and again saw major improvements. Dr. Wael performed a very clean surgery and provided a great aftercare regimen, so much so, that this week Chico and I will be returning to have Chico's stitches removed. I am extremely grateful to the staff at Animal Clinic of Hollis Court for squeezing me in such short notice due to the urgency of Chico's situation and to Dr. Wael and his assistants for providing me the best care possible for my baby. Thank you so much, Dr. Wael!

Ivy Pintor

2 years ago

I don't typically write reviews but I feel compelled to write this one as Dr. Z and his staff have provided such amazing care for my dog after suffering a dog bite. This has been such a stressful and traumatic experience to say the least. Having a vet who genuinely cares about my dog's wellbeing has truly put me at ease. Dr. Z is very knowledgeable and consistently keeps me informed on my dogs progress and overall care. Every time we walk in we are given a warm greeting from the staff. This clinic has short wait times, reasonable prices, and is very clean. There aren't enough words for me to express how truly thankful I am for Dr. Z and his staff. I highly recommend this place!

Lina Fichera

2 years ago

I would like to give a special thank you for the outstanding service that you provided for my fur baby Jerry, at the Animal Clinic of Hollis Court. I am a first-timer at this facility, and none of this would have been possible without Dr. Zahran. Dr. Zahran is compassionate and loving. He is also reassuring and comforting. I was shocked with the affordable costs. My family and I are so grateful to have had an amazing experience at this clinic. We knew that Jerry was being taken care of, especially post-surgery. Dr. Zahran and his family monitored Jerry all through the night and I was being updated on Jerry very frequently. I received pictures, videos, and had all my questions answered in a respectful manner. The staff was also extremely helpful in Jerry’s care, and I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for care for their animal.

Tee Vee

2 years ago

From $68 to $600 this place is a rip off. They don't even tell you the prices and by the time you go to check out you are hit with the biggest bill also my doctor was too busy seeing many other pets while attending to mine. I only had his attention for about 5 minutes because he was so busy . Horrible place.

yue zhao

2 years ago

The worst animal clinic in new york

Val Chum

2 years ago

I love this place. Dr Z takes the best care of all my pets over the past 20 years. Ty for all you do. Pumpkin, Bella, Asia, China, Pepper, Pookie, Mojo, Munchie all thank you

Gloria Beniamino

2 years ago

Strange Vet, all strangers not usual staff?

J Wen

2 years ago

Somewhat pricy! One check up usually costs 500-$750. I wished I knew the price earlier before having my dog checked at here.

Rosalind Brown

2 years ago

Great experience!!! The staff is pleasant, friendly from the moment you walk in the door until you leave. They treat the pets like family. The vet tech was very informative and the vet was equally as informative, I learned a lot about my cat. Very reasonably priced.

Ashley Coreas

2 years ago

Over priced , extremely rude and not professional. The receptionist also had a very bad attitude with me, basically telling you was my fault for not looking at the prices. And overall was telling me to leave or they would call the police when it was there fault for not letting you know that the estimate they told us was nothing like the actual price. I found this incredibly rude and will never be coming back to this location.

Valeria Redrovan

3 years ago

great vet and animal care givers

Jen K

3 years ago

My favorite vet for 14 years, Live Dr. Z and his staffs are very nice and accommodation.

Zee HE

3 years ago

Thanks doctor, you found my cat's cancer...I feel so sad but still appreciated your clinic's treatment and kindly care.

Yale Tockerman

3 years ago

my cat of 20 years, chocolate chip, was diagnosed with cancer and put to sleep. My beloved cat was treated with compassion and dignity! Thank you, Animal Clinic of Hollis Court! My regular Vet, North Shore Animal Hospital, was too busy to see her! Shame on them for there unethical and cruel behavior!


3 years ago

Great staff, amazing doctors! They are very caring and thorough! Been coming for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else!


3 years ago

Amazing, helped me solved a problem back in August when my dog Leo was not eating due to eating a bone, great place

Tatis Cer

3 years ago

The best vet in queens they are amazing with animals dr zahran did a great job with my fur baby and was very communicating plus trusting thank you so much from snoopy and family .

Suel Heekim

3 years ago

My dog is only 4.5 lp. They say, change $794. I think too much charged. I don't want to recommend this place.


3 years ago

This place has great vets and they had good prices until today. I only use this location for health certificate and USDA I usted to pay 180 total!!!! Now they want $175 for just the health certificate, when a year a go used to be $68 it went UPPPP The total now to get the health certificate and have it USDA approved will cost you here $305 So I recommend this other location just for the Certificate and USDA to set your dog ???? for traveling. is only $175 for everything!!!

nick christos

3 years ago

Reasonable prices and a friendly staff

Herned Calle

3 years ago

I made an appointment here for my dog to get his bordatella and a check up. I got there filled out paper work outside in the cold because everything is curbside. My dog was taken in and I had to wait outside which I don’t like because how do I know you are actually looking at my dog but with covid i understand. I told them that my dog has an issue with redness on skin and licking on the paw as I handed the dog over. After what felt like 5 minutes i was called back saying he’s ready. When I went to pick him up they had the bill ready. When I asked about what they thought about my concerns they looked at me confused and i was not provided with and answer. They took him back in and looked at him again and came back with a few medications for the skin. Yet they still missed his paw infection. If you are going to charge me for a check up and I tell you my areas of concern, I would hope you actually check. Instead I was charged for a check up that seems to me that wasn’t conducted fully and thoroughly. They tried to send me and my dog on our way. I was not listened to and my dog did not receive adequate medical care. I suggest not coming here, I won’t be coming back.

Coco BX

3 years ago

Dr Zahran is kind and gentle with my baby dog. They helped us get through a major surgery and now all is well. I owe them many many thanks. If you are on the fence of where to go, I highly recommend. Note: I used to live on the ues and would uber out to Queens to see them! They’re that good!

Cynthia Cruz

3 years ago

I have been bringing my pets to the Animal Clinic of Hollis Court for the past 9 years. Dr. Z and his staff are great. I travel from the Bronx to Queens that should tell you something.

Guido G

3 years ago

First time I go to a vet. Good experience overall. They spayed my cat and honored a spaying program. Not many vets do that for what I understand. They were very accommodating too.

Boguslawa Szostek

3 years ago

Friendly and reliable stuff veterinarian explain all the procedure I am very satisfied with the service I received. For my pet Bebe

hyungkook kim

3 years ago

Terrible place Never come again

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