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Jack Dorser

2 years ago

Dr.Methany is probably the most attentive and knowledgeable vet in the whole borough. The fact she actually cares about her pet patients is a bonus. I would highly recommend. The reason for the 3 stars are the rude receptionist at the front desk who throw attitude from doing anything from accepting payment to answering questions. Its a shame that an otherwise exemplary practice is brought down by the people who contribute the least to its operations.

Cory Retas

2 years ago

Good vet office, Spoke to the receptionist named Lilian she was so sweet, polite and professional. Thank you again for being so kind and helpful!


2 years ago

Great people there service with a smile

Gabriella Barnes

2 years ago

I absolutely love this place. They have been taking care of my dogs for over ten years. I reccomend them to everyone I know. The quality of care is amazing and the prices are decent. They really care about your pets health.

Dina Tsiorvas

2 years ago

It was by chance and divine intervention that we chose Quality Vet. After a misdiagnosis from our (then) regular vet, we had to say good bye to our dear cat, Luke. I had to find a new vetinarian and I also refused to say my last goodbye to my cat in the parking lot, as some other vets were requiring because of Covid. Quality Veterinary Care were full of compassion and did not rush us at all during our last moments with Luke. They even sent us a condolence card signed by the whole office. We will be switching our other cats care to this vetinarian after the compassionate experience here (and our horrible care at the other vet)

Astride Jacques

2 years ago

Was the first time but they was fast n made me understand things better for my dog

Daniel Blanco

2 years ago

Nice place. Clean and staff are great. Had my dog neutered there and procedure went well.

Jill F

2 years ago

Dr Metheny is the absolute best. She’s patient, knowledgeable, she always has a smile on her face (even under the mask) takes the time to explain all so I fully understand what’s going on and how to care for my dog. My dog feels most comfortable with Dr Metheny and that puts me at ease as well. She really cares for our furry kids. Thank you Dr Metheny for being the best vet to Yoda & being so patient with his mommy ;)

Jody Peters

2 years ago

I can't say enough good things about the talented doctors and nurses , my dog has so much anxiety about going to the vet and they made him feel so comfortable.

Rothman Reyes

2 years ago

It really saddens me to write a terrible review of the veterinary practice that has been taking care of our black lab for 12 years. I am extremely upset at the lack of concern the veterinarian showed during the last visit with our dog. We live less than 5 min walk from this clinic and have been taking our dog—Baker to this clinic since he was 8 weeks old. I no longer live with my parents, but they have called me a few times concern about a cough they have noticed on Baker—he is now 12 years of age. As a veterinary specialist (I am a veterinary oncologist) I told them the next step would be to take chest x-rays to make sure nothing scary is going on (primary reason why older dogs get coughs can include things like nerve issues-LARPAR, pneumonia, spread of cancer to the lungs). Also the standard of care is to take chest x-rays at least once a year as an old dog screening—that is what we learn in vet school, it is how proper primary care veterinarians practice. My brother who lives with my parents called to make sure they were aware of the coughing issue and that we wanted chest x-rays taken. Turns out the veterinarian knew exactly why our dog elderly dog was coughing—he explained that Baker has allergies and that we should place him on some relatively high dose of Benadryl and declined to get x-rays of him. I wish I had these magical skills to just know what is going on without having to run tests. The reason we made the appointment for general health visit and x-rays for the cough. Coughing is a rare presentation for allergies in both people and dogs. Dogs with allergies can have coughing, however, is a lot less likely than other reasons. Sometimes dog cough and we never find out why, but a smart individual would rule out more common reasons for coughing before prescribing/recommending something like Benadryl. This is how scary things are missed. I can not help but think the veterinary was trying to get through appointments and decided to assuage our concerns by basically lying and blaming the problem on allergies. We would have been very understanding if they told us “ we are busy/do not have the time or staff to get x-rays, in the mean time while waiting for the next appointment let’s try some Benadryl as it may help, won’t harm.” Sometimes you can not do everything in one visit, I sympathize. What I can not sympathize with is the lying and lack of concern. What upsets me is that many other pet parents who are not medical professionals may not pick up on the blatant BS. Previously I have had only one other eyebrow raising moment when I had to remind the veterinarian to do a rectal exam on Baker. That again, is standard of care in vet and human medicine for older males. I called to try and speak with the veterinarian who saw Baker so they could explain to me why the x-rays were not taken, I really wanted to understand the reasoning for that. No replies. In summary, there are multiple veterinary clinics in the area. I have recommended to my parents to try another veterinarian as the ones at “quality” vet care of Elmont are not practicing good quality medicine.

Rob bones

2 years ago

I waited a week for an appointment for my cat to be checked out. Got there on time for my 5:15 PM appointment. When i arrived i was told i needed to wear a mask. I replied i didn't bring a mask then asked can you provide one to me. The Woman replied i don't have one. We know that was a lie. 10 minutes later another woman came out from the back and said you need to wear a mask or you must leave now . I informed her that i asked for one and was refused. She asked who told me that. I gladly pointed her out. I was then provided a mask. The CDC no longer requires masks along with the state of New York, However this establishment imposes their totalitarian will on us and if you wont comply they threaten no service for your sick and loved pet. I waited to be seen for 1 hour and 20 minutes while four people that arrived after i checked in were taken before me. One was an Emergency that i completely understood but the three others were not. I made a last effort to be seen and was ignored. Then i Picked up my cat and walked out NEVER TO RETURN. If you love your animal and want the best for them DON'T EVER COME TO QUALITY VETERINARY CARE in Elmont NY.

Carlos Barrios

2 years ago

Excellent service and care, friendly.

JR 1322

2 years ago

They took care of my dog quickly. And very affordable.

Alexis Napoli

2 years ago

Cat got loose in the vet’s care and is now lost.

maria maria

2 years ago

Great place for the care of your pets. Love it. Love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Valerie Nelke

2 years ago

Love the vets...... Love the assistants......It's always a pleasure to go there with my pet!!

Michael Cox

3 years ago

We rescued our dog 3 years ago and Dr. Perez has treated Milo with great care. The staff are professional and compassionate. We know that we are in good hands. Milo has developed a few health issues over the years. We appreciate their diligence in giving Milo the best quality of life.

Valerie Schell

3 years ago

The doctors at Quality Vet Care have taken care if my cats for years. They are all very knowledgeable and caring. The support staff are kind and always willing to work out appointment times in emerging situations. Even while many are overlooking Covid precautions this office still takes the it very seriously protecting themselves, their clients and their animal patients. Kudos!

Michele Burcroff

3 years ago

Our Yorkie was cared for by Quality Vet Care from being a puppy until he passed at the age of 16. They were very caring and dedicated to giving our Mickey whatever attention he needed and lots of love. We couldn’t have asked for better care for him over the years.

Bethany Bryan

3 years ago

receptionists are super rude. i spoke with two receptionists and they both had terrible attitudes. not quite sure about the "quality care" aspect.

E Hatch

3 years ago

My puppy was not terrified to go with staff. The vet called me, in my car, to go over my girl's healthcare plan :)

Lucy Guzman

3 years ago

Good customer service & quality doctors.

The Truth Lifestyle

3 years ago

I went in to vaccinate 2 of my cats for rabies & distemper & after a day, both of them started limping, weren't eating & were meowing in distress..Even today, 1 week later, my cats are meowing while looking into my eyes while limping on a leg they didn't even get a shot in!! I took my other two cats to another vet clinic in queens, & they got even more medication & vaccines, but it turns out, they only lost appetite for one day, but after that, they were the same as they always were! Running, jumping, playing, giving kisses & eating alot!! My other two cats that I took into the "Qaulity" veterinary care clinic, are still sick & laying down all day, not wanting to eat anything but treats, are'nt playing & are meowing in a way they never usually meow unless they are distressed.... I don't want to take them back here because they charge an arm and a leg for even the most basic things!!! I feel like the value they offer is not in proportion they amount of money you pay! The service is extremely suboptimal. I would not reccommend to take your companions this place, I would only ever take them here if its a pure emergency only because this is the clinic closest to me house.

Rashein Franklyn

3 years ago

Communication needs to be better

Rijo Rajan

3 years ago

Always available and friendly service at affordable prices

Roxanne Lescano

3 years ago

We brought our puppy, Lucy, for her very first vet visit. She loves the staff and the staff love her as well. The doctor was very informative and he discussed everything that’s going on with Lucy, thank goodness she’s healthy. And thank God we went there because they really care for your pets! Loved our very first vet experience.


3 years ago

The only place I can will ever trust with my dog. Very caring staff and doctors!

Sulan Lindo

3 years ago

Very professional. Reasonably priced. Cared for my doggy with love.

Thomas Granatelli

3 years ago

Think this vet had enough Should sell the business while he still can.

William Cucchiara

3 years ago

Dr Perez is wonderful. Great very caring and compassionate

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