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Kirstin Wells

2 years ago

We are new patients with this clinic. It took us a couple tries to find the right vet here after our move, but we are very happy with Northside Vet. We’ve met with Drs. Leiman and Eisner on separate occasions. They’ve been very knowledgeable and warm. Dr. Leiman helped us discover our dog had an allergy that we were completely unaware and made several recommendations on how to address it. Then we had a mini emergency visit with Dr. Eisner that was handled compassionately, and the office kindly was able to fit us in that same day. It’s been a place for us that always gives you top notch care without any unnecessary extras. Billing is very reasonable and on par with what we paid in our prior location.

Mark Scopetta

2 years ago

Great bedside manner and quality service

Olya Iudina

2 years ago

I had a very positive experience visiting this place with my kitten. Much better than other overpriced, lousy places in the area. Would definitely come back.

Rosalie A

2 years ago

Caring staff. Dr Raud is great.

Rosalind Tallmadge

2 years ago

I had such a positive experience with Dr. Leiman and the entire staff today. They were able to fit me in last minute despite having no appointments available, and they still took the time to talk about my cat who had stopped eating for several days. They were very thorough, patient, and calm with him, and did an extensive physical exam. Considering the amount of lab tests and time, the cost was not unreasonable, and I didn’t feel like they were pushing over-medication either, which other vets in Brooklyn do. I will definitely be switching over to this clinic! Thank you Northside Vet.

Vanessa Conde

2 years ago

I would definitely recommend this vet clinic to anyone who lives in the area! Great service and just know that your pet is in great hands! ????

Anastasia Fokina

2 years ago

The owner of the clinic called me and fixed all my concerns

Allison V

2 years ago

The vet here is such a pro! My dog had a really bad allergy and I had taken him to another vet and they couldn't figure out the reason. But when I brought him here, within 15 minutes the doctor knew exactly what it was!

Hali Linn

2 years ago

We came across this sweet loose pup with no collar, and not being from the area, took him to the closest vet - Northside Vet Clinic. It was just about twenty minutes past closing time, so we were sure no one would answer. They did. They gave us water, a leash, and scanned his microchip like the generous, caring, wonderful human beings they are. We found this baby’s mommy and he’s now safely home. Thank you so much to these saintly humans ❤️

Momoneko Hwang

2 years ago

Most of my experience is whatever you arrive early or late, you have to wait. Even if you just pick up a prescription food, 20 minute is very typical. One time they told me I can come and pick up the item, but when I arrive they already give to other people. It is totally wasting my time!

heavy lids

2 years ago

Service is OK and pets do feel cared for, but the staff make it so hard to like them. Definitely can tell there are leadership issues and the double booking and blatant upselling is a bit much. Will be looking for another Vet.

Muriel Kramer

2 years ago

They are only interested in making money and not in the pet's health. My chihuahua was suffering from chronic diarrea. I made an appointment for my chihuahua to have her stools analyzed with a followup appointment with the vet to discuss her problem. My husband brought in the stool sample. He was admonished by the staff that they would not just do a stool test, that an appointment with the vet was necessary. They hadn't first checked to see that I had made an appointment with the vet before reprimanding him. When I came for the vet appointment I was told that I needed to bring in a stool sample. I informed them that we had brought in a sample. I was then told, "We tell everyone to bring in a sample."- more money. The stool sample came up negative. The vet (not our previous vet) then told me to give my dog canned dog food. That was it.- more money. They did not call to see how my dog was doing. It is obvious to me that they only care about making money, and not their patients. By the way, the canned dog food caused more diarrea.

Claire Hung

2 years ago

We’ve been using Northside for over a decade now & although it’s had issues with front desk staff, we wouldn’t bring our dogs anywhere else. Dr. Lieman is the most caring vet we’ve worked with, he takes the time to explain & lend advice - never seems rushed. All the vets & vet techs here are great. We love that we can get a holistic as well as a medical approach.

Karen Seifert

2 years ago

Every time we have to take our two dogs to this vet I come away extremely frustrated. It's mainly due to the front staff, another reviewer commented on the total incompetence and frustration of dealing with calling or emailing or getting anything. They are quick to come out and settle up the bill though! The exam visits have inexplicabily gone up by $10 with no emails, no verbal warnings it's just now on the bill. I understood during the majority of the last year why we couldn't go inside with the animal during the exam but now I'm asked to show my proof of covid vaccination and am told I can come inside and when I do am told to sit inside the waiting room? Is there any reason why we can't be with the animal to see the care being provided? I just paid $85 (well the actual bill was for a lot more) for a visit where not a single actual doctor came to talk to me, just the nurse staff. I have no idea if the actual doctor did a full annual exam on my dog or not. The problem with this vet is we like most of the doctors but dealing with anyone else is just a nightmare.

William Mills

2 years ago

We always enjoy our visits to Northside Vet.

Fay Fox Faymous

3 years ago

I would like to give Dr. Eisner zero stars for total incompetence. Dr. Eisner is out to lunch and we blame her for the horrific death of our French bulldog. After taking him into her office over a period of months where he presented very alarming symptoms, we were repeatedly assured there was nothing seriously wrong with him. Then Covid happened and she DISAPPEARED. When he wouldn't get up, we were forced to bring him to the Animal Hospital in Manhattan during April 2020 of Covid where we had to surrender him and literally wait in the car. Upon admission, a young vet easily identified he was dying and it was too late for us to help him. Any preventative measures we could have taken to ease his suffering and/or extend his life were passed. Dr. Eisner couldn't even help us coordinate a merciful euthanasia. He suffered terribly his last weeks and moments on earth and we will honestly never get over it. If you are looking for quality care in Williamsburg for your precious animal babies, avoid this quack.

William Horn

3 years ago

The vets are great; Dr Eisner is a bit crunchy but when our dachshund had back issues she gave him two sessions of massage and we haven't had an issue since. However the front desk staff? A nightmare. They never send over paperwork and more than once we've almost been turned away from boarding because they haven't sent over vaccine records. They don't check in after emergency visits and more than once I've had to call five or six times to get meds. The wait time is always extensive and they are always overbooked. Things get missed because the place is constantly in a state of disarray and the desk staff won't help with anything. It's sad because the actual vet staff are very good at their jobs, but the lack of organization really negatively impacts the quality of care your animals receive.

Amber Roach

3 years ago

I was quoted $900 to spay my cat. This is three times the price of anywhere else in the city. That price is unreasonable.

Cap Santiago

3 years ago

Great experience , the Sunday tech guy is hot

Tia Lendo

3 years ago

They are always extremely responsive. I got a new senior dog recently who had had to go in a few times. They always fit her in on short notice. They so were helpful on the phone. I appreciate the safety precautions around covid-19 too. Thank you!

Steve Ruvolo

3 years ago

All my (and my dog's) experiences at this clinic have been positive.

Anirudh Shah

3 years ago

Dr. Ramos was amazing! She took the time to answer all of our (many) questions, was thorough, and made us feel very comfortable. We did not feel rushed at all, the staff was very helpful and friendly, and our dog seemed to have a great time hanging out with them. Prices were very reasonable as well. We will definitely be returning here!

Nick Holland

3 years ago

I’ve been going here for three to four years. They, at times, are very good, and other times are the opposite. It really depends on what doctor you get and how busy they are that day. Dr. Raud, Dr. Ramos, and Dr. Leiman are excellent veterinarians. I have always been impressed by how they apply the scientific method to solving pet health issues. I feel like they listen to, and understand, everything I’m saying. They’re very effective because of that and overall very kind. Dr. Eisner is consistently rude, accusatory, and spends an incredibly short amount of time with her patients. Her treatments tend not to be scientific and more shaman-like. It’s like she’s just trying to get you out the door and can’t be bothered. Eisner will often suggest very experimental treatments that “no one else in the country knows how to do,” but I think there’s a reason for that and it’s because those treatments are not effective or haven’t had widespread scientific backing. I often find it hard to trust any diagnosis she gives because her own team doesn’t give the same diagnosis or suggested remedy when I come in again and visit with another doctor. She has proposed a couple of treatments for my pet that are very out there and I’ll try them out and they are not effective. I’ll come back in to see Dr. Raud or Dr. Leiman and walk out with a treatment that makes more sense for the issue and ends up being effective in the next day or two (at a third the cost). They are constantly overbooked. Be prepared to wait a good 45 mins before being seen. Then after your visit with the doctor you’ll wait another half hour to check out for some reason. It usually ends up taking a good chunk of the day. There are no quick visits to Northside.

madeline camarda

3 years ago

I have used Northside Veterinary Clinic for the last 9 years. I drive all the way from Southern Westchester. Even though I have to make a point to go when it's not rush hour or on a Saturday it's really worth the trip. The staff are very thorough and caring and the Vets there are excellent. Everybody is really putting a lot of thought into each case. If you're like me and you have had pets for many years you know what it's like when you go to see a vet and you feel like everything is sort of on autopilot like they're just fitting you into their moles and you're going to have to ask a lot of questions and really Advocate to make sure your animal gets good care. Well I never feel that way at Northside Veterinary Clinic. I really feel like they are taking everything that I'm saying and everything that they're seeing and I'm doing the best and for me and I love that I can also speak Dr Eisner B out for a holistic consult. Dr. Leitner is so thorough and so intelligent and I've also had really good experiences with the other technicians there. I just wish they would come to Westchester already! If your local to Brooklyn check them out! One drawback is that the waiting room is small so be prepared to wait outside or wait in your car. Even after Covid is over unless you're you know your dog is great with other animals you will want to plan on hanging around outside.


3 years ago


Melanie Gainer

3 years ago

Amazing vet staff and low cost!

Sara Fantry

3 years ago

The staff are so kind and thorough

Shanna R

3 years ago

Since 2017 nothing but Amazing! Exceptional service and professionalism are provided. Dr Maegan and her team are very warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, understanding, helpful and treated myself as well as my dog with so much respect and care. Mackenzie thanks you.

Lee Gonzalez

3 years ago

This was my first visit here. My beautiful Cookie girl had to go to sleep forever. The staff was incredible!! Everyone one of them. So caring and warm. I felt like i knew them forever. I would recommend them to everyone. They are awesome people who love animals.

Own Your Movement Training Principles

3 years ago

I have a 80lbs Dane/Lab/Pit mix and unfortunately had a skin infection. The staff was amazingly friendly and took every opportunity to show as much affection to my dog, Sam as possible. The veterinarian was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable with understanding the steps towards helping my dog.

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