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Laurie Noel

2 years ago

Overall, this practice is decent. I’ve seen 3 doctors thus far. Both Dr. Abraham and Dr. Weinstock have been great. My experience with Dr. McBeans was the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. SHE IS THE WORST!!! She was so rude to me and my son that I told front desk to note in my chart to NEVER ever book any of my appointments with her moving forward. It’s unfortunate she is the reason I can’t give them a better review. SHE NEEDS TO GO!!!

Dari Langone

2 years ago

Their negligence killed my mom's precious Siamese named Chayna. she kept rubbing the side of her head, so we brought her in to be checked. The vet said it was an ear infection. It was so difficult for us to put the drops in her ears so we took her back to the office each day for a week so the vet could administer her ear medication. It was worth the money because she was our baby. One morning my mom walked into the kitchen and started to cry and panic. Our cats right eye was popped out, so we rushed her back to the office. Well, they told us that she has a massive tumor in her head, which caused this tragedy. she was suffering and minutes away from death, so we had to put our Chayna to sleep. They knew it was way more serious than an ear infection. They should have checked further to see what was happening. Moreover, the vets cold and callous wife had a terrible attitude.

Anastasiya K

2 years ago

I am very happy and relieved there are sincere and caring doctors and staff left in the world! My kitty had a GI problem but the office was booked out and they couldn’t take her in on such a short notice but they kept calling me and asking how my cat is doing, and then called me again to convey they had an opening so I could come in! It was a while I’ve seen such professionalism and real love to animals but here!!! 100% recommend and will happily come back again.

Denise Laing

2 years ago

Well today was the last straw and the last try to have this place redeem themselves. I've had issues here with communication before. I was even scolded once by the receptionist because she claimed the groomer called to reschedule our appointment and insisted that they left a message on our phone. Mind you we showed up 15 ahead of our appt and the groomer had already left. Only for the groomer to call later and apologize because they called the wrong number. Today I brought our dog who hasn't been seen since right before covid and buzzed the door gave our name and was told "ok"....I waited out front for about 15 minutes with no info from inside. Lady walks up and buzzes they send someone out to take care of her and not a word for me. They even tell her that she can come in if she's vaxxed. I'm officially done! The vets are nice and so are most of the staff but that front desk leaves A LOT to be desired. I was warned by others but I believe in giving people a chance to redeem more....we're done

Helen L

2 years ago

Except for the fact that you can't go in with your furbabies these Dr's I trust with the care of my precious kids Love you all at Noah's Ark

Roberta “Robbie” Taveras

2 years ago

nice workers. Just alittle pricey.


2 years ago

Busy place. Worth the wait just have to be patient yourself. Took good care of my cat. Staff are friendly.

Gerry Grunsfeld

2 years ago

worst vet ever. extremely unfriendly surly service . i took off work to my pet in after i made an appointment with them and when i showed up, they said they left a message to reschedule but they never did. in fact, just the opposite, i have their message saved where they confirmed the appointment. they are waaaay overpriced. another time, i brought my guinee pig in to be neutered and even though they charge around $600, they made me leave and go shop for some food to leave with them for the few hours they would be caring for the guinee pig. apparently, too cheap to spend a dollar worth of food out of the $600 fee. i will never go back.

Nino Nareshelashvili

2 years ago

Please DO NOT GO here!!! They are unprofessional, rude and Doctor told me my puppy was dying from internal bleeding and rushed us to ER in a horror (almost end up in car accident) where I spent lots of$$$ after we paid her also for wrong diagnose and false alarm $$$ ... puppy was totally fine!!! They put name wrong, they said I have to give up my puppy because he was aggressive to tech who did eye drops on him.. he is only 3 month. They sent me email about appointment and when I called , front desk said "we never sent emails" she has no clue even what they are doing!!! Dont take your pet there!!!!

Marie Van Nostrand

2 years ago

They are the best vet around


2 years ago

My brothers dog had an ear infection they didn’t have an appointment for 5 days he asked if they could help him with some antibiotics they said sure. They called back saying they didn’t have any antibiotics in the whole place and couldn’t give him a prescription. They were probably worried they wouldn’t get their office visit money, very unprofessional, uncaring and unreliable

Paul DiGiovanni

2 years ago

Thorough, but don't expect to pay just for the visit. Blood work, hydration and x-rays will quickly add up. They are friendly.

Kasandra drakes

2 years ago

They are good and they have great service


2 years ago

Amazing place great veterinarians not long line make sure you have all your insurance for your pet or bring a lot of cash with you in case payments are needed

Lisa B

2 years ago

The animal staff are amazingly awesome. Unfortunately the front desk staff are not.

Roberta Giacalone

2 years ago

Kind respectful staff and wonderful doctor's. Well deserved

Shawn Yunayev

2 years ago

The passing of a loved one is never easy. Our little pup was a constant member of the family for over 15 years. Putting her to sleep was a very difficult time and was crushing for my kids. The staff at Noah's ark acted with kindness, patience and compassion, tending to my families needs during this awful time. Thank you for your professionalism and commitment to making this process a little less difficult.

Y.s S

2 years ago

Very bad customer service unprofessional worst experience ever

meagan simms

2 years ago

Noah's Ark is an absolutely amazing veterinary practice. Everyone is so kind and cares deeply about each and every animal who walks in the door. They took care of my dog Dutch when he was at AMA Animal Rescue and continue to love and take care of him now that he has found his forever home. Dr. Weinstock is so patient, kind, and supportive.

Hanna S

3 years ago

They are pretty great and caring! Note that waiting area is only outdoor (or you can wait in the car), which is totally fine when weather is good. And I wish I could go in with my fur babies to be present at examinations.

Zina Goldberg

3 years ago

I'm very happy. They very nice

Pahola Jara

3 years ago

Staff is friendly and accommodating

Dea Ab

3 years ago

If I could give them 0 star review I would. The front desk is clueless, I called them 4 days before they scheduled me my appointment and asked them what the dog needs based on the information they have on him in his medical records. They told me the dog needed 2 shots and 2 medication, I asked them if he needs anything else specifically how much it costed with tax to make sure the specific amount to bring so I would save it for my pet a, they told me the amount and told me that should be all. They left a message for me days before my appointment to confirm that I was coming and to call back ASAP, I was at my work but I still called them back urgently 2 times and NO ONE PICKED UP! The day on my appointment it was a snow storm, I called them back again early in the morning to make sure my appointment was still there! I don’t have a car but I took a taxi to the vet and my appointment was exactly 12:15PM! They didn’t tell me there was bunch of people waiting outside in the snow for their pets to go in, they only allowed dogs inside with no owners so I wasn’t able to see what they were doing inside, I just saw a kid running around UNSUPERVISED when the pets were there. I was trying to let it all slide, but It got me when after my dog came out they told me they weren’t able to give me the other medication that We talked over the phone about BECAUSE he needed a scanning which was REQUIRED to be done in order for the other medication to be provided. I TOLD THEM MULTIPLE TIMES IF HE NEEDED ANYTHING ELSE REPEATED MYSELF AND CALLED BACK THE SECOND TIME TO BE 100% SURE. Not only they were not able to provide me the second medication BUT the total cost of everything without the medication turned out 100$ MORE than what THEY ACTUALLY TOLD ME OVER THE PHONE, Thank god Brought my Credit Card and didn’t bring cash with me OR ELSE MY PET WOULD’VE BEEN LEFT OVER WITHOUT MEDICATION!! I am writing so for the people to know what to expect when you get there!

jeffrey kramer

3 years ago

My 11 year old female cat Amity was brought in Tuesday morning because she had stopped eating. Noah's Ark gave me a next day appointment with Dr. Abraham after explaining her symptons. The staff was very accomodating, allowing me to use the restroom. X-rays and an exam revealed cancer of her lungs and a tumor below her belly. Dr. Abraham was decisive that euthanasia was preferable. I was allowed inside to be with Amity during the whole procedure. I thank Dr. Abraham and Noah's Ark for guiding me through a very unanticipated and traumatic experience.

Pamela Galynsky

3 years ago

i have been taking my pet here for more then 2 years. i always felt so comfortable taking her here, but last week i take her here because she had runny eyes. the doctor diagnosed her with a upper respiratory infection. she prescribed her antibiotics . 2 days after she started taking these antibiotics, she stops eating and drinking and became very lethargic. i called again and they told me to stop the medication immediately. she did not have a reaction to the medication alone, they said they forgot to give her the pro-biotics as well which is the reason she became so much more sick. i brought her back and they had to give her a shot for fluids because she stopped drinking water because she was so sick. it was not just the doctor who forgot the probiotics, it was the vet technician as that she is taking the probiotics, she is back to her old self.

Matt Gherman

3 years ago

Great care to our two bunnies!

Natallia A.

3 years ago

The best vet service in the area. They will be good to your pets, I promise!


3 years ago

My 10 year old cat got sick so I brought him to Noah's Ark to be examined. They perscribed pain meds, appetite stimulants, overnight boarding, antiviral meds, x-rays, and ultrasounds. Although I did everything they perscribed his health got much worse. I can't believe they would suggest someone's pet for an ultrasound or an x-ray, but never suggest to take their blood pressure especially at 10 years old. He had a terrifying experience there! It was an absolute nightmare! It really saddens me that he could have dropped dead of a heart attack under their care. Please be careful not to bring your beloved pets to Noah's Ark. I am lucky that he is alive because I took him for a second opinion. My good friend referred me to a veterinary practice that specializes in only cats and rabbits. They diagnosed him with high blood pressure. It was that simple! Now he has the health, energy, and appetite of a kitten. As I am sitting here grateful that he is 100% recovered I am also urging people not to make the same mistake I made with trusting Noah's Ark.

laura johnson

3 years ago

Noah's Ark vet has been our vet for our Beautiful pets for many years now. They were n are Very caring about your Special family member. They were Great when our cat years ago was injured. Dr. Lori Weinstock was Truly Amazing in her Vet care to our Beautiful Cat. She has a Very gentle n caring way about her. She Truly loves your animal. She was Fantastic with our Big Dog years ago Bear. There staff is kind n Dr. Abraham is another caring Soul n Vet. I would recommend Noah's Ark. Richie is good at helping n calling in to check on your pet.

Kelly Thorne

3 years ago

I recommended somebody to bring their dog here and it was a mistake. The dog kept getting a swollen eye and they were told it was allergies and given medicine to treat it. The eye wasn't getting better after a month of medication. They decided to get a second opinion and the dog had to go in for emergency surgery immediately for ulcers on BOTH of his eyes. I'm not sure how you can mistake an ulcer for allergies. If they had waited a week longer the dog would've been blind. They've now wasted over 600$ on visits and medication and he was wrongly diagnosed.

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