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Jodi Lawsky

2 years ago

I'm very happy with All Creatures. They have 4 doctors on staff and their hours are great. As long as you aren't picky about which doctor you see they can usually get you an appointment pretty quickly, which is great when something unexpected but not quite an emergency comes up.

Romina Lucero

2 years ago

If I could give this place more stars I would I took a gecko that I found outside in the cold to this location as an emergency & they were so helpful the girls in the front were amazing & Jesse was outstanding the people in the back as well. Many blessings to this location & their staff. I know they are use to dogs & cats but they did as much as they could to help me save this soul. Thank you guys Lucky & I appreciate your help & time.

Shira Halevy

2 years ago

Amazing Vet. We love how they take care of our pets. Would recommend 10/10.

Gerri Garcia

2 years ago

They overcharge for services and for medication and I will never go there again nor will I recommend any one to go there. They charged twice as much for the eye medication and I didnt know how much it was until the bill came. The old lady at reception even seemed uncomfortable telling me the amount being that she knew they were scamming me. Ask prices for everything before it's done.


2 years ago

put my grandmas cats up for adoption. she was paying.

Margaret Andriano

2 years ago

Seems like they are way too busy and have no desire to take newer patients. They advertised state of the art care yet they sent me to the animal emergency room in Westbury costing me $3,000 when all she needed at the time was an IV drip Disgusted

Leslie Carroll

2 years ago

They have been wonderful to my 3 pets. Very kind and compassionate.

Andre Farr

2 years ago

Petey loves going there and the staff is very nice, understanding and helpful.

Lawrence McCarthy

2 years ago

Great people taking great care

Natalia Derin

2 years ago

while doctors are good, you should get to them without loosing your patience with the front desk. The management and front desk are horrible, rude, do not know whats going on with appointments, will hang up on you with attitude if you are not satisfied with answer. Manager is “ annoyed” by clients but probably forgets how she gets her pay checks . too many clients to remain professional ??!! not a problem, there will be less and less under this management. Sadly the owners/ doctors are not probably even informed that their employees are destructive to their business


2 years ago

Dr. Gelfand is absolutely a fabulous vet. No hesitation at all. Very communicative and compassionate, not to mention up on all the latest research and technology for animals. That is a huge plus.

Courtney Sanello

3 years ago

Dr. Gelfand is second to none

John Paul O'Loughlin

3 years ago

I've been taking my dog here for 14 years and counting. They are wonderful! Edit: After losing my beautiful dog, I just want to reiterate that the vets and staff here are wonderful. Thank you for your kindness.

Kelly Gardner

3 years ago

Money scam. Each visit the bill was higher and higher to the point where we walked out with an almost $500 vet bill and no answers. Brought my dog in for scooting and occasional diarrhea and instead was questioned on his recent weight gain (which I think an almost 10lbs weight gain would be very noticeable in a dog) and told he probably has a thyroid issue and that they need to run tests. No solution as to the scooting and walked out with an enormous bill and when I questioned why the bill was what it was, I received the response “well don’t you have insurance?”. It’s a scam to get money here and poor care for your pet.

Stanley Osborne

3 years ago

This was my first visit and I found the staff very friendly and caring.

kim galante

3 years ago

Last July my sweet dog was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver at 10 years old. He was only given three months to live. With the help, care and guidance of Dr. Anghul we were able to have him in our lives for many more months than expected. With the right regimen of medications and care given by Dr. Anghul Rusty lived a more active life than he ever should have. Dr. Gelfand was also involved over the last month and he was extremely informative at the end of all visits. Unfortunately Rusty had to be put to sleep on Monday as his liver had failed along with other complications that could not be helped by anyone. I want to thank each and every staff member for taking such good care of him, and us during this sad time. I am glad my other two dogs will have you taking care of them as well.

Caryn Debrauwere

3 years ago

We have been using All Creatures for over sixteen years. We even waited patiently for them to re-open after Superstorm Sandy. Dr. Geltman feels like a family friend. We trust him implicitly with our dogs and our feral cats that’s we’ve managed to tame over the years. All the doctors and staff are wonderful. Ten stars would be given if I could, and a photo of our Kiku, who crossed the rainbow bridge six months ago...she can attest to their love and care.

kelly radigan

3 years ago

I would give zero stars if possible. The staff are unprofessional, rude, and do not care. The women at the front desk flat out lie about what treatments are being made available. They continually say they will call you back, but never will. They put profits over care and compassio. If you care for your pets RUN from these people.

Sa Adams

3 years ago

Known Dr. Geltman since high school. He's grown into a very keen, observant & competent vet. They've always been very upfront with costs & diagnosis of my animals, and all the vets there have given the furbies the attention as if they were their own.

Raisa Bulchi

3 years ago

I said i wasn’t going to leave a review but again they did not do the right thing by my dog! Koko had allergies, therefore she had blisters on her paws and on her eye. I don’t remember names being that it was my first time using this vet, but the guy doctor seemed knowledgeable and truly tried and help my dog and figure out what was wrong. The woman vet is absolute cold hearted and just shouldn’t be dealing with animals. I was told my dog was fine and blood results came back normal. As i continued to say something is wrong she said well results are normal and was given an antiflamatory medicine for the blisters on her paws and pain medicine. I was never given an anti allergic medicine. When koko started to shake more and more i sought out a second opinion. My dog had now liver failure and a swollen gland...the new vet asked me if she had been given any type of ibuprofen which is an antiflamatory... i don’t know if the medicine all creatures gave her caused the liver failure ... i will never be able to 100% prove this but how is it that her blood work prior to showed levels at 50 and days after she finished her medicine they were at 4,000? For this reason i said i wouldn’t leave a review but still this office continues to do wrong by my dog after taking my money for tests. My dog almost died and as she’s hospitalized all creatures decides to call me to tell me that kokos test results came back normal. My response was really?? It’s normal? She responds yes! She’s all good. My response was .... then how come she’s at another vet hospitalized for 2 days now? The woman vet continues with well I’m sorry but the results we have are normal ... i said yes and i continued to tell you that something was wrong. I didn’t bring her in there for no reason.... When i called them to ask them to forward my dogs medical records to give to another vet the receptionist proceeded with telling me that’s fine. I said it’s not fine ... my animal is ill ... and that’s not fine. The receptionist then says yes no it’s not fine ... okay there lady. Great customer service you have there. 2-3 weeks later I’m still waiting for her allergy results that weren’t cheap!!! $500 and i was told would take 2 weeks to receive. I called them today and was told results have been in and that they would call me tmrw with the results .... like WHAT???? Kindly email them to me plz. Why didn’t anyone call me when the results first came back?????? How do you get results back and not give a damn to call the patient with the results?! Then tell me at 12 in the afternoon that the following day someone would be calling me back? Do you people even give a damn about these animals or do you just want our money?! My dog almost died! And guess what? It sure wasn’t you who helped prevent it or helped her heal! And it wasn’t due to me not having the money to pay for the tests and the medical bills ... it’s due to you guys just forgetting what made you decide that you wanted to be vets. Now if I’m wrong and you do care about the lives of these animals i suggest you got back to school. Maybe have your receptionists also take a communication class and learn how to sound a little more less cold hearted on the phone. Oh and i also just helped a friend cancel his apt with you and he’ll be going to my new vet tmrw. Believe me ... online reviews are small ... word of mouth still has a big impact on businesses. Do not bring your animals here! I’m beyond disgusted with this veterinary office. Shame on you guys.

Patrick Manna

3 years ago

They care about my dog

Michael Asheroff

3 years ago

Great veterinarians. These people clearly love animals. The place is scrupulously clean and "patients " are handled quickly and with care. The staff understands the stress that just being there causes for both the animal and humans involved. They have a variety on medications on site and their pricing is not outrageous.

Max Ringelheim

3 years ago

Our family had a very unfortunate and horrific experience with All Creatures. Our perfectly healthy 3 year old golden doodle dog passed away while being boarded at All Creatures for LESS THEN a 24 hour time period. We were left with MANY QUESTIONS UNANSWERED regarding our dog's sudden death and as a result we can never trust or work with this animal hospital ever again. We would strongly recommend you take your animal to a different vet on Long Island so that no family needs to ever experience the pain and suffering we went through during this tragic event!

Mark Stenzler

3 years ago

On time, outside pick up and delivery of pet, professional and compassionate vet and decent courteous staff.

Lorraine MacMillan

3 years ago

Always go out of their way to help my cat and me! They are great!

Lcatherine B

3 years ago

They were so amazing I called about my ferret Angel and they really helped over the phone, I was being a paranoid mommy they were right 24hrs later she was fine

Gerard Norton

3 years ago

Thanks guys! Awesome staff recently moved to the area didn’t have a vet and they got my doggie back to good health and was very pleased with the pricing.. will definitely be back.

Chuck Levinson

3 years ago

I had to put my 18 year old cat to sleep today at all Creatures. That's hard enough to do. They did not allow me to be with my wife due to covet. She was all alone without my support. That magnified the grief as you could imagine but I willingly accepted their rules absurd as they were being a medical provider myself. Then somebody sadly also brought their dog there for the same sad reason and was allowed to have multiple people to attend! Why... because they had once worked there as an employee. So they being x. Employees were not capable of transferring Covert? It was disgusting and difficult for me to stomach especially being a medical provider myself with the knowledge that their rules were not only absurd but cruel and very cold. What more can I say after burying that sweet thing myself.

denise maughan

3 years ago

Saw my dog on an emergency visit and she wasn’t a patient there! They were so kind and accommodating, Dr Ray was terrific!

Alicia R

3 years ago

Great staff, considering all of the changes that have to be made because of Covid, would definitely recommend their services.

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