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Andrea Miller

2 years ago

With only one Veterinarian in the practice you always know which vet you're going to see. Your pet has a chance to build a relationship and trust with Dr. Thomas. Extremely empathetic when a pet is very ill or terminal. It's not a rushed, shoo you out the door process when you have to have an animal put to sleep. The only draw back is not having an on call emergency vet, but there's other places on the area for that.

Nancy Smith

2 years ago

Loved them! Reasonable prices and kind to kitties! Not all vets and staff are, but these were!

Kimberly Pepper

2 years ago

Have brought our animals to Dr. Thomas and her staff for over 10 years. She has been supportive in all of our decisions. She offers you options with health decisions and cares about your animals. The staff ( Robin especially) care about you and offer great care to your pet.

Joe Crim

2 years ago

Very nice caring people work here great place to bring any loved pet

Duane Robert

2 years ago

Never returns your calls never go there again

x Rockstarrr

2 years ago

Take your pet anywhere but here. Heard from numerous people that their solution to everything is to just amputate, and thats exactly what they told my girlfriends family. They told them that their dog was healthy and surgery was scheduled later in the week. Not even 3 days later the dog passed away after they told us her heart was perfectly healthy. Also never on time, if you have an appointment they close whenever they feel like it they never stick to their appointments. Also with our own personal dog they told us a few years ago that my dog needed special food for the rest of her life and then proceeded to charge me $500 for all the food she needed. My dog wouldnt touch the food so i brought her to the German Flatts vet for a second opinion. They gave me an antibiotic for my dog and she was better within a week. Never bring any of your pets to this vet.


2 years ago

Don’t ever bring your animals here unless you want them to chop your pet into pieces because the vet is too incompetent to figure out what is actually wrong with them. Their solution to everything is amputation. The best decision I ever made was taking my pets somewhere who actually cares for them. There’s tons of other great vets in the area, please do your research!

ted lemoine

3 years ago

Seem to be there a lot lately with different animals. They are very professional and compassionate.

Wesotl 10

3 years ago

Dr. Thomas and her team have given my pets the utmost in quality care for over ten years. They are ALWAYS responsive, even during off hours, and have treated me with kindness, compassion, and assistance during personally difficult times. The office is honey and comfortable, not impersonal, but always looks and smells clean and disinfected. I highly recommend MHVVS.

Tim Barnes

3 years ago

Great service from a caring Vet!

Lorraine Gonyea

3 years ago

They are a very caring and loving people's they treated your pet like it their own they show alot of compassion to you and the animals will help in any thing

leo crim

3 years ago

Very kind of animals take real interest into them

Elizabeth Knapp

3 years ago

Great place for routine check ups and procedures. However, not a great place if your pet has serious health problems. Unfortunately Misdiagnoses is a major issue at this facility. Especially when it comes to tumors and cancer. Many animals have suffered and died due to negligence. Not happy at all since my poor dog fell victim to this place and suffered horribly when we were assured that he was fine. Sure they’re cheaper than most paces but you get what you pay for I suppose. Keep this in mind if you’re going there for anything other than a wellness visit. They don’t seem to take your concerns very seriously.

Diane Gutowski

3 years ago

Very organized and efficient. Good communication about your pet.

Art Thayer

3 years ago

Took good care of my grizzled and a quick appt

Andrew Pepper

4 years ago

Staff are friendly. Would recommend to anyone that's looking for vet care.

Gordon Coleman

4 years ago

Wonderful people, great with animals.

H Horsen (Hhorsen)

4 years ago

Really caring crew and great with our Pit bull.

Jacque Kedzierski

4 years ago

Best ever staff and quality care! After trying others (only because I was in a different state) I wouldn't consider going any other vet for the care of my 3 fur babies ❤️

Katie Macrina

4 years ago

Kind and caring staff. My cat had pneumonia and was very nervous as well as sick. They were fantastic.

Kitty Lynne

4 years ago

They are very kind and understanding, and really put you at ease. They love animals, and I always feel comfortable asking questions.

Linda420 Franklin

4 years ago

Wonderful people. So good with my dog and cats.

Mrs D4life

4 years ago

The staff is great to our furbabies

Nicholas Messina

4 years ago

Cassie and staff are exceptional

friggin' tourist

5 years ago

The place is dirty and small and the hours are not consistent. They close whenever they feel like it but trying to get an appointment is like pulling teeth because the vet is either never there or is "double booked" even when there's nobody there. The vet's pet ducks and chickens roam loose in the back as well. The staff doesn't seem all that knowledgeable about behavioral conditions and are quick to dismiss any kind of suggestions by the owner. Their prices are ridiculously high too ($15 just to do a nail trim). I would not recommend this place and would gladly go back to my old vet, before I moved here, if he were closer.

Felica Hall

5 years ago

I had very high expectations when visiting this vet. After moving I was forced to find a new vet. I was convinced I would not be happy with any other vet but my usual vet but because my dog is a senior and can't travel very far I decided to give this office a shot. I was not disappointed. The staff was very kind and it was the family love I was looking for. I had the most amazing experience. I am very greatful for everyone there and would recommend them to anyone!!! Even my grumpy old man of a dog left happy!!!

james duesler

5 years ago

Only place I would bring my Dog

heather eileen o'quin

5 years ago

new to the vet w my 15 yr old dog first visit 2018 july 30 for mammary tumor w oozin' pus (dog in no pain, continued to eat, drink, sleep normally. navigated well...for elder dog w recent open tumor) antibiotic shot given and surgery scheduled for next day july 31 surgery dog doin' fine next appointment aug 14 to remove stitches highly recommend this vet for competience, compassion, promptness staff friendly, professional chose this vet 'cause reviews were good after decidin' to take "sara" to this vet, had dream female vet would help her had first called vet closer to where i live; the receptionist (or whome'r answered 'phone) was rude and offputtin' prolly other vets in area are good, but, i like this one --------------- update -- july 31 8 am...dropped sara off (as requested by vet on july 30) for surgery scheduled for 11 am 10:45 am...returned to sit in waitin' area while sara in surgery. informed that emergencies had postponed sara's operation 'til at earliest 12:30 returned 1 pm. told surgery went well and sara restin' fine. told to pick her up at 2:30 pm 2:25 pm returned to get sara. paid bill in cash. received post-surgery instructions. told by matt that sara still pretty out o' it. told they had to give her shot to help her wake up. carried her out to van. she had eyes open but was completely limp. matt told us she'd be up and about in 2-3 hours. she n'r was. n'r sat up. lifted head o'r hour later. couldn't drink water. passed at 11:23 pm as i lay beside her in mutual comfort --------- want to change my 5 star ratin' to zero. but....was she too old for anesthesia? or, did they give her wrong dose? my family weepin' guess my initial "sara doin' fine" was based on hopes ------------ UPDATE 2018 AUGUST 6 monday received condolence card this past saturday "Khynna & Family-- Sorry for your loss of "Sara". Sincerely, The Staff of Mohawk Valley Vet Services." --not usin' their names --not signed by dr who operated on sara --not usin' my name (e'n though i was the only one they dealt w prior to my son and i pickin ' her up after they operated on my name is on all their paperwork) NOTE: khynna is my daughter and sara was her's. cold. i know they gave her too much anesthesia. and i know they know it. the afternoon before i took her in for surgery, sara was runnin' up and down the creek bank...e'n w her tumor issue. she had more time in her. they did her wrong. i like people to be honest.

Heather Vandenburgh

5 years ago

This veterinary clinic has treated my dogs so well over the years. Dr. Thomas was the first to diagnose my Golden's ear problems correctly after years of going to another vet without resolution. The staff are wonderful, and the ducks in the office are the icing on the cake!

Victor Costanza

5 years ago

Always accomodating. I have a kennel and highly recommend.

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