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Eden Cameron

2 years ago

So grateful for the excellent level of care my rats have received here. I have used both their 24hr emergency clinic and booked regular appointments and been happy with all my experiences. While a lot of the appointments have been through …

Amanda Needham

2 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Princess Animal Hospital. I called them as my elderly cat was in severe respiratory distress- they said to bring him right in. From the moment I pulled up the staff were very kind, caring, knowledgeable and professional. It was decided that euthanasia was the best approach to care to end my pets suffering, and the whole process was handled with the utmost care and empathy. You can tell the staff here truly care about and love their jobs. I would highly recommend trusting them with your furry loved ones. Thank you for your care!

Kat Brooks

2 years ago

Giving a heads up about this clinic: approximately two months ago, we had our cat feeling bad and in spite of one of our friends’ recommendations against the clinic, given that it was the only option at that time, we went ahead to be seen. Our cat was taken inside to be examined and although we provided quite a few details of what was going on, they kept asking us the same questions. At that point, we felt they were not very interested in hearing our concerns. We listened to their explanation and bought all the medications and ran the tests they requested (which, by the way, are not cheap). The staff showed various times a lack of empathy and were rude when we were trying to understand the order of medication administration. After taking our cat home, we called to ask another question about the meds and were told a vet would be consulted, but we never heard back from them about this. Luckily, we were able to take our cat to our regular vet who was surprised to see the medications given and the uncertainty regarding the diagnosis PAH expressed even when prescribing treatment. There was a delay in the correct diagnosis and they made us feel like the only thing they cared about was money. We are definitely very disappointed and we are unsure why they are running a clinic when animal care is clearly not their priority. I wonder if the staff treat their pets with the disinterest they demonstrated when trying to treat ours. Stay away if you can.

Nicholas Bakyta

2 years ago

Due to the indifference and self serving attitudes demonstrated by the people at the Princess Clinic, our Christmas will probably be spent watching our family pet die After finally waiting several hours we finally saw a vet at the clinic. Some pain killers were prescribed and we went home. Our dog became progressively worse and we attempted to see someone at the Princess Clinic. Even though there was a vet on duty, we were dismissed and told to go to another Clinic. We have finally arranged an emergency appointment in Belleville, but our dog's condition has deteriorated considerably and we do not expect him to survive. So Merry Christmas to those a the Princess Clinic. For us, I expect we will be spending our time watching our family pet die. I wish the worst to all who work there. nico

Joe Warner

2 years ago

Failed to recognize that my old cat was critically dehydrated. Sent me home with her. She cried all night. Next day they were unable to see her again, so I rushed her to Napanee. She was immediately put on intravenous fluids and passed away that afternoon.

Doug Mattis

2 years ago

It was my 1st visit to Princess Animal Hospital and I was very impressed. Triage was easy, they took me in for my examination.Dr Donley checked me out and brought me back to my daddy's car to thoroughly explain the options to make me better. The medication is working! Thank you!!!

Judy V

2 years ago

From the moment they answered my call, to the moment we left the parking lot, Princess Animal Hospital exceeded my expectations for a 24hr emergency vet hospital. They were compassionate and patient with my large breed dog and a doting dog-mom like me. My Boerboel ingested so much sand at the beach we went to that morning, and come the evening, she was shaking and vomiting. I was incredibly worried and took her straight to the hospital. I expected to wait for a long time at emerge, and for them to see more critical patients first, but luckily it was a slower night. They were able to see Megatron and figure out what she needed right away. They gave her a shot, some meds and some GI food for home. She was so perky and so happy when she came out, that I knew they treated her like one of their own. She was feeling better the next morning! A great big thank you to Dr. Caudle and the staff at Princess Animal Hospital for taking care of my girl.


2 years ago

After hours clinic is not informative. I gave this hospital the benefit of my doubt as I went for a second time. The first time I was the only car in the parking lot at 3am and was told the vet would be out "soon". I waited 45 minutes and called them again. I was told that the vet was busy, but "soon". I drove away after over an hour and went to the other Pet Hospital in town. Second visit I called ahead and was told to come after 6pm. I came after 6pm and was told by the receptionist that "someone will be out soon". I completely understand that if a pet comes in with more serious issues that they should be looked after first. But, the point of my bad review is due to the lack of communication to your clients. I noticed the same copied response to those that have given a bad review of wait times. This is how I found out how they determine who is seen first. I have no clue how many vets are on staff, where I am in the so called "queue" or if I should of spent my 2.5 hours of waiting, before I drove off just staying home with my family. Communication is key and only fair to those that choose your services.

Terry Grubb

2 years ago

We took our dog there after she was attacked by a bulldog. They said it would be a few hours. We waited over 2 hrs with the dog's gaping wounds. Then they tell us that they can't do it and sent us away. If I could leave 0 stars, I would have. STAY AWAY!!!!

Amber Meeks

2 years ago

Brought my cat who was very ill, they saw him right away and were very informative about our options and how to proceed. They were very supportive and nice. I am very thankful for the staff there.

bruce mcgregor

2 years ago

Our daughter brought her 9 wk puppy to the Hospital on Saturday night after he was bitten in the face by another dog. Waited 3 hrs (until 1 am) and left without having been seen after being told likely would be a 1 hr wait. She returned Sunday morning at approx 11 am; waited 5 hrs in the parking lot and again ended up having to leave without puppy being seen. We do understand the concept of triage and having to be displaced when a life threatening emergency rolls in but all she was looking for were some antibiotics for him - a process that would probably have taken 10 minutes and then they would have been out of the Hospital's way, or be honest and tell people they are not urgent enough to be seen that day.

Nathaniel Lewis

2 years ago

My dog needed to go for an emergency exam as my vet was closed on the weekend. I do appreciate that they are always open. After the exam, a vet came out to speak with me. They handed me a quote for $3000. I was a bit taken back, but they basically lead the conversation with "don't freak about the price" rather than trying to calm my nerves in anyway about my dog. Then, I was given confusing instructions to get a second opinion either from another emergency vet or my own on Monday. Then they asked if I wanted to move ahead with the quote. It just seemed very all over the place. The vet techs were very nice. I decided on the second opinion because I just felt off. Fast forward to this past weekend, I called to see if they could help with meds over Thanksgiving as I was 1 day short on the antibiotic. I figured it was my best shot since they did the emergency exam and they knew what was wrong with her, even though I got the second opinion and work done elsewhere. I was told on the phone probably not, which I understand, but was still told the vets were currently busy on the phone and they could ask when one was free to have the vet call me back. I never received the call. On top of this, my own vet was shocked they didn't start my dog on antibiotics regardless of doing other steps that first day. I'm not going to trash them or anything. They seemed nice. Prices were a bit high, but being an emergency vet that's pretty common. Maybe they're extremely busy, but I just wouldn't trust taking my dog here again.

Dee Dee

2 years ago

Love these guys! When our dog needed to be euthanized they got us in right away. They were super empathetic and so kind. We even got a card in the mail from them with her paw print on it. It was very touching! Our next pup was a year old when we got her and was rescued from a very abusive situation. They took perfect care of her, and have been taking perfect care of Gia ever since! I absolutely recomend Princess/ Downtown Animal Hospital to everyone who loves their pet!

Emily Hartjes

2 years ago

Dr Doyle did an outstanding job during an emergency vet visit late into the evening Aug 25th after our pup experienced potentially fatal water intoxication. Not only did he and his team rush out to our car after an hour drive to get him there, they immediately took action to triage him amongst the other pets. The costs were clearly outlined once he was stable and our options for his care were made clear with as much information as we could ask for. We would like to thank Dr Doyle and his team for making our terrifying night, one that we can walk away from with a healthy pup. It's also important to mention that night he and his team were the only available emergency vet within a 2+ hour radius and were extremely busy but within the four hour window we dealt with Princess Animal Hospital, we didn't see anyone slow down for the influx of patients. Great job and we are extremely grateful you were working that night. Emily, Kyle and Pup (Tallow)

Shannon Scully

2 years ago

I can’t say enough about the Princess Animal Hospital. They are kind, professional and have gone above and beyond every time I have had to be there. I am so pleased to have found such a wonderful veterinarian clinic for my pets.

Scott and Cindy Semple

2 years ago

Waited for 2 hours only to be told our sick dog wouldn't be seen due to a c section. Not sure that was an emergency or just more lucrative. Not capable in my opinion to see everyone who arrived might want to increase your capacity versus sending away sick dogs.

Thomas Killip

2 years ago

Took our 3 year old tabby here today to get him emergency care as he hasn't been himself for the last two days, not making a BM while also puking and not eating... which I would classify as an emergency. Unfortunately we waited 3 hours outside without being seen or spoken to. I would call every hour to check in to see if we would be able to have an estimate and was told to continue to wait as they have other appointments. Im not sure what classifies an emergency vet clinic other than being open 24 hours but it seemed like they had no regard for the well being of our cat. We left after 3 hours in hopes that we might be able to get him in somewhere else. I would like to add that we were very kind and polite the whole time. In future this clinic might benefit from more staffing as well as organizational management.

Maryellen Brooks

2 years ago

My pug some how broke her dew claw. We went to the triage, and even though it was 8 hrs before we were seen, they were great. They had to remove her nail , wrap it in a bandage, gave her medication for pain and a cone. I didn't have enough money, so they didn't charge me for the bandage and are letting me pay them the rest when I bring her in September for a check-up. The staff are amazing. They are very understanding of everyone's different situations. I highly recommend this place for your pets care!!


2 years ago

I can’t say enough about the Princess Animal Hospital. Our 9 month old lab gave us quite the scare when he would not walk and had a significant limp. We just moved to Kingston and did not have a vet picked yet. We called and had an appointment 2 hours later. The service we received was excellent. Dr Caudle and Michelle were fantastic. They were caring and handled my pup with such care and made him feel safe. It is very clear that the animals health and comfort are top priority. I did not feel pressured or pushed into any unnecessary service, medication, etc. I was asked if I was comfortable with each medication and recommendation and the price (which was very reasonable). All my questions were answered and everything was explained in great detail. The team provided one of the best vet experiences I have had. I am so pleased our pup is on the mend and recovering quickly. We will be coming back for all our veterinarian needs. Thank you! 10/10

Amanda Satov

2 years ago

I was concerned about my cat's behaviour and called to see if we needed to come in. The person who answered the phone calmly triaged my cat's symptoms and gave me all the right answers to keep him safe without being alarmist. I haven't even had an appointment here but will definitely be booking one soon!

A. Wren Montgomery

2 years ago

Quick, professional, and kind service for our anxious border collie rescue who met her first porcupine last night. Thanks to Paige and Dr. J.P. especially for caring for her so well and being flexible with her needs. Highly recommend!

Sarah Taylor

2 years ago

One of my cats, Abigale, has congestive heart failure. When she started rapidly declining one night, we feared the worst. We brought her into the afterhours clinic where she received comprehensive care from Dr. Lang. They brought her in quickly and Dr. Lang was able to pinpoint the problem and provided solutions and a treatment plan for her going forward. He also took the time to explain what exactly was going on with her, which was greatly appreciated. Abby is with us today thanks to the quick action of the team at Princess Animal Hospital. I hope we are never in this position again but if we are in need of an after-hours vet, we will be coming straight to Princess Animal Hospital.

michaela green

2 years ago

Waited 3 hours as cars came in and out of the parking lot. Not talked to by a tech waited from 630 till 930 at night asked someone why we were still waiting then being told that its first come first serve to oh we had emergency calls that needed to be dealt with first we won't forget about you. Would not recommend this animal hospital at all. Sucks that i had to even give it one star just to give my review.

Jaina McCarthy

2 years ago

Today I received the most unprofessional customer service. Won't be returning.

Bretni Davies

2 years ago

The entire staff at Princess Animal Hospital was amazing, very caring during such a stressful time. I've never left my guy anywhere before, but I knew he was in good hands after talking with Carol and Dr. Ouellette (sp?). They were patient, thorough and thoughtful. He had to spend 36 ( very stressfull) hours in emergency but he walked out in great spirits and good health. Thank-you P.A.H team!

Gerard Furlong

2 years ago

Went to Princess at 3:15AM from the Ottawa area, as they were the only ones available to see a sick 8 month old puppy. Professional service in the middle of the night. Thank you

Lisa Bee

2 years ago

We had a positively awesome experience bringing Zipper (our cat) here for after-hours care. He had a ruptured gland and everyone we spoke with was so kind and helpful. From the lady we spoke to on the phone to the veterinarian and assistant, it was a wonderful trip and he was taken care of very well. He’s now fully recovered and back to his old self. Thank you Dr. Doyle!

Ally Craig

2 years ago

I had to wait 3 hours for the emergency service. I took my sick hamster in and they told me it would cost 200 dollars to have her euthanized. I took her to a humane society and they did it for 45 dollars. I spent 200 dollars for 4 days worth of pain meds and an exam, which I thought was too much.

Chelsea Davidson

2 years ago

Dr. Greenwood did an amazing job at trying to keep our sweet boy alive. Unfortunately, he had to be put down yesterday due to what she thinks was liver disease. Since the beginning, she worked hard to try and diagnose our cat but he was a mystery! Thank you for everything, we appreciate it so much!

Laura Davis

3 years ago

I noticed that my guinea pig was feeling under the weather and I tried to get him an appointment. Nothing was available so I was advised to come after hours. Anytime I called the staff was always so kind and patient. During these lockdown restrictions, everyone did an amazing job getting Moo taken care of. I don't know what we (Moo and I) would do without these amazing people. Doctor was very thorough in giving me the information to get my little guy better. Thank you so much! Times are tough and you all are doing amazing! Hope everyone is just as appreciative. :)

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