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Arlene Mendock

2 years ago

Dr. Turner performed our dog's surgery today to remove a tumor on his eyelid. She is very kind, caring and professional! She's honest about what needs to be done and why. I highly recommend Dr. Turner! Dr. Rugg and Dr. Alden are also very good! We highly recommend Kingston Animal Hospital.

Sheri Winston

2 years ago

Kingston animal hospital has been our vets for many years. They are caring, kind and utterly competent. We trust them with the healthcare of our beloved feline fur kids. Highly recommend!


2 years ago

Everyone that I have dealt with there are so nice and they genuinely care about the animals. They take excellent care of our pets.


2 years ago

My First experience with Kingston Animal Hospital years ago was positive. I can't say that for recent. 6 visits for a surgery normally costing 3 to 400. Seeming clueless to every visit prior, cost me 1500 with complications of allergic reactions to their equipment and services. I'm honestly disappointed in this place. Stay away unless its a life or death emergency "Response from the owner a week ago We regret that you were so disappointed in your recent experience at our hospital. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally about your concerns." I asked to speak with people countless times. "The Doctor will call you" I asked to speak before care was done. "The Doctor will call you" I asked to know how much this will cost. "Someone will talk to you about it" You want to talk now..... This seems to be a common complaint across all bad comments with this place. Lack of communication and sheisty upselling. We all understand covid made thigs different but that doesn't mean you cut the people out. 50$ Bluetooth headset and the doctor could talk to pet owners while caring? Too much extra work for you eh? You like this no interaction BS better

Charles Simpson

2 years ago

Very good care taken with my Yorkie

Al Gadas

2 years ago

I have followed Dr Turner here for the continued care of my special needs dog and am so happy I did. The staff is always so kind, they treat Sid and I like family, and he gets the greatest care. I have begun recommending my children bring their own animals here as well, and they travel an hour to be treated for the diagnostics and care they need. We are thrilled to have Kah on our side for the extra love Sid needs. When there are true emergencies, the doctors and techs drop everything to support you and your pet/furry family member/companion as if it were their own.

Anita M Collins

2 years ago

I've taken three of my five cats there, we are new in town. Welcoming, the techs seem to know what they are doing and know what's happened. Dr. Tucker has been very knowledgeable and personable. Getting my youngest one through some strange fever with no visible cause.

Canary Black

2 years ago

Kingston animal hospital saved my baby girl Cali from a very bad bacteria that almost took her from me!! Bri was so understanding, helpful, & supportive. I’m very happy I brought my puppy to them! Thank you again Kingston Animal Hospital for saving my Cali girl !!!

Danielle Gallagher

2 years ago

Very caring, helpful, patient, and affordable! They work with you to help you afford your animal's care . I highly recommend this veterinarian hospital. Dr. Beth Alden is my main vet there and she is a great doctor - thoughtful and very thorough and takes the time to explain best animal care to you. The staff and nurses are so patient and kind and understand you're worried about your fur-baby. Thank you to everyone at Kingston Animal Hospital!!!


2 years ago

My furbabies hare going to the vet. But at Kingston Animal Hospital they made my girls feel so welcome, I was worried that I would have to do a light sedation but she was good with everyone there. And the staff is so nice. I will not go anywhere again after years of looking for a vet closer to home. Now I do not have to take 2 hr drive to take them to the vet. THANK YOU EVERYONE AT KINGSTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL.

Michael Gaylin

2 years ago

This is a shame because KAH has become a racket. We’ve been going here for over 20 years and have been very satisfied with the care of our pets. But we’ve noticed, as have had many others, that in the last couple of years there has been a very clear and aggressive focus on up selling, padding bills and requiring vaccinations other services This leads to absurdly expensive bills. Case in point. We brought our dog in today for a $52 grooming. The final bill was about $380. That’s right. The $40 flu vaccine was required. Don’t know how that helps our dog or any dogs it might come in contact with when given 15 min before it’s grooming. Then the groomer brought our dog down to the vet with so-called concerns. A vet examined our dog without our permission gave him an expensive injection without our permission, and then called to voice his concerns and recommending a course expensive medication. I agreed to this course of treatment because, what are you going to do when your vet tells you your animal needs something. But what I do know is after 20 years will never be going back again. This is happened one too many times. It’s clear that as other people of mentioned, the sale of the practice to a corporate entity has ruined the business. PS. Groomers did a fine job.

nicole bernhardt

2 years ago

They are wonderful with handling the pets & are too professionals with their care, but they use language that pressures you into services that are expensive and not necessary. I feel totally taken advantage of financially.

Sharon Hughes

2 years ago

Read how many bad reviews they have before you take any pet you care about there . I brought an extremely sick small cat to them for help that I had found on my porch .the cat was sick and crying in distress . They absolutely refused to even look at her . Said they were too busy ! There was literally One other person waiting to be seen in the parking lot . I was so upset over this poor animal I just could not believe the response I got from them . They quite clearly do not care about animals at all . No one who works at an animal clinic whether a technician or a veterinarian should be able to just turn away a distressed pet ….

Lacy Allen

2 years ago

Excellent experience. My dog had heartworms and was mid-treatment with my vet in New Orleans. When hurricane Ida hit, I evacuated and had to quickly find a new vet to complete the treatment on schedule. Kingston Animal Hospital was welcoming and gracious, took time to answer all of my questions, provided excellent care, and ensured my dog got her treatment on time. Would highly recommend.

john schock

2 years ago

Saw the vet techs, they were very caring and knew what they were doing. John Schock

Leah Wesselmann

2 years ago

I am quite disappointed in the vet tech Eric. He made my 15 yr old gurrrll Blanca JUMP INTO MY CAR after having an emergency hysterectomy the same day. She pulled a staple and I watched blood drip onto my car seat. I WAS HORRIFIED. Then he was sent back outside and downplayed it..." oh, she's fine. This happens. " And then he wrapped a stretch bandage around her. He showed no empathy whatsoever for my dog. [Or me, but I don't care about me]. Also, there is a lack of proper communication with this place. They sent an email saying to pick my dog yo at 645pm. Nobody told me I had to drive gett to the ER CLINIC for overnight then pick her back up at 7am to return her back to the vet, and they only open at 9am!! My poor dog. It'd be nice to have get recuperate IN ONE SPOT not in and or of a car 4 times.... my heart hurts. I hope my gurrrll pulls thru this. I think things would've been much different if Dr. Alden had been working. She has always been excellent. Dr. Turner was great as well explaining everything. The worst is that ppl still cannot go in with a critically sick baby. It's reallllllly hard. And it affords bad communication. It stinks... ????????. UPDATED AND EDITED REVIEW!! JULY 28,2021... Upon speaking with the clinic manager at Kingston animal hospital, and having to go back and forth there for 4 days with my baby gurrrll, I needed to post a new review. It is not a fair review for the OVERALL CARE that Blanca received thru this horrific ordeal. All the other techs and all vets and clerical staff there were sooooo kind and caring and concerned for both Blanca and me. It is very difficult for clear communication during this covid time when one cannot set the dr. face to face. But they did their best. I have to say that this hospital was overall very GOOD an's they took great care of her. Thanks especially to all the female techs who came out and helped me get Blanca in and out of the car for 4 days, esp. Renee(?) And Ashley. Thank you Dr. Rugg for saving my gurrrll who was filled with pus, and he didn't get any infection into her peritoneal cavity or bloodstream. It reallllllly was a very urgent surgery and very risky. 27 staples... 15 years old... and she's doing SO well 9 days later????????????????????. I DO RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL. JUST BE INVOLVED AND CALL THE BUSINESS MANAGER JESSICA IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS. She spoke with me for 20 minutes an hour after I wrote the first review. SHE CARES!!!

Neil Millens

2 years ago

4/12 We have been long time supporters of Kingston Animal Hospital, going back to 2003. I respect and appreciate both Drs. Rugg and Alden for the care they've provided my dogs. I defer to them without question when it comes to my dogs. EVER SINCE THE PRACTICE WAS SOLD TO A CORPORATE VET GROUP, HOWEVER, THE QUALITY OF CARE HAS FALLEN. Concurrently, the emphasis on selling more vaccinations, treatments and services has increased. I understand people wanting to make a buck, but pushing often unnecessary vaccinations borders on unethical. Similarly, the practice is now requiring twice yearly wellness exams, stool sampling, etc. We had an appointment today to update Skye's rabies vaccination, but when we arrived and checked in, I was told that since her last wellness exam was in September, a wellness exam was required before they would vaccinate her (why wasn't that shared with me when I made the appointment several weeks ago? An intentional oversight?). After the appointment I called 3 other local vet practices who all stated that unless your pet is experiencing issues, a once yearly wellness exam is sufficient. As for quality of service....when the vet tech returned Skye to my car today, she reviewed my concerns. She said one issue I had was common with older dogs. I then asked if 4 and a half was "older". She said "No". I told her Skye was 4 and a half. She had no idea of her age. How can they not know the age of the dog which they just examined inside? I then asked what they thought of her weight loss. She had no idea what I was talking about. I said that she saw that Skye weighed around 74 lbs when I put her on the scale...which was almost 20 lbs less than last year. She never looked at or compared with previous weight. This practice no longer has my trust. PS Following our 11am (dis)appointment, I called the vet's office at 11:50 today and asked to speak with a manager. I wanted to raise my concerns directly and give management an opportunity to respond. It's now almost 2:30. While I haven't received a return call from management, I did get a call from the office seeking payment. That about sums up my impression of the practice's focus. Update 4/12 4:30pm and still no return call from a manager. Update 4/12 evening, I emailed asking for a phone call. Update 4/13 4:25pm and still no return call. Update 4/15 I've called and emailed them and still haven't received a response. This serves to reaffirm my impression of the practice and my decision to drop them. Update. 4/26... Since April 12, I have called, emailed, posted to the practice's Facebook account and messaged via Facebook to request a manager speak with me to address my concerns about Skye's April 12th appointment and the practice's new policies, standard of care, and poor communication. I've received no response other than today's online reply to my previous Google review of the practice. In said reply the practice disingenuously chose to mischaractize my concerns as being about medical recommendations rather than greed, incompetence and poor client services. The facts set forth in my above review speak for themselves. No medical recommendations were even provided to me. Update 5/17. The practice emailed on 4/26, two weeks after the appointment, that it would send my dog's records to a new vet. So never returned my call or attempted to address my concerns. I then realized that the practice hadn't updated my dog's rabies tag...which had been the purpose of the appointmen. I emailed the practice on 4/27. It replied that it would mail me the tag and certificate. Well what I received was not what was promised. No tag was in the envelope...and the certificate was for a different client, for a cat, for a vaccination given in 2017 which expired in 2020, but yet was dated April 27, 2021. It was a fraudulent certificate. I have no idea what's going on at that practice,..and apparently neither do the administrative staff and new owner. I have no trust in their competency. I'd stay away.

Noreen Kahlstorf

2 years ago

My experiences at Kingston Animal Hospital have always been a positive experience. I have had other animals in my life that have been treated there and they have always gone above and beyond my expectations. Currently I have a Cavapoo puppy named Ruby. I have NEVER had an animal that absolutely LOVES going there. I got her in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic, and as an 8 week old puppy had to go in without me. She is now almost 11 months old. She gets so excited as soon as we pull into the parking lot, can't wait till it's her turn. She loves everybody there. Whether it's a shot or grooming she comes out happy and I can tell by her demeanor they've been loving on her and she loves them back. I trust them and I am so glad my dog does too. They have always been there for me to answer any questions, and guide me in the best interest of her health. Thank you to all of you for your care & dedication you ALL show every day. Love Ruby K

Annamarie Seligmann

2 years ago

I've been with kingston animal hospital for 4 years. They started off great but have drastically gone down hill as far as care, and professionalism, attitude ,prices and they will not adapt to any issues you may have with billing, can't pay monthly no payment arrangement. Every time I have to bring my pets there it costs me 100 of dollars to do a simple grooming or check up. I would definitely not recommend going here. My cat got sick, I took her there and after having to pay 586.00 to access her. They then charged me 500 to put her down! They take advantage of customers as far as I'm concerned! They want 400 to sedate and groom my cat ! Unreal

Elisa Edmondson

2 years ago

I was visiting the area with my senior pup. She developed a limp and was clearly in pain. They were able to fit her in the same day! Right before July 4th too! Within a few hours my little one was on medications and feeling better. Everyone from the receptionist to the vet tech and Doctor was a delight to interact with!

Erica Fautz

2 years ago

Overall and ok experience but really wish they were better at communicating. Dropped my dog off at 9am for an emergency visit as he wasn’t eating or drinking for 2 days, was throwing up, and coughing. Was told at 11am the dr would call me when she was done with the animal she was seeing (giving me the impression my pup was already seen by the dr). Then had to call back at 12:30 because I never got a call and was told I would be contacted at 1 because it was lunch break. Then finally was told upon my 3rd call to them at 2pm he was just then being seen by the dr!!!! The communication was horrible!!! I work in an emergency room and still was able to call them 3 times but did NOT receive a single call updating me on how my dog was doing. Being I can’t speak to any staff face to face or be with my dog while he’s being seen I think communication with pet parents needs to be improved. Luckily my little guy is ok and doing better. Was diagnosed by Dr. Turner with an upper respiratory infection and reverse sneezing likely caused by allergies or an irritant. She sent home very clear instructions along with antibiotics, cough medicine, and an anti inflammatory. Before covid met with Dr. Turner for other animals of mine and she was fabulous. Just really wish I didn’t need to wait 6 hours and make 3 phone calls just to find out that my dog was ok. Bottom line the facility really needs to work on communication!

Giovanna Righini

2 years ago

Dr. Alden is professional and intuitive. We highly value her veterinary expertise.

Lisa DiTroccio

2 years ago

It's 91 outside and my appointment for my sick dog was supposed to be a half an hour ago. The office is still not allowing anyone except staff inside. Last week they screwed up a credit card charge and it took days to fix. I requested a phone call from the office manager and am still waiting to hear back from them. The medical side of the practice is great, but the front desk staff can be difficult and makes a lot of mistakes.

Nikki L

2 years ago

Dr Turner stole my Puppy Cali Dream. I spent 550 dollar here after Cali was diagnosed with parvovirus. She was okay after the first visit with Dr. Alden, then was sick due to low blood sugar. After leaving my puppy with Dr turner I was told my dog was okay to come home however my mom was running late to pick her up and they were closed by time she arrived. I called back first thing in the morning when I got off work and they told me she was too sick to come home. They said that Dr Turner would call me back, which she never did. I called back just to see how she was doing and they told me I can’t have her back because she was abandoned. And that Dr Turner had taken her home overnight. I just lost my dog after 15yrs on 6/15/21 and just want my Cali back.

Patricia Short

2 years ago

It was the first I had been there and they treated you like you used them for years. I would recommend them highly.

Ryan Teegarden

2 years ago

I brought my dog there yesterday because he couldn’t stop reverse sneezing. I asked for an X-ray they denied me and said it wasn’t necessary. They continued to tell me it was just severe reverse sneezing. I brought him to a regular vet today to find out that wasn’t the case at all. I did only spend $115 but that was because they refused to do anything else on him. I asked 5 times for a X-ray , come to find out A little infection in his lungs definitely his nose and they gave me antibiotics and steroid to reduce inflammation from my regular vet. The emergency clinic are a bunch of crooks and they don’t care about your animals. They are the type to tell you to kill your dog instead of trying to help them. Thank god my mother went with her instincts and took him elsewhere. I will be disputing my payment as well.

Amanda Pelman

2 years ago

I am so indebted to the team here who got me through pet passport health certificate drama to travel to France . Always a smile from each member and my cats are purring with thanks

Erika Warren

2 years ago

Do NOT being your pets here. Ever since Dr.Rugg sold the practice it is horrible! You will wait forever and they take your pets inside without their owners. They don't keep accurate records and I know they gave my dog incorrect vaccinations because of this!

Kristen Borrero

2 years ago

My dog had a blood clot on the top of his paw they saw him got him in for surgery right away and I'm a very nervous dog mom I called for everything little thing they explained everything my baby just came back from his last visit everything is great he is healthy and happy thanks to the people at the kingston animal hospital

Natasha Wright

2 years ago

I have been a client for Dr. Rugg‘s over 25 years. Over the last 25 years I have had nothing but the most wonderful care for my beautiful babies. I appreciate Dr. Rugg and his staff very much. I am so happy to know that there is such a wonderful friendly office full of people that love my pets as much as I do. Thank you Dr. Rugg for all your love, care and support over the years.

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