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Beverly Davis

2 years ago

This is the best Veterinary practice i've ever taken my dog to. He looks better in a month than he has ever been. They are THOROUGH. I would recommend them to everyone.

Mary Paul Schmidt

2 years ago

This place is a scam.they tried to charge a needle disposal fee of 6bucks.they do things without talking to you about and just throw a astronomical bill at you.would not recommend anyone go there.

Annette Edwards

2 years ago

Good Job fixing my ????????

Zero Royalty

2 years ago

they treated my 2 year old pit bull dutchess with rabies, heartworms, and normal checks up and they did it quick amount of time and also they give you the exact prices on things which is very helpful as I am 16 and paying for this dog all on my own and they always nice and friendly too

Kimberly T

2 years ago

The staff was great. I feel the prices are a bit expensive compared to other places I called but I needed an appointment for my puppy ASAP for shots. Overall I am pleased with how they treated me and my puppy

Carly Yyy

2 years ago

Someone I know took their 2 month old puppy here and she didn't make it. The doctors gave her to much anesthesia and the dog just went there to get her ears clipped. Do not go here if you don't want your pet to die. R.I.P bunny????????

Eleonor Robbins

2 years ago

My puppy died under his care! He killed my puppy worse day of our lives

Jacob Brewer

2 years ago

Literally saved my kitty's life! Staff is amazing! Thank you!

john bard

2 years ago

The vet here saved the life of my best friend. And the vet tech here truly cares about animals.

Jordan Brooks

2 years ago

The vet and staff at Elmwood Small Animal Hospital literally saved my little Luna’s life. I called in the morning after being seriously concerned. They got her in ASAP and then we’re able to get her into emergency surgery within just hours. The surgery saved her life and she is recovering so well. The staff has been so kind and understanding, even texting me to answer all my questions and concerns. I am so grateful for the work that they do. And I’m even more grateful that they helped a piece of our family survive something that could have easily killed her.

Julia Rose

2 years ago

HORRIBLE service, prices unreasonable, and no true experience. pets have past away here because of how clueless they are.

Tim Illas

2 years ago

Unfortunately my visit today was to mourn the irresponsible loss of a family member. Our beloved Kulture was a blessing to all of us. She was my sister and brother inlaws dog and was brought in for a routine procedure that she was cleared for medically 24 hrs prior. After hours of no communication at all, my sister was rudely informed that the "vet" was trying to save her dog. No explanation as to what happened at all, then she was forced to pay an additional fee to have the medical records released. This was just not a pet, Kulture was the first offspring and was going to be the cornerstone to my sister and brothers new business. They invested alot to make sure she we was healthy, not to mention she was an extraordinary breed that is in very high demand. They not only lost a family member but a serious financial investment. We are fully aware that things happen during surgery but she didn't even make it into surgery, and we were given no explanation at all. R.I.P KULTURE

Lily Burmeier

2 years ago

One of my rlly good friends took her puppy there and they gave her too much anesthesia and she sadly passed away PLS DONT GO HERE R.I.P bunny ????????

Lily Cannizzaro

2 years ago

awful killed 2 month old puppy from giving her too much anesthesia and she had a heart attack !DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE!

Mac Nolte

2 years ago

DO NOT GO HERE! my friend took her 2 month old puppy to this vet, and sadly the dog didn’t make it out alive. The “pet doctors” gave the puppy way too much anesthesia. Do not take your pet here. R.I.P bunny

Sachas Fedora

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE they killed my best friends puppy they put too much anesthesia

Sofia Guadagna

2 years ago

DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS HERE. My friend had a 2 month Pittbull that they brought here to get the puppy’s ears cropped and the doctors gave the puppy too much anesthesia and sadly did not make it out. R.I.P Culture ❤️

Carl Matusak

2 years ago

Elmwood Small Animal Hospital has Treated 3 of my pets now. The staff always goes the distance to make you feel safe and has even stayed late to help me out. They always remember me and my pets by name and have always accommodated me whether administering the first round of shots or making arrangements for an elderly chronic dog.

Reikipractitioner Kia

3 years ago

Thank you again staff over at Small Animal Hospital for taking such great care of my Brownie & getting us in so soon especially due to covid restrictions. I felt safe, my Brownie was handled with safety and care & also I appreciate having everything explained to me before asking for money that's very rare these days. In addition prices were extremely reasonable and generous. Thank you guys again. Peace ????????


3 years ago

I give 3 stars because up until TODAY, we had received very pleasant & welcoming service for both of our babies. Today (6/22/20) my husband called ahead to confirm well before 10 am. My dog & I arrived about 10 mins later. I had forgotten my phone at home, so I had to knock on the window & make them aware that we had arrived. I was wearing a mask. 10- 15 mins later an employee came to the door & accused me of being late & said that we would have to wait to be seen. THAT WAS UNACCEPTABLE AS WE HAD STOOD OUT THERE FOR 10-15 MINS. WE WERE NOT LATE. Since I DECLINED THE VISIT & WENT HOME because MY FUR IS PREGNANT & VERY UNCOMFORTABLE IN THE HEAT, MY HUSBAND CALLED & SOME WOMAN WOULDNT ALLOW HIM A WORD IN EDGE WISE. SO WE ASKED/ DEMANDED THAT OUR CARD BE REMOVED FROM ANY ACCOUNTS, AS WE WOULD NEVER RETURN. SHE WAS RUDE & THREATENED TO CONTINUE TO CHARGE OUR CARD. MIND U NEITHER OF OUR BABIES HAVE BEEN AT THERE SINCE 2019... WELL BEFORE COVID-19. I WILL NEVER REFER THIS PLACE TO ANYONE. I edited my review because I'm un able to RESPOND TO THE OWNER. IF THIS IS THE LOCATION ACROSS THE STREET FROM HUCH TECH High School , IT IS IN FACT THE LOCATION IM SPEAKING OF. IF NOT, THATS THE LOCATION I AM REFERENCING

Christina Abraham

3 years ago

Kind, friendly vet and very empathetic, warm staff. Have always had a great experience here and trust that my kitty is in good hands.

Dawn Robbins

3 years ago

I have been going to this veternarian for many years. Wonderful doctors and staff that really care about the animals

Debra Reed

3 years ago

So friendly and good with my friends cat. Love them.

Janet Binette

3 years ago

They provided amazing care for a cat who was rescued on the road. Extremely caring, professional and competent.

John Frittita

3 years ago

Brought my dog there to get checked out nurse came out side was rude and told me I had u leave my dog with her and she would call me no 1 should leave there animal alone with veterans with out owner there to supervise word to the wise don't bring your animal to elmwood small animal hospital they are terrible

Junie Beal

3 years ago

Very professional took great care of my dog ...shes better now

Love Of Truth

3 years ago

Had to pay almost $1000 for one cat. They overcharged me to an extreme. At Tri-town Veterinary hospital I got charged a fraction of that for another cat of mine. They had the same symptoms and not much was different between the two. They both had the same virus. I also told this the vet at ESAH that I didn't have much money to spend and that I was spending my savings money. I also mentioned I wanted to do the minimum only because of these outrageous prices. He still told me all of the tests he was planning on doing absolutely needed to be done. Another thing I didn't like was that they had to apparently sedate him, but my other cat did just fine without any need for sedation at Tri-town. I'm appalled. My cat also came back traumatized and shaking. Please don't take your pet here if you don't want to be duped into breaking the bank, and having your pet possibly traumatized.

Michael Burt

3 years ago

Treated my cat like the king he is. ????????????

Michael Smith

3 years ago

Very caring and skilled staff. I'd take any animal there in a heartbeat. We've been coming for years.

Nancy Lipka

3 years ago

They always take such good care of our dogs

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