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Shannon Doherty

2 years ago

Quick and easy tech visit. They're always great with my pup. She sometimes gets nervous if she has to go with someone - and I stay behind - but the vet tech was great at making her feel good before taking her back. I love that they care about her stress levels.

Elizabeth Roe

2 years ago

They’re the best! So good with my dog. Dr White will oo and goo over your dog just like you would :)


2 years ago

Cute clean friendly convenient but little pricey

Kristopher Anderson

2 years ago

I started coming here recently because I moved nearby and they were recommended to me by a friend. I took my cat in for dental work and everything went just fine and dandy.

Sydia Fraser

2 years ago

I received my French Bulldog sick and this was the first vet I found after he came home from the ER and I don’t regret it! They take such good care of him . They take all necessary steps to ensure he's healthy and happy . Ever since I found LIC vet he’s been nothing but healthy and thriving

Maria Pereira

2 years ago

Been taking our frenchie Oreo here for years and I can’t say enough good things. The girls at the reception are AMAZING (in person and on the phone). Doctor are good as well and nurses and other assistants are always really nice with pups.

Jaqueline Calderon

2 years ago

Our puppy has been coming since day one Appointment are usually readily available, the staff is nothing but professional and attentive to our dog and to our concerns!

Nidhi Shah

2 years ago

Luna has an amazing time with all the staff and Dr. Anthony White. Everyone is very warm and provides her with excellent care. Would recommend this clinic to anyone.

Amrit Deol

2 years ago

Was able to get an appointment in 3 days for our 9 week puppy. Professional and knowledgeable service and friendly staff, convenient location as I live on center Blvd.

kathleen mooney

2 years ago

The staff and vets are wonderful. The 3 times Doris has been sick they gave her wonderful care.

Jiacheng Fang

2 years ago

This is a VET with an extremely bad attitude. If you love your pets, don't come here. I made an appointment in advance two weeks ago. At that time, my cat had caught a cold and was sneezing wildly and having a runny nose. When I brought my cat over with expectation and trust, they said, "You are 10 minutes late and we can't serve you anymore. You are a new customer and you need to fill out the form. You can't see the doctor if you don't fill out the form in advance." But in fact, they never sent me any emails or made any phone calls. In addition, they didn't tell me that they needed to fill in the form in advance when making an appointment. Then I told him that my cat is very uncomfortable now. He has had a cold for two weeks. Is there any other way or I can fill out the form now. He said he called me this morning to confirm, but in fact it did not. I also showed him the cell phone call records to prove that I did not receive any calls. But he told me that it was none of his business, anyway, now the doctor is out of time. (There was no one inside when I arrived) There is such a bad place for pets, they don't care about your pet.

Chris Bisceglie

2 years ago

I wish that I could leave a better review of LIC Vet. My partner and I have been taking our two tabby cats here for three years and have recently discovered that there is far better service, care, and professionalism available. Generally speaking, the staff handled scheduling, diagnosis reporting and even direct handling of our cats (!!!) with a concerning level of apathy. This ranges from the front desk to the aides to the doctors. (Note: this does NOT apply to Dr Racioppo who we had a good experience with. However after said experience we specifically requested to see her again, was told we would, and then showed up to our appointment to a different vet) In addition to scheduling miscues and sub-par handling/care, we have discovered an egregious example of misdiagnosis and fees ($$$$$$). We felt taken advantage of after our most recent visit when the vet recommended that our cat required special attention to her teeth due to "excessive tartar build up." Their proposal was to put our cat to sleep in order to address the tartar - for a whopping $3k+ !!!! We realize that there is a premium cost associated with service in NYC; however this proposal along with a series of conflicting information and recommendations from the staff was enough for us to seek an alternate opinion. This morning my partner and I drove 1.5 hrs outside the city into NJ to seek the opinion of her childhood vet. This vet was able to verbally walk us through two anticipated options BEFORE we showed up and put us at ease on costs/procedure. For the same scope of work that LIC Vet proposed, this other vet quoted $500. Lo and behold, this alternative vet diagnosed our cat with a SINGLE tooth of tartar build up which she was able to address without anesthesia (costing us even less than the $500 quote)!!! Thankfully saving us $3k and what could have been a sleepy/risky operation. I do believe that the staff at LIC vet are good hearted but I cannot in good conscience recommend their service. Either their knowledge/experience is poor or their proposals are being driven by ulterior motives (stakeholder pressure for profits??) We will gladly take the 1.5 hour drive to a more family orientated and friendly vet moving forward, in the best interest of our cats health and our wallets.

Lauren M. Varner

2 years ago

Dr. Raciappo and Dr. Kulick have been persistent and thorough in their care. They explain the care plan inclusive of cost up front. The full team (reception and tech) are very kind, caring and patient. They’ve helped make us feel safe (especially during COVID) and know they’re taking care of our cats with love and professionalism.

Nick Boyajian

2 years ago

Emailed to get an appointment, they told me that they could schedule me in a bit over a week. Told me I had to fill out new patient forms even though my pets are already patients of the Manhattan location. Fine. Filled out the paperwork and replied to their email confirming the date they offered me. They never followed up with an appointment time, so a few days later I called. "Oh, sorry the person who you were emailing with accidentally didn't make the appointment, soonest we have is in 2 weeks". My dog is in pain and they just don't care that their mistake means she can't get any help for another 2 weeks.

Tracy Hendrickson

2 years ago

We had previously been very happy with LIC Vet (and Court Sq) but today really upset me. Our puppy got Lyme disease earlier this year and we were told to check back in after his antibiotics to give him a blood test to recheck. We admittedly lost track of when we were supposed to come back, so I called on Monday to ask if it was time yet, and the receptionist told me it was and booked us for Thursday (today) at 10:30. I checked in ontime and after 20 minutes I hadn't been seen (which is unusual for them) so I asked how late they were running... I was told he'd be seen soon. 10 minutes later a tech came out (who has seen our dog before and is VERY nice) and explained it was too soon for his blood to be rechecked and that the receptionist made a mistake. We chatted about a few other things and she was very helpful and also reminded us to get his bordetella booster while I was there, so that was good. However, speaking of bordetella, there was a dog in the waiting room with us for about 10 minutes that obviously had bordetella (and the tech confirmed it), so now I'm worried that our puppy has been exposed to kennel cough. If a dog has such a contagious illness it should not be allowed to sit in the waiting room with other dogs. If we had been told correct information when I called or even when I checked in we could have avoided this exposure (and waste of my time). When I checked out, the receptionist told me it must have been a new person who made my appointment and didn't read the notes, which points to sloppy training in my opinion, but still doesn't excuse the 30 minute delay or the fact that no one realized this in the 30 minutes I was waiting.

Abba Henrik

2 years ago

Professional and cordial staff at all times. I would eagerly recommend LIC clinic to anyone I know who needs a great vet clinic I have taken my pets to other vet clinics over the years and I appreciate the attentive and responsive staff, from the phone & reception desk, general veterinary support staff, as well as the doctors themselves. Yes they are a bit expensive, but I trust their diverse training and experience. Other clinics I have been to have not always been as diligent and motivated to provide genuinely compassionate care for my pets, whether for general checkups, or for urgent health issues. They are quite methodical and patient with addressing any health concerns and make sure I understand any health issues. Huge plus they are open 7 days a week. Must be prompt for appointments as they cannot take you if you run more than a few minutes late; they are also always booked back to back. Thank you Long Island City Vet Clinic!

Judith Kane

2 years ago

I was seen quickly and professionally when traveling with my small dog. The vet on duty followed up by phone as promised even though I had flown home the next day.

Anne Kovach

2 years ago

The Doctors here are terrific. It is the staff that made my experience today frustrating and very unpleasant. Been coming here since it opened in LIC. Former staff was also wonderful but after the expansion all the best staff seem to have left to work at the Court Square facility. Today the staff were complete strangers to me and my dog. I understand the covid restrictions, but I was masked and vaxed and no one was in the inside waiting room. And no one was waiting outside either. The one way to get my dog inside is to do it in one swoop all at once without hesitation. They could have taken my dog. But waiting outside with her made her resistant and she pulled out of collar and went to park. I know my dog well. I know how to get her to come back to me. I did not need vet techs coming to my aid or watching me get her. so i yelled to the techs to go back to their office. Then some obnoxious guy -- A very arrogant, condescending know-it-all, tall dark hair, maybe a beard, told me I needed to go home because I was disrespectful. He does not know me or my dog. I never saw him before. I was frustrated by the idiocy of the whole thing and the fight my dog was giving me. My dog is not your business when we are outside of your facility. Unless she is inside -- do not intervene -- she is then my responsibility. I am very put off by how i was treated. It's time to open your waiting room and respect your clients. My dog needed a very quick anal gland squeeze. The staff should have handled this better. I am seriously considering seeking vet care elsewhere. I do not need to experience the power trips and attitudes of their endless rotating staff. Horrible experience.

Janet Chow

2 years ago

I would like to give a big shout out to the staff at LIC Vet. My dog Lucy needed to see a vet asap due to blood found in her stools. We approach a previous veterinary clinic but was told due to covid restrictions, they weren't able to take her in. I explained the situation to the kindly staff at LIC vet that I really needed to have Lucy seen immediately. Despite their appointments being full that day and it's an emergency walk-in, they immediately tend to her. As a concerned dog owner, I just want the best for my pet and LIC Veterinary Center took the very best care for Lucy. They understood the severity of the situation and put my heart at ease. Thank you so much Dr Erin and the tremendously helpful staff. I highly recommend LIC Veterinary Center to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy clinic for their pets.

Li Yifan

2 years ago

If you need to go aboard with your pets, this vet is the best choice in LIC. LIC Vets helped me get rabies titer result from Auburn and applied for health certificate from USDA. They did nicely and fast. I need to walk for half an hour to get here, but it’s totally worth it.

Elle Kirsten

3 years ago

Thanks for helping my pups!

Gissell Villacres

3 years ago

Love this veterinary service I love how my dog isn’t scared of her yearly visits!

Tiffany Weng

3 years ago

Friendly staff and the doctor is also always transparent about pricing before they proceed. Our two French bulldogs love visiting! Picture from pre-covid times. Now you must wait outside while your pup is examined.

Vickie Yang

3 years ago

My puppy was diagnosed of giardia. I took her to LIC Vet for a primary examination and they prescribed her with only one medication to treat for this type of parasite (which I learned later on that treating Giardia requires two medication (metronidazole and panacur)). After eating only one type of medication, her symptom didn't get better for a month, therefore I took her to LIC Court Sq and they informed me that her giardia was not cleared, then prescribed her with the proper two medications. Super unreliable place and I will never take my pet to them again.


3 years ago

I have a cat and a dog who both go here. They are always attentive and very responsive.

John Quinn

3 years ago

Attentive caring staff from the front desk to the vet techs and docs. They have handled regular checkups through end of life care for 3 of my cats. I have 100% confidence in them and the services they provide

Selina Lee

3 years ago

Took my cat here for a routine wellness exam and have nothing but good things to say about my experience. The front desk staff were all great and after a short wait (I wasn’t able to go inside due to covid precautions), Dr. Kulick walked me through the entire exam and was extremely patient and thorough. She explained everything she did and helped me understand my options based on her recommendations. I definitely felt like my cat was in good hands.

Cookie Buckley

3 years ago

They did a great job on her nails very good service

Sarah Hickman

3 years ago

We absolutely love going to this vet. The receptionists are SO nice and pleasant to speak with. Dr. Kulick and Dr. Racioppo are both amazing, thorough, and they really take the time to put our pet's concerns at ease. I love speaking with everyone there - It's such a difference from any other vet experience I've had.

Tanne Crosby

3 years ago

I've been using LIC Veterinary Center for my first dog Lily for a couple of years and recently started taking a newly adopted second dog to them as well. I've always been extremely happy with them - they're organized, professional, and very friendly. In addition to regular checkups, Lily has had a couple of minor ad hoc issues - they helped with a torn dewclaw when an emergency clinic said there was nothing they could do, and recently removed a piece of glass from her paw - and I was very satisfied both times with how everything was handled. Lily also has separation issues and they're always very patient with her. Highly recommend!

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