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Victoria Verga

2 years ago

We went through 4 trainers before finding Anthony. We were not understanding our rescue pup and she was not understanding us. She was always great with people but aggressive with other dogs. After a few months of training she now has play dates with dogs in our neighborhood! We understand her and she understands us! Anthony is great! We learned so much from him and are closer then ever to our dog!

Canine Training Solutions LLC

2 years ago

I connected with Anthony via a dog training group we are in. Over time as I have gotten to know Anthony better, I have sought his help with behavior cases including one of my own dogs and dogs of clients. Anthony has helped me understand one of my dogs better and helped develop a behavior modification plan for her. With his help, I can also now offer a source of expertise for clients who contact me for help with a dog exhibiting aggressive behaviors. Distance is not an issue as we can meet via phone, video chat or a platform like Zoom. I am grateful for his expertise and help!

Mary Mazzie

2 years ago

Anthony is an incredible trainer! He helped me understand why my dog Bogart acts the way he does and how to handle it. Bogart is a beagle lab mix and can be pretty rowdy so having Anthony’s expertise was instrumental in getting him under control. It was nice having insight into my dog’s anxiety and how it drives his sometimes destructive behavior. I would definitely recommend Anthony to anyone!

Beth Greenspan

2 years ago

Anthony has been working with my 2 mixed breed dogs since May of 2021. Cody who is 15 months old now was adopted as a puppy in August of 2020. Anthony has helped us to deal with his destructive behavior and his fear of going to the vet in addition to his anxiety. He is responsive to both the needs of the dog and their owners by coming up with solutions to benefit both of them. Because of his help with muzzle training and his knowledge of dog behavior, Cody was able to get vaccinated at the vet!! My older dog, Blue who is 6 yrs old and is also adopted is reactive to people coming into my house and to people, cars and other dogs while walking. Blue has made nice progress with Anthony’s help and can now tolerate people and cars on walks. With Anthony’s help I am confident that people will be able to come in to my house soon. I am glad that I was recommended to Anthony by my vet and I look forward to continuing to work together in an effort to help my dogs. Lastly I have learned so much about dog behavior from Anthony and the resources that he has told me about!

Adrienne Hovey

2 years ago

Anthony has been a huge asset as I navigate life with a dog who has a number of behavior problems, including reactivity toward dogs and humans, overly exuberant greetings of humans, questionable home manners, and strained dog-cat relations. He has been available between sessions to fine tune our protocols and provide support and empathy. Most importantly, I'm seeing meaningful improvements in many areas of my dog's behavior, and I'm optimistic that the progress will continue.

Theresa Hughes

2 years ago

Cesar Millan has nothing on Anthony DeMarinis! My vet recommended Anthony for some puppy issues and we were truly impressed. Within 24 hours, he spoke with me at length on the phone and then was at my home assessing the situation and giving the best advice. Trust me - this is the expert for the job if you are looking for a true professional who is skilled, humble, kind, generous, patient and confident. He even went above and beyond by taking his time to explain things in detail to my son. He's New York's Dog Whisperer (and a really great guy).

Karen Mulligan

2 years ago

Always have a good experience with Anthony. He’s personable and friendly. He’s also very knowledgeable. He works with me and all 3 of my dogs.

Josh Amsel

2 years ago

Anthony is an amazing dog trainer! His guidance and advice has been invaluable to our family. He's always available, knows how to handle all situations, and really understands how dogs tick. We've seen so much improvement since we've been working with him. Thanks, Anthony!

Alyssa Schulman

2 years ago

We LOVE Anthony!!! We have a 1 year old Shepherd Husky mix named Isla and we started with Anthony when she was about 6 months old. When we adopted her, she had severe anxiety and was afraid of any new areas, and a slew of other anxiety-related issues. After 6 months of working with Anthony, Isla has made so much progress that everyone who knows her is impressed with how far she’s come. Anthony is also very adaptable to Isla’s needs, as well as very understanding and patient. He explains everything so well to us when working with us and makes us feel so comfortable and at ease. Thanks to Anthony, we can now enjoy spending time with Isla and go on more adventures with her instead of constantly worrying about her.

Darienne Flattery

2 years ago

My husband and I made out reach to Anthony after months of frustration and confusion around our rescue, Luna’s sporadic but increasing moments of aggression. We met with Anthony remotely and instantly felt supported and validated within his first assessment session. Anthony’s approach is very professional, judgement free, supportive and he comes with a wealth of knowledge that he shares in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Anthony not only reduced Luna’s fear but ours as well by empowering us with the tools we needed to help her succeed. I most definitely would recommend him to anyone who is in need of, positive, fear free, effective support with your dog and family. I will definitely be keeping Anthony in my support system!

Peter Guinnane

2 years ago

Anthony honestly saved our 4-year-old Havanese. My family has had many big-life events over the last few years. Most recently we had our first child in 2019, and then we moved in 2020, and now we are pregnant with our second, and all of this was clearly taking a toll on our pooch's psyche. He had become increasingly distant with us and agitated by strangers. We were nervous that he was going to lash out at one of the kids. Anthony came and gave us some great lessons and amazing feedback. The change in demeanor of our pup in just a few sessions has been incredible. He has become so much more relaxed and responsive to training. Additionally, my wife and I really appreciate Anthony's professionalism and attention to detail. His sessions were bordering on therapy for us as much as for our dog. We would recommend De Marinis to absolutely anyone who is interested in training their dog, be it new puppy training or older dog correctional training. 10 stars out of 5!

Brenna Conover

2 years ago

My family and I had such an amazing experience with Anthony's training services. My dog was very nervous/scared when unfamiliar people came into our home. Anthony provided us with great techniques and we are so happy with our dogs improvement! Anthony goes above and beyond to make sure our needs are met and that we are satisfied. I highly recommend Anthony and his team for amazing training services!

B Zahorodny

2 years ago

Anthony was wonderful..our agressive mixed pittie was a problem...Anthony came and helped show us all kinds of techniques to help him with controlling his agression ..He has patience and has an abundance of training skills and references for doctors dog sitters and anything else you may need ...highly recommend him if you need a dog trainer. Dont know what we would have done without him..he's the best

Steven Corte

3 years ago

Anthony is the man! Luna our 10 month old Pitty loves him and so do we. Anthony has helped in so many ways with Luna. If you are looking for superior no force dog training look no further. Anthony always finds ways to include our 7 year old in the training to help creat a bond between them. I truly can’t say enough positive things about Anthony! Thank you!

Howard Blumstein (HB)

3 years ago

My family and I have been working with Anthony on training our dog Bradley since September. We have seen outstanding results with his techniques. Anthony is an exceptional trainer, focuses exclusively on positive training and is extremely well informed and up to date on the latest dog training methods. I would recommend his program unequivocally. He is also available for remote sessions to address issues such as separation anxiety which is something we are also working on.

Cindy Tormann

3 years ago

Anthony is an awesome asset to have on your side when raising a puppy. He provided much needed guidance in how to set up our house so that our puppy could be successful. He quickly noticed that our puppy had some aggression issues and provided caring guidance and training on how to work with him to minimize his aggression and maximize his happiness. Anthony also went above and beyond to recommend the right veterinary behaviorist for us so that we could get our puppy the help he needed. I would absolutely recommend Anthony for anyone looking for a dog trainer and/or behavior consultant. He really cares about you and your pet, listens to what you need and delivers with caring guidance and support.

Cindy Carpentier

3 years ago

As a family we were in desperate need of help for our 18 month male cavapoo, Hudson. His aggression with biting everyone in the family was not only unacceptable we were fearful of going near him when he guarded. We had trainers, worked with our vet and even went to a behavior vet for meds. Anthony came into our home to assess high traffic “hot spots”, where Hudson was eating and what triggered him to guard. Anthony suggested to move bedding and food to “non traffic” areas so we as a family could pass these areas with ease and Hudson would have his space to play, sleep and eat in a calm environment. As a family we adhered to Anthony’s training direction and were diligent daily to follow his advice as we were desperate for help. Simultaneously we gave Hudson meds to calm his aggression which resulted in adverse results. In the end it was the intense training that prevailed. We can’t thank Anthony enough for his time and patience with us and of course with Hudson. We really thought there was no hope. As a first time dog owner like me, do yourself a favor and spend the time to learn your dog, understand what they are saying to you..invest your time in Anthony so you can enjoy the additional member of your family without fear or headaches.

Jyothi Thomas

3 years ago

My husband and I worked with Katie Cameron of De Marinis Dog training for our puppy and had a wonderful experience. We rescued our puppy from Puerto Rico in May 2020 and began working with Katie in November 2020. Katie was knowledgeable of our puppy's breed and personality (sato). Katie was patient and understanding as this was our first time having a puppy and she really took the time to work with us at our own pace. Katie taught us so many great games and techniques that helped us get our puppy on track to be a great family dog. He has made so much progress in just a few months. Katie was always responsive via text/phone, sent us recaps as we requested to help us review everything we learned and taught us so many things that helped us to be good doggy parents :) We definitely recommend De Marinis Dog Training and the trainer Katie!

Jillian Zaneski

3 years ago

Anthony & Katie have both been a pleasure to work with for our home training with our Golden Retriever puppy. They provide a variety of training routines for us to practice, are extremely knowledgeable, & have had great advice for any …


3 years ago

We started working with Anthony a few months ago to help Norman with reactivity and anxiety around other dogs, especially on leash. He has been a tremendous help to our family. He is knowledgeable, kind and patient. He gave us so many practical tools to work with and we can see such an improvement in our relationship with Norman and see his confidence grow. Norman loves to work, and the games and tasks Anthony gave us are perfect for our Corgi! I wish we had met him when Norman was a puppy! A truly gifted and compassionate trainer. We are grateful for the guidance he has provided our family.

Jennifer Sigler

3 years ago

Having attended a Victoria Stilwell seminar and being an advocate for positive training, I turned to Anthony for help with a greyhound NJGAP placed. She is exhibiting some fear based behaviors and has anxiety. We had our initial …

Jennifer Katz

3 years ago

Anthony was referred to me by Dr. Sabrina Poggiagliolmi, a veterinary behaviorist who used to work on Long Island. He was incredibly helpful in training my new rescue dog, a very fearful, very sweet, hyperactive pup I adopted from a local …

Jamie Catacosinos

3 years ago

Anthony has worked with our two 3 year old lab/border collie mix pups for a few months and with his guidance we have seen such a change. He’s given us exercises to do with them on our walks and the improvement has been ten fold!! They are …

Ilana Vachani

3 years ago

Anthony provided a consultation session about our 3 year old rescue pit mix who has a history of behavioral issues including being territorial of the house and having barrier and leash frustration. Most recently, she ran out of our side …

Gene Wolfson

3 years ago

Katie Cameron of De Marinis Dog Training & Behavior has been working with both my 6 month old Wheaten and I for the past 3 months. From our initial consultation I was very confident that Katie could provide me with the training and skills I wanted for my new puppy. She asked many questions to understand what I was looking to accomplish and provided a roadmap for trying to reach these goals. We met for an hour each week and Katie provided me with explanations and directions to accomplish the specific behaviors we wanted to work on. I quickly realized that Katie had to not only successfully train my dog, but train me as well. I found Katie to be extremely knowledgeable about both theory and practice. My puppy was always excited to see her. We began each session with a review of what we accomplished the past week, followed with questions and concerns that I may have had, and ended each session with hands on techniques and practices. Even though I took notes each session, Katie followed up with an email providing me with an overview of what we accomplished and feedback for any questions or concerns I may have had. Additionally, Katie was always available for a question via text, email, or phone.

Emily Milgrim

3 years ago

Anthony is an excellent trainer. He is kind, patient and understanding. Anthony is great at sizing up the situation and doing whatever is needed for his clients (and dogs) in the best way possible. He is extremely knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

Elizabeth Kalish

3 years ago

Anthony was a great resource in working with our dog who started demonstrating issues with resource guarding, body handling and leash reactivity earlier this year. Due to his knowledge and past experiences, he guided us through the process and taught us ways to manage and approach our dogs’ issues. He was always personal and professional and really went out of his way, whether it be through zoom appointments, phone calls or video review, to address any concerns or issues we were having. Anthony is a great trainer and I would highly recommend him!

Amy C

3 years ago

Anthony helped us with our dog’s aggressive behavior. We found him to be knowledgeable, organized and professional. He is patient and understanding with dogs of all temperaments and knows what training method works best with each individual dog. He is very honest and we would highly recommend him to others with all dog-related issues.

Becca Erickson

3 years ago

I have an aggressive dog, and I was recommended to De Marinis Dog Training & Behavior. Anthony was quick to respond and we had an online training session within a week of inquiry. He has given me a lot of information so I can better …

Barbara Marino

3 years ago

I started working with Anthony about 3 weeks ago and can't say enough about him. We have a bonded pair of American Bully's siblings that we adopted last year. My male started showing some signs of aggression and I called Anthony. He was not able to come right away but did squeeze us in for a zoom within days of my call. He had us take some video's while we were waiting for our zoom consult and from the videos was able to spot some behavior he was able to help us get under control relatively quickly and the fighting has stopped thankfully. He also realized they both were exhibiting anxiety issues that were being displayed differently in each dog and guided us to a wonderful vet that was able to help us with some anxiety med's and both pups are doing great. We are looking forward to continue working with him now for some obedience training now that they are able to focus more while being seperated which has been a huge struggle this past year for us.I found him to be very caring and I LOVE the fact he is positive reinforcement and looks to make the training about fun for the dogs. I've found they respond so much better to this type of training methods. I highly recommend and would not hesitate referring him to anyone looking for a trainer.

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