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Yovelsi Aguais

2 years ago

The doctors are amazing and so caring! The only reason why i cant give them 5 stars is because the wait outside, i understand it is due to covid but with 17F weather is not okay to leave people waiting for pets outside.

Tracy Golbourne

2 years ago

To be honest, I'm not sure if its the clinic or just the reception but they don't seem to care. On my initial appointment day, at the time of my appointment I was still standing outside in the cold as they have curbside appointments. 40 minutes later, still standing in the cold with my pet. They eventually take the pet in and say he's perfect. Days later I try to make an appointment for him because he wasn't well and couldn't get one. I called numerous times and each time she said just keep calling back to see if someone cancels. Clearly she could have taken my number and called me if someone canceled. Either way, I did keep calling back and she kept telling me the same thing. What bothered me most is that never one time did she ask what was wrong with the animal. I eventually went to a clinic in ozone Park and found the cat had an upper respiratory infection and conjunctivitis.

Shauna Smart-Chavez

2 years ago

EDIT: I have left their service over 4 years ago, yet some how, for a pet that died in their care, they are still emailing me about for appointments….was his life that small you forgot he died in your facility? I have been going here with my family and all of my pets for 15 years. And as this business changed hands, the care has declined. You deserve to be treated better. I was yelled at and hung up on by Francis, due to me interrupting her and calling her miss, instead of doctor. When I called back she said she'd do it again. I called at 6:30 to ask to have my dog seen for a wound, she was just discharged, they told me no they were closing. I said no you close at 8, Francis said oh I'm sorry, and corrected herself. First don't lie to your clients, secondly it's disrespectful to hang up on clients because you want the last word, and third it's about the life and concern of the animal, not your pride. I have had hour long wait times, staff talking about pot while I wait, rude doctors. And despite that I stayed because of family and how long I've been here. And the owner assured me I'd get a call back and never have. This is a terrible place. Don't subject your pet or yourself to this.

Denzil Moore

2 years ago

It is very nice place and nice employees

Maria Saliba

2 years ago

The quality of service given is great.

Phil Castellani

2 years ago

They are very good at taking care of my girl and very friendly... only down side is the check in/out system is terrible i get covid and safety but having people and their pets waiting outside in the bitter cold with their pets is unacceptable. There should be a dedicated phone line for drop off and pick ups with names on a check list and to take down information

Lisa Chinapen

2 years ago

This place can be a lot better with customer service and their current covid policies. After 2 years of covid they still do not allow owners inside with their pets. They only consider people who have cars the luxury of waiting at their comfort, but people without, have no option but to wait outside in the cold. Not to mention the prices are insane without any payment plans offered during a hard time like this.

Lisa Lisa

2 years ago

HOWARD BEACH veterinarian is excellent. The staff are so kind and professional. The doctor is so caring and so attentive to my puppy I cannot thank her enough they are wonderful! They are five star all the way thank you so much for everything you do.

Junior Prophete

2 years ago

I had to update from 5 star to 1 star. Horrible service at the front desk. Rude, obnoxious and despicable . How can human being behave in that manner? She was rude to the customer before me then she told me off for no reason. Avoid this place like you would avoid the plague and spend your money where you are treated with respect. The doctors are good. However, you cannot bypass the rude manager/secretary who’s ready to kill your 4 legged family. She has access to every pet so I wouldn’t trust leaving my beloved furry baby there.

Trudy Ann Anderson

2 years ago

My fur bud loves them & so do I.

Paris Windsor

2 years ago

I, my family and my friends will never use their services again. I called to purchase only two cans of a prescription food for my sick cat and I was turned away! Although, I have been informed by their staff that with prescription in hand I could purchase the food. I was in an emergency situation and still I was turned away. You can't be in the business of loving animals and be a jerk!

Margaret Dutfy

2 years ago

Emergency appt was told to come right in ,they had me wait outside with my very sick dog over an hour smh

Andy L

2 years ago

I brought my dog in for a dental cleaning at the recommendation of the vet. I’ve been bringing my dog there since a pup for about 7 years. During every exam, I was told my dog was in great shape and the dental cleanings can be pushed off until he’s older. At 7.5 years old, I took my dog in during November for the dental monthly special and within 45 minutes of dropping him off, the vet calls and tells me that my dog needs 15 tooth extractions. Not only was I extremely concerned but upset that all this time, I thought I was taking excellent care of my dog’s teeth only to be informed 1/3 of his teeth have to be removed. The procedure went from $550 to $1200. I requested the X-rays and any documentation from the procedure for my records but it’s been 2 weeks and the office staff have me in a holding pattern by saying the dental technicians have to send that file. Every time I call, the office person tells me that “there was no previous note” on file. I’ll happily share my Verizon phone logs to show how many times I called. Side note: scheduling and wait times are ridiculous, prepare to standby 30-70 minutes before your actual appointment. I understand we’re dealing with pets and sometimes things take longer than expected but it’s 2021… Find more staff or a better office management system to track and schedule appointments. At a minimum, provide an update of appointments that will be delayed so folks aren’t waiting forever with scared pets in the office. Find a different vet if you really care about your pets. I went to Juniper Valley’s vet clinic and they’re 1000% better

Luz Urena

2 years ago

I have taken all my pet to Howard Beach Animal Clinic. They have wonderful doctors who are very caring. The staff is also very helpful.

That Girl Marty! 11

2 years ago

This clinic saves your dog's life when all others have given mini pins are 15 and 16 years old they have kidney and liver failure with a good diet, monitoring, and medications they are thriving and happy dogs ....I am very grateful that I found them when I did....

Veronica Macas

2 years ago

I'm very happy of the care they provide to my dog, especially with Dr. Rodriguez and her assistant.

samantha pellot

2 years ago

I’ve been here multiple times for my animals. I work in patient care so I am very much aware of the office work flow. With Every appointment I’ve had, I am never seen on time. I’ve unfortunately waited over an hour for my appointment to be told “someone else is ahead of you”. The scheduling is poorly done. I lead a busy life where my day off is to care for various appointments. I don’t appreciate the lack of consideration with others time. I hope it handles better. Until then, I will not be coming back.

Ralph Hernandez

2 years ago

Very good doctors highly recommend

Paula Rallo

2 years ago

Simply put , they’re wonderful. I’ve been with them over 8 years. Never had a bad experience. They treat my dog with the most sincere care. They’re very honest with me and i feel completely trusting and comfortable with the office staff, and Dr Roufail is an absolute gem!!. Nowadays everyone is so short tempered, and they’re so quick to post negative reviews. I found that communication is key and courtesy goes both ways. I respect them and they respect me. They’re great at what they do and i won’t go anywhere else. Number one priority is how they treat my dog . And they’re A+ in how they take care of my baby! Their prices are fair and they will work with you whenever possible. Super satisfied!

Eleanor Simonetti

2 years ago

Took my 10 week puppy they told me he had a parasite level 1… which I believe is 1 egg.. gave me 5 small power type of meds .. I did as they told me to do as far as giving to my pup , I went back with stool sample they said few days … we did not hear from them so we called twice was supposed to have a doctor or someone call back .. never heard from them (I figured all good with his test ) few weeks I call back and they tell me he’s positive went from level 1 and now a 3!!! Therefore did not do a dam thing to help him with whatever meds they gave me .. Than second time around and over a month later they only give me two meds when I find out my pup should have 3 .. on top of not letting me know how contagious this is and now has garvia with worms on top … the are terrible horrible they do not know what they are doing .. I’m done with this disgusting clinic … when I spoke to another vet they gave me so much more info on how to treat this as well as myself googling info …

Cassandra Murray (Cassandra)

2 years ago

Took a friend to pick up medicine for the cats. It took them 1 1/2 hours to get that accomplished. She says the doctors are great but from my point of view, I wouldn't being my cats if it takes almost 2 hours just to get 2 medications that she called ahead before. I can understand you were busy (there were alot of pet parents outside but still medication, should only take 2-3 minutes to get together. Someone couldn't take 3 minutes and get us going on our way. You're failure to do something so simple will keep me from being a new client.

Delia Olivieri

2 years ago

A very caring and loving professional. Place that love there pets unconditionally

Josh Collanzo

2 years ago

This place is amazing. Staff are amazing.

Jordanna Taylor

2 years ago

Okay, my beautiful German Shepard named Rex was a healthy dog, while it is common to have complications with their hind legs he also had some allergies maybe more irregular then most dogs, now while I believe this organization DOSNT even deserve 1 star, after countless payments and vet visits blood tests scans never once spoke a word of cancer of the spleen. My dog wouldn’t get up all of the sudden yesterday and was rushed to a vet in Brooklyn who never waisted a minute and as soon as the results came back he had till 9 at night. They found internal bleeding and ligatures in and around his lungs while keeping an open mind surgery could of given him anything but more then the few hours we were given we had to hold him as he went last night never again will I ever bring an animal whom I care for there let alone recommend their services to any friends or family, the same way my dog suffered in silence I hope the business suffers, as for all the animals that belong to the service stay safe.

Kakha Mania

2 years ago

If you have a lot of money, time and patience take your animal to this clinic. Staff are so rude and unprofessional. They overcharged me. Receptionist told me one price when i made an appointment and they changed me much more at the day of surgery. I can't write all complaints over here what i have against them. Good luck all of you.

David Laster

2 years ago

We come all the way from Manhattan to have our adult toy poodle, @mini.margot see Dr. Davis. She’s wonderful and compassionate with our dog as well as us!

Ada Almonte

2 years ago

No words can express how thankful I am to have Dr.Rafael as a veterinarian. He is outstanding he cares from the heart. Becuase of Dr.Rafael I thank God so much I still have Boris 15 and Natasha 14 every day now is a blessing. Thank you Dr.Ralael for your hard work ,care and dedication to the animals .The animals thank you as well.

Jose Malaver

2 years ago

Was my first time here . I have an appointment at 10.20 I arrived few minutes and waiting for 1 hour And not was attended. I left. That is not respectful for the animal and owners to need to wait outside.

Ellen Lavoun

2 years ago

The staff and drs are always courteous and professional . Always quick with concern to address any concerns about our pets. It is always welcoming when arriving there. We are grateful for such a caring veterinarian.

nancy samuel

2 years ago

They r the best animal clinic I have ever been to. Dr. Roufail is so patient and kind with my 2 dogs. They aren't even scared to go to the vet. ????????

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