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Natalie Sylvia

2 years ago

This place is highly recommended by me and Dr Moreno I highly recommended her! She is amazing vet! She is so professional at her job and cares and answers all your questions direct! My Dog Tank has had 2 wonderful experiences with her we are very thankful we found her! She’s wonderful

Susana Bagdasar

2 years ago

I came here first and last time. Receptionists were rude and unprofessional. I had an emergency situation and needed a consultation which could turn into appointment and spending money in this clinic, but they didn’t even want to listen to my problem without seeing my pets. My kitten puked roundworm and I brought it in container to show and ask about what kind of treatment they can prescribe and what should I do. So, professional would look, listen and advice to bring pet to them for procedure or whatever, but those ladies were aggressive and almost jumped away from me like I’m going to spill Ebola on them. And there was aggressive shorty girl with short haircut started to yell that if I know what’s there why do I even come here and wth do I want from them. She’s being shut up by older also “notsonice” lady and the older said we can do nothing without seeing your pet, but did it aggressively. Poor, unprofessional douchbags just lost a potential client. They could say the same but with smiles, empathy and good attitude. And this shorty should spread her aggression at home, whatever problems she has, but not on a job side. Everything about money, so desperate for it, that even losing their minds. And I never get to see a doctor tho. So my feedback is only for reception. My answer to owner’s answer: What a terrible lies about me being aggressive. I never even raised my voice because of shock I was in when your front desk staff started to yell at me. One more time- I was ready to bring my pets, everything they had to do- be empathetic and benevolent. Let me teach you: front desk staff is the face of the whole organization. So congrats, you have ugly unprofessional face. If I would be at least half aggressive compared with aggression of your receptionists, I would yell back for shut them up because who the f are they to yell at strangers?!? And I already found very professional and kind vets for my pets)) and with even better prices ????????

Nick 25

2 years ago

Nice doctor - explain everything. But you need money to help your pets - see receipts.

Leyla Moon

2 years ago

Stuff is rude but they did their job, so 2/5 stars

Janet Caban

2 years ago

I just started taking my pet there and I really like Dr. Shynberg. He is a very good vet.

alejandra cruz

2 years ago

Love them & my fur babies live them

Alena Kashuba

2 years ago

I am surprised by the poor reviews. Let me preface this by saying that I have 4 animals at this time and this is not my only vet - my rescues go to another vet due to lowered costs there. I take my dog and one of my cats here and have always found the clinic and the staff caring and attentive when there. Sometimes the front desk is a bit overwhelmed (i took down one star for that) and you have to follow up on your calls but in person everyone is wonderful. I have seen some places where its clear the doctor is there to get paid only. This is not what this place is. Reading some reviews, people should be a bit more reasonable with their expectations. Certainly will come back here! Bonus points if you have a dachshund - so does the vet! <3

BogThe Dan

2 years ago

Very disappointed, from the techs to the doctor. Very angry ppl with the attitude ????. Don't recommend this place at all.

Laraine Casdin

2 years ago

asked dr. if he could help me with price for both my male and female kitttens, told me to keep them apart. nice answer , from an old mean doctor.

Peter McKay

2 years ago

Nice people work there. Good vet too. But even with appointment, plan to wait half an hour too see vet.

Purple Dynasty

2 years ago

Would give 5 stars, but they need more receptionists and/or phone lines. The phone is always busy, and when you get through you might get hung up on or left on hold permanently. Very frustrating.

ralph chiaro

2 years ago

Always professional, friendly, and clean. Wait time is minimal if any

Yuval Solomon

2 years ago

I don’t understand the bad reviews this place has gotten. For the first time in Brooklyn I feel like a vet actually cares about my aging cat. We came here after a botched grooming service left our cat in a terrible state - it was an emergency. The staff here were so friendly, helped put us at ease and took care of our cat the same day. We got blood work done here because, despite having a local vet, our cats hyperthyroidism was never fully taken care of. Not only did these guys find more issues that explain a lot about our cat’s recent behavior but they explained it so easily to us and gave recommendations. We finally feel like our cat is taken care of!

Sydnie Tomasello

2 years ago

Beyond upset. Brought my male cat in because he was crying in pain from not urinating, Dr. Martinez told me after giving him an X-ray & blood work that my cat was NOT blocked. And made me feel like it was not serious. Come to find out, after bringing him to an ER (the next day) that he was so blocked his urine was dark brown and bloody after them taking immediate action draining him with a catheter. They did not have to run one test to tell me how blocked he was. I do not understand how she charged me 665$ for his visit & she was 100% wrong. I’m furious, my poor boy suffered so bad, he could’ve had kidney failure due to her negligence. If I knew how bad it was I would’ve taken him to the ER the same day. Unbelievable

Stefanie Queale

2 years ago

I brought my cat there she was showing signs of her chronic issue. They are a sister vet to Kings Bay who is her regular vet. The doctor walked in and claimed to know her condition, examined her but improperly diagnosed with an infection when in fact she was constipated. A whole week went by and I took her to her regular vet and he took care of her. I contacted them for a refund and received no response. Will not return. Update: completely unprofessional and unclear about pricing I HATE THIS VET

Mike Shteyn

2 years ago

The people who work at front desk are very rude and unprofessional. The bill is always enormous every time you come in. How I figured they overcharge on everything. The medication that Stop and Shop charged me $10 and Duane Reade $17. Dr. Sheynberg decided to charge $46 for a generic RX. My advice if you do come here ask for a prescription. Check on Good Rx app the price in the pharmacy.The ingredients cost Dr. Sheynberg $3 he decided to charge $46 Now I can see how much they overcharge on everything else here. Money hungry millionaires. Apparently the mystery owner who has no name is saying with his response either way we ll get your money. We ll overcharge you on medication or a procedure. You chose. We got to make our mark up in any case. So if you like to waste your money come here. The rich getting richer lol


2 years ago

I give them 5 STARS! Been coming here, even before they moved! VERY GOOD CLINIC!

Jacqueline Youmans

2 years ago

They are great. They workers are nice.

Berman O

2 years ago

I have never met a vet more dedicated to helping my cat. They were extremely thorough, compassionate, and used humor to defuse a stressful situation. They also helped me find solutions to my cat’s issues that no other vet office could find - I’ve been to at least 3 others and these guys are the best.

Barbara Wein

2 years ago

A blessing during my horrible situation Thanks so much

Sarah Doug

2 years ago

Not worth it… this place is horrible they don’t make your pet feel safe or calm. Dr. Yakov is another story he is not a good veterinarian. He is unprofessional, and very condescending to his customers. He doesn’t give good advice and he likes to prove you wrong and makes your feel as if you are a horrible owner for your pet. He was rude to my dog and didn’t even help us when we asked questions. He was very rude to my daughter as well. My daughter in 15 and went to the appointment and she knew most of the information about my dog and she was the one talking he didn’t believe anything she had to say and basically told her that she was wrong. My daughter is an intelligent girl and she likes to have all of the information together so she can be prepared. Dr. Yakov spoke over her and kept trying to make her second guess herself. Other then that everything else was meh, the office ladies were chill nothing great but nothing bad. I would never come back here. The dr needs a class on how to be a professional.


2 years ago

I would never come back to this vet and not recommend to anyone. They give no care to your pet. I went there to have them check my dog's tooth. The tooth had to be removed and they took a blood test for anesthesia to make sure the dog was okay (blood test was 200$!, seriously?) next day they called with the results and say that he is good for surgery so I tried to make an appointment and guess what? - the next available day was in about 1,5 month. So my dog has to struggle all this time ??? Why to do the blood test now? And then In 1,5 month they will ask you to do test again, because no one know how’s my dog gonna feel by then. The other thing - receptionists are there always rude and never helpful. I called twice to ask if possible to squeeze my baby somewhere closer day (because he is really in pain, I see it), they said that doctor will call me back. But it never happened! You guys need to be respectful to your clients and careful for our pets, because it’s just ridiculous how you treat them.

Dayanara Carrera

2 years ago

I would never come back to this place EVER… most were rude, they had attitude and basically called myself a bad owner. The doctor was condescending and didn’t help my pet feel comfortable and just gave suggestions that weren’t even related. We tried to explain a certain situation but the doctor didn’t care and tried to make us look like we were crazy. I just came to this place because it was close by but I’m never coming back, the price is not even worth it based on what the nurses and doctor did… they just stressed my pet out 1/5 I could give them a 0/5 I would.

Irina Ar

2 years ago

Very professional people work at this place. I recommend it to all pet's parents.

Jevgenia S

2 years ago

The check out experience was horrible! After asking my pet name million times I ended up with someone else’s bill. When I called back to clear that out I was asked “So what do you want?” No apology, nothing. I got my bill in the email, when I opened it I found out that was charged for injection that my cat never got, I called back asking to speak with the doctor, of course he was busy, asked to have him call me back. No one called back!!!

Kivi Creamery

2 years ago

Always problems with the front desk, very irresponsible and unfriendly, doctor doesn’t care much neither and feels like he is not a pet lover . Gave us some strange advice , unfortunately we don’t have any good veterinarian in the neighbourhood so changing the vet doesn’t help.

Rita Simon

2 years ago

First time. Happy with service.

Marina Tolchinsky

2 years ago

All doctors are attentive to the "patients". I don't question their professional skills but I always feel like being ripped off with the amount of the bill I got after the appointment. The bill including the items you didn't request and wasn't provided for.

Anna Markova

2 years ago

We’ve been going to this vet for our dog Louis, and Dr. Sheynberg has been nothing short of perfect! We love how attentive he is to our dog, and how willing he is to work with us, returning our phone calls on late nights and weekends.

Damarys Virella

2 years ago

Excellent service ???? Really friendly staff. Explain everything to you.

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