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Piedad Agudo

2 years ago

Will you guys ever close at a later time?

Cristian Duran

2 years ago

Was always happy to leave my dog at Lucky Paws. Every time we got to the door he would get excited and once the door was open he ran inside and didn't look back. He loved coming here until we had to move. They took great care of my dog and they also post videos during the day on their instagram so you can check up on your dog. Very grateful for them. Great place, would recommend.

jason chung

2 years ago

My partner and I love to send Max, my Shiba Inu. He loves to socialize with the dogs and has a great time. They feed him and take him out for a walk. Max socializes better after going to this daycare. Definitely would recommend!

Rejus Skeiris

2 years ago

Feel safe leaving my precious pups there. Staff is great especially Olivia.

N anony

2 years ago

Who does Olivia think she is fooling? This place is terrible. The dogs are not being watching constantly, there's little room for them to interact. When asked about services, the employee was very adamant that things be done HER way in order to upsell.

Labyrinth Streaming

2 years ago

The place is basically a garage painted green. Super packed and they don't watch the dogs. The places is super dirty and sketchy. Went to this place as a last minute option and immediately regretted it after I dropped off my dog fearing I would come back to some bad news.

Gigi Y

2 years ago

I always bring my pup here! At least 2-3 times a week. He always comes home tired ???? Never had any issues. Love the fact that they keep up with the vaccinations. Just wish they did grooming again ????????

Elane Bishop

2 years ago

Prices are not consistent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot charge people different prices!!!!!!!!!! This is a scam!!!!!!!!! No wonder they don't post prices on their website.

Patricia Nayar

2 years ago

Completely taken by surprise that Paw Central was now Lucky Paws! Very unprofessional for long time clients to find out -- after picking up my dog from grooming appointment. First told that Yolanda had to leave early due to a family emergency...then that she was out on vacation. Worse of all - my dog looked horrible!! One side of his face shorter than the other - what I asked them to do...they did all wrong!! Will never go back there again.

Lady Vaughan

3 years ago

My puppy looked AMAZING after he was groomed here. We will be back for sure


3 years ago

I started my dog Oakley at Lucky Paws when she was 5 months old and had her there from 1-2 days a week to socialize her. Drop off and pick up was easy and my dog came home happy every single time. Every time I picked her up there was a good mix of dogs there playing together all wagging their tails! It’s easy to communicate with the team at Lucky Paws and they are responsive via phone and email. I feel lucky that Oakley was able to be part of the Lucky Paws family and I know they took such good care of her.

Fulvio Cozzi

4 years ago

*edit* 3 months after my callout, still no prices showing up ———————————— They have a Pricing section on their website, with no prices shown.

Sarina Tewari

4 years ago

If you are doing your research pay heed to the other negative review this place has. This place is ok when all you want to do is pay for a service and hope for the best but customer service is not a part of that package. We were refused grooming twice because the first time the Bordatella shot papers were not in the FORMAT they wanted, to be clear my dog had the shot on time and the second time because they needed the updated shot details despite already refusing to provide day boarding to my dog. Robotic pay and receive service is flawless but no matter how long you are a customer for there will be no pleasantries and even minor accomodation like making an appointment conditional to providing papers beforehand. Go to LIC Doghouse or Pooches - mush less trouble to deal with. UPDATE: Please see a picture of the email I received - Feel free to select Lucky Paws if you want feedback received badly and aggressive follow up emails like this. Lucky Paws - please refer to another feedback you have received from another customer about your vaccination policy, time to look into what customer feedback and service means.

Rosanna Perez

4 years ago

My Yorkshire puppy love this place every time that I take her to lucky paws she doesn’t want to leave ????????????she loves the staff members and Olivia (owner) provides the best service ever. Thank you Olivia to always treat our babies as a priority and keep them happy and save ????????????????❤️

Peter Dinolfo

4 years ago

Your company made us jump through hoops in order to get our dog approved. I understand and appreciate your commitment to the safety of the animals, but one of your associates rejected my dog's paperwork and basically insinuated that I forged the paperwork since it was on a handwritten form by our vet and not digital. Pretty insulting accusation and an illogical one at that. Wound up going to the local competitor who has a much easier yet equally as effective vetting/approval process, and haven't looked back. Only reason I didn't give 0 stars is because a rep eventually got back to us days later saying that they'd accept it, but the damage was done.

Matt Brandt

4 years ago

Incredible staff, reliable service, and there for you when you need them. Our pup has been going here for over a year and a half, and I can’t imagine her going anywhere else. Olivia (owner) runs a phenomenal service.

Leyre Oruetxebarria

4 years ago

Tried to get my pet a haircut here and obviously sent them his health certificate with all his vaccines that expire late November. Never had a problem like this before, the health certificate says when the vaccines are due, not when they were given. The worker there kept telling me she needed the invoice to verify that my dog was given the vaccine. On top of that she said that NY state dogs need to get the bordatella vaccine every 6 months, which is not true. Told my vet about this and she was in shock. My dog has traveled to Florida on a plane and never needed all those documents to fly. Also got his haircut somewhere else where we only needed the health certificate. The situation was really unfortunate and drove us crazy, really unfair treatment.

Kate Schultz

4 years ago

My dog is always excited when he realizes he's going for daycare, and happy afterwards. The staff and owner care about the dogs and are always willing to help out with schedule changes, etc. Also, they are super on top of all dogs' vaccinations, etc!

Julie Stans

4 years ago

I haven’t written about this place but wanting to for awhile. We’ve had similar experience as the other reviewers with their requirements to the formatted paper. Olivia wanted exactly the format she wanted, no exception. When we explained it’s not possible because of the paper itself, she became the doggy law police. And when we did give her her desired format, she said she can’t read it. We did mention it’s not possible previously. I understand requirements are great but when you’re asking for like “I need the corners of the paper”, “I need everything signed”, it gets really strange. And the vet already signed all papers. Why would you want the corners of the paper? It’s actually quite a hilarious requirement. If an owner is like this, will she demand our puppy to sit still? Maybe my puppy doesn’t walk like how she want to? My puppy has missing teeth, will she asked for her missing teeth? And I’m also very wary when owners defend themselves on post. Overall a difficult owner to deal with. But the place seems nice? The staff was friendly.

Chrysalis Steele

4 years ago

Our golden doodle Jack has been going to Lucky Paws since he was 4 months old. He is 3 years old now and still pulls me to daycare everyday. He gets so excited. He's boarded there numerous times now and there has never been any problems. Olivia and her entire team are the absolute best!!! Every 6 weeks Jack also get a haircut. Afterwards, he looks like a show dog and people literally stop us on the street. They do a phenomenal job and accommodate any special requests (his skin is very sensitive and he tends to go wild when being groomed ). We know he is in great hands and highly recommend Lucky Paws. So happy to have found this gem!


5 years ago

This is a safe place for your dog. The animals are well cared for. It is a very sanitary environment. The staff is friendly. The prices are comparable to other boarding places. The dogs are kept in an open space for play time. Small dogs and large dogs are kept away from each other for safety.

Charles Alcantara

5 years ago

Amazing doggy day care. I mostly use them for boarding and my pup always comes back happy and tired. The people here are very friendly.

Jason Reyes (Flying Dakka)

5 years ago

I have been here before and they have been accommodating and price is reasonable. (5 stars starting point) but overall I'm not satisfied with this place. It doesn't seem like my dog is engaged with or gets enough exercise there (-1 star). Sure the price is decent but it doesn't seem like I get anything other than them just watching him. And please: if you trust your employees then give them some more authority or leeway to make decisions on their own. I had to wait 20 mins so the employee could ask the owner if my vaccine record was sufficient (-1) (btw, I tried calling 7 times within a 3 hr window the day before to clarify but couldn't get someone to talk to). That made me late for a date... serious micro-management and/ or bureaucracy issues. I also had to use the bathroom but there is no bathroom for customers either (-1). That leaves 2 stars left. Going to try somewhere else. Update to address the business' reply: According to §161.15 of the NYC health code: For all vaccinations OTHER than Rabies: Proof can be a medical record OR invoice (I had an invoice). My pet's kennel cough vaccination was current within 1 year but this business requires a 6-month booster (not uncommon for businesses to do this but still frustrating since it was 6 months & 1 week after the last vaccination). Furthermore, mandating a signed copy goes beyond the city's requirement and is a waste of time. It's only Lucky Paws' policy that requires a signed copy (they didn't mention who has to sign it, so I signed it- they were not amused). Lastly, the reply does not address the biggest concerns: Lack of interaction with my pet and the inefficient micromanagement practices. Yes, I tried to pay the $20 1/2-day daycare fee in advance because I had to use the bathroom very urgently and I cannot take my dog with me inside another store/business to use the bathroom while waiting for the owner, and only the owner, to decide on something that's completely unnecessary.

Jen Delong

6 years ago

My dog is so happy here. Thank you. You bring joy.

Sean Wiener

6 years ago

If you are new to the area and looking for a place to bring your dog during the day, I would highly advise avoiding this place! First off, they offer a pick-up service if you leave too early in the morning to drop off your dog. They called us at 10:30am and told us sorry but the dog wasn't there when we went to the apartment to pick him up. We of course panicked and sent a friend to check and he was there on the couch. Took over an hour for them to come back and pick up the dog. They never even apologized for this, and even charged for the pick-up. The customer service is severely lacking. Also, when you go to pick up your dog between 5-7PM they will be on their leash and tied up. Pretty sad that they do this so they can clean up and leave right at 7PM. When I voiced my complaints they could care less. DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG HERE! There is a reason they are very fairly priced, its very poor service

Hiliary Leneweaver

7 years ago

We trust Lucky Paws with all of our dog's walking, day care and boarding needs. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Prices are fair and our dog is always happy after her visits there. Would highly recommend!

Michael Schmidt

7 years ago

Really well run and organized. Owners and staff love the dogs.

Sarolta Toscano

8 years ago

After a long time search for a decent doggy day care, I finally found Olivia's Lucky Paws which I am very satisfied about. It is like hitting the lottery:) The place is clean, specious, and colorful, it is a perfect fit our furry friends. They are constantly present, supervising the dogs as well as keeping them company during play time. I am highly recommending this place for everyone, trust me you will not be let down.

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