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Rachael Park

2 years ago

professional & reliable! ive brought my 3yr goldendoodle since he was a puppy and have traveled alot with him. whenever we've been away from new york and needed a second opinion, dr jeong's advice has helped me make the right decisions even away from home! hes been incredibly responsive to emergency calls and has been a great vet!

Lucy Kim

2 years ago

We have been bringing our 3 dogs to Petopia Animal Clinic for about 6 years. We cannot say enough about the professionalism and compassion that Dr. Jeong and the veterinary staff exhibit. In addition their extensive knowledge and proactive treatments, they are genuinely good people who care about their four-legged patients (and their family!) They are reasonably priced and have never tried to push unnecessary procedures or tests. Most down to earth, caring and loving vet & staff we've been to in a while. Both the staff and Dr. Jeong have gone out of their way to answer our questions and concerns. We would highly recommend this place and will continue to take our 3 dogs for his services here! Big thanks to Dr. Jeong & his superior staff!

Stella S

2 years ago

The ABSOLUTE WORST. This vet has no professionalism— he screamed and hung up the phone when we asked why he did not let us know about our dog’s heart disease on time. There are many animal hospitals around this area that will respect your pets and deserve your trust. Run away from this place.

Kate K

2 years ago

This man had the audacity to ask me to write him a five star review (other five star reviews might not be completely reliable) because of the “negative comments” right after telling me lies about my dog. There’s really no explanation needed if you read all the other reviews. All he cares is running unnecessary amounts of tests on your pet. A complete conman that will try to get you to go the office as many times as possible to elongate whatever he wants to do to the poor animal and make you pay for it. To top it off him and the staff are all rude. If you love your pet DO NOT GO. Your pet is NOT a money making lab rat and shouldn’t be treated as one.

April Osh

2 years ago

Basically, Doctor who does not love animals was just focused on raising the cost and didn't seem to know much about treatment. I won't go to this clinic again ever!!

MJ Kim

2 years ago

I’m so shocked by all these negative reviews here! I’ve been taking my dog to Petopia since 2018!! I have never had any bad experience at all. My little chihuahua did a big spay surgery here. I’ve done everything from general checkups, vaccines, and emergency visits. They also helped me with international pet travel certifications and requirements. Dr. Jeong and all his staff are really attentive, careful, and give an explanation very well.Petopia is clean, very professional, and reasonably priced! I trust them with taking care of my dog!!

daniel choi

3 years ago

I would give 0 if it’s available My dog got sick didn’t eat didn’t drink. Didn’t even move. I took him to check him out. He did blood test The vet diagnosed as he has cancer which we found with out he has heart disease We stick around with this vet. So we lost critical time of to cure my dog. My dog died and I told him you diagnose wrongly. He didn’t admit it. He is the worst vet. I can tell you. !!! Stay away from this vet. He is the part of the reason my dog died

Ethan Lee

3 years ago

My dog became sick when he was 17 years old. I took him to Pet Care Animal Clinic on Murray street, and the vet there did all the diagnosis he can to charge us with huge bill and just said my dog is going to die. I took him to Dr. Jeong at Petopia, and he diagnosed the problem right away and treated my dog's heart problem. My dog, who could have just died without even knowing what is causing him pain, lived another full year. I'm thankful to Dr.Jeong and his staffs for giving our family more time with our dog.

Angie Kim

3 years ago

TL;DR: Petopia made multiple medication dispensing mistakes which put our 12 yo dog in critical condition within days, forcing us to euthanize her. They refuse to admit responsibility and showed no empathy. I should have listened to all of the bad reviews online and the warnings from family friends not to come here. We brought our dog in for a persistent cough about 6 months ago. She was put on heart medication and a diuretic. After a couple refills, we caught a mistake they made switching the labels on the medications. Luckily we were able to catch the mistake before giving our dog the wrong doses. I understood that people make mistakes so I didn't reprimand them for it. A few more months later, she's put on a third medication for blood pressure. I called for a refill on the first two medications: the heart and diuretic meds. I remember specifically asking for the FUROSEMIDE (diuretic), quoting "THE WATER PILL". When my mom picked up the medication, she was given the heart medication but not the diuretic, and instead was given a second dose of the blood pressure meds. I've worked in retail pharmacy for years; I understand what the process is like behind the scenes. It's not up to the patient to know what the pills look like. After we ask for specific meds, it's up to the healthcare workers to dispense the correct meds. They should have records of when each pill was dispensed and keep track of refill times to ensure proper doses are being used by the patient and inform them when they are not. We trust them to know what they're doing. So unknowingly, we gave our dog no diuretic pill, causing fluid retention in her lungs and abdomen and a double dose of the blood pressure pill. For the next 3 days, we witnessed her rapidly declining; unable to sleep, persistent coughing and wheezing, fainting spells, not eating/drinking/urinating. We then admitted her to an emergency animal clinic where scans showed the fluid retention in her body causing the difficulty in breathing, as well as an enlarged heart on the brink of heart failure. Within the first hour of her hospitalization, they told us she was in a critical condition and had less than a 5% chance of making it past the 24-hour hospitalization. We had no choice but to euthanize her because of Petopia's mistake. When our dog was diagnosed, we understood that the medications were not a cure. They were only to ensure she lived her remaining years in somewhat comfort, but during the mere 6 months we were with Petopia, they couldn't even manage that. Their mistake accelerated her decline, causing her to pass painfully. After coming home from putting down my family dog, I made a call to Petopia. Understandably I was frustrated and upset with them but my goal of the call was not to scream and punish them, but to plead for them to double check their medications going forward; that their work is important and the fatal consequences that can come from a simple mistake. When I explained the situation, the technician on the phone was very unsympathetic that I had to put my dog down. The first thing he did was make an excuse and put the blame on me, claiming I had requested the extra dose of blood pressure medication. Again, as I had worked in pharmacy before, I understand how to keep track of meds that aren't in sync. I told him that I specifically requested "the Furosemide; the WATER PILL" and he said "But Furosemide comes in a tablet form". This just proved that he does not know that Furosemide is a diuretic (commonly known as a water pill). But I still don't fault him on that. It's not the technician's job to know what the medications do. But he could have been more empathetic and taken responsibility for his mistake. He is, after all, in a patient facing job. In the end, it's sad to see that there are some clinics we leave our pets to that don't take veterinary care seriously. I want to say this was a single case, but these numerous bad reviews say otherwise. Please don't take a chance on your pets at this place. Your pets deserve better.

Cristal Lee

3 years ago

Would give it 0 stars if I could. Worst place ever! Scammer who cares only about money and can’t even explain what he’s treating. Very degrading and rude as well. Please avoid at all costs!

Kimberly Kang

3 years ago

TRIGGER WARNING: DEAD PET 2 DAYS AFTER VISITING THIS VET DUE TO WRONG DIAGNOSIS/ TREATMENT PLAN I’ve heard numerous bad reviews about this place prior and I remember reading reviews about how multiple people’s dogs died after coming here. Just my dad’s luck. He had to put his dog down today- a fairly young dog due to the doctor’s wrong diagnosis and recommendation 2 days after coming to this place. An absolutely heartbreaking event that nobody should have to go through due to the carelessness of a vet. Furthermore, My dad’s dog had liver/ gallbladder issues that came up and the vet forced my dad to buy prescription CARDIAC HEALTH food. I’m in finance so this is worlds apart from me but I even know that that doesn’t make any sense. My sister who is currently attending vet school at Cornell said that that isn’t allowed as it is a prescription food and there has to be underlying issues related to that specific food being prescribed. Sounds illegal and unethical to me!

Matthew C

3 years ago

DON’T GO TO THIS PET CLINIC ‼️I went to this place since my dog was sick and I was suppose to get 2 weeks of my dogs medication however he gave me 1 week. So I went back to get the 2nd week of medicine but he told me to pay for the 2nd week medication saying that he never made a mistake. Don’t even go here but if you do please count the medication in your car before you leave to check that you got the right number of pills. This guy is a scam and save yourselves by not going here ????.

minhee jeong

3 years ago

1. Charged me $500 for nothing I asked for 2. Told me everything I made the appointment for can only be done after my pet gets tested today( so im paying 500 for nothing and need to pay x amount more on my next appointment?) 3. Treated me like I'm a bad owner for taking my pet in too late (I made the appoinment the day I got my pet and this vet had the fastest availability- wonder why????) like youre in no position to make me feel bad about trying my BEST to take care of MY pets 4. EVEN TRIED TO SELL ME A BOOKLET ON HOW TO TAKE CARE OF A CAT???????????????????? THIS GUY IS ALL AB THE MONEY- AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!! He'll try to charge you for every possible tests (your pet prob wouldnt need) by attempting to scare you into thinking youre doing bad and by saying your pet MIGHT have problems Guys there's a vet literally every other block in this town make a better choice cus I couldn't and am regretting-clearly Prob the worst decision I made this yr and I sincerely hope nobody else does

Mi H

4 years ago

WARNING. DO NOT go to this place. This vet was the worst that I've ever been to in my 16 yrs experience of owning pets. The Dr don't care about the animals. He only cares about money. It clearly shows. The moment he sees your pet is not well. He's gonna start to blame and scare you to give you the impression that the pet has many problems. Why? the answer is very simple. To run as many tests as possible so he can make more money (even though the pet only has minor issue.) The Dr should change his profession to a telemarketer or Amway salesperson. He will be very successful.


4 years ago

He is helpless vet and he has no knowledge of animals. I don’t recommend this place!!

Grace Suh

4 years ago

I had to say goodbye to my 18 year old dog here. Everyone we encountered was very professional and kind. They even sent us a condolence card in the mail a week later, so thoughtful!

Young Ko

5 years ago

I have been bring my dogs to the Petopia about 10 years now. Dr. Jeong takes care of my dogs very well, and answers all my questions. Dr. Jeong went over the lab result and explained in details. Staff are nice. Only thing that I don't like about this place is the price. I think it's for all the Vet office. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service and treatment for my dogs.

Yeree Kim

5 years ago

Friendly staff and convenient location. My dogs get their annual checkups here and never had any issues. I like the fact that the vet takes his time to do all the exams and injections and answer my questions. The place is clean and neat, and also stocked with some common pet supplies and prescription diet/treats. I find the prices affordable too for the quality and service I get so I don’t mind driving here from Long Island...

Brandon H

7 years ago

The doctor is very unprofessional when it comes to his mistake he never admits. He blames the customer for his wrong doing and simply wants money and is not sympathetic. I highly recommend not to go to this place if you want your pet (family member) to have proper care in their time of need.

Annesha Ali

8 years ago

Worst this is not my regular clinic so I came in here already knowing what my dogs issues was because my dog gets the same allergies every year so I took him here because it's closer I had call my vet for the name of the medicine and told …

Fred Antoine

8 years ago

Had a great experience with my dog here when he needed urgent treatment. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jeong.

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