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Allison Wolff

2 years ago

This vet has been able to see my dog on a few occasions same-day. They put their whole hearts into your animal. The staff are very nice and treat my shy dog well.

Lori Dana

2 years ago

The care and dedication my dog received from Green Forest was outstanding. I am always grateful for the honesty and hard work this team provided to my dog.

JMG s4b9

3 years ago

Incompetent people who don't know how to deal with animals or humans

Tracy Delaney

3 years ago

Dr. Hersch, Andre, the Vet Tech and the receptionist were all so caring and professional. Our dog is very timid and has painful arthritis, so we were afraid to have them take her in alone (due to Covid restrictions), but she LOVED it at Green Forest Vet! She wanted to go back in when they brought her out! We met a man in the parking lot who was bringing his dog from Bellmore (miles away!) for his 2nd appointment because of the fantastic care. Dr. Hersch took 20 minutes on the phone with us to give his diagnosis and recommendations. Excellent “bedside manner”. They called back in two days (on a Saturday) with the test results and to answer all our questions. Again, they spent all the time we needed until all our questions were answered. Such a pleasant change from our previous Vet and very good prices in comparison. We are all very satisfied with the level of care and professionalism! Highly recommended.????????????????????????????????????????

Laura Cruz

3 years ago

My family and I recently lost our baby girl, Brook Lynn, unexpectedly. They’ve always been so wonderful with their professionalism and care of our sweet girl. The entire staff at Green Forest were so kind and showed great empathy. They were very accommodating and made it possible during this pandemic for my family and I to be able to say our last goodbyes to her, together as a family. I would highly recommend them for all of your pets healthcare needs. Thank you to all of the staff at Green Forest Veterinary Hospital.

Kelly Brennan

3 years ago

My cat had a tumor that grew very quickly in a short period of time. I took her to Green Forest thinking it was the best establishment in the area. On her first visit, the vet suggested several tests and I was open to all of them, regardless of costs. The vet called me several times throughout the appointment (it was still curbside service) to update me on things wrong with my cat. During one of the calls, he let me know my cat seemed hurt when he "pulled on her leg during the xray" (this will come into play later). When the technician Manny brought my cat back to my car he noticed I was upset and said "you gave her the best life you could." Not very encouraging for the first consultation. Unfortunately the original vet that saw my cat left Green Forest within the next few days. I then had to have Dr. D attempt to connect the dots of my cat's case without being able to consult the original vet who saw my cat. I came up with the idea to send pictures (Green Forest was never helpful in thinking of their own solutions). Ultimately I had to bring my cat in for a second look and ultra sound. I arrived the next morning 45 minutes early before Green Forest opened. Because I was so early, I decided to let MY cat out of her cage and let her sit on my lap while I waited for the staff to open up. 15 minutes before Green Forest opened, the technician Joe asked me to roll down my window and asked me to put my cat back in her carrier. He informed me that another animal got out recently and died on the streets. He made a crude notion at his neck as he let me know this. If I arrive somewhere 45 minutes early and decide to take my pet out of the carrier to sit on my lap when I hold her, that is my decision. I have enough know-how to put the cat back in the carrier before it's time for the establishment to open. I got the results from my cat's tests and set up an appointment for surgery to have the tumor removed at their earliest time slot available, which was three weeks out. Dr. D informed me time and time again that my cat's surgery was high risk. I appreciate the transparency of the information, but her tone was always uncertain, leaving me uneasy on how the surgery would go. My cat was high risk, I will not argue that, but if the vet was not confident in performing the operation, I would have preferred her refer me to a different doctor. Before the surgery, I had to bring my cat back in for a new found leg problem she had since her first appointment (when the vet pulled on her leg during the xray). The appointment cost me $50 and they found nothing. A pain caused by them with no resolution, but more money out of my pocket. After 2 weeks of being a nervous wreck that the surgery wouldn't go well, I decided to take my cat elsewhere. I called up Green Forest to have my cat's records sent to the new vet, but, the technician could not figure out how to send the reports. I patiently explained how to send a PDF file but then offered to pick up the reports in person the next morning. The next morning when I picked up my cat's files, the technician Manny asked me if I was keeping an eye on my cat's tumor. THIS TUMOR HAD CONSUMED MY LIFE THE PAST TWO WEEKS, CONSTANTLY MAKING SURE MY CAT DIDN'T GO AFTER IT AND KEEPING THE AREA CLEAN. YES SIR, I'VE BEEN KEEPING AN EYE ON IT. After that I was confident in my decision that Green Forest was not for me. I am beyond grateful and happy to report that I took my cat to Glen Cove Animal Clinic for a successful surgery last week. They took my cat instantly, did not force me to do curbside assistance, checked her blood before and after surgery for NO COST, and offered their personal cell phone numbers should I need them during her recovery. They gave my cat a free towel for her carrier, while Green Forest charged me $9 to clean up cat waste. If I continued with Green Forest, my cat would still be waiting for surgery, and I do not think the outcome would have been as bright. I last spoke to Green Forest a week ago to get my cat's vaccination records. They were never sent.

Maria Rodríguez

4 years ago

Green Forest are simple the best vet for my baby Romeo. We're clients since we adopt him and we can't be more happy with all the attention and the great work !

Taylor Chiacchere

4 years ago

My review is a little overdue but very necessary. Nothing in life can be perfect but Green Forest is pretty close. Being in the pet care industry for well over 15 years has let us see more horrible things happen to animals than good. Finding a veterinarian that has a brain outside of what a book taught them is almost impossible. Dr. Delijani is by far the greatest veterinarian we have ever worked with. From the first phone call we knew we finally found what we were looking for. The staff is beyond friendly and EDUCATED. Everyone is capable of answering questions and whatever could not be answered they made sure to find out in a timely manner and get back to us. The first visit was unlike anything we've ever seen. Any vets office usually has 90 people waiting in the lobby, no one ever has any control over their dogs, energy is through the roof and its just a terrible experience. When we walked in, a client was being taken back and they were ready for us to fill out paper work and get the dogs weighed. By the time we were finished with that we went right into the exam room. The techs started immediately and the doctor came in shortly after. INTELLIGENT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. Dr. Delijani doesn't just do what she is required to do. She makes it a point to talk about animal behavior and give examples of her experiences to help give clients as much info as possible so they will be able to make the best decisions. Not once did we feel like we were being rushed out or like she was annoyed by our questions. She is not pushy and chooses to guide decisions instead of telling you what "needs" to be done. At the end of the day your pet is your responsibility and no one should force you into something you are comfortable doing which we've seen at literally every other veterinarians office. One of our dogs was born with heart disease and two of our previous vets mentioned nothing so we figured she grew out of it. Within seconds of being on the table Dr. Delijani caught the problem and gave multiple scenarios of what we can do moving forward. We have never had more respect for a veterinarian. I can not say enough good things about her or this facility. I will recommend her every single chance I get. If you are a smart and responsible pet owner who only wants the best for your animals then make sure you take them here. Should you be someone who can't get your act together, please stay away as to not take appointments away from the people who desire this level of care for their pets. To Dr. Delijani and staff, you guys do an amazing job and all of your hard work does not go unnoticed. Thank you!

Sabrina Havens

6 years ago

I travel from Queens because Dr Sheila is the only person I trust with my cats. She's knowledgeable and honest. The staff is always accomodating. The front desk is organized, which makes a huge difference. I wouldnt even consider taking my cats elsewhere.

Andrew Graf

6 years ago

Green Forest Veterinary Hospital was going to let my dog die today. I had called them at 5:34 this afternoon to let them know my wife was on the way there with the dog after a Bee Sting. Even though they list there hours as 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Friday there was no Vet there. They tried to call Dr D in she refused we were told to go Plainview ( the dog would never had made it)Thank God for Dr Lee at Glen Animal Hospital even though they were closed when my wife arrived she took the dog right in. Saving this poor dogs life. Glen Animal Hospital now has 2 new patients. Anybody that Loves Animals SHOULD NOT USE THIS VETERINARY GROUP

amy anello

6 years ago

Dr. Delijani and her staff create a compassionate and caring environment not only your pets but for you as well. I've been a long time client and wouldn't trust anyone else to care for my beloved dogs or cats. The office is always clean …

Chris Merritt

8 years ago

These people will NOT rip you off. Very fair.

Staci Newman

8 years ago

We are visiting from California and haven't lived in Glen Cove for 8 years. Our 11 year old deaf and almost blind chihuahua woke up holding one paw up and not being able to walk. We called our old vet who couldn't see him until 6:45! We called Green Forest and they took us right away. Dr. Howard was kind, gentle and knowledgeable. The vet tech was sweet and caring. They took their time and we didn't feel rushed. Price was very reasonable for an exam, shot and meds. Wish they were in California. Any chance of relocating to the Bay Area ?! Staci Newman

Bobby Lee

9 years ago

Saved my toy poodle's life. Diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and was placed on IV fluids for hydrotherapy. Pancreatitis was so bad, damage spread to the liver and at one point, we thought for sure, there was no turning back. Bed ridden and …


9 years ago

I love taking my Saint Bernard Heidi to see Dr. Delijani. We usually go once a week for acupuncture treatments which the doctor does herself. Heidi is anxious when we first arrive but soon settles down when she meets the staff and the …

Linda Basile

10 years ago

Very impressed with the kindness and care of the staff. Dr. D was very sweet and gentle with my 18 month old dog. Highly recommend Forest Veterinary Hospital.

Suzanne Koci

10 years ago

Excellent, caring doctors - willing to spend time discussing any questions. Very devoted, kind staff. I encourage you to visit them for your pet needs!!

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