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Abby Fink

2 years ago

I feel so trusting of everyone here to take care of my little one! All the staff I have interacted with are super friendly and I can tell they are really nurturing and passionate about working with dogs! It is very convenient and helpful to be able to drop my dog here for a day here and there. I highly recommend!!

Jessica Fellows

2 years ago

I needed to find a place to board my dog for a weekend. A friend recommended this place because she sourced her dog walker from them and had great results. I filled out her profile in their online system including a section of how she was to be fed. I brought her in on Friday evening after dinner and left her food and comfort toy with their team. I went to pick my dog up on Monday afternoon and they gave back the bag with her leftover food in it. She was completely manic. I thought it might be because she was excited to see me but she didn't calm down. She was so frantic when I tried to treat her she bit my hand. She has never done this before, ever. I took her home and fed her dinner and realized the food given back to me was way more than there should have been. She was supposed to have 5 meals with them which equates to 32.5 nuggets and only 12 nuggets were missing from the bag. I immediately called them and was told by Martha that she would check in with the person who was there over the weekend and find out what happened. According to their chart, my dog had meals the whole time she was there but I told her almost none of her food was missing. Martha called back at closing time and left a voicemail saying she hadn't heard back but she would follow up once she did. I called back the next day and asked if she heard back. She told me no, the weekend person hadnt replied about it. And then she explained some times dog's dont eat their full meals the first time boarding because they are stressed. I told her I wasnt concerned about if she ate everything, I was concerned she wasnt fed enough. I was assured she would follow up with the weekend person and get to the bottom of what happened. I never heard back. No one contacted me after to explain what happened. I'm extremely disappointed that no one could tell me what happened with my dog's meals. My dog being fed is the bare minimum of care when she gets boarded. So by not being able to confirm what she was fed and not being followed up with after bringing up a huge concern is a major problem. I will not be bringing her back here because I dont feel she was properly taken care of.

Alyssa L. Harper

2 years ago

My puppy and I love daycare at What's Up Dog. I have a very social, high energy dog and staying home with me during the workday was just not cutting it. Sending her to daycare a few days a week has done wonders for us. She loves going; goes right to the staff when we walk in and wants to head straight for the back door. Booking online is easy , and they are even super responsive on Instagram if you have a question. Everyone has been really nice and makes you feel that your dog is not just a number, but one of the pack.

Sean Silva

2 years ago

I have been calling this place since 9am this morning but as usual the phone goes straight to voicemail which is full. The dogs have been barking incessantly for over an hour. This business is very inconsiderate of the neighborhood and it is impossible to contact them. I grew up with dogs and happy dogs don’t bark like this…

Sara Jordan

2 years ago

This spot is a blessing to the dog owners of Bushwick! The employees here truly care for each pup in their care — whether at the daycare or on walks. They’ve set up great rules to keep the daycare population just right and have been enhancing the daycare since day 1. Great, communicative and kind team.

Roby Saavedra

2 years ago

I have a very anxious rescue dog with a lot of human fear issues. If she encounters an unfamiliar person she recoils, trembles, or tries to flee. She basically doesn't trust anybody - it even took her a few months to come around to trusting me. It would be an understatement to say it was very difficult finding a dog daycare where she could feel comfortable. Then we found What's Up Dog! The incredible staff at What's Up Dog are probably the only people in the universe my dog gets along with - they're all super nice and it's obvious they care a lot about what they do. I've noticed that they take great care in recognizing when certain dogs have specific needs and do what they can to provide individualized attention. What's Up Dog has really done wonders in getting my dog to come out of her shell. I'm really grateful to have them in the neighborhood.

Natalie Walser

2 years ago

The team here is great! So passionate about dogs and professional!!!!


2 years ago

This place is great! The owners have years of experience with dogs and boarding, they even changed my life with some product recommendations for my -cat- while flying which is no longer a horrible ordeal thanks to the wildly supportive and kind staff here! Love them. Highly recommend! Your pets will be in the best of hands!

Brooks Daughtrey

2 years ago

Leah and Martha and many of the other WONDERFUL people at What’s Up Dog have taken care of our pup Jackson. He is HIGH energy and really picky about the company he keeps and they took him in like he was their own and always cared for him with so much love. TAKE YOUR PUPS HERE!

Amy Willard

2 years ago

Love the What's Up Dog team! They always put dog safety first and have always been very attentive to my dog. I also love that they get excited when they see him out in the neighborhood :) If you're looking for quality doggy day care and walks - this is the spot

Michael P

2 years ago

I really wanted to like this place because it was recommended by so many people at the dog park but, sadly I am not a fan. My dog was officially accepted, yes, but apparently during the next 3 sessions (one being an overnight) our pup was put into a time out and on the brink of being banned. This is a dog that has some anxiety, which was mentioned, so he can certainly be a bit stubborn if being forced to do something. Other then that, he is obsessed with all people, and plays well with other dogs. Sadly I was not given much information at all on exactly what goes on behind their secret little door behind the little white entry way, and not much info on what my dog did or how we can resolve any issues. I basically just get a look of "shame shame on your dog....I think he needs some work...so sorry....ok bye now". LUCKILY I found such an amazing place that took my dog in and loved him as much as he loved them. They separate their dogs by size and temperament which is very smart. He had an absolute blast and, besides a little growl once when they grabbed his collar, they said he was absolutely amazing and friendly. I even had him boarded their for a week and he had so much darn fun. I give Whats Up Dog 1 star because it's right down the block from me. That's about it. I don't know what happened exactly, or if they have some agenda against dogs that aren't rescued and are from a breeder but, I will give this place a hard pass. Too much mystery and by looking at the videos online, seems like such a free for all with all the dogs together which can create fear and anxiety big time. Bye nowww

Genna Baroni

2 years ago

Literally cant say enough good things about these folks. They really, really care about my pet. They’ve taken animal handling courses - They’re on time for walks - Their app for booking services is flawless - There’s a wonderful feature that gives me a little report of how the walk went as well as a picture w/ a time stamp to show when the walk started - They screen new animals at daycare very carefully to make sure my pet is safe. They keep me updated on my pets vaccination records better than my vet! I’m really, really grateful for Michael, Leah, Mary, & Martha for their amazing skills and support.

charlotte coats

2 years ago

The dogs cannot be happy here. They are constantly barking which disturbs all of us and the people who work there shout at the dogs.

William Fancher

3 years ago

What's Up Dog! was my go-to boarding service while living in Brooklyn. This group of people are more than dog lovers, they treat everyone like family. My Black Lab, Dahlia, adored the humans so much she ignored the dogs most of the time! We miss this place dearly and I only hope to find somewhere as good in Denver!

Jordan Allen

3 years ago

Great staff. Our huskie Cobain loves it and can't wait to go back all the time.

Amanda Padro

3 years ago

I was so sad when my dog didn’t get approved. We know our dog is not perfect but he never once attacked any other animal or human. We also take him to the dog park regularly but because of the bad weather he hasn’t been able to let out all the energy in about 2 weeks so we decided this would be perfect for him. Sadly the lady told us that Benji is great but because of the other dogs she wasn’t sure Benji would fit in. She didn’t really give a good reason in my opinion. My dog will be ready to go home with anyone that’s how friendly he is. Even at the dog park if a dog is aggressive he would back down. We took him to another place that same day it’s called Fido fitness and within 5 mins of him playing with other dogs they accepted him. They also have trainers there as I would assume they should since they are dealing with dogs. I don’t know if “what’s up dog” has trainers. I was really looking forward to Benji having a fun time at “whats up dog” but sadly that didn’t happen. I also don’t understand how can one place approve and not another. If a dog is aggressive then he’s aggressive anywhere. Even Fido(the other daycare) didn’t understand why he was not approved. The lady at “what’s up dog” was very kind tho and seemed like she didn’t want to disapprove Benji which is her right and I totally understand if she’s feels uncomfortable putting our dog around her clients dogs. I’m just giving my experience.

Klifford Pilay

3 years ago

Took great care of our pet... they helped with interaction with other play friends... will return. Pick up was very convenient.

Alexis White

3 years ago

What up Dog is AMAZING! My dog Rico loves going to daycare and loved his time being boarded there. The rates are reasonable and the staff is exceptional!

Zachary Robinson

3 years ago

Open till 11! Everyone is super friendly and the prices are great. Hard to beat.

Ms Vicente

3 years ago

Just starting taking my Pup Loki here after returning back to work full time. Dropping him off there and knowing he is taken care of give me so much Piece in mind. When it’s come time pick him up he sleeps the entire car ride home and is super lazy when we get home. He spends his whole day making friends and having tons of play time. They are always posting updates on Instagram so I get to sneak some glimpse of him playing while I am at work. I am so happy we found this place. I can trust them with my pup knowing he is safe and sound.

Kristina Ripley

3 years ago

We have used WhatsUp for our foxhound’s walking and daycare for about 6 months. When he was sick and couldn’t go to daycare, they worked with us on managing daycare credit with dog walking. All around great owners. check their IG for details on current hours and some great vids on what daycare is like! You’ll see my pup copper snoozing and playing :)

Jessica Hoesel

3 years ago

I only have great things to say but my favorite things about Whats Up Dog that sets them apart from other doggy daycares is the amazing report cards you get on your dogs first day and my favorite daily thing is how they post the dogs all dog on Instagram. I love seeing my dog and other dogs playing, cuddling, and pool time in the summer! Every time Thor is greeted by a staff member (by his name too) his tail won’t stop wagging. You can tell he loves his daycare and the staff! Thanks for always taking care of my fur baby!

Heather Lory

3 years ago

I was extremely apprehensive about leaving my puppy with anyone, as we are very attached to one another and I got him with my partner during the pandemic. My partner and I were going away for a weekend to visit family and one of my relatives is allergic to dogs. Needless to say, we were frazzled about what to do and crushed about thinking a night away from our puppy. We heard about what’s up dog through friends that have brought their dog here for boarding and daycare. Long story short, our puppy LOVES coming here now, even if it’s for daycare. The staff is super friendly, attentive to my puppy’s needs, and they adore him - and our puppy adores them! This will always be our go-to for boarding and daycare.

Gigi Burris

3 years ago

Our wheaten terrier Bo has separation anxiety - however she runs into the What’s Up Dog daycare and forgets all about us! She absolutely adores the caring and attentive staff and pup friends that are waiting for her inside. We love keeping up with the fun on the Instagram account. A gem in the neighborhood.

Gabriel Ramirez

3 years ago

We are so lucky to found them. Wonderful staff and very professional. Thank you for taking care of Bruno

Emma Noble

3 years ago

My dog loves this place, and the people working here are SO kind and attentive. I trust everyone who works here. I have a difficult dog and I know that everyone at What's Up Dog knows how to take care of her. This is totally her happy place.

Daniela Montesdeoca

3 years ago

Wonderful day care the staff are very friendly and professional they are always interacting with the dogs. We are so grateful to found them. Bruno LOVES being there. Highly recommended you won’t regret it. Thank you what’s up dog for taking care of Bruno. ❤️

Cindy Arias

3 years ago

The staff at What's Up Dog really love dogs, and have people skills to match as well! They really take the time to get to know your dog and let you know if they notice anything off. I appreciate their adherence to having all dogs in daycare up to date on their shots, keeping everyone safe and healthy! Our pup Bradley goes 1-2 times a week, and has boarded twice. I got plenty of photo and video updates, assuaging my own anxiety. Can't say enough great things about them--a most welcome addition to the Bushwick/Ridgewood/Bed-Stuy area!

Bee Ellis

3 years ago

Great people with a cause!

Sonny Smith

4 years ago

I couldn't be happier with leaving my pup in the care of the What's Up Dog crew! Upon our first at-home meet and greet my normally high-energy dog was completely at ease. The simple scheduling system and the thorough, thoughtful walk reports give me such a peace of mind when I have to be away.

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