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Renee Steiger

2 years ago

Jennifer’s guidance in helping with an aggression issue with one of kitties has been invaluable. She went beyond the ‘self help’ cat behavior books and offered multiple ways to address this issue. I have implemented most of her suggestions and have had positive results with my kitty and the two other young kitties he lives with. Jennifer is responsive—and, she listens and cares. She is accessible for a couple of months after the initial session and continues to be available when needed. I would recommend that anyone with a cat behavioral issue work with Jennifer.


2 years ago

Jennifer knows her stuff! She really took her time going over our cats’ issues and making a plan that could benefit all of them. I’m already seeing positive results using her advice. Highly recommend, and the consultation was super easy over Zoom.

Candice Brogan

2 years ago

It's been a pleasure working with Jennifer! She's super sweet to chat with, is a great listener and genuinely wants to help. Several of the suggestions Jennifer provided have been helpful in calming my cat, Mama, and I definitely found our …

Lara Elena Donnelly

2 years ago

Jennifer is a miracle worker who has totally changed our relationship with our cat, and hugely improved our cat's quality of life--our kitten was anxious to the point of being physically sick, and now she is a playful, opinionated girl who has even started learning tricks! The loud construction noise outside our apartment, which was a huge anxiety trigger, barely bothers her anymore. Highly recommend working with Jennifer if you are a cat owner--it will totally change the way you interact with your cat; for the better!

Doug Davala

3 years ago

Our rescued 1-year-old cat was a terror at night, clawing and nipping and otherwise “playing” with us and refusing to let us sleep. During the day she mostly slept and/or hid from sounds that terrified her, which was mostly everything (poor …

Nicole Daniels

3 years ago

Setting up a meeting with Jennifer before we welcomed home a puppy to our kitten home was hands down the best decision we made. Jennifer was incredibly thorough as she developed an introduction plan for us and provided us with invaluable information about how to safely and thoughtfully introduce two young animals to each other. Our kitten and puppy are now the best of friends! She also gave us some tips on continuing clicker training and some feline diet tips. I can't recommend her enough for dog and cat introductions or any other cat behavior needs.

Jane Evans

3 years ago

We worked with Jennifer to resolve litter box issues we were having with our new kitties. After one session and implementing her plan and suggestions, we alleviated the problems and are thrilled with the results. She also helped us to understand our cats more, which has led to better relationships overall. Highly recommend.

Julia Brodsky

3 years ago

I'd enthusiastically recommend Jennifer to anyone experiencing behavioral issues with their cat. I was referred to her when my recently-adopted cat displayed dramatic reactive behavior with near-constant biting and scratching. Over a Zoom consultation (since quarantine prevented an in-home visit), we discussed my cat's behaviors and potential triggers. Not only did Jennifer provide detailed advice and empathy during our session and an in-depth behavioral plan via email, but she followed up with me regularly for months to check in and track how things progressed. Following Jennifer's behavior modification plan was easy and straightforward, and in the months since our initial consult, I've seen huge positive changes in my cat's behavior with changed diet and increased training and playtime (for instance, I can pet, brush, and cuddle her without getting bitten!). Jennifer is kind, empathetic, and knowledgeable, which made working with her an all-around great experience!

Lacey Smit

3 years ago

If you’re having issues with your kitty, then look no further than Jennifer. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. She spent ample time with us on our first meeting and was generous in extending her typical two month …

Lisa Yui

3 years ago

I contacted Jennifer, desperate for help with my 6-year old Scottish Fold boy who has had multiple surgeries for eating non-food items. Due to the restrictions due to the pandemic, we scheduled a videoconferencing session, where I was able …

Rachel Simhon

3 years ago

Jennifer has been an incredible resource for getting my beloved feline companion feeling her best. I initially consulted Jennifer to help with some concerning aggression and territorial behavior that my new cat had started exhibiting after a friend’s dog came to visit. Since then, Jennifer has been spot-on in all her recommendations on the thorough behavior modification plan she provided, from the list of suggested toys to provide her for maximum enrichment, to the importance of rambunctious wand play sessions for a young cat with a strong prey drive. More importantly, she reassured me that my cat’s behavior was totally normal and that I simply needed to respond in a way that helped her feel safe and understood. And Jennifer goes above and beyond, following up on the progress of all the issues we discussed. My cat is healthy, happy, and thriving. I’m so grateful I found Jennifer — she is really the Cat Whisperer!

Sarah-Violet Bliss

3 years ago

I highly recommend working with Jennifer! When I was having a behavioral snag with my cat, Dottie, I was able to resolve the issue by following Jennifer's advice. Jennifer took great care getting to know both of us during our home visit and …

Shane Metzger

3 years ago

Jennifer is amazing and really helped us new cat owners solve our cat issues as-well-as give us ideas for creating a happier cat. She came to our house and played with Fireball and even gave her a great new toy! Incredibly knowledgeable, very responsive and very kind is what you will get when you hire Jennifer.

Taylor Schafer

3 years ago

Jennifer helped me realize what I was doing wrong with my cat and how I could improve my cat's happiness and wellbeing. I was struggling with my cat Momo meowing at night and disrupting my sleep. With Jennifer, I was able to implement a …

Yoko Mimata

3 years ago

I adopted a kitten that bit me constantly when I received her. I asked for Jennifer’s help before I introduce my kitten to my resident cat. She explained why there were behaviors like that and gave me an action plan. OMG the situation …

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